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Abe Xedinski

Somewhere close to New Pittsburgh, there is a grave. It appears to have has been recently disturbed, as if someone or something dug itself out.
Taking a closer look, you find some items littered around. You spot among them a decayed book. As you flip through the pages, you find it mostly intact. You pick up bits and pieces here and there, until you stumble upon a section that appears to be a biography of some sort:

What to say about a contestant who appears to be completely ordinary? Not much, I'd suppose. Abe was taken to the Island from the his mundane job as a green grocer, snatched from the comforts of his own home and dropped stark naked down to the island. Long story short: He made a few friends, joined TYPES and fought the drive like everyone else, all while having to come to terms with his existence on the island, several times even (Lets blame that on the amnesia, shall we?). Come to think of it, it is obvious that he still doesn't like it there, the poor sod.

Krhm, (sorry) moving right along, physical characteristics and whatnot: He appears to be about 5'5" is almost in his thirties and has long brown hair and brown eyes. He likes to keep his hair in a pony tail if that matters to you. His dressing habits aren't an improvement either, as he tends to wear pretty much anything he can find (Currently, a grey dress shirt, black slacks, a loincloth made from leather, accompanied by a blue cloak. No shoes even.) I'd actually be more surprised to find something the fellow wouldn't wear.

Otherwise this Abe-bloke appears to be friendly and polite in nature (if you don't catch him in a bad mood, that is), is a bit of an introvert in general and has the tendency to be rather pessimistic when speaking of his life and experiences on the island. Oddly enough, he enjoys piece and quiet, likes homely things (Tea and cookies for example) and enjoys a good read if he ever as the time to settle down for one.

Since you've obviously made it this far, let me tell you a few other things as well. Abe has mostly been human during his time on the island, with one stint of kittymorph. Then all this mutant-business came to and started mucking about, all of which ended with him splitting into two people, with the mutant getting a new body. Mind you, Abe never even had a say in this whole mess, so of course he's pissed about it. I mean, who wouldn't? Such is life when plagued by almost constant bad luck, well, either that or he's one clumsy oaf.

Lastly (going to need a spot of tea after this one), this poor sod's Joker powers have begun to awaken. Nobody knows what they are, not even himself. Who in their bloody right mind would want those anyway? Not me. Either way, it sounds like he's in for some trouble. Wish him luck eh?

(Well then, ta ta, I'm off for a cuppa)

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