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This is Contestant Absinthe, and not the drink you drunks!


Absinthe Maple

Background: Her homeworld's civilization destroyed by a portal unleashing an unknown enemy, she and her people fled to an abandoned outpost in the middle of deep space. Known as The United Imperium, so named after their goddess, the space station became the central point of their empire in the fight against the unknown enemy. Her culture is dedicated to peaceful space exploration.

Significant plot summary: Since she has terrible ADHD, like many of her species, she stopped by the Island but then continued on her exploration mission. She returned after falling in love with one of the Islanders1).. also she kinda crashed her ship, blame the island's energy for distrupting the landing. Currently, she is rebuilding her ship, The Scudo, Italian for Shield.

Personality: Perky, spunky, quirky, ADHD, optimistic, unafraid of fights.

Apparent characteristics: her multi- coloured ears and tail, her Baker Street Coat, the Device on her shoulder (which is a direct connection to her ship. Life support, clothing fabricator, weapons cache)

Skills: Space Knowledge, Speed, Ever sharp Claws and Teeth, Military and militaristic training from many cultures

Absinthe Maple

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