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In 1848, Hubert Enshrickles wrote a love letter to Miss Harriet Alredd. He addressed it to his fiancee by accident, and died in shame and a full body cast at St. Patricio's Hospital. His heirs inherited his estate and, after paying the death tax, had enough money to settle the lawsuits for breach of promise out of court.

This, of course, has nothing to do with Ada.

She was born in a nondescript year, in which nothing of significant importance happened. It is presumed that she had parents, as our reporter has yet to discover the paperwork and batch number for any test tube-based growth. It is possible that she still possesses said hypothetical parents. This reporter was thrown out of the Watcher's office with a strong heave (delivered with a mighty grip on the humble unmentionables and scruff) before locating Ms. Ada's file.

We would like to posit that getting distracted by the rather candid and engrossing transcripts, film clips, and photos in Mr. Asa's file is an acceptable excuse, and not voyeurism.

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