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Adder Moray

Basic Stats

Basic information regarding Adder Moray in his natural Human state.

  • Name: Adder Moray
  • Height: 6'0' |1) 6'2.5'
  • Build: Slim | Slim, a little muscular.
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Hair Type: Curly
  • Birthdate: June 1st, 2XXX
  • Colors: Green, Black, Gray
  • Weapon of Choice: Sickle(x2)
  • Most Spoken Phrase: "If I am to be entirely honest"


Pre-Island Life

Adder Moray, prior to arriving on the island had lead a fairly normal life as far as the things occuring around him were concerned. He, however, was not normal, not entirely. Adder was incapable of feeling emotions. He was, in other words, a clinical sociopath.

Lacking emotions as he did, Adder was driven most of his life by the need to keep his mind occupied. The need to stave off boredom. Much of the time he fulfilled this need by observing those around him, watching remembering everything about them, learning exactly how to manipulate them emotionally, and then pulling the right strings, at the right times, and watching their whole lives come undone.

He started making rules for these games he played. The first, and most important of them, was that he would never lie. Lying removed the challenge, and without the challenge there was no point in playing at all. This was especially true for someone like himself. Gifted with a nearly eidetic memory, if he were to engage in lying, he would be capable of never telling a conflicting story. And with his utter lack of emotion he'd have a poker face that could not be beat.

Besides this, Adder engaged in one other activity for the sake of keeping himself occupied. When ever he could, he would do research on songs, pre and post EMP, and memorize them. He has, of course, never actually heard any of them, but he has seen the sheet music and the lyrics and has pieced together in his head how they are supposed to sound. This originally started out as something to do when he was sitting around one day and evolved into a hobby.

As can be easily assumed, Adder excelled academically and, by the time he graduated high school, had a guaranteed full ride from any school of his choosing. But school didn't interest Adder. There wasn't much in life that he wanted, and he wouldn't need a degree to get what he did. So, first chance he got, he dropped out.

Which brings us to just before he was abducted. For the past few years Adder had been working as the manager in an 'Auntie Anne's' pretzel shop (somethings are too good to go out of business due to something as insignificant as a mass drop off of technology). Here he discovered a certain amount of leadership talent. His skills allowed him to know exactly what to do or say to keep his team motivated and working at their best. In this job he also discovered an appreciation for the concept of loyalty. His workers were safe from his devious pass time, and he made sure to take good care of, most of, them. As he did this he took note of their willingness to do what he asked of them, on and off the job. He filed this information away for future use.

For reasons known only to him, the day he was abducted he was intending to quit his job.

Island Life

First Contact

Upon arriving on the island, Adder discovered his old clothes lying on a rock just outside of NewHome, along with them was a black duster jacket. When he entered the outpost, now dressed in the clothing provided to him, he was greeted by a man, or rather a male anthropomorphic Hyena, by the name of Derek. At this point, Adder's personality was becoming eratic and unstable. He was going through a period where he suffered each emotion he was lacking (in other words every emotion) blaring at full intensity.

During the downward spiral towards depression, Adder made his first appearance in the commons, practically dragged there by the aforementioned Derek. At this point in time, all Adder really wanted to do was head back into the jungle and hurt things, kill things. He voiced this sentiment and it caught the attention of ROGUE clan member, Vincent, who seemed to have taken it as some sort of threat, as inicated by his thoughts, which were displayed on a device floating above his head. Adder assured him, as sarcastically as possible, that this was not the case.

Adder put in a few more appearances in the Commons, meeting people, making his face known, analyzing everyone, just in case. Outside of the grounds he began working his way towards building his own clan. There was danger on this island and though, as far as he could tell, he was perfectly capable of handling it, but, just in case. Besides that, people were organized. Adder was outnumbered, greatly outnumbered. And, worse yet, he was just a man. Many on this island had developed abilities beyond those of any human. He learned while working as a manager that loyalty is a useful thing. Those loyal to you will do whatever is in their power to assist you. Adder needed a power base. He needed people loyal to him. And so, Amity in Bedlam was born.

Establishing an Identity

Eventually, the first event for which Adder would become known for occured. He entered the grounds to find Escemfer ,Giusseppe Lorenzo, Ebenezer (who he had spoken to once before, giving him the excess requisition he was carrying around), and a fellow rookie named Anya, a rookie Adder had every intention of recruiting. Events transpired, leading to Ebenezer taking a bite of Anya. Though he wasn't mad about, or even annoyed about it, this act forever marked Ebenezer as the prime target of Adder's needling.

More importantly, at least to Adder, at least as things stand, this was the first time he met Cadye Willfan. It meant nothing to him at the time, she meant nothing to him at the time, just another face in the crowd of people he could be occupied by. He was, however, somewhat impressed with her skills at mending Anya's leg. Too bad she was DICE, he'd have invited her to AIB.

At some point, Adder happened to discover a small printshop somewhere in the wilderness around AceHigh. He spent a significant amount of req having cards and notebooks printed for his clan.

He hasn't seen the printshop since, thankfully he had quite a few cards printed and enough notebooks for a full clan plus a few extra.

And So the Story Goes

It came to pass that he defeated the improbability drive for the first time and was transformed into a kittymorph. He felt his heart droop a little, he had been hoping to become a zombie after defeating the drive. He then caught a glimpse of his reflection and felt his face grow warm. He didn't like this form, he was ashamed of it, humiliated by it. He realized these things before he realized that it was not normal for him to be feeling either of them.

Something had happened. Recalling what had happened when he first arrived, Adder was able to put two and two together. The improbability had once before forced emotions on him, and now, by defeating the drive, it had done it again, but with only two specific ones. He would come to find out that these ones were far more permanent.

Adder added to his wardrobe, he found some, rather gritty looking, green rags and fashioned a bandana to wear around his face. He also discovered a pair of sunglasses that he wore over his own glasses. He had, prior to the drive kill, purchased a stetson, which he now wore to cover his ears.

All-in-all he looked like the world's most anachronistic kitty-cowboy outlaw.

Completing his disguise by tucking his tail into his left pant leg, Adder made his first post-drive kill appearance in the common grounds.

It did not go well for him.

His disguise was seen through instantly. Not being used to these feelings, Adder was quite literally paralyzed with embarassment as everyone present took time out of their obviously busy schedules to examine every visible (and partially visible) square inch of him.

And then Cadye Willfan came in. She spoke with him, understood him, was kind to him. It was this point at which he discovered he was capable of something else he had, up until then, made no use of, respect. He respected her for her kindness to him.

Some time just before his next drive kill, and escape from this form, Adder met Korbel. Up to this point, Adder had been approaching and offering assitance to rookies in hopes of recruiting them into AIB. It had so far been an unsuccessful strategy. Korbel, however, took him up on the offer to join. From there Adder made a concerted effort to look out for him and reign his... enthusiasm, in a bit. Korbel grew into his own quickly and is an excellent second-in-command. Were Adder to disappear, AIB would be in capable, if somewhat excitable, hands.

After his drive kill, Adder became the zombie he originally wanted to be. He was elated. This time he was quicker to take note of the presence of something he could not previously feel. Along with the transformation came a large clockwork device planted in the exposed skull in the back of Adder's head. He didn't think much of it. He the bandana he had been previously covering his face with to use as a covering for his head. His stetson had apparently been misplaced and a hood had appeared on the jacket.

He had another conversation with Cadye at some point just after becoming a zombie, telling her of his new found capacity for joy. She was happy for him.

The Typhon Incident

A few days passed and Adder's demeanor changed entirely. He became pleasant and kind. It was abnormal, but most took it at face value. It would turn out that they shouldn't have.

Adder's personality had been unseated and sedated by that of a younger sibling who he did not know.

Cadye Willfan, Korbel, Peas of Crab, and Neeip all played a role in this saga. Cadye was integral in uncovering the truth and convincing Typhon to give up his hold on Adder. It was almost immediately after this event that the second and third members of AIB met each other. Prior to loosing himself, Adder had been in contact with a person by the name of Just. While Typhon was at the helm, he accepted her application for the clan.

Sometime after this, Adder and Cadye had a talk about the events.


Adder tried to fix the situation with his brother. As far as he could tell, he failed.

He once again returned to being human, but the incident had left him feeling mild pin pricks of the full emotional spectrum.

Not much eventful occured during this point, except another, rather long, talk he had with Cadye on their way to Pleasantville. Adder gave her the gem from the device and they made their friendship official.

A Dose of Reality

Adder again defeated the drive, this time becoming a Midget. Other than the situation with his voice, things were fairly uneventful. That is, until one night he was in Kittania and saw Cadye.

He felt something. IT was something deep. Deeper than most of the emotions he had felt up to that point.

He knew what it was. He didn't know how he knew what it was, but he did.

He told her.

It didn't work out.

He was crushed, but he did his best not to let her know, wanting to spare her feelings.

He creid. Not something anyone had ever witnessed him do since he was an infant. His clan member, Pod, found him. The two of them talked for a while. By the end he felt better, not up to his usual self, but he felt he could function now.

He spent an excessive amount of time in the common grounds for a while, actually napping there at one point (not his usual behavior). He was asked several times by Joey what the problem was, he refused to tell him. Syn also asked him, he may have told her, had Joey not been around.2)

Kuroiten didn't need to ask, he used his abilities to divine what had occured. He told Adder he understood, Adder doubted that he understood the intensity in this particular case.

Fate saw to it that Adder and Cadye's paths would cross again, this time in AceHigh. Once more they held a conversation. One in which Adder's feelings on the matter were drawn out of him. He told her the truth.

By the end of their discussion he felt markedly better.

Keep Trying Until You Get This Right

Apparently unsatisfied with the progress made by Adder in his time spent as a Midget, the drive did not allow him to move on from the form for a very, very long time. Five times did Adder face and defeat it, and five times did he wind up, again, a Midget.

However, in the intervening time, Adder did begin to make some headway.

His first major step was officially retiring the white board and speaking in his own, midgety, voice. As time went on he became more and more used to it until eventually reaching the point where, while still uncomfortable in the form, he didn't take much active notice.

Next on the list, after an intense argument that drew into the public eye Adder's private turmoils, he finally truly resolved his feelings for Cadye. When the events were dragged into the fight, he found it odd that he did not feel the same kind of pain he felt that night. Instead, to his surprise, he felt rage and embarassment. His feelings for Cadye did not enter the equation, instead this was entirely about the personal slight of this public humiliation. A few nights later he spoke with Cadye in the commons and, afterwards, came to the conclusion that, while he would likely have some feelings for her forever, he was officially over that night.

The enmity between himself and Ebenezer was put to rest soon afterwards, when Ebenezer apologized for past transgressions. Adder thought this most likely an attempt to avoid retribution for the events of the aforementioned argument, but, finding holding a grudge unlikely to be beneficial, accepted and forgave him anyway. There has not been a confrontation since.

While a Midget, Adder began to grow closer to his fellow AiB member, Pod. Following their encounter in the swamp that night, just after the events with Cadye, he began to make an effort to speak with her whenever they encountered each other. By the time the night of Sheoggorath's recruitment he was feeling rather attached to her, glad when she entered the same room as he did and concerned with her well being, even moreso than with his other clanmates. So, when Neeip, who admittedly was not himself, began threatening her, he reacted more instinctually than strictly the norm, although still with more than a little intellect involved. They talked about this night a few nights later.

Behind the scenes Adder had been in search of a location to erect a new clan hall for Amity in Bedlam. He had discovered a perfect location and, upon being informed the symbiotic flower, Biff, given to Pod by Sheoggorath, allowed her to communicate with plantlife in general, he asked her out to this location to meet with a gargantuan, parially hollow, tree he felt could serve as the new hall. On the way there the conversation turned to their lives prior to arriving on the island, Adder found himself a tad embarrased at his mundane occupation compared to Pod's many interesting ones. He also thought, for the first time, about the fact that he has no connections off island. His parents are dead, he'd isolated each and every other family member he had, in many cases personally, and all of the people he considered friends are here.

As their conversation turned back to the tree, they were attacked by a creature they'd never seen before. A Zombie Pirate Vampire Ninja Werewolf Robot. Working together, the two of them were able to defeat it.

Finally arriving at the tree, Pod set to speaking with it while Adder kept watch over her. Over an hour later Pod came out of her trance-like state and informed him that the tree was not only sentient, but more intelligent than any human. And, what's more, was not only perfectly happy to play host to AiB, but willing to help with construction. Pod in her excitement, hugged first the tree, and then Adder.

Adder hugged back.

For most people this would be of no significance.

But Adder has been hugged by people here before. And he has not once hugged back.

A matter of weeks after his first heartbreak and Adder had again found himself attracted to someone. It felt different for him this time.

After this, the two of them headed back to Kittania to share a meal together. They sat and spoke long after they'd finished. And long after they'd parted company, Adder was thinking of her.

He slept and woke the next day thinking of her.

He spent the following days thinking of her.

She was on his mind in all things he did.

He liked her. More significantly, he /liked/ her.

He felt he had to speak with her, had to tell her. But he was scared.

Despite his being over it, he had not, in fact could not possibly have, forgotten the last time he'd confessed to have feelings to someone. He was not sure he could take that again.

Especially this time.

Something was different about this time.

Adder was spurred on to action by, of all people Ebenezer. The two encountered each other in Pleasantville. One thing lead to another and the conversation had gotten away from Adder. Afterwards, Adder decided that he would not simply sit by paralyzed by fear when /Ebenezer/ had been able to do it.

And so, when he saw her two days later, he told her. He told her in a way different from the last time. A way that was harder for him. He didn't think about his words, he simply gave voice to how he felt.

And, apparently, she liked him to.

Adder hugged her.

Adder hugged her.

Yes, he was just as surprised as you are now.

They went off to talk alone.

Their relationship has grown only stronger since.

Following this, Adder set out once again for a drive kill. He eventually succeded. And, apparently satisfied with the progress made by Adder in his time spent as a Midget, the drive allowed him to return to his human form.

More To Come

A lot of things have happened since the above events, too many to recount right now, in fact, but soon.



Okay, okay, not exactly. Adder was a sociopath (a concept he only became fully aware of just after arriving on the island). He is incapable of feeling most emotions. This makes Adder fairly amoral, acting in the interest of his survival and entertainment more than anything else.

Still, he knows one catches more flies with honey than vinegar, and therefore does his best to be affable, even when he's simply maneuvering pieces into place for his own benefit.


In his time on the island, Adder has developed as a person. Certain pragmatic values he once held simply for their use have evolved into genuine characteristics.

Adder still speaks in a stilted, somewhat unnatural feeling way, never using any contractions except when he is deadly serious or intensely passionate.

He rarely eats or drinks anything at gatherings for reasons not adequately explained.

He has grown into being a good listener and dispenser of advice for those he has any interest in being there for.

He loves recklessly, investing a large quantity of himself in the personal relationships he forms, though he has learned from experience what can happen because of this and, because of this experience, has learned to invest himself less.

He holds a grudge like no one's business.

He can be extremely hypocritical at times, and is often aware of this.

He is fiercely loyal to Pod, to Amity in Bedlam in general, and to Cadye Willfan.


Upon arriving on the island, Adder has been noticing a few changes in himself.

Human: And Knowing is Half the Battle

Adder arrived on the island, as, of course, a human. After a few hours he discovered that, unlikely as it may be, he knew exactly what had been wrong with him his entire life.

More than simply knowing he was a sociopath, he was AWARE of it. It was like a little piece of his mind was an entirely different person, watching his actions and knowing they were not particularly good.

And for a brief period of time, he felt himself run through the emotional spectrum in its entirety, experiencing a little bit of everything in quick succession. It ended in abject sorrow.

He returned to normal after this, and decided to pretend the whole thing had never happened

Still, for some reason, he finds himself faking emotion far more often than he used to, even when there's nothing to gain from doing so.

Kittymorph: Disappointed and Embarrassed

Upon defeating the improbability drive, Adder was hoping to be transformed into a Zombie, as he found what appeared to be their racial benefits to be more useful than the alternatives. Instead he was disappointed to find himself a Kittymorph, much to his chagrin. Wait! What? Disappointment? Chagrin?! Since when did he experience either of those things?

It seems the improbability drive had once again been playing with Adder's head, but unlike the last time, these two emotions don't seem to be going away.

And at the moment he's not handling them too well.

Zombie: Fear and Laughing in New Pittsburgh

Huahahaha Heeheeheeahahahaha MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Upon being converted into a zombie Adder felt an intense burst of joy well up inside himself. He had achieved the goal he had set for himself and taken the form he felt most suited to advance his agendas on the island.

Unfortunately, much like embarrassment, Adder has no ability to control this all consuming since of happiness. And this much elation can become like a drug. And can create a high an addict would do anything to continue experiencing.

Lord help us all.

Also, though he hasn't realized it yet, Adder has also developed a sense of fear. It may take a while for it to make itself known, even when not protected by a lack of emotion, the man is hard to scare.

Human Again: The New Status Quo

After the Typhon event, Adder took it as a personal challenge to prove his little brother wrong. In the end, he had an idea and sought out help from Cadye Willfan. Unfortunately, the drive had other plans. It began showing up wherever Adder went and attacking him. He avoided defeating it as long as possible and was forced to put the idea into action without her help. He thought that maybe, if he found a live body to attach the mechanism to, and they stayed in close proximity, when they defeated the drive, Typhon would be attached to that body.

He used a Vegan Zombie who he beat to within an inch of its life, but didn't kill. It worked, and Adder and Typhon were capable of speaking to each other for the first time in their lives, not that Adder was particularly interested.

It didn't take long for the drive to find them, and the two of them managed to put it down.

Unfortunately, the plan didn't seem to work. As the drive detonated, Adder watched the Vegan Zombie body and the mechanism dissolve into nothingness, leaving the jewel, which Adder placed in the pocket dimension for safe keeping.

When he regained consciousness he found himself human once more. In the back of his mind he had been wondering if these emotions he had developed would stick once he was back in his own body. Not only is he still capable of the ones the drive had already given him, but he alos found himself feeling, mildly, a little bit of everything else.

So now, while he may not be able to feel rage, he can feel mildly annoyed. While he may not be able to feel neglected, he can feel a little alone. And while he may not feel full on remorse, certain things may ignite a twinge of guilt.

This likely comes from having those synapses firing and those chemicals being produced while Typhon was in charge. So now that Adder's back at the helm, they've gotten used to being used, and haven't shut down completely.

Midget: Anger and... Not much more?

After hiss fourth time taking out the Drive, Adder was transformed into a Midget. The mental changes he found he had when last he was human allowed him to register the one most pressing emotion he had developed. It was annoyance. Or rather, he thought to himself, it was rising anger. He began to speak his thoughts aloud to analyze things but, upon hearing his own voice, instantly lost his temper. He began yelling, raging at the drive and everything that had happened to him since arriving on the island.

Once he finally managed to calm himself, no easy feat, he came to the decision to avoid speaking as best as possible. Thankfully the island seemed to be willing, again, to provide for him. He found a green marker and a whiteboard. He determined he would use that until he could find Vincent and obtain the inner monologue sign.

There should be two emotions, if the pattern is to be followed. It is likely that there simply has been nothing to spark this emotion, yet.

The pattern is, however, broken in that anger is something entirely expected of Midgets. Up until now he has exhibited emotions contrary to what is expected from the thing he has become. He was a modest Kittymorph, and a happpy Zombie. Nothing is out of the ordinary about an angry Midget.



As a human, Adder is a 24 year old black male. He's built rather thin and stands at 6'1" tall. His hair is curly and cut medium length, what he finds to be the most practical length.

As improbable as it may seem, though he arrived on the island naked, he soon found the clothes he was wearing before being abducted, including his glasses, randomly lying out in the jungle. Lucky him. Lying near them was also a black duster jacket.

As a human, Adder wore a forest green T shirt, a pair of blue jeans, black boots, a pair of gold wire-framed glasses, and the duster jacket.


Upon being transformed into a Kittymorph, Adder gained an additional 3" in height, and a little more muscle mass. Oddly enough his clothing seemed to have adjusted for this. He sprouted medium gray fur with dark gray streaks.

Adder still wore the same clothing as before, but as he was highly embarrassed by his new form, and was not used to dealing with and overcoming the emotion, he also started wearing a black Stetson hat, a pair of shades over his glasses, and a green bandanna over his mouth. He kept his tail tucked into the right leg of his jeans. This was all in an effort to keep his non-humanity hidden from others.

Not only was it doomed to fail, but he didn't realize that he looked utterly ridiculous.

After the first few days, Adder relaxed a bit. He did away with the bandanna and shades, and let his tail hang outside of his pants, in between the split in the duster jacket. He still wore the Stetson, however, but not just to cover his ears.


As a zombie, Adder has taken on even more physical changes than he had as a Kittymorph. His skin tone has faded to a gray-ish brown, and there are patches on his arms and hands with missing skin, leaving muscle tissue exposed.

The skin around his right eye is also thinned out, making his eye seem far wider than the left one. The same applies to the right half of his lips.

Above his left eye is a massive gash so deep as to expose skull. The back of his head is almost entirely exposed skull.

This damage is all rather mild compared to most zombies, but that is only the part that most people see.

Underneath his shirt, Adder's torso has rotted away almost entirely, leaving that area skeletal with a thin layer of flesh covering the rib cage.

Clothing-wise, Adder has once again taken to wearing the bandanna, this time around the back of his head, to shield the skull from view. His Stetson seems to have disappeared, but a large, wide hood seems to have attached itself to the duster jacket. Adder walks around the island with this hood up at most times. He gets a kick out of revealing himself.

Human Again

Adder is a greatly changed man now.

While he didn't keep the full change in height and muscle mass from being a Kittymorph, he's certainly notably taller and more muscular.

Likewise, he didn't keep every change from being a zombie, but there is now a noticeable scar above his left eye, where the gash once was.

As far as clothes go, the Stetson has come back, and the hood on the duster jacket has remained. All else is the same as he was the first time he was human.


Adder looks much like he does as a human, except stumpier.

His clothes have, again, changed size to fit him, but his jacket seems to be two sizes too large.


Adder appears physically unchanged in this form.

His clothing undergoes the biggest transformation of any form. His t-shirt becomes a green Clifford Band collared shirt, and his jeans become a pair of crocker trousers.


Adder's physical appearance changes the most here. While his head and face are mostly unchanged, they appear smaller on his new massive frame. In this form Adder's height increases by a solid foot and his skin gains a texture and appearance like cooling lava, solid plates with red grooves in between. His right arm becomes enormous and club-like, bearing five slots on the end from which he can extend footlong claws. His left arm is relatively normal, though it has grown in size to match his body proportionately.

His clothing remains the same, though he seems to have misplaced his t-shirt.


While basically the same, Adder has a few mechanical additions to his body. The most obvious of these is a grey plastic-metallic plate covering the upper left quarter of his head, including his left eye which now glows any color of his choosing, usually green. His right arm and left leg are now mechanical, made of the same material as the plate. More of him may be as well, but anything else can not be seen under his clothing, which remains the same as when he is human.


Intense Concentration Enabled Total Recall

Adder has lost his eidetic memory, but, if he concentrates hard enough on an event as it occurs, he will later be able to remember it with crystal clarity.

Semi-Encyclopedic knowledge of song lyrics

Adder has, for years, been killing time by memorizing the lyrics for songs. He's had dozens of hours of boredom in which to do this and, as such, can now sing from memory almost any song anyone can name.

This ability has been significantly weakened by the loss of his eidetic memory, but he still retains many.

Emotional Manipulation

Quite good at reading and toying with people's feelings.

Sickle Wielding

Since arriving on the island, Adder has become quite adept at wielding his weapon of choice.

Interesting Possessions

Amity in Bedlam Clan Notebook

Adder's copy happens to be Green, Gray, and Black, much like most of his property.

The Worm Hole

After a few days of owning it, Adder discovered inside the left outer pocket of the black duster jacket what appeared to be a worm hole into, coincidentally, a pocket dimension. Unfortunately this worm hole seems to have little use as the only thing that seems to exist in this pocket dimension is an unending pile of freshly made cinnamon toast.

Shiny Fiddle Made of Gold

In the Jungle, Adder encountered a hickory stump. A devil jumped up on it and challenged him to a bet. If Adder were to defeat him in a fiddle contest, he would get a shiny fiddle made of gold, but if he lost the devil got his soul. Confident in his ability to defeat the devil, worse come to worst, he accepted and won.

Considering Adder has little to no fiddling skills, the devil's own skills in this area would seem to be highly questionable.

John's Soul

While killing time in the jungle, Adder stumbled upon another hickory stump. He decided to take a rest and sat on it. The instant he did, some guy jumped out of the bushes with a Shiny Fiddle Made of Gold matching Adder's own and challenged him to a bet, his soul vs Adder's Fiddle. Adder accepted the bet and, using a conveniently located normal fiddle, dueled him. John, unfortunately, was counting on his golden fiddle. This was a mistake.

In the end, Adder walked away one soul richer, though he has nothing tangible to show for it and he is doubtful he won anything at all.

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