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Maddeningly Cherriki Ten skips into Pleasantville and looks around shiftily.

Ace or Ari hides in the shadows as she spots her prey

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten unaware that she is being stalked, sits in the middle of the squares and pulls out her glass and sand.

Ace or Ari creeps closer, using any available cover

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten swirls her finger through some gold sand, her eyes glowing green. The sand begins to melt and reform into the shape of glass slippers.

Unfortunately Joseph Kemys watches his from the outpost gates, thinking carefully about how he can sneak through here.

Ace or Ari grins darkly, joker magic!

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten whistles a tune as she works, the liquid gold slippers slowly hardening. She smiles as they land with a soft clink.

Ace or Ari whips out her bubble gun an aims it at Cherri "Freeze!"

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten jumps slightly in surprise and whips around to face Ari, her hands automatically going up. She relaxes a little as she realizes its Ari, "Hey"

Ace or Ari brandishes the gun as she tries to think of what to say "you're under arrest" doesn't quite work

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten arches an eyebrow, "Uhm. . ."

Ace or Ari goes with "I said freeze!"

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten freezes and sticks to her spot, "Okay, okay, I'll stay still."

Ace or Ari thinks about stuff she's read "stand slowly Lady Joker"

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten slowly rises to her feet, the barest hint of concern lighting her eyes. "Ari. . .?"

Ace or Ari frowns "I am Ace, Ari is my nemesis" people keep thinking she is Ari, could it be the goody two shoes looks like her?

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten keeps her hands up and looks a little nervously at her friend, "Okay Ace, what can I do for you?"

Ace or Ari pokes her with the gun "you are kidnapped, gotta come with me"

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten looks at Ari, non plussed. Too dumbfounded to argue, she nods and moves along, "Uh, okay. . ."

Ace or Ari leads her prisoner out of the gates and south east ward

Unfortunately Joseph Kemys ducks down as they pass, and laughs quietly, heading out through the other side of the gates. Crazy kids.

Ace or Ari prods her captive into the castle "to the kitchen with you!"

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten grumbles halfheartedly, "There's no need to be so rough." She jumps forward slightly to avoid another prod before moving to the kitchen.
Ace or Ari hardly pokes hard, she's a suck

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten enters the Kitchens and arches an eyebrow, though says nothing at first. After a moment: "What are we doing here?"

Ace or Ari points to the stove at the back "thata way"

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten turn her arch look on Ari but shrugs and moves to the back, "Okay, oh evil one, you have gotten me in the kitchen. . ." She pauses. "You're not going to feed me full up and bake me are you?"

Ace or Ari wrinkles her nose "ewww"

Ace or Ari says now we gotta go in the stove

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten laughs at her show of obvious distaste, "Well that's a relief. So what can I do for you then that you had to kidnap me?"

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten suddenly freezes and looks at Ari deadpan, "what?"

Ace or Ari opens the hollow stove "in there"

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten looks a little hesitant. "I don't think I want to. . ."

Ace or Ari raises the bubble gun and pauses, thinking about GK "please?"

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten looks over at Ari, her eyes sparking with concern, "B-But. . . It's a stove. . ."

Ace or Ari looks in it again, to be sure "nuh uh, its a tunnel"

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten looks at the stove dubiously but sighs, "Fine. . ." She crawls in and blinks, "Well, whaddaya know. . ."

Ace or Ari follows Rikki

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten looks back behind her at Ari inquisitively as she moves, "What's down here anyways?"

Ball Pits
Maddeningly Cherriki Ten slides into the balls with a surprised, "Ooph!"

Ace or Ari follows holding her gun carefully at the ready so she isn't ambushed "so, now you are a prisoner and you gotta help me get minions"

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten's eyebrows shoot up as she tries to disentangle herself and regain her equilibrium in the ball pit, "Huh? Minions?"

Ace or Ari nods "yep a villain needs minions and an evil plot, so I am gonna make cookies and you are gonna magic them and then people will eat them and be my minions"

Ace or Ari pulls an assortment of snacks from her bag, including un-magicked cookies "this is for you and the beds are comfy in here and I won't even lock you up"

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten blinks at the cookies, "B-but, I am just a simple g-glass and sand joker. . ."

Ace or Ari slips out the secret exit oblivious, careful that Rikki doesn't see how it opens

Ace or Ari calls down the tunnel"I will bring you fresh cookies for magicking later, those sre for you, do you need anything? I don't want you sad or nothing"

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten stares up at Ari, nonplussed, "Uhm, I don't think so. . ."

Ace or Ari smiles "good, night Cherri" she has a thought and Styx is sent down "if you need anything send him with a note"

Maddeningly Cherriki Ten pats Styx gently and nods, "Night Ari. I'll, uh, see you later"

Ace or Ari goes off to sleep

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