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Ace or Ari makes her way to the War Room, here she will plot her conquests. She sets her notebook in the middle of a big table, it doesn't look quite right so she fetches maps and spreads them across the table

Ace or Ari sets her plans in the middle of the maps, now it looks like plotting!

Ace or Ari doodles minions on the maps at important points, stick images of Dave, Wallace, and the Menagerie guard the castle and the rest charge to outposts, she may have overdone the number of minions

Ace or Ari sketch book, which still takes a place of pride in the middle is filled with sketches of her catching Cherri and her rescuer in various sneaky traps, none of the drawings have much technical value

Ace or Ari shuts the book and runs off, maybe talk to some technical people for aid, the maps are left behind

Abundantly Ari shuts the book and runs off, maybe talk to some technical people for aid, the maps are left behind

Abundantly Ari gathers her papers and stuffs them all in her bag, they are top secret you know!

Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas slips in and waits for the Boss

Abundantly Ari marches back into the War Room, she really likes this room

Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas would say this si his favorite room as well

Abundantly Ari drops her bag on the big table sets aside the blanket and pulls out the sheathes of crumpled paper

Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas takes a stance on ari's right, watching the unraveling of the plans

Abundantly Ari flattens out the plans and grabs a pencil, Lukas is quickly doodled at Kittania, cause he is important too

Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas watches with interest, glad to be important

Abundantly Ari pauses a moment and tries to recall who she promised not to make a minion, drawn near New Home is Snow, Neeip and Eben, cause she promised, so they get New Home

Abundantly Ari grins at Lukas "so this is the map of everything, and the little stick people are minions when we are in charge see, Important people or people I promised look like people. . . or couches"

Abundantly Ari points to respective drawings

Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas nods " I follow"

Abundantly Ari fsmiles ruefully and a little embarrased "now we just gotta get the island to look like this"

Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas hrmms " what needs to happen specfically/"

Abundantly Ari tilts her head "well we need lots of people to take over outposts, Dave and the gang are at the castle, they can be anywhere but right now they are defending well we take over. . . but for now um.."

Abundantly Ari says "minion bribery?"

Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas hrmmms

Abundantly Ari looks at Luaks quizzically "you are already a minion so you don't have to be bribed but you should get a minion reward"

Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas chuckles " naw just thinking"

Abundantly Ari shoos the gremlin, shouldn't be in here with the secrets!

Abundantly Ari nods "course you should, you gave me evil lessons and everything. . .what sort of thing do you like?"

Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas hrmmmms " art, weaponary, things like that."

Abundantly Ari nods slowly ideas floating around in her head "I will find you something great then"

Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas looks delighted " thanks ace."

Abundantly Ari nods and looks back at the map "so that is the ultimae plan and" she pulls out her sketch book to reveal her poorly planned traps "these are to re-catch Cherri, I am not supposed to kidnap her"

Abundantly Ari finishes "again but I can't be thwarted, gotta at least catch her and let her go, then it doesn't look as bad"

Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas nods " you can claim you were being merciful"

Abundantly Ari nods "and the heroes will know I am still good at villainy!"

Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas chuckles " the best way to Villian is to be able to be nefarious but keep a low radar."

Abundantly Ari nods "that makes lots of sense but still, can't let it get out that I was beaten by anyone, specially since I heard she is a hero now" the last is whispered dramatically

Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas nods in a serious tone

Abundantly Ari looks at him again "so right now we need to catch Ari, no one has been turning her in and she hides from me, you haven't seen her?"

Abundantly Ari shoos another gremlin, the next will be bubbled

Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas shakes a head " no i havn't seen ari lately"

Abundantly Ari blushes "um Cherri"

Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas chucklse " no but I could do a quick research into my sources."

Abundantly Ari nods "that would be good, she knows to look out for me after all"

Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas nods and leaves momentary, he shall return

Abundantly Ari sits on the table doodles a few more minions and adds detail to her people

Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas strolls back in flipping a photo onto the desk top of a women looking like Cherriki Ten " last spotted in ace high, but currently unknown for sure."

Abundantly Ari picks up the picture "She has gone hero! That sneak!"

Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas leans over " hrmm interesting"

Abundantly Ari looks at Luk "well, gonna have to e careful, catching a hero might be harder"

Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas nods as he taps his improbable revolvor " yes, restrainign devices may be in order."

Abundantly Ari pulls out the bubble gun and opens fire on the gremlins

Abundantly Ari nods "I met a fellow named Kali, he knows doodads, said he might try his hand at traps. . . at least I think thats when he said"

Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas nods " I've heard of him"

Abundantly Ari looks around and holds her arms wide "I think thats all I got"

Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas nods as he studes the map " well done"

Abundantly Ari hops off the table and grins brightly "thank you, if I hadn't lost Cherri I would probably be able to do more, magic and stuff you know?"

Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas nods " true, but on the flipsside she might have tried to sabotage your efforts."

Abundantly Ari nods "that is true but she knew she'd be bubbled for trying or something else, maybe forced to battle in the coliseum! Harder to threaten when she is fre"

Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas itches his chin " if we had some leverage on her, what about her husband?"

Abundantly Ari frowns "I think he is pretty annoyed I took her in the first place, he would sabatoge"

Abundantly Ari sighs "I bet we could find something if her darn house weren't always locked"

Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas nods, that is annoying " sneaky buggers"

Abundantly Ari nods "its way up by Ace High too, gotta walk way up there and can't even get in," she mutters "darn door"

Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas nods " only out in the open then."

Abundantly Ari nods "yeah, which means leverage is hard, she doesn't carry much on her"

Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas hrmmmms " i still think joseph is the best way."

Abundantly Ari nods slowly "oh, what about Ana? They are related"

Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas hrmms " interesting,"

Accomplice Teh Dave nods in agreement. "Not a bad idea." He grins, cigar smoke trailing to the ceiling from the Cuban clamped in his teeth.

Abundantly Ari waves eagerly at Dave "Hi, I got those papers out now!"

Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas nods to dave wtih a smile " evening."

Accomplice Teh Dave nods, and peers over the table at the plans, scratching his chin. "So, catch-and-release Cherri, just to show a bit of muscle, eh?"

Accomplice Teh Dave nods and tips Teh to Lukas. "Evening. You're a Minion, then?" He taps the drawing of Lukas.

Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas nods slowly ' no fancy name yet, but I work the Intelligence side of things sometimes."

Abundantly Ari nod nods "I will not be thwarted!" she puts on her best I am tough veneer

Accomplice Teh Dave must. . .resist. . .urge. . .to. . .say. . .it. . . He nods sagely to Ace. "Indeed. So, what's the plan?"

Abundantly Ar blinks, oh yeah, she is supposed to think of a name, for now she just explains "he is a senior minion, part of the Royal Flush Gang"

Abundantly Ari glares at Dave, she can sense the mockery "gotta catch Cherriki Ten, perhap use Ana to do it"

Accomplice Teh Dave wasn't mocking. Honest. No, seriously. It was going to be something else. "Ah, that's the goal. What's the plan?" He smiles.

Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas hrmmmms " we have to set up a ambush for ana first, maybe send her a letter request assitance?"

Abundantly Ari nods, that is good "um, well traps and secret operatives"

Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas look sto dave, he is the weapons expert there

Accomplice Teh Dave shrugs. "Not big on traps. I'm sure I can rig up some distracting explosives though." He rins and pats his Sack of Explosions.

Accomplice Teh Dave lets the little bugger off with his g, but warns him not to sneak in again.

Abundantly Ari nods in agreement "make sure she won't be blown up though""

Accomplice Teh Dave nodnods. "Got some confettibombs and such. I'll see what I can dig up." He grins.

Abundantly Ari gives Dave a hug and a kiss "good to see you by the way"

Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas nods wiht a smile

Accomplice Teh Dave smiles and returns the kiss. "Always good to see you, A."

Abundantly Ari grins "so, everyone clear?"

Accomplice Teh Dave scratches his head. "Kind of. When and where are we going to lay the trap?"

Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas taps new pittsburg and 404 " a deserted outpost would probbale be a good spot, less attention"

Abundantly Ari taps her chin "could be anywhere I guess, just gotta put it in the note"

Abundantly Ari nods "yeah"

Abundantly Ari taps cyber city "she lives closer to there" then yawns

Accomplice Teh Dave nods, and leans in to Ace. "When you planning on it, then?"

Abundantly Ari hmms "well she's gotta be awake, I dunno, maybe a bit of recon first?"

Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas nods slowly " I could hike it out there and sleep for the night"

Abundantly Ari gives Lukas a hug "that would be great!"

Accomplice Teh Dave nods and yawns. "I could use a wink or two myself. I've got some prototypes for the Confettibombs back at my labs."

Abundantly Ari has decided proactive means hugs

Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas nods and gives back Ace and nods to davae " well I'll trudge out there now, night comrade" and wth a tip of the hat he leaves quickly

Accomplice Teh Dave tips Teh to Lukas. "Take care, Luk."

Abundantly Ari waves to Lukas

Accomplice Teh Dave stretches, and yawns, and leans his head on Ace's side. "So, more evil plotting for the night? Or just some wicked deeds?" He grins up to her, winking.

Abundantly Ari folds up everything and puts it in her bag a little neater then before, now the blanket can fit

Abundantly Ari gives him a quick kiss " hmm, wicked deeds, that sounds like fun" she darts off and pauses at the door "see you at home?"

Accomplice Teh Dave grins and hefts his bulging sack. "I'll race you." And darts out after.

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