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2010-06-12 03:49:15: Abundantly Ari: : walks into Kittania carrying her bubble gun and notebook

2010-06-12 03:51:11: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: nods as he waves to Ari " after a few drive kills it will heal up"

2010-06-12 03:52:56: Abundantly Ari: : waves to Lukas with a smile "I am going after Anadel"

2010-06-12 03:55:17: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: turns back to Ari ' wait up for me!"

2010-06-12 03:59:33: Abundantly Ari: : grins and nods "course, we are going North, check her house out"

2010-06-12 04:01:09: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: hrmms and heads back to Ari " okay, lets head out" he pulls out his improbable revolver

2010-06-12 04:02:19: Abundantly Ari: : leads the way, firing a stream of bubbles every once and awhile

2010-06-12 04:03:23: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: follows after with a dance and a twirl.

2010-06-12 04:03:11: Ink Mistress Anadel: /me walks through the main room, wearing a simple white dress to her knees. She heads to the kitchen, intent on grabbing a snack.

2010-06-12 04:23:52: Abundantly Ari: : darts in with Lukas and bubbles

2010-06-12 04:25:18: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me follows quickly behind ari, scraf pulled up tight, revolver at the ready

2010-06-12 04:27:12: Abundantly Ari: : listens and whispers "I think she is thataway" tilting her head to the kitchen

2010-06-12 04:27:38: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me starts sniffing around " I think she went towards the kitchen" he mutters

2010-06-12 04:28:00: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me is glad we are in full agreement, he makes a hand motion to go first, he will cover her flank

2010-06-12 04:29:08: Abundantly Ari: : grins and leads the way, good to have backup

2010-06-12 04:31:23: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me tiptoes behind

Recieving the Ransom
2010-06-12 04:21:23: Venetian Lady Cherriki Ten: /me wanders into the Grounds and sits on a stool by the bar, "Strawberry chocolate shake, Cookie. Thanks"

2010-06-12 04:28:11: Venetian Lady Cherriki Ten: /me waves a greeting to Ravenskye and Nathan. She approaches the latter nonchalantly, acting as if she doesn't know him, "Goodday sir!"

2010-06-12 04:30:22: Ticktockman Nathaniel: /me blinks and tilts his head to one side. "Is it?"

2010-06-12 04:31:20: Venetian Lady Cherriki Ten: /me grins behind her mask at Skye, "Fantastic." She turns back to Nathan, her eyes crinkling slightly, "Isn't it?"

2010-06-12 04:39:24: Ticktockman Nathaniel: /me shrugs. "Good is a rather strange quantity to meausre, the day has been most tolerable."

2010-06-12 04:49:21: Venetian Lady Cherriki Ten: /me nods and chuckles, "But then measuring a day in tolerance is equally strange. To say a day is measures in anything else but time is...illogical."

2010-06-12 04:50:26: Ticktockman Nathaniel: /me hmms, "There's truth in that." He sits on a stool and lays his head on the bar.

2010-06-12 04:51:55: Venetian Lady Cherriki Ten: /me watches as Lethe approaches and pales slightly behind her mask. The creature leaves a small note in the centre of the grounds which she snatches up as soon as Lethe leaves

2010-06-12 04:54:54: Venetian Lady Cherriki Ten: /me growls softly, her eyes turning bright green. The paper in her hand turns to glass and she chucks it across the grounds, watching with some satisfaction as it shatters.

2010-06-12 04:55:35: Venetian Lady Cherriki Ten: /me turns to Nate and bows, "Pleased to have chatted sir." She stalks out.

2010-06-12 05:18:09: Venetian Lady Cherriki Ten: /me enters stealthily, listening for voices. Her eyes dart to the kitchen and she quietly approaches.

2010-06-12 05:57:19: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me pases through behind all the others

2010-06-10 04:09:34: Ink Mistress Anadel: /me walks into the Kitchen and deposits the produce on the counter, plucking an apple out of the bunch. She crunches on it and walks back out.

2010-06-12 04:04:51: Ink Mistress Anadel: /me whistles merrily as she wanders into her kitchen. She opens the fridge and looks within curiously, "Hmmm, what to eat"

2010-06-12 04:17:00: Ink Mistress Anadel: /me pulls out a jug of milk and a carton of strawberries before searching, searching, sear- "Aha!" she pulls out a box of cereal and a bowl.

2010-06-12 04:18:59: Ink Mistress Anadel: /me sits to enjoy her food. Mm-mm good

2010-06-12 04:32:05: Abundantly Ari: : runs in "freeze" and aims the bubble gun

2010-06-12 04:32:33: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me is right behind ari, revolver at ready

2010-06-12 04:33:48: Ink Mistress Anadel: /me pauses, spoon halfway to her mouth. She slowly lowers it and turns to face the two pointing revolvers at her. She folds her hands gently in her lap, "I have nothing of value"

2010-06-12 04:34:48: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me motions for anadel to drop the spoon " its okay, we just want you"

2010-06-12 04:35:18: Abundantly Ari: : grins at Lukas "we got her! Who should write the note?"

2010-06-12 04:36:23: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me hrmms as he cocks the gun just in case " you should boss"

2010-06-12 04:39:37: Abundantly Ari: : nods, and harnesses the bubble gun so she can get paper "cover her"

2010-06-12 04:40:03: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me does as instructed, a cocked gun along with a cocked eyebrow

2010-06-12 04:41:10: Ink Mistress Anadel: /me sits calmly, amusement sparkling in her eyes as she puts the spoon away and leans back casually, her green eyes flickering to gold.

2010-06-12 04:42:02: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me keeps a hand on his other gun as he keeps his gun trained on anadel " I want to see those eyes green"

2010-06-12 04:43:01: Abundantly Ari: : hastly scribbles out a note and slips Lethe out of her bandolier, good to bring a messenger for this sort of thing "deliver that to Cherriki Ten" and off it darts

2010-06-12 04:46:01: Ink Mistress Anadel: /me's eyes change slowly back and narrow a little in consternation. "Fair enough" She says levelly.

2010-06-12 04:47:28: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me nods with a grin " good, because It feels wrong shooting a unarmed women" his narrator would like to point out he didn't steal this line from anywhere so NAYA NAY NAY

2010-06-12 04:50:06: Abundantly Ari: : keeps her eyes on the door, bubbles re-armed "now we wait"

2010-06-12 04:52:56: Ink Mistress Anadel: /me chuckles softly, "I would hardly consider myself an unarmed woman."

2010-06-12 04:54:01: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me laughs back, a little relaxed, though the revolver dosen't move a inch " good to hear, so how are you anadel?"

2010-06-12 04:56:53: Ink Mistress Anadel: /me rolls her shoulders a little before running her fingers through her hair, "Rather well given my current circumstances. And you?"

2010-06-12 04:58:01: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me shrugs with his free elbow " quite peachy thank you" he pink-tippd tail swooshes in agreement

2010-06-12 04:59:03: Abundantly Ari: : giggles at the formality, she makes sure her gun doesnt waver much

2010-06-12 05:02:30: Ink Mistress Anadel: /me inclines her head at his answer, "I can see that. Speaking of which, would either of you care for a drink or something eat while we wait?"

2010-06-12 05:05:19: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me shakes his head, he is quite well, he ate before coming here

2010-06-12 05:05:47: Abundantly Ari: : shakes her head "no thank you Anadel, gotta keep watch"

2010-06-12 05:11:16: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me itches at his bandages, great, not now

2010-06-12 05:13:59: Abundantly Ari: : glances quickly over her shoulder "you look different Ana"

2010-06-12 05:15:45: Ink Mistress Anadel: /me looks at Ari and grins, "I look human you mean? It's been a while since I have been...fleshy."

2010-06-12 05:16:47: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me chuckles as he looks over the tattoos " not a bad look, I always liked a women who knows her ink" he stops itching his bandages, though his tail twitchs once in awhile

2010-06-12 05:19:36: Venetian Lady Cherriki Ten: /me stands outside the door to the Kitchen and listens to the voices beyond. She lowers her mask over her face and kicks in the door, her eyes glowing bright green. "Hold!"

2010-06-12 05:20:41: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me ears lift up at the words, he has a idea and jumps out of the way, hoping the spell is directional not not room covering

2010-06-12 05:21:16: Abundantly Ari: : bubbles the Venetian Lady "Lukas! Cherri called in the heroes"

2010-06-12 05:21:17: Ink Mistress Anadel: /me smiles at Lukas, "Why thank y-" Her words cut off as her attention draws to the masked woman at her kitchen door. Her eyes turn gold for a moment and she frowns before they revert.

2010-06-12 05:22:31: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me nods to ari as he puts his gun back at anadel whie he lays sideways on the ground " you are welcome"

2010-06-12 05:24:18: Venetian Lady Cherriki Ten: /me lets out a small gah before ripping off her mask and wiping at the bubbles in her eyes. "Goddamnit!"

2010-06-12 05:25:55: Abundantly Ari: :'s jaw drops at the very bubbly Cherriki Ten "You are the Venetian Lady?"

2010-06-12 05:26:09: Ink Mistress Anadel: /me stares at Cherri and then at the mess on her floor and clucks her tongue. To Cherri, "You are a horrible superhero and you..." To Ari, "Made a mess all over my nice clean floor"

2010-06-12 05:26:39: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me takes thsi chance to get up and walk behind anadel,gun aimed right behind her but safe enough to avoid any suddenn grabs " don't move to fast now hero"

2010-06-12 05:27:23: Venetian Lady Cherriki Ten: /me's hair shortens to the curly red mass as her mask leaves her face and casts a scowl at Ana before looking at Ari, "Yes, I am the Venetian Lady."

2010-06-12 05:28:08: Abundantly Ari: : frowns at Ana "I am a villain and you are a prisoner, so there" she will probably send some gremlins to help clean though

2010-06-12 05:28:42: Ink Mistress Anadel: /me casts a glance at Lukas before turning to face Cherri, her eyes glowing gold. Just in case. She really likes being alive.

2010-06-12 05:29:09: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me doesn't plan to hurt anadel, but has to play the part!

2010-06-12 05:29:23: Abundantly Ari: : grins widely "well now we got both Rikki and the Venetian Lady, you gotta surrender"

2010-06-12 05:31:29: Abundantly Ari: : says to Lukas "you live close right?"

2010-06-12 05:32:56: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me nods " yes, shall we move our catch there?"

2010-06-12 05:33:37: Venetian Lady Cherriki Ten: /me scowls at Ana again, "Why is it, any time I am in trouble, you are nearby?" She looks at Ari and Lukas and sighs, "Fine, I surrender. Just don't hurt her please."

2010-06-12 05:34:39: Abundantly Ari: : nodnods "she probably can't escape there as easy"

2010-06-12 05:34:40: Ink Mistress Anadel: /me smiles and shrugs her shoulders, "Didn't mean to." Her smile quickly turns to a frown at Cherri.

2010-06-12 05:35:37: Abundantly Ari: : pulls out some rope and ties Rikki's hands together "there"

2010-06-12 05:35:39: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me grins at cherri " well next time don't try to escape with onions, anadel if you please come with me, I will escort you to my humble dacha" he motions out towards the door

2010-06-12 05:37:06: Venetian Lady Cherriki Ten: /me grumbles as her hands are tied.

2010-06-12 05:37:31: Ink Mistress Anadel: /me blinks at Lukas, "Wait, what? You two actually expect me to tag along?"

2010-06-12 05:38:39: Abundantly Ari: : grins an excited smile and tugs lightly on the rope, not gonna come loose

2010-06-12 05:38:41: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me nods with a smile " sure, if we have you around, cherri will try something, we may consider letting you go when she is properly secured"

2010-06-12 05:39:02: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me meant to say cherri won't try something, go with that yes

2010-06-12 05:41:39: Ink Mistress Anadel: /me folds her arms over her chest, "And if I refuse? You can't handle her on your own without my assistance?"

2010-06-12 05:42:35: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me hrmms " if you refuse I would be insulted, come over for one drink please."

2010-06-12 05:43:29: Venetian Lady Cherriki Ten: /me scowls at Ana again before muttering, "Yeah, you don't need her. She'll just piss me off with her incessant chatter about my incompetance anyways."

2010-06-12 05:43:57: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me waves a finger at cherri with a smile " thats no way to act now."

2010-06-12 05:44:31: Abundantly Ari: : looks between the two and whispers to Rikki "I'm supposed to be the bad one"

2010-06-12 05:44:55: Ink Mistress Anadel: /me chuckles, "I will come over on one condition. You take the gun off me. Don't want a drink under duress."

2010-06-12 05:45:42: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me hrmms and smiles, he pulls the gun back, " fair enough, just don't try anything please"

2010-06-12 05:47:07: Venetian Lady Cherriki Ten: /me turns to look at Ari, "Oh you are evil! Dragging her into this!"

2010-06-12 05:47:54: Ink Mistress Anadel: /me nods, "Nah, I am curious as to what is going on anyways."

2010-06-12 05:48:02: Abundantly Ari: : tugs the rope again "well, lets be off"

2010-06-12 05:50:12: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me nods and takes a position on the right of anadel " ladies first"

2010-06-12 05:52:58: Ink Mistress Anadel: /me chuckles, "How chivalrous." She heads out

2010-06-12 05:53:17: Venetian Lady Cherriki Ten: /me grumbles a little more beneath her breath as she led out.

2010-06-12 05:53:41: Abundantly Ari: : tugs Rikki along, keeping her eyes and gun on her

2010-06-12 05:55:45: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me follows behind, smilling as he spins his revolver on his finger

2010-06-12 05:39:02: Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave: : sits in one of the chairs, humming to himself.

2010-06-12 05:55:44: Ace or Ari: : tugs Rikki in

2010-06-12 06:00:02: Venetian Lady Cherriki Ten: /me grumbles, "I'm not going to run. Code of honour dictates once I have surrendered, I must follow through."

2010-06-12 06:00:48: Ace or Ari: : glares "did last time"

2010-06-12 06:01:14: Ink Mistress Anadel: /me walks in with Lukas and takes a look around, "This is quite cozy."

2010-06-12 06:01:34: Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave: : chuckles. "She's right, you know." He grins and tips Teh to the entering group.

2010-06-12 06:02:01: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me nods with a smile, his arms crossed and his revolver lying on his chest " why thank you, I try to keep it clean" he also waves to dave, glad to see some backup

2010-06-12 06:03:34: Ace or Ari: : spins and grin "Hi Dealer! We got her! And she is the Venetian Lady"

2010-06-12 06:04:11: Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave: : grins at Cherri. "So you're the one who started cleaning at Dunbernarding. You know, we're not paying you 'til you finish the job."

2010-06-12 06:04:42: Venetian Lady Cherriki Ten: /me glowers, "I wasn't a superhero last time!"

2010-06-12 06:05:15:- Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me motions to a couch " make yourselves comfortable" he strolls over to his private study, thats were he keeps the drinks

2010-06-12 06:05:37: Venetian Lady Cherriki Ten: /me looks at Dave, "My activities were...deterred."

2010-06-12 06:05:56: Ink Mistress Anadel: /me waves to Dave and smiles, "Hey! Long time!"

2010-06-12 06:07:49: Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave: : tips Teh to Ana, and Teh waggles its feather in greeting. "Long time no see. How've you been?"

2010-06-12 06:07:59: Ink Mistress Anadel: /me accepts Lukas's offer and lounges across the couch, watching the group with curiosity, "Why do you guys want Cherri anyways?"

2010-06-12 06:08:30: Ace or Ari: : tugs Rikki to a chair and gestures for her to sit

2010-06-12 06:08:49: Ink Mistress Anadel: /me nudges a gremlin before smiling at Dave and Teh, "Been well. Busy with the clan. And you?"

2010-06-12 06:09:32: Venetian Lady Cherriki Ten: /me sits heavily and casts a glare at Ana again before looking up at Ari, "So aside from your book, what do you want?"

2010-06-12 06:10:30: Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave: : shrugs. "Most recently, been saving up req to have a visit with Deimos. Planning on saving up a million or so." He grins. "Other than that, not really much."

2010-06-12 06:11:37: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me strolls back out with a nice bottle of Red wine, vintage 1918 " good year" he jokes with a grin as he lays the bottle on the table near the couch. he places full wine glasses as well

2010-06-12 06:12:28: Ace or Ari: : looks at her partners in crime "who is gonna stand by Ari's chair looking menacing with the bubble gun while I question her?"

2010-06-12 06:14:01: Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave: : raises a questioning eyebrow at Ace. This should be interesting. He stands to offer his services.

2010-06-12 06:14:15: Ace or Ari: : has done that twice now "Rikki's!"

2010-06-12 06:14:39: Ink Mistress Anadel: /me smiles and glances up at Lukas as she takes a glass. "Thank you." She looks over at Teh then back to Dave, "Is Teh growing out of his brim?"

2010-06-12 06:14:50: Ace or Ari: : figures its cause they are both nemesises

2010-06-12 06:15:05: Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave: :'s hat shrugs, then produces its sign. "Something to do, really."

2010-06-12 06:15:39: Ink Mistress Anadel: /me corrects herself, "Outgrowing"

2010-06-12 06:16:01: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me watches with a grin, tapping the tip of his gun agianst his scarf lightly

2010-06-12 06:16:28: Venetian Lady Cherriki Ten: /me rolls her eyes inconspicuously before tilting her head back and watching the ongoings silently.

2010-06-12 06:16:32: Ace or Ari: : holds the gun out for Dave

2010-06-12 06:16:53: Ink Mistress Anadel: /me nods, "Well I look forward to seeing what Deimos does with you."

2010-06-12 06:17:10: Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave: : takes the gun and aims it at Rikki, grinning. "Try anything and you'll get bubbled."

2010-06-12 06:18:22: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me moves a little closer to ace, he is the supposed interrogation minon after all

2010-06-12 06:18:25: Ace or Ari: : paces in front of the chair, arms clasped behind her back "I give you cookies and a nice bed and bring you out to have fun and everything and what do you do?"

2010-06-12 06:19:45: Ace or Ari: : adds "and all I asked for this was a bit of magic, just gotta make the cookies minionize people, that's all"

2010-06-12 06:20:21: Ink Mistress Anadel: /me watches.

2010-06-12 06:20:46: Venetian Lady Cherriki Ten: /me looks up at Ari. "I ran away"

2010-06-12 06:21:40: Venetian Lady Cherriki Ten: /me's eyes turn flat, "I can't Jokerfy cookies! I can only do glass and sandwork."

2010-06-12 06:21:55: Ace or Ari: : scowls at her and looks at Lukas for encouragement, then back to Rikki "and became a hero!"

2010-06-12 06:22:31: Ace or Ari: : tilts her head "why didn't you say that then?"

2010-06-12 06:23:06: Venetian Lady Cherriki Ten: /me's eyes flicker green for a moment, "Yes! I became a hero and didn't regret it at all once I found out what you villains were inflicting on the civilians!"

2010-06-12 06:23:18: Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave: : grins and laughs inwardly. Well, he grins outwardly. He's laughing on the inside. And giggling a bit on the outside.

2010-06-12 06:24:36: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me scuffs at ten's logic " Civilians needs to learn on their own, this is Improbable island, you learn to become your own hero to survive, they hardly need saving"

2010-06-12 06:24:36: Ace or Ari: : turns to her minion "find out who she works with, I suggest tickle torture if she won't talk" and turns to look into the fire

2010-06-12 06:26:13: Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave: :'s hat flips its sign around to Ana. "So how's Kier? Haven't seen her in a while."

2010-06-12 06:26:21: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me looks to ten with a smile " yes tell me about these other heros"

2010-06-12 06:26:35: Venetian Lady Cherriki Ten: /me's eyes widen and she says ineffectually, "I- I am not ticklish!"

2010-06-12 06:27:54: Ink Mistress Anadel: /me smiles a little and takes a sip of her wine, her gaze lowering, "Okay, I suppose. Don't get to see much of her."

2010-06-12 06:28:02: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me hrmms as he snaps his fingers, a feather appears, black as tar " you sure?"

2010-06-12 06:28:48: Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave: :'s hat frowns slightly. How it manages this is left as an exercise to the reader. It flips its sign around. "That sucks. Hope everything's alright."

2010-06-12 06:30:29: Venetian Lady Cherriki Ten: /me swallows visibly and shakes her head, "Uhm, no...?"

2010-06-12 06:32:32: Ink Mistress Anadel: /me smiles at Teh, "It's fine, really."

2010-06-12 06:33:28: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me hrmms as he leans foward, the feather inchs from ten's face " so who are the other heros?"

2010-06-12 06:34:45: Venetian Lady Cherriki Ten: /me turns her face and glowers to the left, keeping her lips firmly sealed.

2010-06-12 06:35:10: Ace or Ari: : stifles giggling

2010-06-12 06:36:17: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me grins in typical coyote fashion " forced my hand" he says in a manical tone as he proceeds to brush the feather up against her left side

2010-06-12 06:36:33: Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave: :'s hat nodnods at Ana. it flips its sign around again. "Tell her we said hi, next time you see her. Been a while." Dave peers over at Ace, raising an eyebrow.

2010-06-12 06:37:40: Ace or Ari: : walks briskly so she is behind the chair and she can grin at Dave out of sight

2010-06-12 06:39:01: Venetian Lady Cherriki Ten: /me draws her lower lip into her mouth and bites down, her eyes sparkling with unwilling laughter.

2010-06-12 06:40:57: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me keeps up the pace " now tell me, who are the heros!?"

2010-06-12 06:41:54: Ink Mistress Anadel: /me smiles and nods, sippin her wine, "I will be sure to let her know."

2010-06-12 06:42:32: Venetian Lady Cherriki Ten: /me shakes her head vigourously and squirms in her chair

2010-06-12 06:44:51: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me hmms as he draws his feather up towards Cherri's chin " don't make me get worse on you, Just tell me now and it will all be over"

2010-06-12 06:45:55: Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave: : grins at Ace, and shifts his grip on the bubblegun, to keep it trained on Cherri. Teh beams at Ana, then stows its feather and glances about for some baked goods.

2010-06-12 06:47:17: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me doesn't have much in the way of baked goods, he hasn't built a kitchen yet, shame

2010-06-12 06:48:49: Ace or Ari: : has a few cookies, as usual

2010-06-12 06:49:28: Venetian Lady Cherriki Ten: /me whimpers a little at Lukas' words and looks helpless, "I can't."

2010-06-12 06:50:53: Ink Mistress Anadel: /me bites her lip as she watches. Oh poor Cherri. Takes after her mother.

2010-06-12 06:51:54: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me looks over ten as he pulls behind his ear, getting the double feather braid sita made and holds the tips of it on her right side, the black feather is back on her left side " why not?"

2010-06-12 06:53:40: Ace or Ari: says you gotta tell Rikki, can't let you go till you do

2010-06-12 06:54:57: Venetian Lady Cherriki Ten: /me tenses up and flinches as he brushes the feather against her side. "C-Code of honour dictates that I shan't reveal my peers identities. Tis a secret I take to the grave."

2010-06-12 06:56:37: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me hrmms " no Rikki, the grave is too good for you hero types" he proceeds with the triple feather toture, brush brush brush

2010-06-12 06:57:05: Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave: : grins at Cherri. "Well, we already know you work with the Magical Love Gentleman. Just tell us your associates. It doesn't have to be like this" He shifts Ace's bubblegun.

2010-06-12 06:58:05: Ace or Ari: : scowls "now thats just silly"

2010-06-12 06:58:19: Sita: : peeks in and sees that Lukas is busy, she has a small baskett with faint cookie aromas coming from it. Her ears are already drooped, but they droop a bit further.

2010-06-12 06:58:48: Sita: Erm... I'll come back later if'n you're busy...

2010-06-12 06:59:14: Ace or Ari: : puts her hands on her hips "we could toss you into the bowels of the Bingo Hall without a map you know"

2010-06-12 06:59:34: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me welcomes back in sita, a brief frown on his lips, he totures Rikki all the harder, but beckens sita in

2010-06-12 06:59:37: Venetian Lady Cherriki Ten: /me squirms and begins to laugh helplessly, "That's it, I s-s-swear! The other p-pulled out."

2010-06-12 07:00:20: Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave: : thinks if there's a worse punishment, at least there's fewer more interesting. His hat perks its feather up and peers at Sita. It produces its sign. "You have cookies?"

2010-06-12 07:01:59: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me keeps up the tickles " if they pulled out then they fall out of the honor code, you will give them up" he also nods to ace

2010-06-12 07:02:54: Sita: : smiles a bit to those gathered, and gives Lukas an odd look. Smiles at Dave "I do, but it's up ta him if'n I share." she points to Lukas

2010-06-12 07:03:02: Ace or Ari: : nods "not a partner anymore"

2010-06-12 07:03:48: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me nods to sita in agreement " yes you can share" he is still tickling this whole time by the way

2010-06-12 07:04:12: Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave: : looks over his shoulder at Sita. "Huh?" He glances up at Teh, who flips its sign around at Sita. "Nah, forget the idiot wearing me. COOOOKIEEEEESSSS!"

2010-06-12 07:04:37: Sita: : smiles and sets the basket down and lifts the little cloth cover. Beneath is a pile of chocolate chip, macadamian nut, and oatmeal rasin cookies

2010-06-12 07:05:41: Ace or Ari: : waves to Sita happily

2010-06-12 07:05:45: Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave: :'s hat abandons ship, stows its sign, and leaps off Dave's head to land next to the basket. It nabs a cookie with its feather, and presses it to its hatband, where it starts disappearing.

2010-06-12 07:05:52: Sita: : smiles at Dave's Hat, and motions to the basket "Well, help yourselves then!"

2010-06-12 07:06:03: Venetian Lady Cherriki Ten: /me continues to squirm, "N-No! I r-r-refuse"

2010-06-12 07:06:59: Sita: : wonders if Cherriki would give up whatever information Lukas is trying to get out of her for a cookie? Offers Lukas one instead

2010-06-12 07:07:21: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me turns back to cherr, the full fury on her, tickles and SPARE FINGERS are addede to the mix " then your fate is sealed"

2010-06-12 07:07:28: Ink Mistress Anadel: /me, seeing Cherri isn't going to be hurt, stands, "I must bid you adieu. I have something important to attend to"

2010-06-12 07:07:49: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me stops for a second to take teh cookie and nods with a thanks, he proceeds to continue the torture while chewing the cookie

2010-06-12 07:07:55: Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave: :'s hat waggles its feather happily to Sita after the cookie disappears, and produces its sign at her. "Thanks!" It stows its sign and nabs a couple more. Then a few for Ace and Dave.

2010-06-12 07:08:13: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me nods to anadel ' come back any time."

2010-06-12 07:08:29: Sita: : grins at Dave's Hat "You're very welcome!"

2010-06-12 07:08:50: Ace or Ari: bye Ana, thanks for visiting

2010-06-12 07:09:41: Sita: : sits next to Ari and whispers "So what's she in for?" her tail twitches towards Cherriki

2010-06-12 07:11:34: Ink Mistress Anadel: /me smiles and waves before heading out.

2010-06-12 07:12:29: Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave: : and Teh both wave goodbye to Ana, then Dave leans down to pick up Teh and plop him on his head. He holds out a couple cookies to Ace.

2010-06-12 07:13:00: Venetian Lady Cherriki Ten: /me glares at Lukas in between laughs; her staunch refusal stems not only from the honour code but something else, "H-he is innocent. Only d-did it to protect s-someone he loved"

2010-06-12 07:13:44: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me hmmms as he continues the torture " who?"

2010-06-12 07:14:34: Ace or Ari: : watches the proceedings and murmurs "escapin'... and heroics" she thinks a moment then calls "find out where the book is too Lukas"

2010-06-12 07:15:20: Ace or Ari: : trades a kiss for the cookies from Dave

2010-06-12 07:15:38: Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave: : considers it fair trade.

2010-06-12 07:16:49: Sita: : blinks and whispers to Ari "Wait... heroics?" looks at Lukas then to Cherriki... she's protecting someone, from what?

2010-06-12 07:18:20: Venetian Lady Cherriki Ten: /me shakes her head, her helpless laughter not stopping. Tears gather in her eyes as she begins laughing so hard it hurts, "N-n-not telling"

2010-06-12 07:18:20: Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave: : leans over to whisper something to Sita.

2010-06-12 07:18:53: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me grows, he changes questions " well you atleast tell the location of the book?"

2010-06-12 07:19:51: Venetian Lady Cherriki Ten: /me whimpers, "It's in my backpack."

2010-06-12 07:19:58: Ace or Ari: : nods "we are villains you know"

2010-06-12 07:21:03: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me eases up for once on the torture, giving her some breathing room, he motions for someone to search her backpack for said book

2010-06-12 07:21:17: Sita: : nods to Dave and smiles. She sits back to watch, taking neither side.. yet..

2010-06-12 07:22:43: Venetian Lady Cherriki Ten: /me breathes deeply as she tries to catch her breath.

2010-06-12 07:23:25: Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave: : takes the gun and peers at the backpack. He raises an eyebrow at Ace. "Erm...I'm not digging in there..." He knows better than to reach into a woman's bag. Except Ari's."

2010-06-12 07:24:05: Ace or Ari: : stands and walks over to Rikki again "Cherriki Ten, you must tell us the name of the third person who made up the heroes, you must all be revealed, just give the name and swear to cease your"

2010-06-12 07:24:52: Ace or Ari: : finishes "activities and then you are free, we won't even capture your partners"

2010-06-12 07:25:23: Ace or Ari: : is really getting the nack of being villainous! See? See?

2010-06-12 07:25:42: Venetian Lady Cherriki Ten: /me looks at Ace and asks, "Why do you need the name of a retired superhero"

2010-06-12 07:26:04: Sita: : pipes up, "She gave ya tha location of whatever book you were lookin' for. And if'n this mystery person's no longer involved, you should have no reason ta bother 'em

2010-06-12 07:26:46: Ace or Ari: I can reveal the hero corps and show that I wasn't thwarted even though I didn't get to brainwash

2010-06-12 07:27:06: Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave: : grins. "To make sure he keeps retired. As a bit of insurance. Nothing will happen to her if you just tell us her name."

2010-06-12 07:27:35: Sita: : shruggs, seems to her, you've got the names of the current heroes, with torture no less. Way more evil than brainwashing

2010-06-12 07:27:45: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me turns to sita and wags a finger " sita remember sita Cherriki started this but escaping in the first place."

2010-06-12 07:28:01: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me said tips the gremlin that doubled his sita's in that sentence

2010-06-12 07:28:39: Sita: : smiles and raises an eybrow to Lukas, she's still remaining neutral. Especially since she doesn't know how all this got started

2010-06-12 07:29:17: Venetian Lady Cherriki Ten: /me looks between Ace and Dave. Her friends. They are her friends but... "No."

2010-06-12 07:31:17: Ace or Ari: : scowls "you ruined one of my plots now you have to tell! Just gimme the darn name, I won't even approach the silly hero!"

2010-06-12 07:33:33: Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave: : places a hand on Ace's shoulder, and raises an eyebrow. "We've got the book, and we already know Magical Love Gentleman's identity. The other hero doesn't matter anymore."

2010-06-12 07:33:48: Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave: : turns to peer at Cherri. "But we're still not paying you 'til you finish cleaning."

2010-06-12 07:34:46: Sita: : nods in agreement with Dave.

2010-06-12 07:40:25: Sita: : passes another cookie to Lukas

2010-06-12 07:41:18: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me takes the cookie and munchs lightly, he lets out a small smile

2010-06-12 07:43:59: Ace or Ari: : sighs "fine" and fetches the book then cuts her loose, party poopers

2010-06-12 07:45:08: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me drags cher into a spare chair and props her up there, she looks to be passed out, he sighs and sits next to sita

2010-06-12 07:45:31: Sita: : smiles as Cherriki is cut loose. and notices Lukas' small smile which makes her smile a bit more

2010-06-12 07:46:15: Sita: : glares pointedly at the lag gremilin, and purrs when Lukas sits next to her, whispers "Hello there..."

2010-06-12 07:47:06: Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave: : shrugs. "She'd rather sleep than give her other comrade's name anyway. Reasonable enough." He smiles and gives Ace a hug.

2010-06-12 07:47:56: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me turns to sita and keeps the small smile " hello sita, how are you?"

2010-06-12 07:48:33: Ace or Ari: : gives Dave a hug back and tries to shake off the feeling that she didn't really win "we got my book!"

2010-06-12 07:48:37: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me shrugs to dave and ace " I think we consinder this a win for the Gang, I will watch over Cherr for now, you can stay or leave if you wish"

2010-06-12 07:49:44: Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave: : nods to Lukas and smiles to Ace. "I'm with him on this. We got the book. It's a win." He leans up to give her a kiss.

2010-06-12 07:50:15: Sita: : shruggs to Lukas, "I had a rather bad day. But I think I kinda deserve that... how're you doin'?"

2010-06-12 07:51:14: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me hrmms as he puts a arm over sita's shoulder " what was so bad about your day?"

2010-06-12 07:53:41: Sita: : purrs a bit more "Well, besides makin' Joey and Shi happy with a gift for tha little one, I only got a bit done on tha kitchen, and kept findin' myself on tha boat."

2010-06-12 07:53:53: Ace or Ari: : smiles at Lukas "thanks for your help" then tugs Dave's hand "lets go celebrate then" accepting at last

2010-06-12 07:53:58: Sita: Plus, I felt pretty bad 'bout last night...

2010-06-12 07:54:18: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me chuckles " well stop feeling so bad, cause now you are here and you owe me a dinner"

2010-06-12 07:54:34: Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas: /me nods to ace and dave with a grin

2010-06-12 07:54:58: Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave: : nodnods, and tips Teh to Lukas and Sita. "Good seeing you two. Hope your day gets better." He winks to Sita, glances at Lukas, and smiles. He takes Ari's hand and joins her.

2010-06-12 07:56:29: Sita: : waves goodbye to Dave and Ari, then smiles at Lukas, perking up noticeably. "You're right, I do owe ya dinner. What do ya want?"

2010-06-12 07:56:58: Ace or Ari: : tells Lukas "when she wakes tell her she is free because of the mercy of the Royal Flush Gang, then she can go" and is grinning on her way out

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