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Ace or Ari tromps into the Commons and for the bar

Emperor Badass Neeip Smiles and waves to Ari, Rumbling Happily to Snow.

Ace or Ari hops onto a stool and spins

Trickster of the coyotes Comrade Lukas waves off to kit and waves hello to Ari, hoping her super villian gig is working out

Ace or Ari waves back to Lukas happily, it is all going great, except the laugh part, though her evil giggle might be rather creepy

Ace or Ari waves to Bourne too and accepts her lemonade with a bright smile

Emperor Badass Neeip Would add its also a good idea to Give a Low Chuckle at first as you build Up. Its worked for Him. . .

Ace or Ari says "Thank you Snow, when I conquer stuff you don't have to be a minion either"

Trickster of the coyotes Comrade Lukas strolls over to Ari with a smile " evening my evil friend."

Transcendent Grand Lady Elevated Badass of the Gods Snow Gray grins to Ari. "I appreciate it."

Ace or Ari grins evilly at Lukas "Hello"

Trickster of the coyotes Comrade Lukas waves to zombie waffles and turns back to Ari ' how goes world domination?"

Hunter Knight Bourne was always more the type to shoot from the shadows, he never liked to be seen. So, he never gets to practice his evil laugh all that much.

Emperor Badass Neeip Waves to Waffles, Smiling to Snow. Kitty with Metal Claws to Boot, Perfet Evil Kitty

Ace or Ari swings her legs and sips her lemonade "I kidnapped a joker and got a star for plotting!"

Trickster of the coyotes Comrade Lukas turns back to Ari with a clap " very good, do you need lessons in interagation?"

Trickster of the coyotes Comrade Lukas takes a seat with a smile next to Ari " so who is the captive anyway?"

Ace or Ari doesn't need information, she needs magic!

Ace or Ari grins "Cherriki Ten".

Trickster of the coyotes Comrade Lukas ohhs as he rubs his hands together " that is quite the catch."

Ace or Ari nodnods "I caught her doing magic in Pleasantville and captured her with my bubble gun"

Trickster of the coyotes Comrade Lukas nods " so where is she being held right now?"

Ace or Ari points east "In the castle, she's asleep though"

Emperor Badass Neeip Turns over to Ari, Head Tilting. Cherri???

Trickster of the coyotes Comrade Lukas nods " let me know when you questin her, I"ll join you."

Emperor Badass Neeip Listens Intently to Lukas and Ari, Squeezing Snow Softly.

Ace or Ari nods eagerly "I will try to find you"

Trickster of the coyotes Comrade Lukas chuckles and nods " so how else have you been?"

Ace or Ari says "excellent, cept I have no minions, how bout you?

Trickster of the coyotes Comrade Lukas shrugs " not much, just relaxing from the influx of marraiges. minions you say?"

Ace or Ari nods "Yep villains need minions, I do have one but I stole him from another villain and he is not very useful, I'm gonna get Rikki to get me more"

Trickster of the coyotes Comrade Lukas chuckle " I wouldn't mind being a minion, i got nothing better to do right now."

Ace or Ari blinks "Really? And you are a joker too, and I didn't even have to kidnap you!" launches off her stool and throws her arms around Lukas in a hug

Transcendent Grand Lady Elevated Badass of the Gods Snow Gray finds herself poked in the bum with a camera! She eeps with surprise and glares at the offending camera and grumbles about rookies.

Trickster of the coyotes Comrade Lukas is hugged!, he smiles and hugs back " sure, no problem."

Emperor Badass Neeip: :'s Servo Grabs the Camera. He Pulls it in Close, Scarred Face Glowering into the Lens, Before Slooowly Squeezing. He Dumps the Remains inside his Bag. Looks like he owes the Watcher a Camera. . .

Ace or Ari waves to Nate after releasing Lukas and returning to her stool

Trickster of the coyotes Comrade Lukas gives ari and pat on the head " I'm off to bed, catch you later Boss." he grins and heads out

Ace or Ari grins giddily and swings her legs, a real minion!

Ace or Ari turns to Snow and Neeip "How are you guys?"

Emperor Badass Neeip Chuckles to Mal, and Smiles to Ari. "'m Arright, 'n Snow's Been Good Too" His Smile Turns Quizical. "Oh! By th'Way, Why did'ya Kidnap Cherri, Ifin I May Ask?"

Ace or Ari tilts her head "cause she was there and she's magic, I'm evil you know. I have a plot and I need magic".

Emperor Badass Neeip Oh's to her. Hm. . . On one hand, Freinds Wife has been Kidnapped. On the other, its Ari. He Frowns for a Few moments, Thinking. . . He Smiles again. Its Ari. She'll be Fine.

Ace or Ari is not Ari, she's Ace now!

Transcendent Grand Lady Elevated Badass of the Gods Snow Gray kisses him softly. She doesn't believe any incarnation of Ari is truly capable of evil. It's Ari.

Emperor Badass Neeip WholeHeartedly Agrees with Snow. He Smiles and Stands, One Servo moving off to Wave to the Others as he Bows to Ari. "Arright then, Take Good Care of Her, Yeah?"

Transcendent Grand Lady Elevated Badass of the Gods Snow Gray smiles to Ace/Ari. "What if someone volunteered magic?"

Ace or Ari frowns in contemplation "but thats not very evil"

Emperor Badass Neeip Puts off Moving for Now. Snow's Got an Idea.

Transcendent Grand Lady Elevated Badass of the Gods Snow Gray grins. "But if someone helped you, that'd make them evil, if only a little bit, right? So they could be like an accomplice instead of a minion."

Ace or Ari crosses her arms "I got a star for evil plotting cause I kidnaped Rikki, I'm not letting her go yet"

Transcendent Grand Lady Elevated Badass of the Gods Snow Gray nods. "Of course. I'm just saying, in case you needed more magic."

Ace or Ari smiles at Snow "Okay, if Rikki fails I will kidnap you too"

Transcendent Grand Lady Elevated Badass of the Gods Snow Gray laughs a bit. "I said I'd volunteer, maybe. Could be fun to be evil. Anyhow, we have to get home, but good luck with your plot!"

Emperor Badass Neeip Fights down the Urge to Growl to Ari. Habits die Really, Really Hard. . .

Emperor Badass Neeip Rumbles and Nods with Snow, Smiling after Ari as he Nuzzles Her and Carries Her Out, Servo Waving Goodbye to the Others

Ace or Ari nods "thank you for the lemonade, g'night you two"

Aces Ari twirls into New Home happily

Oceanographer Ghostface Koalah waves ecstatically to Ari. "Heya Ace! Good to see ya again"

Aces Ari waves back and hurries over to him "I can prove I'm evil now!"

Oceanographer Ghostface Koalah's smile falters a little. That seems... ominous. But this is Ace we're talking about. How bad could it be?? "Oh yeah?" he asks guardedly.

2010-06-04 11:17:57: Aces Ari: : nod nods "I got a black star for evil plots, and I kidnapped a joker!"

Oceanographer Ghostface Koalah starts at this news. "What. . . you actually jidnapped someone? Did you. . . give them back after?" He does look a little concerned. This isn't like her.

Oceanographer Ghostface Koalah glares malevolently at the Typo gremlin, and kicks at it.

Aces Ari frowns "course not, she's a prisoner"

Oceanographer Ghostface Koalah looks at her, unsure what to make of the situation. "oh. Well. You, uh, you certainly showed me, Ace." He looks small, & maintains a little more distance than usual from her.

Oceanographer Ghostface Koalah glances at Poet, but he's much too distracted by this Situation to make much response.

Aces Ari frowns, GK looks sad, he should be proud of her! Ace's sense of triumph fades a little

Oceanographer Ghostface Koalah just stands there, looking at her owlishly. His friend doesn't seem to be the woman he remembers.

Aces Ari scuffs her foot in the dirt, peeking up at GK occasionally, she's gotta be evil! All the GERMans are!

Oceanographer Ghostface Koalah sighs, & decides to explain what's bothering him. Maybe he can salvage something out of this. "Its just. . . I dunno. Before. I thought it was just sort of a game, you know?"

Oceanographer Ghostface Koalah's eye narrow, and he looks slightly panicked. "But this. . . This is pretty serious. Deprivation of Liberty? I didn't think that was your style, champ. . ."

Aces Ari peeks up at GK "she's comfy in the castle and I just need her to do magic for me for my plot"

Oceanographer Ghostface Koalah still frowns. "But. . . Is she there against her will? Are you preventing her from leaving as she pleases? I. . . I don't know. This just doesn't sit right with me."

Aces Ari frowns "I didn't really ask, just took her captive"

2010-06-04 11:38:50: Oceanographer Ghostface Koalah: :'s frown deepens, and he looks down a his feet. He doesn't know what more to say.

Aces Ari puts her hands on her hips "well you wouldn't listen when I said I was evil!" she stomps her foot "I need minions!"

Oceanographer Ghostface Koalah looks up at her eyes again, sadly. "I. . . I'm sorry I mocked you. It would seem I misjudged you. Quite completely, in fact. is not at all what I took them for, it appears."

Aces Ari clenches her fists and tears up, he's wrecking it!

Adventurer LadyRavenSkye decides to save Ari, "Ari, when you're evil, you're not supposed to care about what others think." To prove this, she punches Spike in the jaw.

Oceanographer Ghostface Koalah looks distraught at the hurt he's causing her. "Hey, kiddo, you know I still love you. But. . . I just. . . I can't condone this! Its not the Ari I know!"

Aces Ari looks at him with damp eyes "I'm not Ari though, I'm Ace"

Paste-pot calliaphone rattles into New Home aboard her cart-of-clutter, in search of Evil Coffee.

Aces Ari rubs an eye with the heel of her hand, not s'posed to get upset

Oceanographer Ghostface Koalah lifts a hand to lightly stroke her hair, sadly. "You're always Ari, to me. The one who saved me from myself, before I'd come to terms with the loss of my wife." He looks earnest.

Paste-pot calliaphone swerves around The Ace of Evil, scooping the bowler from GK's head as she passes. She waves it aloft, whooping, and crashes into the comms tent.

Aces Ari hugs GK "I have to be her nemesis, she's good" she sniffs and waves upon seeing Calli

Oceanographer Ghostface Koalah slaps at his head, & glares after Calli, but she can wait. He knows she's too quick for him, anyway.

Paste-pot calliaphone isn't quick now. she's slowly disentangling herself and her cart from a pile of canvas and tent-poles. and dodging an ear-boxing from a very irritable comms-tent-officer.

Oceanographer Ghostface Koalah turns back to Ari. Always Ari. "I know you think you know what you're doing here, kiddo. But. . . I just can't give you my blessing for this. And if that means nothing to you, well. . ."

Paste-pot calliaphone waves at the departing rookie, hoping she didn't scare her away. it was only a little crash. perhaps Tina will come back though!

Oceanographer Ghostface Koalah just shrugs, and looks at her, empty.

Paste-pot calliaphone frowns at her hand as she waves. GK's hat appears to be attached to it. "oh whaddyaknow. damn glue."

Aces Ari frowns "but it does mean something but I have oher people too and they would be disappointed too and, and. . ." she trails off

Aces Ari points to Calli "she's evil too, she's got glue!"

Paste-pot calliaphone looks from the hat, to Ace, to GK, to her glue-gun. and attempts an Evil Grin. it comes out just like her usual grin. She says, "yes! i have total control over all things adhesive."

Oceanographer Ghostface Koalah shakes his head at the state of these days. He turns back to Ari, & merely pats the top of her head fondly. It seems her mind is set.

Paste-pot calliaphone hunts through her pockets for the acetone so's she can give GK his hat back. in the process, she also gets stuck to her pockets.

Oceanographer Ghostface Koalah watches Calli with mounting exasperation. Who trusted her with glue in the first place??

Aces Ari giggles at Callia then sombers "I won't keep her forever. She might even be happy and I have lots of fun stuff for her to do"

Paste-pot calliaphone struggles to free herself from the gluey-grip of her own pockets. all she wanted was to get a coffee. things never go to plan, do they? "ahm. H'llo GK. 'llhaveyourhatback in just a minute."

Oceanographer Ghostface Koala: : nods sadly. It still doesn't make it right, in his books.

Oceanographer Ghostface Koalah reflects that that applies to Ari & Calli both.

Paste-pot calliaphone would note, if she was strong on reasoning and mind-reading (which she is not), that the whole point of evil is It Is Not Right! So, Ace must be doing something ri- err, wrong.

Paste-pot calliaphone herself, it seems, still has some catching up to do. not so much on evil intent. she's had a petty theft record since she could walk. it's more a competence issue.

Oceanographer Ghostface Koalah shakes his head irritably. "Oh, just keep the hat, Calli. The glue stains couldn't be removed at this point, anyway. I'll get another one elsewhere."

Paste-pot calliaphone finally manages to get the acetone bottle out of her pocket, using her teeth. she says to Ace, "grhuughotghuon?" and to GK, "ghallpfh?"

Aces Ari looks at Calli "do you have any minions yet Paste Pot?"

Paste-pot calliaphone shakes her head, and the acetone bottle, sadly. "ghope." she did see a hamster at the island library, but it wasn't hers so...

Oceanographer Ghostface Koalah looks solemnly back at Ari and says. " I need to go. I have... things to think about. Hopefully next time I see you, things will be. . . less uncomfortable, between us. Do take care., my dear"

Aces Ari looks at GK again "see no minions without magic!"

Aces Ari looks dejected "Oh, okay GK, see you later"

Oceanographer Ghostface Koalah merely shakes his head & walks off.

Paste-pot calliaphone grins, acetonily, at GK. "grhankhoufhorfhehatpfh!"

Aces Ari walks over to Calli "D-do you need help?"

Paste-pot calliaphone looks up from her be-glued struggles. her expression is wary but hopeful. she drops the acetone bottle. "you're allowed to help me? isn't that against Evil Union Rules?"

Aces Ari tilts her head "but you are evil too, gotta work together till we are in charge, then we can fight. Unless you get all eviller on me, or good, then we are rivals"

Paste-pot calliaphone says, "oh. right. okay." she thinks to herself, what would Bishop say? hrmm. probably "Aarrghh." Not helpful. She'll just have to go with what Ace is saying.

Paste-pot calliaphone says, "don't suppose y'could apply a bit of acetone, in that case?"

Aces Ari is winging it, she feels bad about being bad so she is helping a friend, still sometimes villains work together. . . she nods and holds out a hand "uh huh"

Paste-pot calliaphone looks relieved! this glue-gun lark is getting a bit hazardous. but on the plus side . . . there is glue. and acetone. yay solvents!

PantherMorph Dante Cross thinks heros have fought each other before and villians have helped each other. . .

Aces Ari thinks there are super villain societies, doesn't usually end well but they exist

Aces Ari takes the solvent and lends aid

Paste-pot calliaphone wriggles, as the acetone runs through her pockets, soaking her skin. "brrr!"

Aces Ari finishes acetoning the glue and rock back on her heels

Aces Ari whips out the bubble gun and uses it to retrieve an s from the gremlin, bad idea to mug a villain

Paste-pot calliaphone takes a good healthy lungfull of dissolving glue and evaporating acetone. her eyes gleam and she waggles her hands -- "oooh! i'm free! thankyou Ace!"

Aces Ari grins at Paste Pot "now you can spread evil" she tries to ignore the twinge saying that brings

Paste-pot calliaphone is more likely to spread glue. the precise moral position of the glue remains to be seen. possibly, it will want to decide that for itself.

Paste-pot calliaphone grins at Harbin, bandaging up injured rooks. Good job there's someone around here who ain't a villain!

Hat-Host Voodoo manages to climb down (or fall down), then looks around at the other folks in NewHome. Hearing about the spread of evil and whatnot, she blinks a bit. "Erm...Just another day, eh Cedric...?"\

Aces Ari supposes the actions of Calli and the glue will speak for themselves

Paste-pot calliaphone raises her flat-cap to Voodoo. and ... Cedric? and she also waves GK's bowler, for good measure.

Paste-pot calliaphone admires Raidur's warrior prowess! Since her skills are mostly in the running away and falling over department, she is always impressed by the adeptness of her fellow contestants.

Hat-Host Voodoo hesitantly raises her own cap, Cedric, in Calliaphone's direction.

Aces Ari wanders to a bench and, after checking for glue, takes a seat

Paste-pot calliaphone says "howdooyoodoo?" to Voodoo. and picks up a flyer as it flutters past in a breath of wind. she looks at it. it is covered in words. she sighs.

Paste-pot calliaphone has not glued any benches in New Home yet. Ace is safe! She does, however, set about glueing the flyer to a nearby tree.

Paste-pot calliaphone glues herself to the tree, and the flyer to herself. Another sigh, some acetone (not all of it swigged), and she tries again.

Paste-pot calliaphone finally succeeds in getting the flyer stuck to the tree. It says Official Island Wiki - Get Your Free Advice Here! http://enquirer.improbableisland.com/dokuwiki/doku.php

Aces Ari's eyes widen "You have a sentient hat?"

Hat-Host Voodoo: : really blushes at her first nude kittymorph sighting. Trying to distract herself, she looks to Calliaphone. "Erm. . . Do you need some help, Madam. . .?"

Paste-pot calliaphone grins, stepping back from her latest Evil Mission. She just remembers not to rub her hands together evilly - until the glue has dried! She says to Voodoo, "i was jus' defacing this tree."

Hat-Host Voodoo tilts her head to the side at Ari's question. "Oh, you mean Cedric. . .? Yes, I suppose that would be the proper thing to say. . . He's the Cap of my Abilities, you see. . ."

Paste-pot calliaphone admires her work, and then says, regretfully. "'fraid i have to dash now. evil waits for no-one. nice meeting you though - Voodoo was it? i'm calliaphone. and that" she points to Ari, "is Ace"

Aces Ari looks up at the tree, its not the one she once de-leafed

Aces Ari nods in affirmation to Calli's words then asks "does he know Teh?"

Hat-Host Voodoo waves to Calliaphone. "Goodbye, Madam Calliaphone, and. . . Good luck. . . with your, erm, evilness. . .?"

Paste-pot calliaphone smiles a thankyou at Voodoo, hops into her cart, and waves her glue-gun round at her companions. "see y'all soon i hope!" she puts the cart in gear and starts to pedal out towards the jungle.

Aces Ari waves "buh bye Calli!"

Aces Ari yawns and waves, heading off and leaving the denizens of New Home unbubbled

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