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Clan Amity in Bedlam (AiB)

Founded in Season Two, Amity in Bedlam has been described as many things. Many horrible, horrible things. Despite this, general consensus finds the quote "A train-wreck of win and awesome," said by someone somewhere at some point, to be the most apt of these descriptions.

Membership (In order of Clan Roster)

  1. Adder Moray, Founder
  2. Mercury, Leader, Bearer of Biff
  3. Korbel, Leader
  4. Pod, Officer
  5. Partius, Officer
  6. Cherriki Ten, Officer
  7. Cheerful Miss Aela of Nekops
  8. Cicero
  9. Zedalion
  10. Device
  1. Biff, Telepathic Flower and Symbiote thing! 1)

Lost, but not Forgotten

This section is dedicated to those members no longer with us. We will keep a candle burning in hopes that you may one day find your way back home.

  1. Stretter, Gadgeteer
  2. Serene, Officer
  3. Con
  4. Pyre Kasen, Leader
  5. Weezle

You will be missed.

Left, but Family Still

To those who have left the Clan, but remain on the Island.2)

  1. Ivette Garcia-Lopez de Gavriel
  2. Anandreas


Apparently the crazy bastards live in some sort of a tree somewhere on the map. Hide things there at your own risk, odds are it will be stolen3)4).

And Now a Few Words From Their Members

Adder Moray

". . ."

Pyre Kasen

"Well, as far as insane stupidity goes, this place is manageable at least. I guess."


"Oooer! Shiny!"


"I never met a bad idea I didn't like."

Korrin McCleod

"I love this gaggle o' nutters. They're fuckin' better than cable they are."


" Colossal Gargoyle Korbel bows slightly, then freezes as he straightens, his face grimacing into a truly hideous expression, then ACHOOO!!!! A pigeon nest comes shooting out of his nose, squawking pigeon, eggs and all. "Ugh, pardon me, please.""


"I am not my twin brother!"


"You cannot get to Morrow if you do not leave today."

Korbel 5)6)

"There is no such thing as a bad idea. Its in the execution that things go bad."


"What the... no, I don't have a quote. Get out of my bedroom, Merc. It's like four in the morning."


"You guys left all your dishes in the sink AGAIN?! Ugh! System: Set Course, Low Priority. Wash, Dry, and Store All Soiled Dishes in this Room. Shut Down Emotional Core. Initiate."

1) No, he's not *technically* a member, but he keeps pestering me to add him to the roster. I'm hoping that doing so might shut him up and stop him from projecting "Motivational Images" into my brain. - Merc
2) You still got da funk, yo.
3) Though technically, you DID leave it in our front yard, by all rights it's ours and there is not a jury in the world that would convict us.
4) Mostly due to a distinct lack of an actual court of law on the Island.
5) Again
6) In response to having one of his ideas called "bad"
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