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Here is a record of AIB's Clan Spelunking, beginning in CC404

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod wanders out of the nearby warehouse and into the middle of the outpost, waiting for the rest of his clan mates to arrive.

Mercenary Warrior Con escapes the damn factory

Master Sergeant Loriel waves to Korrin.

Master Sergeant Loriel sees Merc Warrior Con escape the factory and waves.

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod waves back to Lori and gives Con a nod, "Top o' the afternoon," he says with a smile.

Rookie Labhrs wanders into Cyber City. She brightens upon seeing Korrin, and winks.

Guardian Colossus Korbel wanders in carrying a massive pack. "Sorry I'm late."

Mercenary Warrior Con nods to his clan mates

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod smiles and goes over to Lab, giving her a hug and lifting her up, "Good ta see ye lass," he says.

Master Sergeant Loriel says, "Hi Labhrs!"

Master Sergeant Loriel runs over to Korbel. "Hi, love. What's in the pack?"

Rookie Labhrs nods to Lori, and grins at Korrin. "'S good ta see ye, too. Been much too long. How're ye?" she asks as she leans down for a kiss.

Guardian Colossus Korbel Kisses Lori. "Rope, snacks, FAKs, some equipment I found here in the junk piles then restored. How are those wires? Working better now?

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod holds it for a moment before setting Lab back down, "Not bad, been stuck here lookin fer a monster," he says, rolling his eyes.

Master Sergeant Loriel kisses him back. "They're working out, I suppose. Is that spelunking equipment?"

Rookie Labhrs laughs quietly, "So ye said. Maybe I should jus' move ere, tha could probably solve a thing or two." she says with a smirk, leaning against him.

Master Sergeant Loriel is hit by the 4th wall for a few minutes.

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod chuckles, "Nah, then he'd have me searchin' around Kittania or some such," he muses. He glances down at her, namely her dress, then the snow around them and cocks an eyebrow, "Ye cold at all?"

Rookie Labhrs rolls her eyes playfully, "Well, naturally," she chuckles, rubbing her arms and looking at the scenery, "How could ye tell?"

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod removes his suit coat and drapes it over Lab's shoulders, "Oh, just call it a hunch," he says with a chuckle.

Guardian Colossus Korbel says, "Aye, for the most part. Got a few...unconventional items here. Oh, and I found that Iron Lobster from Hell or what ever it was Dan had me looking for."

Rookie Labhrs laughs, pulling the coat tightly around her. "Consider it called," she replies with a grin.

Guardian Colossus Korbel calls out to the Clan. "OUI! AiB! Gaggle around me fer a minute.

Master Sergeant Loriel returns from beyond the fourth wall and cuddles up against Kor. "Hope I'm not too cold," she whispers.

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod wraps his arms around Lab and turns her and himself to face Korbel. He makes a sound, reminescient of a goose honking and chuckles, "He did say gaggle, right?" he muses in Lab's ear.

Master Sergeant Loriel hears Korrin's honking and says, "Hey! That's not very funny; you know what he meant."

Rookie Labhrs shakes with silent laugher as she wraps an arm around Korrin's waist. "I head gaggle." she replies.

Rookie Labhrs frowns at a gremlin. Heard.

Guardian Colossus Korbel smiles at Lori. "Smart ass noises noted, and appreciated, Korrin. We shall be leaving shortly to go explore the insides of the Volcano that started this Island, that I so lovingly call Sheila. I

Mercenary Warrior Con shifts closer to the group

Guardian Colossus Korbel continues "Have some gear here fer y'all, take it and take five to hit Sheila's Shack and Eboy's to get anything else ye might need, then meet back here.

Guardian Colossus Korbel says, "I'll wait here for Cherriki."

Mercenary Warrior Con glances at Kor a little relieved "little Cher is comin' then?"

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod shrugs a bit, "Well, I'm all set on provisions, ye need anythin' Lab?" he asks.

Guardian Colossus Korbel says, "Aye, not that he has many memories."

Mercenary Warrior Con pauses, he? But sets off for equipment

Accomplice Teh Dave appears in a flash of one-shot smoke, then slips on an oil slick and lands face-first in a snowmound atop a pile of scrap. "owwwww..."

Mercenary Warrior Con kicks a gremlin

Rookie Labhrs shakes her head to Korrin. "Nah, got everythin' I needed down in Kitt."

Guardian Colossus Korbel offers Dave a hand up.

Guardian Colossus Korbel is hit with the fourth wall, as is Lori, since she is in his arms.

Accomplice Teh Dave takes the hand and uses the leverage to bounce over Korbel's head and out the gates. "Thanks!" The masonry kit hanging from his lab coat jingles.

Wailing Spirit Joseph Kemys pads in, dusting off a red hat before putting it back on his head. He waves silently.

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod nods and smiles, "Alright, gives us a few minutes to warm up," he says. He chuckles a bit, "So... Out o' curiousity, ye never did tell me exactly which house was yours," he says with a laugh.

Simply Shadows Cherriki Ten walks in behind Joseph, hiding behind Joseph shyly. He looks a little nervously around Joseph and waves tentatively.

Rookie Labhrs smirks, "Th' one that looks like it came straight from a Tolkien book." she grins, "actually, 's'called th' Root Palace."

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod blinks a few times, "That was your place?" he asks, rather surprised. It quickly turns to a beaming smile, "That's incredible lass."

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod glares at the gremlin that messed with his italics and shakes his head. He holds a pair of dice in his hand and starts shaking them. The gremlin promply makes itself scarce.

Mercenary Warrior Con trudges back from the shops

Wailing Spirit Joseph Kemys waves to Con.

Rookie Labhrs kisses him, smiling proudly as she pulls back, "Well, thank ye. Took one 'ell of a lot ta make it look habitable."

Mercenary Warrior Con nods to the two men who arrived in his absence

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod nods again, "I can only imagine," he replies. He starts chuckling, "Always wanted ta live in a castle," he muses to himself.

Guardian Colossus Korbel wakes up, then puts Lori on his back a la piggy back ride, since she is still comatose.

Simply Shadows Cherriki Ten swallows slowly and moves out from behind Joseph and looks around a little shyly.

Guardian Colossus Korbel says, "Hey Kemys. Cherriki, you remember me?"

Rookie Labhrs blushes, and chuckles softly, "Well, tha possibility isn' out yet," she says quietly, pulling the coat tighter around her.

Wailing Spirit Joseph Kemys waves slightly to Korbel, remaining silent.

Simply Shadows Cherriki Ten looks at Korbel and arches an eyebrow, "From your face, no." He looks up at Joseph and squeezes his hand reassuringly.

Mercenary Warrior Con returns him attention to the men "Cher?"

Wailing Spirit Joseph Kemys nods a bit to Con in affirmation, reaching for something inside his tunic.

Guardian Colossus Korbel says, "That blade ye carry. Do ye remember it? How ye made it?"

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod smiles and holds Lab a little tighter, he seems to radiate heat. Not much more than normal body temperature, but enough to be noticable.

Wailing Spirit Joseph Kemys withdraws a small blue item, and places one end up to his mouth. He plays the Nocturne of Shadow on the wooden ocarina, and smirks a bit as he replaces the item.

Rookie Labhrs blushes, "So ye dan't hate th' idea, then?" she asks with a small smile, enjoying the warmth of his body as she holds him back.

Simply Shadows Cherriki Ten looks down at the blade hooked to his bandolier before withdrawing it. He looks at the shimmering blade with appreciation. "I don't recall... Wait, I made this?"

Mercenary Warrior Con makes his way towards Cherri "what happen' ta you kid?"

Simply Shadows Cherriki Ten looks at Con, "I actually prefer to be called Rikki..."

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod chuckles a bit and kisses her, "Aye, I'm pretty good with the concept actually," he says. He starts to laugh, "Besides, I apparently come with a built-in space heater."

Mercenary Warrior Con 's brow furrows

Simply Shadows Cherriki Ten bites his lip and moves closer to Joseph reflexively, "I'm not exactly sure. I'm thinking the Drive maybe?"

Guardian Colossus Korbel says, "Aye. Ye and I can talk about that later."

Rookie Labhrs kisses him back, and grins, "Well, tha's something I could live with. Nat so much work fer me." she laughs softly, adding playfully, "An', of course, you bein' thare is always nice, too."

Mercenary Warrior Con frowns heavily and nods

Simply Shadows Cherriki Ten nods and blushes faintly. "I'm sorry. I am not trying to be rude..."

Guardian Colossus Korbel says, "Are we all ready?"

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod smiles, "Well alright then, we can get inta that later," he says. He glances back to Korbel, "So, when are we hittin' the ol' dusty trails chief?"

Wailing Spirit Joseph Kemys adjusts his hat, and shrugs to Korbel.

Guardian Colossus Korbel says, "As soon as we all are ready."

Mercenary Warrior Con shrugs and grunts in response "yer not"

Guardian Colossus Korbel says, "2 South of 404. Move out!"

Rookie Labhrs smiles, and walks off to the south with Korrin.

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod nods and picks Lab up, carefully wrapping his coat around her, "Alright, let's get on with it," he says. He stoops to pick up two of the packs of gear as he heads out, carrying Lab with him.

Simply Shadows Cherriki Ten nods gratefully to Con before taking Joseph's hand and walking out.

Guardian Colossus Korbel puffs in, carrying Lori on his back.

Rookie Labhrs peeks in.

Master Sergeant Loriel wakes up.

Guardian Colossus Korbel sets her down. "Hey, Love."

The snow on this section of the mountaintop is solid, unmoving, unmelting in the hot Jungle sun. The air is thin, with just a hint of CC404's rust and oil. The sky is clear.

Master Sergeant Loriel stumbles a bit and catches onto Kor for support. "Whoa. Hey, Kor. Was I out a long time?"

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod wanders in and sets his pack of gear down. He finds one of those old miner caps, complete with headlight and all, "Well, so long as we're bein' stereotypical an' all," he msues.

Wailing Spirit Joseph Kemys pads in, wondering if he brough the wrong shoes.

Simply Shadows Cherriki Ten walks in, holding Joseph's hand. He smiles up at him.

Guardian Colossus Korbel says, "Too long. But its good to have you back."

Rookie Labhrs laughs quietly at Korrin, and sits down in the snow. Strange place.

Wailing Spirit Joseph Kemys pats Cherri's head with his other hand, but his expression remains static.

Mercenary Warrior Con trudges down

Guardian Colossus Korbel pulls out a long iron spike and a rather large hammer. "Anyone see an opening?"

Master Sergeant Loriel smiles at Korbel, then looks around. Some dead trees around, some snow, and it's cold, but the air is still and the sun warm.

Rookie Labhrs sniffs the air, making a slight face. She picks up a handful of snow. No, that's a bad idea.

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod strolls over to Lab and sets the cap on her head, "Need a light?" he asks with a chuckle.

Rookie Labhrs blinks, and laughs, tossing the snow in no particular direction. She looks up at him, grinning, "Thank ye."

This part of the peak spirals up a rough path, around to the south side. Hidden in the drifts is the mouth of a cave, hardly more than a crack in the stone and ice.

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod nods and crouches down. He grabs a handful of snow and rolls it into a loose snowball, "An' what were ye plannin' ta do with that there?" he teases.

Guardian Colossus Korbel reaches over pats Korrin on the shoulder. "We are here fer a purpose. And not just to impress the ladies."

It would perhaps be inadvisable to throw or jostle other contestants on this ledge. It's a long way down, and the landing will not be gentle.

Rookie Labhrs sticks her tongue out. "Absolutely nothin'. Nothin' at all."

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod rolls his eyes and chuckles a bit as he stands. He offers a hand to Lab, "Always tryin' ta kill me fun," he mumbles to himself.

Guardian Colossus Korbel says, "Ye can have some fun inside the cave ifn ye want."

Wailing Spirit Joseph Kemys sits down cross-legged in the snow, patting his lap for Cherri.

Rookie Labhrs throws a look at Kor, and take Korrin's hand, brushing snow from her dress and Korrin's coat.

Guardian Colossus Korbel reaches a hand for Lori's hand. Simply Shadows Cherriki Ten smiles slightly and curls up in Joseph's lap, nuzzling his chin. "I'm a little nervous to go into the caves, love."

Master Sergeant Loriel takes Korbel's hand and leans a bit over the ledge for a look down.

The snow is very cold here. Perhaps, when considering shrinkage, it's best not to sit..?

Mercenary Warrior Con gives little Che-, uh Rikki a quick glance

Wailing Spirit Joseph Kemys pats his husband's head, before wrapping his arms aroun the man's shoulders, face static and silent all the same.

Master Sergeant Loriel shivers a bit, and says, "Well, should we move on then?"

Guardian Colossus Korbel says, "Come on, let go inside. Probably warmer anyhow."

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod grins and puts the snowball in his vest pocket and wraps his arm around Lab's waist. He picks up the pack of gear and slings it over his shoulder, "So... whereabouts is the welcome mat?"

Wailing Spirit Joseph Kemys doesn't have that in this form, though he hasn't said that aloud yet. So it generally shouldn't pose too much of a threat.

Guardian Colossus Korbel points toward the peak. "There, I think."

Guardian Colossus Korbel hefts his pack. "Shall we?"

Rookie Labhrs smirks, discreetly stowing a few handfuls of snow in the folds of the coat.

Mercenary Warrior Con 's eyes move towards where Kor points

Simply Shadows Cherriki Ten sighs softly before looking at Joseph. He kisses his cheek before uncurling and walking over to Kor to whisper something.

Master Sergeant Loriel shivers again. Cold cyborgs will run faster only to a point. "What are we waiting for, then? Let's go!"

Guardian Colossus Korbel pulls a cloak out from his pack, a rather fashionable one, and wraps Lori in it with his free hand.

The cave's mouth goes back, dark and narrow, then seems to widen further in.

Guardian Colossus Korbel begins heading toward the opening.

Guardian Colossus Korbel says, "Hmmm. Lori, could ye get a lantern outta my pack?"

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod nods and starts carefully making his way towards the entrance wary of ice. He notes he should've changed into his hiking boots before starting the climb.

Master Sergeant Loriel says, "Dark in here... Could I get a flashlight, Kor?""

Mercenary Warrior Con follows, eyes dropping back to Rikki as he goes

Wailing Spirit Joseph Kemys lays back in the snow, and sighs quietly, before rolling over to climb to his feet. He brushes the snow that's stuck to him off.

Simply Shadows Cherriki Ten walks back over to Joseph and offers him a hand off.

Master Sergeant Loriel glares at some the sound of some soft footsteps. Lag gremlins had better not follow her in. She pulls out a lantern from Kor's pack.

Wailing Spirit Joseph Kemys pats Cherri's head, ruffling his hair.

Simply Shadows Cherriki Ten offered too late it appears. He turns to his clan mates, "Sorry we must be off." He tugs Joseph away.

Master Sergeant Loriel flicks the lantern on.

Rookie Labhrs follows Korrin off, treading carefully down the slippery slope. Bare feet are not good for hiking.

Wailing Spirit Joseph Kemys waves bye to the people with his free hand as he's lead off. Silently.

Guardian Colossus Korbel says, "Thanks Lori."

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod reaches the entrance and takes a seat just inside. He reaches into his pack for his boots and quickly changes out of his dress shoes.

Master Sergeant Loriel nods, then turns and calls back, "Hey, slowpokes! Come on!"

Rookie Labhrs dashes into the mouth of the cave, rubbing her feet against the stone. Better. Sort of.

The cave has widened out to reveal a circular chamber, the stone the same gray color as outside. Little square niches have been carved into the walls; some are...filled.

Guardian Colossus Korbel takes the Lantern and walks a bit into the cave.

Guardian Colossus Korbel says, "Looks like others have been here before us."

Skulls, yellowed with time, fill these few. Markings are etched into the stone beneath each skull, words in a language none can read anymore.

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod reaches into his pack and finds a lantern. His fingertip sparks with a small flame and he lights it before standing, "What in the?"

Master Sergeant Loriel jumps a bit. "Ahh!"

Rookie Labhrs eyes the skulls, eyebrows raised. "Alrigh, nat goin' ta lie. Tha's feckin' creepy."

Mercenary Warrior Con follows in and looks over the skulls "odd"

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod also cocks an eyebrow, "Alas poor Yorick, I knew him Horatio," he muses.

At the far end of this circular chamber of the dead is another pathway, leading north into the dark.

Guardian Colossus Korbel says, "Easy, love. Dead cant hurt you. What made them Dead, however."

Second Lieutenant Alex MacMillan wanders over the mountain until her comes to the cave entrance. He calls down into it. "Clannies, you down there?"

Master Sergeant Loriel says, "Then, can we move on out of this... part of the cave?"

Mercenary Warrior Con trudged back to the gate and gives a slight half smile to Alex nodding to the depths "this way"

Master Sergeant Loriel shouts back, "Hey! Yeah, we're here... We're just insid; come on in!"

Guardian Colossus Korbel says, "Aye, lets."

Rookie Labhrs knew someone would say that. Knew it.

Master Sergeant Loriel pokes the typo gremlin.

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod strolls over to Lab and glances down at her feet, "We need ta invest in some sandals or somethin' for ye lass," he holds the lantern out and glances to Korbel, "So, which way chief?"

Guardian Colossus Korbel says, "Well, we cant pull out so soon, so we just thrust deeper into the darkness."

Rookie Labhrs grins sheepishly, "Ey, I never leave Kitt, an' ye dan't need the things down thare." she says defensively.

Second Lieutenant Alex MacMillan smiles to Con. "Thanks." He follows to the nod and the voices down to the rest of the clan. "Late, but I'm here."

Master Sergeant Loriel says, "Let's just get out of this room. (Hey, it's shaped like a room. Someone totally designed this place.)"

The depths lighten to reveal a short passageway dividing into three more passageways; forward, left, and right.

Rookie Labhrs will not laugh at that.

Guardian Colossus Korbel leads the way into the tunnel. "I say right. What about you?"

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod nods to Kor and looks back to Lab, Oh, I know, just for things like this, might be nice," he teases with a smile. He starts to move further into the dark, not really bothered by the skulls.

Master Sergeant Loriel says, "We should split up! It's totally asking for us to split up."

Second Lieutenant Alex MacMillan shrugs. "Seems unwise to me to split up, but either way works."

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod shoots a glance at Lori, "Now why would we go an' do such a thing?" he asks.

Guardian Colossus Korbel says, "I say we stick together."

Master Sergeant Loriel says, "Haha. You guys were just standing there, so I had to say something silly."

Rookie Labhrs blinks at Lori. "Sure. Let's do tha. S'lang as ye dan't mind losin' two or three clanmembars."

Master Sergeant Loriel says, "Great. So, which way?"

A soft rumble, steady and muted, can be heard from the right.

Mercenary Warrior Con waits for the verdict

Guardian Colossus Korbel says, "Ok, now I REALLY want to go right."

Second Lieutenant Alex MacMillan shrugs. "Right works for me."

Rookie Labhrs really does not want to go right, thankyouverymuch. But she probably will end up doing so anyway.

Guardian Colossus Korbel says, "Any objections?"

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod cocks an eyebrow and unslings his weapon from his hip, "Right, leave the skull room and head fer the rumblin', what're we waitin' fer?" he says with a chuckle.

Master Sergeant Loriel says, "Let's go right, then!" She pulls Korbel along to the right, knowing everyone else will follow because they don't want to split up.

Rookie Labhrs shrugs and follows. She's expecting a yeti or a rockslide. Let's see now.

Mercenary Warrior Con follows because it seems like the easiest choice

Second Lieutenant Alex MacMillan shrugs. "Could be a waterfall. They make that noise. Besides... best get it over with first eh?" He winks and follows Korbel and Loriel.

Guardian Colossus Korbel is tugged by Lori.

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod rolls his shoulder and catches up to Lab, hefting his weapon over his shoulder, "So, what d'ye think it is?"

The right path continues straight forward and forks to the right again. The rumbling can be heard straight ahead.

Guardian Colossus Korbel says, "Onward I say."

Guardian Colossus Korbel tugs Lori forward.

Rookie Labhrs grins back as him, her Prosthetic Leg slung over one shoulder. "Well, I was thinkin' Yeti or rockslide. But then Alex sugested waterfalls, an' I'm hopin' fer tha one."

Master Sergeant Loriel runs to keep pace with Kor's longer legs.

Second Lieutenant Alex MacMillan grins. "Hope for the best, eh?"

Guardian Colossus Korbel slows down a bit to accomodate Lori.

Rookie Labhrs grins, "Eh."

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod nods, "Aye, a waterfall would be nice... But considerin' the cold, not too likely methinks," he says, "Then again, common sense and logic aren't exactly in ready supply 'round here," he adds.

Guardian Colossus Korbel says, "Improbability."

Loriel and Korbel are the first to reach it, a waterfall plummeting down a large pit into the depths below. The light refracts and reflects down, a soft unearthly glow rising up.

Second Lieutenant Alex MacMillan grins. "Told you."

Master Sergeant Loriel nearly slips on the ledge, slick with droplets of water from the waterfall.

Guardian Colossus Korbel says, "Pretty. Not as pretty as Lori, but still."

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod shakes his head and chuckles, "This place loves provin' me wrong," he mumbles.

Master Sergeant Loriel shouts, "Ahh!" Apparently she's made it a goal to shout at each new event.

Guardian Colossus Korbel chuckles, having caught Lori.

The light here is now bright enough to reveal a large lantern hanging from the roof of this outcropping, smaller ones barely visible along the path just taken. The glass oil bowls are empty.

Master Sergeant Loriel steadies herself against Korbel, and blushes a bit. "Aw, thanks Korbel."

Guardian Colossus Korbel says, "A pleasure."

Master Sergeant Loriel takes some time to look around. "What's that, do you think?" she asks, pointing to the lantern.

Mercenary Warrior Con follows

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod returns his hammer to its holster with a relieved sigh. He puts an arm around Lab's shoulder, "Well, looks peaceful at least," he says, praying Murphy's Law doesn't strike.

Rookie Labhrs claps, "Well, huray, then." She grins, leaning on Korrin.

Master Sergeant Loriel hmmms. "Looks like a lantern.

Guardian Colossus Korbel says, "Something I cant reach, Love."

Master Sergeant Loriel says, "Should we light it?"

Master Sergeant Loriel says, "Well, if we can't reach it, then we can't light it... Wonder if there's some other way to light it. Or should we just move on?"

Guardian Colossus Korbel says, "If you want. Dont really need to."

Mercenary Warrior Con wonders who left the lanterns and thinks back to the skulls

Guardian Colossus Korbel says, "Lets keep going."

Master Sergeant Loriel stares at the lantern a moment longer, before looking around. "This is all beautiful and all, but shall we keep moving, then?"

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod nods in agreement, "Aye, so, back that way? Or is there a ledge ta walk about in here?" he asks, mostly directed at Korbel.

There is no ledge. Pretty as it is, this room is a dead end.

Guardian Colossus Korbel says, "I dont see a ledge. Lets go back."

Master Sergeant Loriel sees no other path. "Looks like we should head back, then..."

Master Sergeant Loriel slides her hand into Korbel's.

Rookie Labhrs looks about, awaiting further direction.

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod nods and turns back for the passage they just came down, "So, all the way back? Or to that last place it split to the right?"

Mercenary Warrior Con leans against one of the walls waiting

Guardian Colossus Korbel brings the hand up to his lips to kiss it as he heads back down the path.

Guardian Colossus Korbel says, "We will just take that last fork."

Master Sergeant Loriel says, "Seems like Con's gotten ahead of us. Shall we catch up?"

Mercenary Warrior Con looks at the group, he has?

Guardian Colossus Korbel says, "Aye."

Master Sergeant Loriel totally thought Con was waiting for them up by the fork for some reason.

Second Lieutenant Alex MacMillan raises an eyebrow at Lori. "Um, Con's right here." He gestures a paw to the man against the wall.

Mercenary Warrior Con smiles slightly, just waiting for direction

The last fork, now on your left, opens wide to a long, roughly rectangular chamber. Longer, wider, larger niches are carved into the walls, each one practically a small room.

Master Sergeant Loriel is back at the fork again. Turning left heads back to the main entrance...

Rookie Labhrs blinks, and looks over at the man. "Ah, las' I checked, tha was Con."

Master Sergeant Loriel errs. Looking left, she sees a rather different room than she expected.

Narrow stairs rise up at regular intervals to reach walkways to higher rooms. Empty oil lanterns are mounted on the walls between niches.

Master Sergeant Loriel says, "Um, should we turn left, then?"

Rookie Labhrs heads down the fork, holding her light in front of her. Huh. Cave rooms aren't usually shaped like that.

Master Sergeant Loriel tugs Korbel along to the left.

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod rests his hand on his holstered weapon, a bit uneasy, "So, how long have people been livi' o nthis island? And fer that matter, how'd ye find this place chief?"

Mercenary Warrior Con trails the group

Master Sergeant Loriel holds up her lantern to a niche. A large spider skitters away from the light. "Eww. Wonder what that feeds on."

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod glares at the gremlin that stole his 'n' and messed with his grammer. It dashes into one of the rooms.

Rookie Labhrs adds, "An', ah, why are we explorin' it...?"

Mercenary Warrior Con stiffens at the sight of the spiders

Second Lieutenant Alex MacMillan follows.

Master Sergeant Loriel starts to head up the stairs...

The lantern's light reveals the rotting remains of fabric. Some blanket left behind by a contestant or former inhabitant.

The stairs lead to walkways and more rooms, each as empty as the last.

Master Sergeant Loriel nudges the remains of the fabric, sending an improbably large dust cloud into the air. "Whoa!" she shouts (thus fulfilling yet another shout).

The fabric... well, to call it ooze would imply much more fluid behavior. It sticks and clings to her.

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod cocks an eyebrow and moves a little closer to Lab, his hand now wrapped around the haft of his hammer, "Well, note ta self, don't ask fer room service here," he muses.

Mercenary Warrior Con follows scanning the corners and shadows for more spiders

Master Sergeant Loriel says, "Eww! Ack, get off!"

Rookie Labhrs feels her throat tighten. This is probably going to be anticlimactic... but still, it's sort of scary. She hears Korrin, and grins, which is quickly wiped away upon seeing the scene.

Master Sergeant Loriel shakes her foot in an attempt to get the fabric to fall away.

The fabric is flung off, but her swinging light reveals a child's drawing on the wall, almost completely scrubbed off.

Guardian Colossus Korbel brushes it off of Loriel.

Master Sergeant Loriel uses her other foot on the fabric, standing on it, and holding her breath to keep from breathing in too much dust.

Guardian Colossus Korbel says, "I found out about this place via DICE. And why not explore it?"

Second Lieutenant Alex MacMillan examines the drawing, not bothered by spiders.

Master Sergeant Loriel looks at the wall, having seen something on it while swinging her lantern around.. "Hey guys, take a look at this."

Rookie Labhrs approaches the drawing. She's not going to touch it, but seriously, it looks like something that would be in a horror movie before a pair of creepy orphans appear.

The drawing is nothing special; the remains of a willful child's stick figure drawings of some imaginary adventure, scrubbed away by a no-nonsense parent who liked clean walls.

Master Sergeant Loriel says, "Well. That's... interesting. Never mind, then. Hey, what do you think all these empty rooms were for?"

Rookie Labhrs shrugs, "People?"

Second Lieutenant Alex MacMillan touches the wall, paw close to the drawing but not over it. "Interesting indeed. Obviously a child's... which is not something you see much of on the Island."

Master Sergeant Loriel rolls her eyes. "Yes, but, I meant why is this even here? Doesn't it seem strange? I've never heard about this place before..."

Rookie Labhrs smirks, "Aye. Wonder why tha is. I mean... if ye think about it... there really should be more."

Master Sergeant Loriel says, "Oh, and that too! Unless there was some weird reversed aging going on... Something's totally happened here before; don't you all want to find out what?"

Rookie Labhrs blinks, "Well, th' Island's so crammed with weird stuff tha most people must ha thought 'creepy cave, oh' an' moved on."

Second Lieutenant Alex MacMillan glances to Labhras. "There are various theories as to why there are almost no children born on the Island, including the Watcher giving us all drugs to make us infertile."

Master Sergeant Loriel says uncertainly, "I suppose so... Shall we keep taking the stairs up, then, and just ignore the empty rooms?"

Second Lieutenant Alex MacMillan shrugs. "I heard of a lady who is currently pregnant though, so it's not a perfect theory."

Rookie Labhrs 's brow furrows, "Aden't heard. Wow... tha's... rather harsh."

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod turns away from the drawing and rummages around in his pack until he finds another miner's cap. He sets down the lantern so as to have both hands free, "So, ye think people lived here beforehand?"

Rookie Labhrs sits down by Korrin, peering at the drawing. "Must ave. Can't see why children would ave come ere jus' to draw on th' walls an' leave ole blankets."

Master Sergeant Loriel says, "Well, it seems like there were people here... Doesn't really explain the skulls, though, does it? I'd not like to live in a place with skulls decorating the entrance..."

Rookie Labhrs looks up at Lori, "Could ave been some method of honoring th' dead, or scaring away enemies, what ave ye."

Second Lieutenant Alex MacMillan nods. "Some cultures have ancestor worship... could be some form of that."

Master Sergeant Loriel says, "Hmm. Actually, I dunno about you all, but I'm suddenly feeling really tired..." Rookie Labhrs tilts her head, "I wouldn't want ta fall asleep in a place like this if I were ye, Lor."

Master Sergeant Loriel says, "That's true... but you guys don't feel that? The air is really heavy for some reason and I can't keep my eyes open..."

Master Sergeant Loriel seems to be using a lame plot device, but then her motives are revealed as she pulls Korbel towards one of the rooms. "We'll just take this one." She shuts the door behind them.

Rookie Labhrs 's brow furrows. No, she's good.

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod cocks an eyebrow, "Y'know, I'm goin' ta have ta agree with Lab here Lori, this doesn't seem like a good place ta nod off."

Rookie Labhrs blinks. Oh. Um. Blush.

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod glares at the lag gremlin as it scurries away laughing.

Master Sergeant Loriel calls from inside the room. "Then you two can keep first watch together."

Second Lieutenant Alex MacMillan rolls his eyes a little bit.

Rookie Labhrs blinks around, "Hey, ye all want ta head back ta tha nice, loud, waterfall over yonder?" She gestures to the right.

Mercenary Warrior Con chuckles quietly

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod casts a glance over to Lab and grins, "Y'know, I wouldn't mind that at all Lass," he says. He hold his arm out to her.

Rookie Labhrs loops her arm around Korrin's, rolling her eyes a bit in the direction of the locked room. She grins at Korrin, "Shall we?"

Second Lieutenant Alex MacMillan shrugs. He glances to Con, unsure if the other couple wants their privacy as well.

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod nods and glances back to Alex and Con, "We'll uh, be back later lads. have ta go take another look at that waterfall," he says. He starts heading back down the stairs.

Rookie Labhrs isn't clear on that, herself. However, her invitation was open.

Mercenary Warrior Con looks at Alex "well, uh"

Rookie Labhrs is more clear on it now. Got it. She follows Korrin down the stairs to the right fork, nodding to Alex and Con.

Second Lieutenant Alex MacMillan shrugs to Con. "Or perhaps we're on watch, since they're running off the falls." He chuckles. "I wasn't aware this was a couples spelunking event," he says jokingly.

Mercenary Warrior Con nods "me neither, watch works. So how you been?" Con leaves off the kid, having noted the annoyance last time

Second Lieutenant Alex MacMillan smiles. "Pretty good. Got my house built... still needs decorating but feels good to own my own place. Your lovely wife did all the stonework, she's awesome."

Second Lieutenant Alex MacMillan watches a gremlin running off with his "to" from his earlier sentence. Running off TO the falls.

Mercenary Warrior Con smiles faintly "s'all she does of late, 'm sure she had fun"

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod sets down his pack as they reach the falls and takes a seat near the edge overlooking them. He sighs in relief, "Y'know, creepy paintin's and derelict rooms aside, this is pretty nice here."

Mercenary Warrior Con leans against the wall "so, havin fun?"

Second Lieutenant Alex MacMillan smiles. "Well please give her my thanks... haven't had a chance to thank her in person yet." He leans against a wall.

Second Lieutenant Alex MacMillan raises an eyebrow. "Fun? Today or in general?"

Mercenary Warrior Con says "will do" then shrugs "either"

Rookie Labhrs laughs quietly, dangling her feet into the water. "An' skulls, dan't ferget skulls. But aye, this room isn' so bad."

Second Lieutenant Alex MacMillan says "Well today, fun enough. This is rather a neat place. The... couples thing is a bit awkward, but... it happens. In general, yeah. Things have been pretty good lately."

Second Lieutenant Alex MacMillan says "Got my little house in progress, got a happy relationship, am DKing with steady progress. Things seem over all pretty good."

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod chuckles a bit, "Aye, the skulls were a bit off, but who am I to question the feng shui, eh?" he puts an arm around Lab's shoulder and leans his head against hers.

Mercenary Warrior Con nods "sounds good"

Second Lieutenant Alex MacMillan asks "How are things for you?"

Mercenary Warrior Con taps the heel his boot against the wall of the cave and glances above him at the ceiling

Rookie Labhrs grins over at him, "This is feng shui? Really?" she asks with a smirk, wrapping an arm around his back.

Mercenary Warrior Con returns his attention to Alex "uh, not bad, house, relationship, fighting and this is interesting" except the damn spiders, his eyes dart about again

Second Lieutenant Alex MacMillan notices Con's eyes darting about. "Don't care for spiders, eh?"

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod chuckles a bit, "Well, the skulls add a cetain macabre, gothic feel ta the room," he says with a chuckle, "That aside, I'm glad ye made it up here t'day Labhrás."

Mercenary Warrior Con stiffens and shifts awkwardly "no, nasty little buggers"

Second Lieutenant Alex MacMillan glances around, ears twitching as he takes in the sounds of the hallway. No skittering noises. "Don't hear or see any at the moment."

Rookie Labhrs laughs, "Well, aye, ye could argue tha. 'Least they're just skulls now. It'd be much creepier if they were heads or somethin'." she drops this, and smiles softly, "me too."

Mercenary Warrior Con nods slightly relieved "they're tiny, can squash em right? Shouldn't bug me"

Lieutenant Alex MacMillan shrugs. "Eh. They're kind of creepy, don't bother me so much but can see how they would."

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod reaches his other hand over and takes hold of Lab's. He turns to kiss her and pulls back after a moment, "So, since ye have a palace, that mean I have ta call ye 'm'lady' or some such?" he muses.

Rookie Labhrs blushes, kissing him back and pulling back to reply with a teasing air, "Oh, well, ordinarily, I'd say ye did, but... considering the circumstances, I'll make an exception."

Mercenary Warrior Con nods again

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod cocks an eyebrow and grins a bit, "Oh really? And what are these circumstances then, eh?"

Rookie Labhrs leans back, grinning teasingly, "Ah, but it'd be no fun if I told ye straight out."

Second Lieutenant Alex MacMillan takes a seat and settles into a comfortable silence, keeping watch with Con.

Mercenary Warrior Con watches as well, as usual he is out of things to say

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod chuckles at this, "Aye, yer right, it would be no fun, but it'd certainly be easier," he replies.

Rookie Labhrs rolls her eyes playfully, "Alrigh', so, no 'yer highness' business. An' if ye think back to our earlier conversation ye might pick up on why."

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod ponders for a moment and then it hits him, "Oh, right, I think I got ye now lass," he says, a sheepish grin on his face for being so dense.

Rookie Labhrs grins. Thank God. So many people never pick up on anything and then she has to explain it (which is awkward). She notices his grin, and leans forward to kiss him, "Great. Hoped ye would."

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod nods and nuzzles against her face a bit, "Just so long as I don't have ta live in the servant's quarters," he teases.

Rookie Labhrs laughs, "Dan't worry, I'll make sure ye get a good spot, aye?"

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod lets out a soft yawn and nods, "Alright, that works fer me," he says with a smile.

Rookie Labhrs wraps her arms around him, "Tired?"

Lieutenant Korrin McCleod grins sheepishly and nods, "Just a lil' bit, aye," he replies, his head hanging a bit heavier on her shoulder.

Lieutenant Alex MacMillan shifts, thinking. He ventures a "So, did you and Lemm meet on the Island?" attempting to make conversation.

Second Lieutenant Alex MacMillan gets no response. Seems Con has fallen asleep on the watch. He crosses his arms and relaxes, listening to the quiet sounds of the cave.

Everyone will feel vastly relieved, embarrassed, and possibly foolish come morning when they wake to realize that there are no skulls, there are no doors, and the spiders are smallish.

...In this room, at least. The entire network of caves seems silent, the only sound the distant waterfall, the high wind outside, and the soft slmmp of snow falling across the entrance.

Guardian Colossus Korbel Gets up in the middle of the night to check out something that has been bothering him since someone mentioned "skulls at the front door," or something to that effect.

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