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2010-09-25 19:33:05: The Once-Wiise Ashtu: : raises an eyebrow and asks "Anti-Watcher propaganda?"
2010-09-25 19:44:55: The Once-Wiise Ashtu: : reads the latest clan application and raises an eyebrow. Anti-Watcher propaganda? Wanted by Network toadies? Ashtu strongly suspects applicant Alaire Elie has been doing some research.
2010-09-25 19:56:21: The Once-Wiise Ashtu: : Signs off on Alaire Elie's application with a flourish. He'll need to keep an eye on this one.
2010-09-25 20:19:48: Alaire Elie: : shoves said papers behind his back. The edges peek out on either side of him. "What? Where did you- -OH!" His nervousness fades visibly. "You're on my side on your side, right?"
2010-09-25 20:23:11: Alaire Elie: : pads nervously in through the titanium doors, clutching his papers and violin case to his chest.
2010-09-25 20:27:50: Alaire Elie: :'s nervousness is visibly fading by the time he makes it to the residency halls. He peeks inside his room and stands there for a while, stone-still with pleasant shock.
2010-09-25 20:41:10: Alaire Elie: : isn't quite not-nervous yet enough to set his two meagre belongings down in his room. He explores the rest of the Towers first. "Ohhh. . . ." He could definitely get used to it here.
2010-09-25 23:05:45: Alaire Elie: : finds the dining hall. He stares. He looks at the waiting bots. He stares some more. His stomach growls.
2010-09-25 23:06:25: Alaire Elie: : can, from that point on, be found in the kitchen making an elaborate meal for himself. He is starving.
2010-09-26 13:57:35: The Once-Wiise Ashtu: : raise the other eyebrow and says, "Perhaps. . . . "
2010-09-26 19:25:12: Alaire Elie: : shuffles, squints, recognizes, and then melts with a sigh of relief. "Y-you're- -OH! I know who you are! I'm so sorry." He fumbles an awkward bow. "Been on edge, didn't realize."
2010-09-26 19:27:05: Alaire Elie: : clutches his papers to the front of his chest now. "I um, I um saw your Anarchy Annex!" He winces and lowers his voice. "Thanks for letting me in. Good to know there's someplace safer."
2010-09-26 19:27:40: Alaire Elie: She can't watch us there, right?
2010-09-26 21:16:02: The Once-Wiise Ashtu: : says, "Come by the Annex and we'll talk."
2010-09-26 21:25:04: Alaire Elie: : shuffles in, eyes scanning the room. He stares at the rookie for a while, nervously, before turning his attentions to the nearby signs.
2010-09-26 21:36:55: Alaire Elie: : shuffles over to the printing press, which he eyes with interest. Then to the bulletin board. His eyes shift over to the spiral staircase. He considers it.

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