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====All The World Is a song====1)

The city sleeps, at night the beat, is mellow, soft and cool,
The kind of song, that makes you want to club and dance a fool,
Or maybe your the kinda type that hears a different tune,
On a quiet night that makes starlight, a lovers perfect mood.

Step outside the City limit, and out into the woods,
Listen to the crickets chirp as dawn comes with the birds,
Quietly they start to sing the suns symphonic rise,
A growing beat, with morning heat That tells you you're alive.

Make your way back into town, and hear the day begin,
A hustling and bustling that makes you want to live,
The workers move the cars they Zoom, with a heavy constant bass,
And the sounds you hear, pick up pace, as they run their daily race.

From city scape to far away, a Field atop a cliff,
The music slows as twilight grows, and life begins to shift,
A time of peace, relaxing beats, as sun begins to fade,
A fitting song to move along the ending of the day.

From the mountains to the valleys, from the oceans to the plains,
Be it in the sun, The great snowstorm, or in the pouring rain,
Everywhere you want to go, there's music in the air,
For all the world's a song you see, If you listen for the beat.

1) A Poem Written by Theo/Teia, Concept Inspired by Zolotisty, And the actual Poem inspired by someone very special to me from Real Life, known as Ty
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