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Alt (Alternate Character)

A second character created by a contestant who is already a contestant on the Island. There are a lot1)2) of these 'alts' on the Island. To create an alt, one must create a double of his body3), then Control and Delete it to have the double added to the Island.4)5)6)7)8)9)10)11)

1) In fact, if there were an alt for every actual contestant, alts would make up exactly half of the Island's population.
2) Half? That number can't be right. Everyone knows alts make up only five percent of the population! Okay, six percent tops! Seven percent, and that's my final offer.
3) Another e-mail account.
4) Some people do this for the sole purpose of earning extra Donator Points, so this is technically a form of cheating, and is thus frowned upon by CavemanJoe.
5) Other people do it because it's fun, or because they can, or to create havok.
6) And of course, we can't discount pathological schizophrenia as a reason. Some people have more personalities than Sybil, like my ex-wife.
7) Holy crap! I hope my ex-wife isn't a contestant. That would really lead to some tense confrontations.
8) On the other hand, I could swat her with a sharpened stick in PvP rounds, and her lawyer wouldn't be able to say a darned thing.
9) I wonder if PvP rounds are exempt from that darned restraining order?
10) That settles it. Screw killing the Improbability Drive - I'm going to search this accursed Island for my ex-wife's character and I'm going to rough it up. And then I'll create an alt and do it again!
11) Oh look what you've done! You've gone and made CavemanJoe remove PvP from the Island! And all because you couldn't forgive and forget! Shame on you!
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