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Contestant file #123951

Arrival: 2112-FEB-15

Physical info

Sex: M {Altered, and electronically augmented body}
Human race: Caucasian, of British descent- London Area.
Age: 26
Birth date: 2092-APR-17
Height: 6'7" (200 cm)
Weight: 255 lbs (~116 kg)
Eye color: Cerulean Blue
Common race(s): Primary-???
Hair color: White

Identifying Traits

You're not quite sure what he is.
That charming way of talking, and a grin that brightens a room.
A patron of the alcoholic arts.
A pair of glasses perched on a sharpish nose.
A certain Charisma that's dangerous.

Improbability-gifted abilities

Developed several different improbable liquors, and marketed them through his drinking establishment, The Treehouse.
The odd habit of just being places, usually without warning.
Has developing Joker abilities, though uses them for little else than party tricks and debauchery.
You know.

Known Weapons
A Wootz Steel combat Baton, origin unknown.

Other Notes

Suffered severe injuries after a fire brought his home and bar, The Treehouse, to the ground. It's been rebuilt into something a little less... ostentatious.
Currently resides a kilometer north of Kittania, in his new home and bar, The Razed Oak.


Nothing of immediate interest, other than an interest in computer sciences, artificial intelligence, and bionics.
Held a M.eng in Computing in the field of Visual Computing and Robotics, awarded after he completed studies at Imperial College London (Graduation date unknown).
Had a stable family life, a good relationship with both his mother and father. Was dating Perenelle "Nellie" (redacted), with plans for engagement.
Worked for a small bionics firm, testing electronically augmented, 3D-printed prosthetic limbs.
"Recruited" for Network with little issue, minus some head trauma. Treated en-route.
Family, friends, and girlfriend administered Series VI amnestics. No attempts at contact.

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