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First Sight of the Island - The First Drive Kill


  • Name: Amaya Olivia Kincaid (middle and last name seems to have been forgotten due to amount of time spent around the Improbability)
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Eyes: Green (oval frame-less glasses)
  • Hair: Shoulder length brown hair; purple highlights in bangs
  • Sex: Female
  • Race: Caucasian Human

In a Nutshell

As a human, Amaya is usually standoffish around those she doesn't know (especially the more veteran contestants of the Island) but if she is in the presence of Rookies, she is far more welcoming. She still remembers her first arrival on this piece of rock, and how helpful it was to meet welcoming contestants, so she tries her best to do the same.Once used to being nothing more than another face in the crowd, the Island -and those she's close to- have helped her find her "self". The biggest contributing factor of this being her acceptance into a clan with the few she truly cares for. Amaya has grown into a fiercely loyal and protective friend, willing to do almost anything to help the ones she's grown to love.

Recent Developments

Could love actually have been found on the Island? After spending nearly a year amongst the bustling Outposts of Contestants and locals, Amaya had just come to accept the most affection she'd get was the twisted veriaty she recieved from her Joker friends, that is until she met her first Rookie. Wanting to continue the tradition she has started with her friends, Amaya took this Rookie under her wing sort of speak to show him the ropes, but as it turned out he would become far more than just her Rookie. She has recently learned why the man she's fallen for has gained the Island wide nickname of "Crazy Nutter", though she seems to still refuse to accept such a change could happen to a Vegitarian Hippie. The disproval of her friends is still lost on her, though this could be due to the fact her relationship has become a hush hush discusion around them for the time being.

Never really being one for confrontation, after a very heated fight broke out between two of her friends (unknowingly spurred by her own hand) Amaya has somehow started to find the courage to stand up for herself, though she is far more willing to stand up for her clanmates than for herself. She has yet to see either of them (well not since a tussle of her own with a certain redneck pirate), and is still unaware of the outcome of the battle, or if it is even over.


The following was found in a leather bound journal left on her bed in her clan house

I'm not sure why I am even writing this, but Mercury seemed quite persistent. I wanted to ask why she was so worried, but had a feeling it really wasn't something I wanted to know, at least at the moment. Maybe she is just worried I'll forget everyone when I get back home. Speaking of Maybes...For all I know it was about Maybe.I don't understand why Mercury is so worried about him. He's always seemed fine to me, even sweet. Was that what they were worried about? Were they thinking he was getting too attached? Oh, I don't think this was really what she had in mind. She told me to write down everything, so I guess the best way to do that is to start at the beginning. So, here it goes.

The Beginning

My start on the Island was just like everyone else's, yet it was completely different. I remember walking home from class one day and was stopped by what looked like a news crew -which was odd considering how boring my neighborhood was- and I made the mistake of talking to them. Next thing I knew I was boarding a plane, stripped of all my possessions (even my clothes!) then given the boot out of whatever it was they were flying. Apparently being a contestant on this Island is like jury duty, but even then if you refuse jury duty they just send you to the Island. My start of the Island was just like everyone's as in I entered NewHome with The Watcher butt ass naked, like all the Rookies, but I was at a severe disadvantage... I never actually watched the show.

I spend my first few days on the island practically hiding at the edge of the Jungle, you'd think I lived in the Hospital Tent, well that or the Failboat. I was probably at both just as often. It seemed liked forever until I was able to save enough reqs for clothes, but then again that could just be because I had my eye on this trench coat at Sheila's. Actually now that I think about it, I took me so long to get that coat that my "Dojo Master" had to hunt me down to test me. I guess it is how the network keep the show interesting. Well needless to say I failed, a lot. I was so caught up in getting that coat that I neglected the need for a weapon. That Master must have kicked my ass at least ten times! Finally, after what felt like months, and probably was, I had enough reqs in the bank for that trench coat, and turned out Sheila seemed to have taken pity on me and even lowered the price enough for me to get a sock of marbles as well!

Well needless to say it was that moment when things started to change! Right after I got the coat I remember I was hanging around NewHome, trying to mind my own business, when suddenly this woman had jumped up out of no where! At first I was pissed, but at least I was able to get some clothes before having to deal with any of the veteran players. I tried getting her to leave me alone by giving her the cold shoulder, but she was just so nice. Nothing like what I was expecting from a veteran player. In fact she even invited me to this place called the Common Grounds for a drink. At first I was wary, didn't want to seem like that gullible Rookie, but she seemed nice enough.Once we got there, the red headed woman introduced me to the bartender, a bar gremlin named Cookie. Oh! This was also when I learned that the red headed woman's name was "Cherriki Ten" or "Cherri" for short, which is what I've come to call her, but more on that later I guess.

We talked for what felt like hours, and she had no problem answering any of the questions I had been keeping locked away for fear of sounding like a complete Newb as the guy at registration called it. I still can't believe how nice she was! Suddenly this guy just appeared out of no where! It scared the hell out of me, but Cherri seemed more embarrassed than startled, as if she knew the guy. Sure enough he happily introduced himself as "Hal" and said that him and Cherri went way back. I want to say it was at this moment that I learned on the presence of Jokers, or maybe it was one of our later meetings as the Common Grounds became a meeting place for us, but I'm getting ahead of myself again. I think.

The first time I met with Hal and Cherri seemed to be the most memorable. I mean I know we all met multiple times, but it gets fuzzy on the details. Well anyway, that first night the three of us started drinking, and I had been so nervous of Hal that I forgot to introduce myself, I didn't even realize until he said something like: "Do you even have a name I can call you by? I'll just call you Vodka then!" I'm a big fan of vodka... I tried to apologize and introduce myself, but the nickname had already stuck, but I got him back! We had been talking about something, and he had made a comment -I was learning he was quite vain- about how he was "Lovely", and so was born the nickname "Mr. Lovely", and I'd love to use that one again, though I'm sure Merc would kill me, or worse...

I remember that the more I met with them, and the more I drank, I was starting to get a little too friendly with Hal, and it was then that I learned that he and Cherri had a past together. Yep, that made me feel like a real ass, but that wasn't even the worst part. This was actually when I learned about Jokers! I remember something was said, but not quite sure on the details,and Cherri had left me alone with Hal. I want to say she was hurt, which only managed to piss me off at Hal even more! That was when he told me that he was actually a she. A Joker had turned her into a guy, and she had yet to figure out how to get changed back. Something about how Joker magic or -what did she call it?- "Joker Improbability" or something didn't work against other Jokers work. That was the very first serious conversation I had had with Mercury, and what I had thought would be the last.

That had been the last I had seen of the two for months. In fact I had started to think they had forgotten about me, which wouldn't have been much of a surprise. The next time I saw them had been quite memorable, well for me at least. I remember meeting Cherri once again in the Common Grounds, trying to catch up with discussing months worth of details into a few sentences.I had been so distracted by Cherri, that the Frenchwoman who had shown up had gone completely unnoticed, that was until she spoke.

"I don't get a hello Vodka? I'm hurt!"

"Mr. Lovely?"

"Well, not a "Mr." anymore. Call me Mercury."

That had been the day I had learned Merc's real name, and well I guess form as well, but it was also when I learned that they hadn't forgotten me, and weren't planning on it. That was when it all changed for me.

Most Recent

I have seen and been able to hang out with Merc and Cherri on and off over the months, though by now I've gotten over my fear of losing them. I don't know when we had suddenly became friends, but I am grateful every damn time I see them. They are probably one of the main reasons living on this island is bearable. I have become a much better fighter than I was at the beginning, though I still don't really like having to fight, but at least it's helped me get back in shape! I've met numerous contestants, some nicer than others, but I guess you get that everywhere. Oh! Speaking of new people! I've finally found a Rookie of my own! I've kind of figured it was an unspoken claim that Merc and Cherri have on me as their Rookie, and even though I've yet to actually find the drive, I still don't consider myself a Rookie since I've been here for nearly six months, so why can't I have one?

His name is Maybe. Something about having hippie parents and the thought process of "Maybe it's boy, or Maybe it's a girl". The name stuck apparently, poor guy. I'd love to say that me helping him was purely out of trying to share the genuine kindness I had gotten my first time on the Island, but secretly there was an ulterior motive... He was actually kinda cute. Is that bad? Oddly enough it wasn't the black hair or blue eyes that got me (though those really did help). It was the moment he spoke. The guy is Irish! Yes I am just a sucker for accents, and Irish is definitely on the top of the list.

It was actually pretty funny how we met, almost as funny as how I met Merc and Cherri, I'm starting to detect a pattern here actually, but anyway! I had met this odd, terracotta Joker who was wearing a hat that ate fine china (Yes it is quite sad when this is normal!) The Joker who I started calling "Tops" since I didn't know his name. He had sat with me in Joe's diner and tried to get me to play cards, which of course I denied. Oh! forgot to add that, and I'm sure that is a big one to write down. Once I learned about Jokers, Mercury/Hal had given me a bit of advice (which was kind of an oxymoron now that I think about it) but anyway, she had told me: "Never trust a Joker, especially one trying to give you advice, and never ever play a game with one. If you ever see a Joker shuffle cards or roll a dice, just run." Maybe had walked in right at the guy's hat had eaten some teacups of turpentine (No lie!) and the poor guy freaked, and before I really had a chance to try to explain a terracotta Joker's hat eating fine china, this odd Mousemorph in a lab coat had walked in and instantly made a beeline to me and the Rookie.

He claimed to have these patches that would make everyone see you as a Kittymorph, but it was only for humans. I thought it could be fun and agreed to try it, and roped poor Maybe into it as well. Luckily the patches weren't too defective! Mine worked OK enough, but I apparently didn't have any ears or a tail, which I couldn't see anyway. Maybe got it a little worse. He got ears and a tail, but it looked like that patch didn't quite know the difference between the genders, making him appear quite feminine. The patches were able to give the appearance and feel of fur though, so that was cool.

I really wasn't expecting to see him again, but a couple days later I was in NewHome again with Merc and her new Rookie (I guess it's a new season or something) and Maybe came up to show me that he finally was able to invest in some clothes from Sheila. I wasn't sure why I had the idea to go to Common Grounds, for it had been a while since I had been there, (either alone or with company) but I suggested it anyway. For some reason I felt like I had to come full circle. I met my veteran players in the Common Grounds, so it only seemed fitting to bring the newest batch of Rookies there. Maybe I'm just oddly sentimental that way, and speaking of, that's not where this ends just yet! While at the Grounds, Merc was having a damn good time flirting with her new Rookie who apparently had been a cop back on the Mainland, when suddenly Georgia showed up. Oh yea! I forgot all about George! She is Merc's wife. Something about a really drunken night, but they seem to be trying to make it work, at least Merc seems happy. I like Georgia, though she does have one hell of an intimidation factor about her. So much so that Cherri, Maybe, and I bailed and headed to Cherri's camp. I guess that was the night that Maybe and I became... Well more than just friends I guess. I'm still not sure just what we are, but whatever it is, it's nice.

Oh! I almost forgot! Ok since I knew Mercury and Cherri I had always noticed the badges they seemed to have on them at all times. I had always been afraid to ask what they were for (in case it was one of those "If you watched the show you'd know" kind of things) but as it turns out, I didn't have to! I had found a building while I was in one of the Outposts and come to find out it had a listing of all the clans on the Island, and Merc's and Cherri's was on the list! I applied, hoping to surprise the two, but as it turned out nothing is secret on this Island for long. A few days later, out of the blue Cherri found me and told me Merc had been looking for me, and of course I thought I was in trouble (I usual seem to do that to myself a lot), but as it turned out it was just my interview for the clan. Was definitely not expecting it to be with Merc, though why I was surprised was beyond me.

At least the interview went well, and in no time it was time for the tour, and as much as I'd love to explain how amazing it was, talking about clan business is against the rules, even if I am writing this in the base. To my surprise though, my Rookie, Maybe, was also an applicant and had been accepted! A few days after the tour, I was exploring the clan myself (mainly the kitchen)and ran into Merc again, and while I was talking her ear off with questions, as if on cue, the clan Founder Adder Moray showed up. He was so quiet even Merc didn't hear him! At least now I know where she gets it! It was amazing being about to actually talk the the founder himself! I learned a lot that day, and hope I can meet him again sometime.

I can't explain how much it all meant to me, to be accepted into a home like Amity in Bedlam, and to be surrounded by my three closest friends, but with whatever level of joy I ever feel, I am always reminded of that much sorrow. I am almost ready to go after the Drive, and once I kill it I'll be able to go home! But I'll be leaving everything and everyone here behind, and that breaks my heart, but one day I hope...

The rest is too tear soaked and smeared to be legible

"Since I was a kitten." - The Second Drive Kill


  • Height: 5'4"
  • Eyes: Green (glasses are absent in this form)
  • Fur: Black with purple spots
  • Sex: Female
  • Race: Leopardmorph

In a Nutshell

As a kittymorph, Amaya is sporadic to say the least. Her attention span is near nonexistent, as are her senses of boundaries. She believes everyone she meets is a potential friend (even the not so kid ones, like an angry Midget mob!), and have absolutely no qualms with getting up close and personal just to make sure. This little kitty really has no understanding of anger or grudges, and so she could be upset one minute, and then try to share her treasured fish the next. Yes, food is an excellent motivator for this hyperactive kitty.

Recent Developments

After wondering around what she assumed was her home Outpost, she ran into an oddly familiar Foxsquirrelmorph, and only after a few minutes of play (or so it was in her mind)) the morph explained the truth behind the kittymorph, bringing her back to their clan house to reacquaint her with her old self. One by one she was reintroduced to her closest friends and clan mates, and although her love for her friends seemed to have been reawaken, any deeper love seems to still be dormant, but at least little is better than nothing. At least for now.

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