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Amerithe's memories from before the Island are spotty, she remembers things like feelings and ideas, but not where she was from, other than somewhere in the USA, or what she did, and only vague things about her family or friends. She's sometimes wonders if she was a stripper or something, due to her propensity to ditch her clothing for attention, but she's a little too moody to stand just anyone leering at her(She likes it when Alt does it).

She's very pleased to have found her beloved Alternatecash again, and married him here on the Island. She's lately been building on their house, just Northwest of Kittania. Beware the domestic!

Ame's a Joker now. Be warned.

She's 23, she's fairly sure, and as a human was 5'5", long-haired brunette, with brown eyes and glasses. She was rather heavy, but some of that left with her transformation to kittymorph, and it's stayed that way since. She remained the same height, no longer needing the glasses but has started wearing them again now that she can fix them, and has had green eyes since her first transformation to kittymorph. Her hair changed color to match her fur, which is brightly colored and in large patches. She has a white patch on her right cheek, where the pink shows through when she blushes, which is rather rare. Her fur is mostly a shorter length, except her plumed tail, which swishes compulsively when she's standing.

Ame was briefly a midget kittymorph. She was two feet tall. She prefers to forget that ever happened.

Although Ame's now a Joker, she still essentially looks she did as a Kittymorph, but her still green eyes glow faintly, just enough to be noticable in a darkened room. She's also taken to wearing a very small black top hat, with a calico patterned ribbon, tilted to one side. It doesn't appear to be attached to her in any way, and isn't big enough to stay put normally, but it never seems to be dislodged by her antics.

Ame's not fond of clothing much, and as a Kittymorph was usually wearing an oversized long sleeved white men's button front shirt, and no pants or undergarments of any sort. As a Joker she's still wearing the shirt, but it's fitted now, and unbuttoned just to the top of her new pointed black satin underbust corset, made for her by Snow Gray. Over this she's added a tailcoat, cream colored with orange lining and accents, also by Snow, and still no pants or panties. All of her clothing is exceptionally damage-resistant, fortunately. She's still wearing the black leather collar Neeip gave her, with the jingly bell he added to keep her from sneaking up on him accidentally. She's added a little red heart tag with 'AMERITHE' engraved on it, although where she got it from, she won't say. She flat out refuses to remove her wedding ring for ANY reason, it's a silvery color with 'ALTERNATECASH' engraved on it and a small translucent red stone embedded in the metal. Since Ame's transformation to Joker, the stone tends to glow, more so when Alt's near or when she's thinking of him. There's also a small ring, apparently of braided silver threads, on the second toe of her right foot. She's managed to pierce her ears again, 8 on each ear, evenly spaced up the edge, filled with little silver captive bead rings with red beads. The bottom right ring has a small enameled charm on it, with the clan crest for MAAT. Ame does have a few tattoos, but none are currently visible, with the fur and all.

Ame has recently acquired what appears to be a new white fly swatter with "EmoSwatter" written on it, although she's rarely seen carrying it.

She spends most of her free time either in the MAAT clan hall, reorganizing the library or hiding somewhere, or in the Common Grounds, in her armchair. She tends to pass out rather easily, and sometimes seems to be utterly distracted by something you can't see or hear. Her armchair is large enough to fit two comfortably, if they're ok with being close, or for her to curl up on one side, and has a huge beach umbrella welded to the back, big enough to keep the chair entirely in shade at all times. Lately the chair has acquired wheels, thanks to NotAgain, and has acquired a habit of rolling away to MAAT clan halls when Ame passes out for too long. It would seem the chair has pockets, from the way Ame hides things in the chair, but the openings are very hard to find.

Ame has a huge grey and black tabby cat, named Beastie, with previously patchy fur and awful-looking teeth, but since Ame became a Joker his fur has finally thickened in, and looks healthy. His teeth have also straightened out, and look a little larger, although she insists that part was his idea. He also has a piercing on his right ear near the bottom, with a tiny hoop and a charm shaped like a top hat in black. Despite the fact that it's metal, it doesn't jingle, allowing Beastie to remain stealthy, but now clearly marked as a Joker's cat. He tends to spend his days now lurking about the MAAT clan library, and possibly the alluded to underground portions even the normal members can't access. He has a habit of drooling when happy, which she hasn't managed to fix, and when he's asleep, hence the towel she normally keeps near her chair, and grabs when he decides to visit her in the Common Grounds. Originally Beastie was Alt's cat, be they didn't get along very well, and he seems to like her better, although he seems to tolerate Alt being close or physically affectionate with Ame, he never looks too happy about it.

Ame is capable of speaking the language known as Cat, and sometimes will. If you speak Cat, by all means Distract her and find out what she said.

Ame's now in possession of a rocket propelled chainsaw launcher, painted in her colors, with "`QTHIS `XEND `)RUINS `QYER `XDAY, `)INNIT!`~" still painted on the business end. It was a gift to her from Alt, and she's EXCEPTIONALLY proud of it, and him, although it's rather unwieldy and she often leaves it back at her room.

Most of the time Ame prefers a katana, which she also often leaves home, out of forgetfulness, and has been seen to use it as a walking stick(and once, as a midget, a pole vault).

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