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Amusing Games for the Very Strange


How to Amuse a Marly on Short Notice


An Account of Two Jokers, A Wall, and a Distinct Lack of Probability


<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly strides purposefuly into the Gardens, looking around. She sighs and climbs up onto the bar. "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN and those of dubious gender identity. We have a problem. You have a solution."

Rookie Camera keeps its eyestalk on Agelmar, but turns to take Walker and Kitten into the centerpoint of its crystalline eye.

<TAMED> Box-Kitty Jamesb smiles, and holds the cupcake out to the camera. "Hello, want some?" he says.

Rookie Camera does not react to Jamesb. Instead pivots to the bar, eyestalk swiveling around to keep all chances under observation.

<SAVOR> Amphibian Chinaski looks up at Marly.

<TAMED> Box-Kitty Jamesb prods the camera lightly. "Hello?" he says, in a friendly voice.

Rookie Camera quite suddenly isn't where it was just. . . now. . . wasn't it just. . nope. It's moved on to a bush, as its natural camouflage isn't developed enough, as it seems.

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly smiles kindly down at Chinaski. "Bless you, Milo, you will be the last to burn when I eventually get bored in a few minutes." She doesn't sound serious, but. . this is Marly.

<MAAT> Aspiring Artist Kitten looks up at Marly.

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten strolls in smiling brightly. "Good evening everyone."

Rookie Camera may be a bit simple, but Announced Boredom overproportionally often is followed by something TopTen worthy. Favor, it thinks, and zooms in.

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly says, loudly and clearly, as she paces atop the bar, "We have a crisis. I have run out of nice ideas. This means that I might have to start using the bad ones."

<SAVOR> None Other Than Agelmar growls at the suddenly-not-there camera, turning to the newl y arrived and hopefully where she appears to be Marly.

<GERM> Non-stick Spandex marches in holding her golf driver in two hands, and WHACKS the pinata, for a practice drive.

A spot of grass behind the Koi-less pond flattens itself out into a tee box. A large flag appears, peeking over the IC gate

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly looks down at the various ensembled contestants. "And that's not 'bad' as in not-that-fun. It will be fun. For me. It is bad as in not nice."

<GERM> Non-stick Spandex grins at Marly, "golf, lass? I play badly."

<GERM> Metallic g_rock Strides into the grounds, hitching his goofy pants up improbably high "Ah, it's a good day for a round, aye?"

<GERM> Wholesome calliaphone dances in after Spandex, waving her rifle in the air. "Wooo! alriiight! who's batting first?" then she spies the kissing booth. "oh, wait a sec." and she dashes off.

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten look at Marly thoughtfully.

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly shakes her head at Spandex. "Can't play without Skidge. Union rules."

<SAVOR> Lieutenant Richard Walker brushes off some Fourth Wall, and looks at Marly.

<SAVOR> None Other Than Agelmar grins at Marly. Good way of thinking.

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten is not having a good joker day. . .

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly spreads out her arms. "So, in the nature of Good Will and Self Preservation, lend me your ideas!"

<GERM> Non-stick Spandex licks her thumb and holds it out in front of her, testing conditions. "okay, the rules are NO RULES.'

<GERM> Wholesome calliaphone wanders back past Spandex and G, in something of a daze. She's a bit glazey-eyed and flush-cheeked, and isn't looking where she's going at all.

Rookie Camera sends out an Attracting Message. More Cameras are needed here!

<GERM> Metallic g_rock holds up a hand to Dex "Erm. . .No tackling, no head shoveling!" a surreptitious glance at Callia

<SAVOR> Amphibian Chinaski had loads of great ideas right up until she asked, really.

<SAVOR> Lieutenant Richard Walker waves to Cherri, Spandex, Callia, and other assorted people he may or may not know. His ideas are video game references, so he's not sure they'd be wanted.

<GERM> Metallic g_rock pauses to glance at Marly "Ideas for what, precisely?"

<GERM> Non-stick Spandex giggles, "I don't think she'd feel a shovel to the head at the moment."

<GERM> Wholesome calliaphone stumbles into the Koi Pond. "wauagh-glug"

<MAAT> Aspiring Artist Kitten sighs. Blaaaank.

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten waves to Walker before heading over to Nate. "How's it going?"

Rookie Camera is Disappointed.

TAMED> Box-Kitty Jamesb ends up near Marly. "Be funny?" he suggests, then scurries out. He's definately going to die for this one.

<SAVOR> Lieutenant Richard Walker thinks it would funny to "Take away someone's face. That doesn't mean taking away their senses, just making it look like they don't have a face."

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly shrugs. "Anything. Something to do. I'd rather not make everyone mispronounce common words as produce, and Piper doesn't like my mice idea." She's positively crushed by that.

<SAVOR> Amphibian Chinaski thinks. "Weird shit seems to happen when people eat food I make." ?

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten tilts her head at Marly. "What mice idea?"

<GERM> Non-stick Spandex pulls out her ZAP marked x. "okay, where's the tee, and. . . hole. . . and such golf-like stuff, G?" She turns in time to see callia dive into the pond "oooh his hole has a water hazard?

<GERM> Metallic g_rock reaches a hand into the pond, fishing for Callia. She grabs her collar and hauls her up "Scuba diving?"

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly leans down to smile at Walker. It's not a pleasant expression. "That's just the sort of thing I'm trying to avoid, Walker. We don't want me starting that sort of thing. I might not stop."

<GERM> Non-stick Spandex notes she is indeed missing a tee or two.

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly straightens up to shake her head at Cherri. "It's best not to dwell on what will never be."

<GERM> Metallic g_rock walks over and drops his G-marked improbability bomb next to the tee box "You've gotta get it past the pond, by the bar, and to the PSK roof. For a start."

<GERM> Wholesome calliaphone glugs and coughs out pondwater and a coupla fish. she sighs. "i can swim! you're not gonna add this to the last rescue bill are you?"

<SAVOR> None Other Than Agelmar sighs.

<MAAT> Aspiring Artist Kitten bites her lip. "Ah. Human candycanes. Feathers. Snowshoes that won't come off."

<SAVOR> Lieutenant Richard Walker does not think he has ever met Marly. He briefly wonders how she knows his name, but settles on that he doesn't particularly care. "Well, you could try to take on a theme, if you haven't yet."

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten inclines her head, though she looks a little disappointed, "Ah sorry to bring it up."

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten hmms. "How about a joker off, dear lady?"

Rookie Camera is very probably not the only one to watch while avoiding detection.

<SAVOR> Lieutenant Richard Walker uses as an example, "That lass Ferryn has bugs, I think some other chap I haven't met likes to play with ice." His are video game references. If he ever gets to use them.

<SAVOR> Amphibian Chinaski looks at Ag with mild concern.

Rookie Camera seems to be out of everyone's focus, and moves to hide a little better.

<GERM> Non-stick Spandex nodnods at G and then walks up and stands next to him, patiently waiting her turn. . . for now.

<GERM> Wholesome calliaphone drips off a bit, and then spies a Marly! she pounces, delivering a soggy surprise hug-and-release. "not golfing?" she whispers.

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly knows everyone. She hangs out in trees. "I don't have a theme, I have a talent. Themes are for performers, not Jokers," she snaps at Walker, then raises an eyebrow at Cherri. "Explain."

<GERM> Metallic g_rock sees Spandex stepping aside. He tees up his bomb, and picks up his cane. "Nah, Callia. that one's on the house." he SWINGs. . .and connects, the cane chiming a high b flat, and the bomb takes off!

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly gahs as she is hugged and released! "No golf, Union rules." There is no union, but Skidge would be heartbroken.

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten shrugs, "Well a battle of the punishments so to speak; see who can come up with the most interesting." She frowns, "Though I think I maybe in over my head, seeing asyou are more experienced

<GERM> Metallic g_rock watches his imp bomb skip across the pond, then stop. Right in the middle. Sitting atop the water. "Shoot! Gotta play it as it lies." he clears the box, and tries to figure out how to do that. . .

<SWEET> Transcendent Grand Lord Elevated Badass of the Gods Nathaniel has no theme. He does whatever is currently amusing to him.

<GERM> Wholesome calliaphone nods to Marly. "another time." she turns to the other golfers. "wait for meeeeee. where's the wicket?"

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten pauses. "Also, how did your bread turn out?"

Rookie Camera has a theme of Stalking Couples To Their "Somewhere Private"s.

<SAVOR> Lieutenant Richard Walker considers snapping in response, but decides he doesn't feel like arguing today. He just rolls his eyes, instead. Because that's smart to him, apparently.

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly snorts. "Don't call it punishments, it's penalties. And you never know, it's all chance. . ."She chews her lip. "Alright. But let's take it outside. AceHigh."

<SAVOR> Lieutenant Richard Walker 's theme is video game reference because video game references are always amusing to him. If he knows them.

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly adds, conversationally, "It was delicious. Tyr has pictures of it."

<SAVOR> None Other Than Agelmar turns to Milo, going over to sit with him.

<SAVOR> Amphibian Chinaski looks at the gate of Pleasantville whence he came. He's feeling pretty strong. He decides to walk to Ace High.

<SAVOR> Amphibian Chinaski puts an arm around Agel. "Meet you there?"

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten nods. "Sorry, penalties. And I bet it was delicious. . ." The thought of freshly baked bread makes her mouth water. She shakes her head and says, "I'll meet you there."

Rookie Camera notifies others of the vampile, and recieves a half-dozen of Under Watch Confirmed messages in response, with that certain annoyed undertone the more experienced Common Cameras are so fond of.

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly hops down off the bar and leaves the Gardens.

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten walks out the PV gate.


<SWEET> Transcendent Grand Lord Elevated Badass of the Gods Nathaniel sits on a bench, hands resting on top of his cane. It's quieted down her now.

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly paces the walls.

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten walks into Ace High. "Marly?"

<SWEET> Transcendent Grand Lord Elevated Badass of the Gods Nathaniel waves to Marly. "Morning Marly."

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly wanders right above Nathaniel. "If you're here to feed the pigeons, I'm afraid I'll be scaring them off."

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten ahs as she spies the woman and heads over to her. "Just as a final request, we are returned to our original states after the Joker off?"

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly looks down from her lofty perch. "Cherri-darling. Down there, or up here?"

<SWEET> Transcendent Grand Lord Elevated Badass of the Gods Nathaniel chuckles. "I've never really liked feeding the pigeons."

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly nods. "I don't force changes, the... unnatural ones fade. Some other limits. Lethality? Physical violence?"

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten climbs up to said lofty perch and sits. "Lets keep it all in good fun, eh?" She chews her lower lip, "Can't say I have ever seen a terribly violent penalty, except by Jess."

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly tilts her head. "What did she do."

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten looks a little disturbed, "Took one person's soul, another' eye, another's voice; she returned them all but still, it was rather frightening."

<SAVOR> Amphibian Chinaski is quiet and fairly far away, smoking his pipe. In leather jeans and a tight black tee shirt, he looks all kinds of gay and pretentious.

<SWEET> Transcendent Grand Lord Elevated Badass of the Gods Nathaniel leans back on his bench and looks up at the two Jokers.

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly tsks. "Alright, let's begin. Also, no pie."She stands in the middle of the wall, turns her back. "Ten paces, then start. Nathan, can you count for us?"

<SWEET> Transcendent Grand Lord Elevated Badass of the Gods Nathaniel nods. "Alright."

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten blinks at the pie comment before turning her back on Marly. She waits for Nate.

<SAVOR> None Other Than Agelmar hurdles over the wall, dropping to the parapet. He leaps from there to the ground below, rolling as he hits the ground.

<SWEET> Transcendent Grand Lord Elevated Badass of the Gods Nathaniel stands from his bench and turns around to face the jokers.

<DICE> Carpen Tyr perches on the edge of the wall. He has popcorn.

<SWEET> Transcendent Grand Lord Elevated Badass of the Gods Nathaniel begins counting. "One, two, three. . ."

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly paces. Clop clop clop.

<SWEET> Transcendent Grand Lord Elevated Badass of the Gods Nathaniel says, "Four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. . ."

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten walks forward, hands held down by her hips , three fingers curled inward, an imitation gun.

<SWEET> Transcendent Grand Lord Elevated Badass of the Gods Nathaniel calls "Ten!"

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly turns and whips out an origami star. It flies, swirling and unfolding to explode in a burst of light, heat, and. . . confetti?

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten turns and bang bangs her finger guns causing brightly coloured fireworks to erupt from her fingers. She shakes her hand a little and sucks on her middle finger. "Will have to work on that."

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly ducks the fireworks easily. It's not a very great height, she's shrunk a bit since before, well. . . She digs in her pocket and finds. . . lint? Well, that can work. . . She grins.

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly flicks the lint toward Cherriki. Her clothes should start clinging together soon, with static.

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten looks at Marly warily. She does not like that look. . . She grabs her 'cane' and holds it out defensively like a sword.

<SWEET> Transcendent Grand Lord Elevated Badass of the Gods Nathaniel reinforces the walls. It's seems like the responsible thing to do right now.

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten acks as sparks from static begin crackling across her dress.

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly waits politely for Cherriki's next trick, confetti still wafting down gently and settling in their hair.

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten lets the sheath fall off the sword and a rainbow shimmer dances down the blade to the tip. She sends the burst of rainbow flying from the tip, hoping the circle of bright colours will capture Mar.

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten slips the sword back in the sheath, making it obvious that she intended no threat there.

<SAVOR> None Other Than Agelmar looks about, wondering where Milo had gone.

<LOA> Contender Ari sidles in the gates

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly laughs and gestures. The circle of colors hits her, refractures and bounces away. It plays briefly in her light hair, then is lost in the day's bright light. "What next, Cherriki dear?"

<SAVOR> Amphibian Chinaski is smoking his pipe a few yards off and looking like a yuppy, as described above.

<SWEET> Transcendent Grand Lord Elevated Badass of the Gods Nathaniel hmms. You could really get something going with a couple more Jokers.

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly 's smile takes on a delighted, slightly demented edge. "Very nice, very pretty, but light is light. But this. . ." She gestures, as if closing a box. "I have a weakness for mimes in boxes. . ."

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten blinks at Marly. She points her hand at her and makes a bang gesture, sending a yellow light at Marly. It suddenly bursts into a cloud of marshmallows.

<SAVOR> None Other Than Agelmar spots Milo, grins, and heads over to him, a determined look on his face.

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly laughs as the marshmallows bounce off an invisible wall two feet in front of Cheriki.

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten 's eyes widen as she seems to touch an invisible wall. "Oh dear."

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten 's box is suddenly filled with marshmallows. She picks one up and pops it into her mouth. "Mmm"

<DICE> Carpen Tyr looks on sadly. Poor marshmallows. So young. So innocent. So fluffy.

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten grins at Marly. "I quite like cartoons myself."

<SAVOR> Amphibian Chinaski whispers to Agelmar, "They're so girly about it."

<LOA> Contender Ari waves to Tyr, remembering marshmallows. . .

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly smiles. "I'm sure you do. How's about this, since you in a box is no fun?" She turns to stand in proflile, aims a finger at Cherri, and whispers, "bang." The marshmallows tumble and fall.

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly 's box is gone.

<SAVOR> None Other Than Agelmar giggles, slipping an arm around Milo's waist. He steps over to stand beside Milo, to watch the mock fight or whatever.

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly straightens to face Cherri, smile replaced with a patient expression.

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten grins at Marly. "Thanks. Appreciate that." She grins, her eyes flashing slightly and a mini storm cloud appears over Marly's head and starts raining on her.

<LOA> Contender Ari cheers for Cherri with a grin

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten 's eyes flash and the water changes to chocolate chips

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten grins down at Ari.

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly looks up, and sighs. "Ah, Shreiky." She hums to herself, then waves a hand at the cloud like it was a pest. It floats away, hovering over Milo. She looks at Cherri and considers.

<SAVOR> None Other Than Agelmar thinks that there's alot of nonlethal, non-superviolent ways to do this. He shouts Rubber bones! at the contenders with his mind, something off the top of his head.

<NBLUE> The cat who ate Macaw ploamphed blinks at the morning sun. It is still too early in the day. He curls up again and goes back to sleep.

<SAVOR> Amphibian Chinaski lifts his (brand new!) pipe to Agel's lips. The pipe, being made by a very unstable and inexperienced joker, causes its contents to be extra fun. . .

<DICE> Carpen Tyr waves back, then frowns. Eugh. Wet wool.

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly 's expression slowly grows into an enlightened grin. "I know what to do. . ." She gestures again, this time at her face. Cherriki's grin should soon be suddenly, painfully fixed.

<SAVOR> Amphibian Chinaski looks up and gets a chocolate chip in the eye. He steps aside, hoping the cloud won't move.

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly 's new best friend Mr. Cloudy follows Milo. Girly, huh? Take that! I'd hit you with my Prada purse, but My nail just broke!

<SAVOR> None Other Than Agelmar holds the pipe steady with his paw not around Milo, taking a slow pull from it.

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten pokes her cheeks as her grin widens in to one that could rival the Cheshire cat's. "This is veery uncomfor'able."

<NBLUE> The cat who ate Macaw ploamphed hisses angrily at the Jokers' play. He decides to relocate himself to his clanhall, lest he too be covered in chocolate chips.

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten 's eyes flash and Marly is suddenly dressed in a white shirt and red coveralls with a red hat. She should only be able to talk in a phony italian accent.

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly nods. "Welcome to Customer Service. Do you want fries with that?" she says, fast and in a voice somehow filled with radio static.

<LOA> Contender Ari wonders if the chocolate chips are any good, she slips over to the cloud and holds Teh out to catch them

<SWEET> Transcendent Grand Lord Elevated Badass of the Gods Nathaniel hmms and leans against a wall with a wave to Tyr.

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten is tempted to give everyone graham crackers as well so they can have smores.

<SAVOR> Amphibian Chinaski pulls his kevlar-armoured black leather jacket out of his bag and holds it over his head. Chocolate chips start to melt on it, because it is blessed by the Watcher and tends to heat up.

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten laughs.

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly scowls, looking down at herself. "Cherri-darling, that is so last season. But, since you've done it. . ." White shirt means fireballs. One very large and Improbably Burny one bounces at Cherri.

<DICE> Carpen Tyr oonches across the wall over to where Nathan is and offers him the popcorn. Not that this "battle" is lacking in snacks.

<SWEET> Transcendent Grand Lord Elevated Badass of the Gods Nathaniel grins and takes a handful of popcorn. "Thanks."

<SAVOR> Amphibian Chinaski lagged. That happened before the cloud left, obviously. He lays the chocolatey jacket down, figuring it'll be easier to clean once the fondu hardens.

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten yelps and ducks, the fireball bouncing over her. She takes the opportunity to stick a marshmallow on a stick and put it up into the fireball. She pouts as it is incinerated.

<SAVOR> Amphibian Chinaski can't read! ignore that. Sorry.

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten is wondering if the fire made up for Marly's turn.

<LOA> Contender Ari slides along the wall so she is standing with other spectators, she grins and waves to Nathan

<SWEET> Transcendent Grand Lord Elevated Badass of the Gods Nathaniel waves to Ari.

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly 's fireball is followed up by a very large egg, thrown across the wall at her.

<SWEET> Transcendent Grand Lord Elevated Badass of the Gods Nathaniel pops a bit of popcorn into his mouth. "If you had a bunch of these going at once. That would be an incredible show."

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten is hit in the head and groans. But what's this; Yoshi hatches out of it! Cherri jumps on Yoshi and charges Marly before swallowing her and squeezing her out in egg form.(Like in Super Smash bros.)

<LOA> Contender Ari grins Joker Games

<SAVOR> Amphibian Chinaski throws a handful of chocolate chips at Nathaniel.

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten amends that it is Yoshi who swallows Marly, not Cherri.

<SWEET> Transcendent Grand Lord Elevated Badass of the Gods Nathaniel flicks his wrist and pulls the chocolate chips into a tight spiral in the air, then cracks them like a whip.

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten sucks at backpedaling

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly 's sigh is heard from inside the egg just before it cracks. She stands, flicks a piece of shell off her horns, and glares at Cherriki and Yoshi. A gesture and the suit is gone.

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly glares at Yoshi. Yoshi, who is suddenly nothing more than a fossil.

<SAVOR> None Other Than Agelmar kicks out of the Chemical no.4, a smelly, sticky goo. It evaporates on him while he looks around, still holding the pipe and muttering something about a pan-grilled filleted steak. He rubs his tummy.

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten squeaks as the fossilized Yoshi crumbles and sends her sprawling to the ground. "Sorry, got carried away there."

<DICE> Carpen Tyr peers down at Nathan. "Oh, yes. And when a ducked fireball hits someone else's stampeding unicorns, we all have a barbeque? No thank you."

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly looks at her silently for a moment. Her head tilts, and she paces in a slow circle around the woman. Dinosaur remains crunch under her hoof. "So I gathered," she finally says.

<SWEET> Transcendent Grand Lord Elevated Badass of the Gods Nathaniel grins at Tyr. "I said it would be a great show, never said it was a great idea."

<LOA> Contender Ari thinks it'd be neat, maybe tournament style, somewhere isolated, but then she isn't a joker and doesn't know much about it, she grins at the thought anyway

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten is quite suddenly feeling very very small.

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly draws to a halt, back to the woman. "Your turn." She smiles softly, unseen.

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten stands slowly and looks at Marly's back for a moment in contemplation.

<SAVOR> None Other Than Agelmar takes another pull from Milo's pipe, inhaling slowly.

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten holds up three fingers and small pale white spheres appear, the grow larger, into Boos and start creeping up on Marly.

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly does not stand completely still, as normal. She shifts from hoof to hoof, fingers twitching in eager anticipation.

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly listens carefully and rolls her eyes. She turns around and her fingers form a rectangle, thumbs parallel to the ground. Her right index twitches, and there is a flash from her hands. The Boos vanish.

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten makes a face. Not good; she is starting to run out of ideas.

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly drops her hands. "Really, enough with these ancient video games. Do you spend all your time with Mr. Stern? His tea is nice, but honestly?" She digs in her pockets again.

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten chews on her lip again. "Your turn miss Marly."

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten nods. "As a matter of fact. . ."

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly pulls out an object, looks at it, and palms it quietly. Her other hand takes up a search. Ah. Here we go.

<SAVOR> Amphibian Chinaski looks up at Ag and takes the pipe back. Milo is unaffected by his own powers, and doesn't know how they effect others, but Agel might be on a pretty interesting journey about now.

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly pulls out a pen, deftly flicks the cap off, and starts making marks in the air. Cherriki's clothes now have arrows and lines and commentary on them, altering them as Marly sees fit.

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten blinks down at herself. Wha-?

<SAVOR> None Other Than Agelmar giggles softly, leaning heavily on Milo. "Shit, what is that, luv?"

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly 's comments are mostly things her mother would say. Spaghetti is for dinner, not for straps! and Who wears a men's hat with something so delicate! and A longer skirt flows!

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly keeps marking, her arrows turning and rotating the dress. . .and the person wearing it. The critique contines, although Marly is silent. Grinning.

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten folds her arms over her chest and glare at the words. "What is wrong with my hat!"

<SAVOR> Amphibian Chinaski says, "Weed. Same stash as always. Y'all right?"

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten glares at the pen and it slowly begins to elongate, scales popping up along it. She wonders how Marly feels about snakes.

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly 's comment on the hat shimmers and a smaller script reads beneath it, nothing, just not with that outfit. Marly makes a little sketch in the air. She should be sitting to show off that outfit!

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten is starting to flush slightly.

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly looks at the snake with a smile and sets it down on the wall. "Go find me an apple."

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten points out that the snake is not poisonous.

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten frowns as the snake slithers off to do Marly's bidding.

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly smiles at Cherri, slipping the object in her hand to her pocket. "Cherri-darling, perhaps I should have mentioned, before we started. . ."

<SAVOR> None Other Than Agelmar coughs a little, then falls back onto the connection gremlin sticking wires in his bum,

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten looks at Marly curiously. "Yes?"

<SWEET> Transcendent Grand Lord Elevated Badass of the Gods Nathaniel leans against the wall and sighs.

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly pauses, digging once more into her pocket. She tilts her heard. How did that get in there? She sighs and takes out a golf ball. "I didn't even know I had one of these..."

<SAVOR> Amphibian Chinaski stomps the gremlins and pats Agelmar's bum. "Poor thing's taking a lot of abuse these days." He smirks.

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten arches an eyebrow at the woman. "What are. . .can you do with that?"

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly smiles and looks up from the golf ball at her. "Oh, never mind, I'll tell you when this is over." She tosses the ball at her. It bounces once off the floor. . .

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly 's little golfball goes sailing over Cherriki's head.

<SAVOR> None Other Than Agelmar giggles, getting to his feet, a little more clumsy than usual. He turns and gives Milo a slightly sloppy kiss, throwing his arms around him.

<SWEET> Transcendent Grand Lord Elevated Badass of the Gods Nathaniel watches the golf ball.

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten catches the golf ball and peers at it curiously.

<SAVOR> Amphibian Chinaski says "Oh," and slips his arms around Agel. He quickly finds himself supporting much of the kat's weight. He watches the jokers past his shoulder.

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten 's fingers graze the golf ball as she misses it.

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten nudges aside a lag gremlin. She didn't catch it. . .

<LOA> Contender Ari is popping in out out of Commons and Ace High

<DICE> Carpen Tyr frowns. "Down in front!" he hisses.

<SAVOR> Amphibian Chinaski and Agel are waaaay back from the battle.

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly rushes forward as Cherri is distracted, finger extended. She swings, the tip of her finger making a line in the air upwards, in about the same spot as her spine.

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly stops her rush just out of arm's reach, expectant. Cheriki's spine should be straightening and stiffening, her wings becoming pages from a book.

<SAVOR> None Other Than Agelmar purrs deeply on Milo. "I love you, man."

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten 's spine so that she stands rigidly, her rising straight out from her back and flopping over like the pages of a book.

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten tries to nudge a word thief away but she can't move.

<SAVOR> Amphibian Chinaski smiles and meets Agel's eyes. "I love you." He guides Ag to sit next to him on the curb before he falls. He's obviously wasted or something.

<SAVOR> None Other Than Agelmar is having what he would call a bad high. Last time it happened he stripped naked and ran through the forest thinking he was a fairy. Cast loads of spells on trees.

<SAVOR> Amphibian Chinaski tosses a gremlin with a patter in its fur resembling a hastily scrawled "wings" toward Cherri.

<SWEET> Transcendent Grand Lord Elevated Badass of the Gods Nathaniel tosses one with the word straightens on it as well.

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten looks at Marly. "I think I need to concede defeat here."

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly leans forward, seeming to consider something. "Game over,"she whispers. "I can't do anything with a golf ball, except spoil a walk. And I meant to tell you. . ."

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten appreciates the help.

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly smiles a bit apologetically, "My talent lies in the nature of an object. You kept throwing things at me, and all I had to do was remind it what it was. Giving me ammunition, even."

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten listens to Marly.

<SAVOR> Amphibian Chinaski applauds, not noticing Agel's change of mood.

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten laughs. "I should have figured that out. It was fun; thank you for playing with me."

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly helps Cherri to her feet, then turns to Milo and Nathaniel sharply, leaning over the wall to glare at them. "YOU do not interfere with a game! STOP THROWING GREMLINS AT US."

<LOA> Contender Ari claps

<SWEET> Transcendent Grand Lord Elevated Badass of the Gods Nathaniel tips his hat apologetically. "Sorry, but they were vandalizing a book."

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten takes Marly's hand and stands. She grins at the woman. "Shall we take a bow for our audience?"

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly lets out a sharp sigh, fluffles her hair once, then nods a friendly pleasantry to Cherri. "I had fun, thank you."

<SAVOR> None Other Than Agelmar cuddles with Milo's side, arms wrapped around his legs.

<SAVOR> Amphibian Chinaski blinks. "It stole something from her. I was giving it back." When he thinks of it, it doesn't make any sense.

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly gestures agreement. "As you wish." She's smiling, but her hand instantly goes back to her pocket with the object.

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten smiles and nods back. "As did I."

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten grins and bows to their audience.

<SWEET> Transcendent Grand Lord Elevated Badass of the Gods Nathaniel claps politely. He definitely wants to do one of these someday.

<DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly bows to the audience, bows to Cherri, then clambers down from the wall. She heads into the Clan District, her fingers turning something over as she frowns at it.

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten frowns. "Now to get down."

<AIB> Shadow Mistress Cherriki Ten waves to Marly before slowly climbing down.

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