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An Admiral Vacation

The Common Ground

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly is behind Gen, leaning forward. "Trade hats with me," she whispers.

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve looks at Marly "Erm. . . which one?" she asks.

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly whispers, "The piratey one. I'll lend you my cloche and my trenchcoat, you can be a nineteen-thirties dame, how about it, toots?"

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve takes out her black tricorn with the large red ostrich feather, and her tiny, tiny gummy crown.

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly slips out of her tan trenchcoat and brown cloche, smoothing out the small feather tucked into the band, and exchanges it for the tricorn. "Keep the crown."

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve ponders the trade "d'yee have one o'them long fancy cigarette holdars?"

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly shakes her head. "There's one in the Wings, though, if you can find it." In the Bingo hall. "You don't really need it, just a pocketbook and a hankie, perhaps a small peashooter."

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve frowns at her current kittymorpic state "Whar'm I gain' t'get that, doll?

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly adjusts her "new" hat. "You're a liberated woman, Gen, the bustle is history. Go liberate someone else of theirs."

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve is trying. She puts the cloche over her head, silently thanking her flat ears. She throws on the trench coat and poses "Ain't I th' bees knees?" she asks

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve grins widely at Marly "Awright, tha's sommat I'm gaed at fer sure. Now fer some moonshine an' dancin'"

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve isn't the best at being a nineteen thirties dame, but she's trying.

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly snorts. "Thirties, not twenties. And yes, my dear distressed pulp-fiction dame, you're the elephant's instep."

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve shrugs "History ain't me strong suit. I'm satisfied with bein' th' elephants instep, then." she stretches "Well. Dan't damage that hat then, aye? S'me fav'rite hat!"

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly doffs it in an elegant bow. "I wouldn't dream of it." She settles it carefully on her head. "I've a fondness for hats."

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve leans forward and whispers "Wha's the ninteen tharties dame's equivalent af bowin' eh?"

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly considers this. "Dabbing at your teary eyes and saying 'thank you, thank you so much. All my hopes. . .' then leaving the office with a teary smile."

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve rubs her neck "Wald a curtsy do? I dunnae know whar your office is."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly shakes her head. "Liberated woman," she reminds her. "Do you know how hard it is to curtsey in a trenchcoat and not look ridiculous?"

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve shrugs "How 'bout I just leave, then!" she walks out with a wave to all. Being liberated is fun!

Mister Rawr tips the coachman in Genevieve's direction as she departs.

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly waves at her, then turns to Rawr. "RAWR! Front an' center you overinspecting peacock! It's about time I put that shark eye an' friendly manner of yours to use."

Mister Rawr is not on his stool any longer but front and center in relation to Marly. He snaps to a somewhat-wobbly salute and grins madly. "Wha'c'n I do fer ya, ma'am?"

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly damps down her own grin. "Gather her crew up, will you, and inform them that they're to be on the Deck and read the news sometime soon. And I'll want your help with a bit of silliness."

Mister Rawr has no idea what that first bit is about, but silliness is always welcome. "Aye, ma'am!" he snaps off and breaks the salute. Then he looks about, a bit embarrassed.

Mister Rawr coughs and looks about before asking; "Err, beggin' yer pardon, ma'am, but e'zactly to which her were you referrin'?"

Mister Rawr is hit with a load of obvious. It's quite heavy and there's a lot of it. Takes him a bit to dig out, but eventually he makes it to the top. "Right! I'll get m'self right on it!"

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly smiles. "That's why I like you, Rawr. We're gonna get along marvelously, I think." They already do, but she doesn't look at that. That's cheating. "Now, I've got to do my first inspection."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly waves farewell and goes the opposite direction.


<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve walks in, humming something of her own invention. She flops down on a stool and orders a mojito.

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve says "Whar's the umbrella? All us liberated wommans need a little umbrella en our drinks!" the bar gremlin hurriedly sticks a little paper umbrella in the drink "Mach bettar" she says.

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve wiggles her toes amusedly. She doesn't do this often enough. She stirs the mojito, ice jingling merrily

<GERM> Kestrel mumbles something unintelligible as she wakes, possibly commenting on the hummed tune. The next thing she says is far more clear. "Blimey, how I miss caffeine. . ."

<GERM> Kestrel fumbles a little while locating a barstool, pauses to get a better idea of her surroundings, then sits down carefully there. "Right, ah. . . just bog standard oil will do fine, thanks, Cookie."

<GERM> Kestrel searches absently for a topic of coversation. "How's the Port Foley building work been going, Gen?"

<GERM> Lady Akitsu ambles on in, whistling a certain theme. Sounds sorta British, really. . . something about a Doctor.

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve snorts and wakes up "Mnr wha? Port Foley's fine an' all. How long was I out?"

<GERM> Lady Akitsu giggles at Gen's awakening and curtsies politely. "Good Morning, your Majesty. Did you sleep well?"

<GERM> Kestrel smiles fully at her words. "I'm very glad to here that." To Gen, quietly, "Less than half an hour, maybe?

Mister Rawr teeter-totters into the Common Ground, looking officious and portly and maybe a bit drunken. There is a slight hint of rummishness about him. He glances about and his eyes settle upon. . . aha!

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve wiggles her toes again, purely for amusement "Yea! I'm liberated! So. . tha' means I sleep really well, an' all"

Mister Rawr teeter-totters up to where Akitsu and Genevieve are engrossed in conversation and coughs officiously whilst unrolling the scroll he's been carrying about.

Mister Rawr begins in a pinched, airy voice; "Might I be speakin' with one cut-throat courtesan, the Lady Akitsu?" His eyebrows wobble, either curiously or drunkenly. . . difficult to tell.

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve leans back and says "Looks like th' Pirate Queen'

<GERM> Kestrel gently but firmly prods a gremlin bar-wards, then pauses at the smell wafting into the Grounds. She takes a quick sniff of the mineral oil, then turns her head vaguely towards Rawr. "Hmm. . ."

<GERM> Lady Akitsu smiles, taking a seat next to her Queen. "I see. I wonder. . . Tell me, your Excellency, how did you come about with this new form? It's adorable."

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve coughs up a hair ball "Looks like th'pirate Queen es wantin' yer attention"

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve coughs and grumbles "Shuddup, Akitsu. I hate et."

<GERM> Lady Akitsu blinks, pricking up an ear at her name. She turns her head to stare curiously at the newcomer. "I beg your pardon? Yes, I am she. Is there something you seek?"

Mister Rawr stands there officiously and reads from his scroll; "By the order of Her Majesty, Queen of Pirates, you are hereby placed on notice to be on deck for a soon-to-be-announced event."

Mister Rawr continues after coughing studiously. "Keep yer eyes peeled fer a bit 'a news in th' forthcomin' future. Signed, Marly; Queen of the Pirates." He closes the scroll and studiously wanders off.

<TYPES> Citizen Malverius pads into the Commons, taking a moment to slip his jester's cap on. He heads over to the bar, not really paying attention to the place. He just wants to sit and relax for a bit.

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve stirs her mojito again and wiggles her toes some more, giggling slightly as she takes a sip of the drink.

<GERM> Lady Akitsu blinks. And blinks. And blinks again. Then watches the little man wander out. A moment of silence, and. . . "Wait, what? " She glances to Gen. "What the hell was that all about?"

<TYPES> Citizen Malverius thinks he heard some other name besides the Boss Lady's referred to as Queen of the Pirates. Ooh, he hopes whoever it is can run fairly fast when Gene finds out!

<TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee ambles into the grounds, balancing stick of a lollipop on his nose. He wobbles over to the bar desperately trying to keep the lolli balanced.

<GERM> Lady Akitsu spots a Mal! She beams and blows a kiss to him, accompanied by a saucy wink. Cheeky little vixen.

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve takes another large gulp of her mojito. She sighs contentedly, wiggles her toes at Akitsu and says "I'm a liberated woman!" she gestures to her cloche and trench coat

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve props her feet up on the bar, leans back in her chair, and beams "An' I'm an fackin' vacation!"

<GERM> Lady Akitsu arches a brow. "So you are. . . but does this mean you are no longer Queen? Because that somehow does not sit right with me."

<TYPES> Citizen Malverius takes a seat at the bar and stretches, picking up his cola as Cookie plops it down. It's good to be predictable. He looks around ad sees. . . "Boss? Is that you?"

Mister Rawr ambles back into the grounds, as if he really doesn't remember being there last. He looks about and . . . aha! The rotund little fellow stumps over to where Pace has seated himself and coughs.

<TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee tilts his head toward the conversation, sending the lolli flipping to the ground.

<TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee frowns at the loss of his lollipop and then turns to look at the cough. "Yes?"

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve wiggles her toes at Mal in greeting. Toe-wiggling is the most liberating thing ever. She says to Akitsu, with a dismissive wave "Its nat a parmenent thing, all vacations end."

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve adds "An' as liberated as women are, I'm gain' t'hit the glass ceilin' aventually."

<TYPES> Citizen Malverius rolls his eyes at the silly pretty kitty and goes back to boggling at the cutest Boss in the world. "You're out of uniform, aren't ya, Your Majesty?"

Mister Rawr waggles his eyebrows officiously and then refers to the half-open scroll in his stubby hands. "D'I have th'a pleasure 'o speakin' t'tha Gunner 'o tha good ship Jackalope,"

Mister Rawr coughs and goes on; "What goes by th'name 'o Pace?"

<TYPES> Citizen Malverius finally the word vacation filters through.

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve puts her hands behind her head and winks at Malverius "F'carse I am."

<TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee nods slowly, still half distracted by the loss of his lolli. "The one and only. What can I do for you mate?"

Mister Rawr stands there officiously and reads from his scroll; "By the order of Her Majesty, Queen of Pirates, you are hereby placed on notice to be on deck for a soon-to-be-announced event."

<GERM> Lady Akitsu arches a brow. "Curiouser and curiouser. . ."

Mister Rawr continues after coughing studiously. "Keep yer eyes peeled fer a bit 'a news in th' forthcomin' future. Signed, Marly; Queen of the Pirates." He closes the scroll and glances at Malverius.

Mister Rawr chuckles, "An that goes fer ye too, Bilge Rat!" With that he wanders out to continue his mission.

<TYPES> Citizen Malverius sets down his drink and looks at the tubby little official fellow, crossing his arms as he waits for his turn.

<TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee glances at Gen and then back to the messenger. He scratches the back of his neck a bit confused for a second and then grins brightly. "Alrighty. I'll keep my ears open for news then."

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve sips her mojito and pats her stomach, amused.

<TYPES> Citizen Malverius shakes his head and looks to the Boss. His Boss. "So what brought all this on, Boss?"

<GERM> Lady Akitsu frowns in thought, crossing her arms. She also manages to push up her cleavage to fantastic proportions, better than any push-up bra. "I wonder. . ."

<TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee lets this process for a second before darting over to Gen, lollipop actually forgotten now. "Mum!"

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve grins lopsidedly at Malverius "well, toots" she sips her Mojito "Marly an' I traded hats" she gestures to her cloche.

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve sips her Mojito at Pace. "Ahoy, lad."

<TYPES> Citizen Malverius says, "Who the hell is Marly, and what makes you think my loyalty is something you can trade off like a silly hat? He sounds a bit perturbed, which is reflected in his lashing tail."

<GERM> Lady Akitsu taps her chin in a finger, a ponderous expression on her face. "Mmn. . . Does this mean we should be there now, or when she calls us?"

<TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee bounces on the ball of his feet, in an excited if not nervous fashion. "There's a new captain? Am I allow to play with them?"

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve says very seriously "Th'Captain es still Jacques. Through an' through. Ev'ry one needs a vacation some time" she turns to Malverius "Yer loyalty as Bilge Rat shald be t'the crew."

<SUGAR> Treblesom Fable goes to flip another page and instead finds the yellowed paper coming free in her hand. She glowers at it, but ultimately turns it over and continues to read.

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve continues "I fully expect yer loyalties t'remain weth me. But also t'the crew. Jest because somewan else es wearin' the hat doesn't mean y'shaldn't listen. Crew es Crew."

<TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee grins sheepishly. "Slip of the tongue. . .but can I play with them? I can't do much gunning for you with vacation and such." He ponders the need for the eyes.

<GERM> Lady Akitsu reaches out and gently takes Mal's hand into hers, stroking along his arm with her free hand in an attempt to soothe him.

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve waves a hand dismissively at Pace and Mal and Akitsu "Go then, aye? She's got sommat planned, I'm on Vacation. An' Mal, if yee want, I can' jest hail yee back here with a bee. I'm still Gummy Queen

<GERM> Lady Akitsu nods sagely. "Her Majesty is right, Mal. Nothing has really changed. Please let the Queen enjoy her Vacation? We all know just how hard she works. I think she's well deserving of one by now."

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve winks at him "An' yer still foole en me Court"

<TYPES> Citizen Malverius nods slowly, calming himself with the help of the two kitties. He's not happy, but he'll go along with it. "Alright, Boss. I'll go along with this, but I ain't ta likin' it one bit."

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa strolls in, having heard what's been going on. "I'm not certain I agree with this 'crew is crew.' Last I knew, Marly was Navy. Did I miss something?"

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve nods at Mal, grinning still "Well, I'm sarry y'dant like it, Need a hug?" she offers this to him with open arms <SUGAR> Treblesom Fable 's lips move a bit as she reads, she's trying not to ease drop. . and reading audibly to herself helps to keep her attention right where it belongs. Between the books pages.

<TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee grins and nudges Malverius. "Oh lighten up." He looks back to Gen. "So I shouldn't report a snooper to you?"

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve winks at Kierssa "Sure she was. An' she's not now, iffen yee know what I mean. This gives me a chance t' vacation, an' to do some. . . . . research" another wink.

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve frowns at Pace "Snooper?! Fack yes yee shald!"

<TYPES> Citizen Malverius gets a bit of a goofy look on his face as he melts into submission in Gene's arms. He does so like her hugs. Heck, he likes anyone's hugs so far. HUUUUUUUGGGGS!

<TYPES> Citizen Malverius stepsp back and listens to the snooper report.

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa looks warily at Gen. "Vacationing is all well and good, but I'm afraid I don't follow you. Just like that, Marly's not Navy and she's put in charge? And reasearching what?"

<GERM> Lady Akitsu giggles, looking on in amusement at Mal's expression of bliss. He's so cute! She wants to join, but it might be a better idea to let the man have his space. So, she simply stays seated, smiling.

<TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee waves his hand a bit. "Just Eben snooping about around my crate of lollipops. I took him back to the tavern. I wouldn't worry too much."

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve says to Kierssa "If Marly's nat navy, an' I let her take charge, dan't yee think I've had some say in it, lass?" she winks "An' researchin' targets, af course"

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve sneers at Pace "Eben's lookin' fer that treasure, innint he? . . bastard"

<TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee frowns. "He just wants candy and won't admit it. Poor guy. . ." He then waves goodbye. "I'm headed for the ship now. Ta!" He pulls out a one shot and poof!

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa nods. He still seems wary, but, whatever. "Alright then."

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve nods farewell to Pace. She scratches her stomach and drinks her mojito "Mal!" she says "Y'can scratch me neck if yee want! I'm an vacatian!" she thinks this explains everything.

<GERM> Lady Akitsu gives BOTH Mal and Gen a cuddle and a kiss, then jogs out. To the ship!

<TYPES> Citizen Malverius blinks and shrugs, Boss wants, boss gets. He sets about scritching her neck with reckless abandon.

Mister Rawr trot trot trots into the Common Ground, scroll held high above his head as he charges through. . . and aha! He comes to a hault before Kierssa.

Mister Rawr clears his throat officiously.

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa smiles at Rawr. "Hello."

Mister Rawr eyes Kier curiously. "You's bein' tha Fine Wench what calls herself Kierssa?" He asks in an airy, slightly-off and nasal voice.

Mister Rawr winks at Kier, dropping character for a moment.

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa nods. "Aye, though I ain't bein' much of a herself lately."

Mister Rawr blinks. Doesn't matter one way or the other to him. "Well, you's bein' tha Fine Wench what calls themselves Kierssa?" he asks, giving no hint that it's his second go of it.

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa nods. "Aye."

Mister Rawr stands there officiously and reads from his scroll; "By the order of Her Majesty, Queen of Pirates, you are hereby placed on notice to be on deck for a soon-to-be-announced event."

Mister Rawr continues after coughing studiously. "Keep yer eyes peeled fer a bit 'a news in th' forthcomin' future. Signed, Marly; Queen of the Pirates." He closes the scroll and studiously wanders off.

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve purrs! She grins and wiggles her toes. A bit late, sure.

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve reads her note, still purring.

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa raises a brow. "Mmkay."

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa wanders out.

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve gently pushes Mal's hand off her neck. She stands up, flexes, and then attempts a cartwheel.

<TYPES> Citizen Malverius watches his Queen try a cartwheel and shakes his head. what has possessed her?

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve collapses into a pile of trench coat and fuzz.

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve stands up and straightens her coat. She brushes dust off herself and says "Bein' liberated es hard"

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve goes back to vacationing. She sips her mojito.

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve walks out. When she returns she's got a familiar-looking lawn chair. She unfolds it in a nice bit of sun, grabs her mojito, and sits.

The Jackalope

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly climbs aboard, setting her bare feet firmly on the deck. Her eye casts over the ship, inspecting its condition. "Hmm."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly is quietly impressed. She is a handsome ship. Well-kept. There's very little that needs to be done, but ideas will come to her. "Barnacles," she proclaims, just for appearances' sake.

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly looks up at the sails. Patches? Mending? Hell. Even the ropes look to be in good condition at this distance. No visible fraying. She'll get someone to inspect that.

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly continues her inspection below deck.

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly comes back up into the fresh air, tucking a handkerchief away somewhere. Beautiful day. Beautiful ship. She can see why Gen likes it so much. Loves it.

<TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee clambers up the ladder and sits on the railing, observing the new pirate queen for a moment.

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly observes him back, leaning an elbow against the deck rail. "So." Her eyes size him up, estimate the going rate for his kidneys. Not enough. He's more valuable alive.

<TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee grins after a moment and then waves in the most unpiratey of ways."Hello! I'm Pace, unofficial Prince and yet official Gunner for this crew."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly snorts, then laughs. "Stop it," she hisses, "I'm trying to be a serious pirate!" Her grin is wide. "So. Gen's on a vacation of sorts, and I'm here to keep this boat from sinking."

<TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee stops his childish waving but continues grinning. "I ran into Gen. She explained the vacation bit to me. I don't think some of the crew is too happy about it but I think you seem fun."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly 's grin is brought down with a sigh. "Well, hopefully that's gonna change after a bit. Either you'll all hate me, or think me decent. I've orders and a plan."

<TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee jumps off of the railing and approaches the temporary Queen. He extends his hand. "I think this is all perfectly smashing personally."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly takes the hand, shakes it, then drapes an arm over his shoulders. She leads him in a slow pace across the deck. "Pace, m'lad. What's the best way to get rid of food."

<TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee ponders this seriously. "Ah well. I suppose the best way to get rid of food is to eat it."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly claps him on the back. "Excellent. You've a good head on your shoulders. Now, I'm thinking a general ship's cleanup. Scrub the floors, check the ropes, wash the linens. Then. . ."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly smiles. "Then, we clean out the larder, replacing everything with fresh stuff. Food can go bad, and it's a shame to waste it. So, a victory feast is in order."

<TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee nods enthusiastically. "Alrighty! When the rest of the crew arrives we'll start a mass clean up. We can get the cooks to whip something amazing up."

Mister Rawr stumbles aboard the ship, looking a bit exhausted and more than a bit drunk. "Ma Queen! Eh've been all. . . 'rooound th'Island an found bits o'tha crew. Y'wann'em here now?"

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly grins. "Excellent. Cleaning on the first day, then gathering new stores, cooking and so on. Then we eat. Probably on friday. Which leaves thursday for gaining or making up a victory to celebrate."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly looks at Rawr. "Certainly! The more the merrier! The more to amuse ourselves! Pace, this is Mister Rawr, my personal assistant on this mission."

<TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee salutes. "We can plan another raid of the grounds bar, m'am. The Tavern does need a new supply of rum."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly shakes her head. "That's been done, Mister Pace. Old hat. We need something new."

<TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee looks to Rawr and nods. "Hello mate. Good to meet you again."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly also doesn't want to jeopardize her drinking rights. She's gotten strict warnings and paperwork she was forced to read and sign about messing with Maiko and Corporal Punishment.

Mister Rawr ponders a bit. "Whal. . . we always needs ice fer drenks. . . lotta ice on that there mountain and none there what can say we can't take over the mountain."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly hmms. "Sounds more like a thing for an expeditionary force. Gentlemen, let's wait till we have a quorum of officers here. They surely have a vote."

Mister Rawr nods and is off to assemble the crew!

<TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee leans back against the railing and rolls that idea around for a bit. "Bit out of place for a pirate crew to run a mountain though. . .but no one would expect that."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly shrugs. "I was thinking more in the way of a hunt."

<TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee eyes brighten at that. "A hunt! Now that sounds like a really good thought. Hunting is always fun. . ."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly nods. "See, when I was a young lad," it's clear that she's making this up,"my mortal enemy was my alarm clock. Before I could dispatch it, a crocodile ate it up."

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa strolls onboard. He seems wary still, but he's here.

<TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee listens, quiet enraptured by the story. "The crocodile ate it? So that was then end of the clock's tyranny, correct?"

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly waves at Kierssa. "Hello! Don't worry, the real Queen's not disposed, it's just part of a clever plot to expose the not-so-hidden enemies against her and their nefarious plots."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly might be making that up again. Gen really is just on vacation, but this sounds cooler. Nautical dames have their pride.

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa raises a brow.

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly hums a negative sound at Pace. "Now the poor crocodile suffers. He can't get anything to eat after 6:30 in the morning, monday through friday."

<TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee hrms. "So we must free the poor creature of the evil clock?"

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly nods. "But first, we must find it." She raises an eyebrow back at Kierssa."Didn't I give you flowers, once? No wonder you're glaring at me. Did I forget to call you the next morning?"

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa isn't glaring. "So, Gen's on Vacation. She told me as much, what is this event we're doing? Hunting down a clock?"

<TYPES> Citizen Malverius leaps lightly from the arriving rowboat to catch at the ladder hanging down. Within moment he is clambering over the edge and landing on the deck, looking about and wondering what he missed.

<TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee grins brightly. "Ah that will be a victory worthy of feasting indeed. A splendid plan your majesty."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly sighs. "C'mon, Kierssa, take the joke." She waves at Malverius. How many more are coming? "We're hunting down the croc, maybe, and performing a bit of extreme dentistry."

<TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee waves to Malverius.

<TYPES> Citizen Malverius pads over to Pace and the others, assuming the one he hasn't seen before is the. . . temporary Boss Lady. He crosses his arms over his chest and listens closely.

<TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee nudges Malverius and grins. "I think this is going to be quite fun mate. Don't you?"

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly removes Gen's hat carefully and fluffles her hair before putting it back on. "Right, you lot. Listen up. You can spread it around like a disease in a brothel. You. Are. Mine."

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa smiles slightly. "You broke my heart, Marly."

<TYPES> Citizen Malverius looks at Pace and shrugs, finding it hard to be a hardass with Pace around. "We'll see, Pace, we'll see. . ."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly puts a hand up to stop any talking. "It's temporary, sure, but you're mine. And that makes you safe from me, and from the Navy. I don't play with two toys at once. I learned that lesson."

<GERM> Lady Akitsu finally steps on board! She looks a bit worse for wear, but she's here!

<GERM> Lady Akitsu offers an apologetic smile. "Terribly sorry I'm so late, everyone. I hope I didn't keep you waiting too long."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly smiles sadly back at Kierssa. "I can't mend hearts, love. But I can promise you all a good time, an intact ship, and a lovely feast at the end of it. A vote in the victory."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly waves Akitsu over to join the discussion. "So, let's all come up with ideas on victories worth celebrating, no matter how small, and we'll have a general vote on 'em."

<TYPES> Citizen Malverius 's tail lashes in agitation a time or two before he settles it down. He'll try to give the temp Boss Lady the benefit of the doubt. "Alright, Lady. What do we do first?"

<TYPES> Citizen Malverius says, "I'm more of a doer than a planner, if'n ye ken."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly looks at Malverius. "First, I introduce myself. Hi, I'm Marly. Usually a sheep, sometimes an Admiral, almost always trouble. Pleasure to be aboard."

<GERM> Lady Akitsu nods and steps closer to the group, leaning against one of the Masts as she listens quietly.

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel crawls up onto the deck. "Sorry I'm late!"

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa waves a bit at Nathan. "Could always attempt another raid."

Mister Rawr wanders tiredly back onto the grand ship. He's badly out of breath and staring forlornly into an empty bottle of rum. "Cap'n. . . err. . . Queen. Eh've gotten notes'n word out t'all th'crew there's."

<GERM> Lady Akitsu blinks and grins, nodding cordially to Nathan. "I was just thinking of you, dear."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly hmms. "Well, you lot do have a raid coming up, though. And do you really want to do that again? Well, let's put it on the list. . . Who here can write worth reading?"

<TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee waves to Nathaniel and then looks back to Marly. "Well your Majesty. I'm fond of the idea of hunting down this evil alarm clock. Once we get the ship clean I suggest we focus on that."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly pats Rawr on the shoulder. "Excellent work, Mister Rawr. You may now pass out behind the mizzen mast."

<GERM> Lady Akitsu raises her hand. "I can, Milady."

Mister Rawr shys back dramatically. . . he can hardly write his name.

Lance Corporal Celyn steps in cautiously, throwing a glance around to the group of people he doesn't know, and then dragging Kes further into the room. "Kes," he mutters, "I don't know anyone here!"

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa never gets word of anything anymore. "Then I'm for the clock hunt as well." He is then pulled away by the mighty Fourth Wall.

Mister Rawr tips his . . . well, the fuzzy bit about his stocking cap in Marly's direction and does just that. He's snoring away like a buzzsaw after very few minutes.

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly points at Akitsu. "Excellent." She digs in a hidden pocket and pulls out a half-folded scrap of paper and a stub of a pencil. "Have at it," she says, handing it over.

<GERM> Kestrel had abandoned her cane in favour of a handy robot. "Give me a moment," she whispers. "It's hard to go by just voices. That's. . . Marly, giving the orders. Um. . ."

<GERM> Lady Akitsu arches a fine brow with a smile, accepting the writing implements. "And what shall I write, Milady?"

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel nods a greeting to Celyn and Kes. "Lo, Kes."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly blinks. "A list of our ideas for victories, and a tally of the vote. So far we have a raid on the CG, a raid on the mountain, and a hunt for the croc-encased alarm clock."

<GERM> Kestrel continues softly, "That's Akitsu, that's Nathaniel. . ." Then at a more normal level,"Lo, Nate. 'M here for moral support, if it's okay? Celyn was scared to come alone."

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari darts onboard and looks around

<GERM> Lady Akitsu nods and scritches out each item in neat, looping script.

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly sighs. Now for the difficult part. "Ladies and gentlemen and those of dubious gender. You're all fine, upstanding members of this Queen's crew. But the ship needs care."

<TYPES> Citizen Malverius shifts his weight from one foot to the other, looking at the faces surrounding him.

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel offers a shrug. "Alright with me, at least."

<TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee pats Malverius' arm and continues listening to Marly.

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly gestures at everything. "Ropes need checking for wear and mildew, linens must be cleaned. Below decks is in sore need of fresh air. And the food must not go to waste."

<TYPES> Citizen Malverius says, "I'll volunteer for eating duty."

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari scoots up by Nate and whispers "w-was Gen overthrown?"

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel shakes his head at Ari. "Nah, she's vacationing."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly smiles broadly. "So, we're going to do her a favor, and get this ship. . . ship-shape. Clean and fresh, new food in the larder. And a feast, so as not to waste the supplies we have."

<GERM> Lady Akitsu pauses and glances up, watching Marly carefully. Hm. Cleaning this place would be a quest in itself. She writes that down, as well.

<TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee nods a bit. "And I think we'd all appreciate a nice clean crew's quarters."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly points cheerfully at Malverius. "Accepted! But in order to feast, we must have a reason! We must have a victory, so's the rum flows more freely! If we have to make one up, we will!"

<GERM> Lady Akitsu giggles at Mal's response and sends him a smile before turning her attention back to Marly.

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari nods "Okay" and listens to her temporary queen intently

<Nox> Zecarius just got the message, and quietly slips in. Hopefully someone would fill him in on all of the details. . .

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly spreads her arms widely. "So, mates, lend me your idears! Then let's have a proper vote on 'em!"

<TYPES> Citizen Malverius shrugs and points belowdecks. "Well, I doubt anyone is going to want to help me with my cleaning duties. The bilges are not the most fun place to be. That and the rats are unionizing.

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari waves happily to Zec

<TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee shrugs his shoulders a bit. "I can check the ropes. Hell I'll even help cleaning out hold and such."

Lance Corporal Celyn probably should have had a look around here before being summoned to come. He casts a thoughtful look around the place, considering ways to clean it up a little.

<Nox> Zecarius waves at Ari, and sidles over to her, glancing at Marly who was now wearing a tricorn. "So, ummm. . . what's going on?" he whispers to her.

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel raises a hand. "Well, the clockwork Kraken I built escaped, and probably sank. We could try and get it back."

<GERM> Lady Akitsu raises a hand. "I could do the linens, if no one objects," she offers quietly.

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly nods. "Ok, raids on CG, mountain, search for croc-with-clock, and Kraken hunting."

<GERM> Lady Akitsu jots that last item down on her list of ideas.

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari listens "I can clean too" not that she often does so, she whispers to Zec "Gen is on vacation I guess, so Marly is Queen"

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly calls out, trying to get one thing out of the way at a time. "Does anyone have any more ideas on victories?"

<Nox> Zecarius nods at Ari's remark, glancing back at Marly. Hmmm. . . he didn't have any ideas. . . and he wasn't sure what his duties were as a lowly Lackey. Probably helping everyone else.

<GERM> Kestrel knows it isn't quite her place to say it, but goes on regardless. "A vaguely successful raid on the Bingo Hall? They basically just gave. . . us alcohol, so does that count as a victory?"

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly shakes her head. "A repeat raid is scheduled, so it's only half of the real success."

<GERM> Lady Akitsu blinks and arches a brow at Kes, smirking. She was wondering when someone would bring that up. "You WERE going to take the rum anyway, really. and we all ended up having an adventure, too!"

<TYPES> Gunslinger Prince PCee judges the time and heads for the railing before he passes out under the influence of the fourth wall. "I vote for the croc hunt." He leaps over the edge of the ship and rows back to shore.

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari stays by Zec, shes best at taking orders, though not always at following them

<GERM> Lady Akitsu blinks at PCee's sudden departure, then shrugs it off and puts a tally mark next to the Croc-Clock Quest on her list.

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly appears unphased by the sudden departure. "Kierssa also voted for the croc, earlier."

<Nox> Zecarius blinks at the remark of the raid on the Bingo Hall; he thought it had been cancelled! Did he miss it? Probably with his luck. . .

Lance Corporal Celyn seems equally curious at the mention of the raid, but supresses the questions for later. The talk of a croc, however, causes him to listen more closely to the conversation.

<TYPES> Citizen Malverius shrugs and makes his way to the railing closest to shore. "Let me know when you have a plan. I vote for. . . whatever gets the least votes."

<GERM> Lady Akitsu nods and draws another tally. "That's two, then. The others have no votes. Anyone else?"

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari was at Bingo Hall when the one raid was set, it wasn't really very raided but maybe there was a second?

<TYPES> Citizen Malverius dives over the railing and makes for shore, he's goto to get a few things taken care of before he can clean the bilges.

<GERM> Kestrel is silent for a little moment, thinking. "I'll take Celyn's vote - the croc sounds, um, good."

<GERM> Lady Akitsu sighs and marks another tally. "That makes three."

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari tilts her head "I think it would be fun to find the clockwork craken"

Lance Corporal Celyn seems a little amused by that, making a mental note to take revenge later, then gives a contented shrug in agreement with her words.

<GERM> Lady Akitsu smiles and puts a tally by the Kraken Quest.

<Nox> Zecarius blinks, wondering if he could put in a vote. "I would like to vote for the kraken one too. . . if I can vote."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly tries tallying that all up in her head and gives up. "Are there any outstanding votes?"

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari smiles at Zec happily

<GERM> Lady Akitsu nods to Zec and places another tally next to Ari's. She grins. "That makes three for the Croc-clock and two for the Kracken, Milady."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly says, "Don't forget the gentleman robot's vote."

<GERM> Lady Akitsu blinks, glancing down at her notes. Did she forget one?

Lance Corporal Celyn mouthes clearly, "The Kraken sounds good!" Then speaks normally, if a little louder than usual. "I'm fine without, thanks."

<GERM> Lady Akitsu grins and marks another tally for the Kraken. A tie. Hm.

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly nods. "So, three and three. Akitsu, cast your vote, please."

<GERM> Kestrel seems both smug and oblivious. Added to that is curiosity, listening closely to hear Kit's answer.

<GERM> Lady Akitsu smiles and nods. "Of course, Milady. I myself vote for the Kraken. Seems interesting enough."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly nods. "Kraken, then. Nathan made it, I presume?"

<GERM> Lady Akitsu nods again, her expression solemn. "Yes, Milady. It could be dangerous for other contestants if we don't catch it in Time."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly hums, adjusts Gen's hat, and comes to a decision. "Alright, then Nathan can organize the search-and-rescue, he'd know best how to find it."

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel tips his hat and smiles. "Oh come now, it's mostly harmless."

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel scratches his chin. "And it won't have made it far from the timepiece, hadn't installed flotation yet."

<GERM> Lady Akitsu arches a brow and smiles smugly at Nathan. "What, now? No floatation? How on Earth did it escape, then?"

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari grins at Nate "but if we find it we have a Kraken!"

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel grins. "Well I do imagine it crawled. And then sank quite magnificently."

<Nox> Zecarius just sits and listens; he's mainly here to do what he can. Still, finding this thing was going to be fun!

Lance Corporal Celyn borrows Kes' smug expression for a moment, and adds to it a chuckle. "Clockwork kraken it is, then."

<GERM> Lady Akitsu laughs gaily, hiding her smile behind a gloved hand with mischief sparkling in her eyes. "Well, then! That would make it a sunken treasure, now doesn't it?"

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly smiles. "That's settled, then. Kraken it is. And now. . . chores. Akitsu, you said you'd take care of linens?"

<GERM> Lady Akitsu sets her hands on her hips, her figure all curves. "And I don't know about you, but as Pirates, I'd say that searching for this sunken treasure would be right up our alley."

<GERM> Lady Akitsu nods to Marly. "Yes, Milady, I did."

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel hmms. "Well considering some of the components that's probably a more'n passing fair description for it."

<TYPES> Distractable Medic Props enters the Jackalope, looking about. There is a note stuck to his arm.

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari nods in agreement

<GERM> Kestrel grins again at the mention of chores. "I'd be happy with whatever's left over. As would Cel," this accompannied by a jab in the ribs, "I'm sure."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly looks up at the brim of her hat. "Alright. Command decision time. Tomorrow, we all clean or hunt for meat and barter or bargain for food and supplies. Nathan, you start planning the victory now."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly continues with the orders. "Akitsu, I'm putting you in charge of the cleaning task forces. Divide and conquer. Everyone can get as many outsiders as they want in on this. Shanghai and kidnap."

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel nods his acceptance and pulls out his map to begin making plans.

<GERM> Lady Akitsu blinks a bit in surprise, a hand to her chest. "M-me? In charge. . .? Oh, dear. . . Are you quite sure you want to do that, Milady?"

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly snickers at the trailing edge of the red ostrich feather. "Well, it'll really divide itself out. Pace wants to examine the ropes, others will want to do some things but not others. You'll manage."

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari nods, and ponders, she knows about kidnapping but who to grab?

<TYPES> Distractable Medic Props approaches Marly and salutes, "Ship Doctor Props, reporting for duty. Just got the message. Anything I can do to help?" He gestures at the note, which is stuck to his arm.

<GERM> Uncle Bernard makes a peculiar whistle, OOooohEEEEoooOOH "Permission to come on board, Catpain?!"

<GERM> Uncle Bernard looks surprised at his own ability to whistle, "Flippin' eck, where'd that come from?!"

Lance Corporal Celyn nods understandingly at the idea of kidnap. "Way ahead of you with that." He doesn't return the rib-poke, but his grin does grow further.

<GERM> Lady Akitsu jolts a bit, stumbling back a bit while clutching at her heart. "Good HEAVENS, Uncle! Don't scare me like that! Wait. . . Uncle?"

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari peers over the side of the ship "Hi Uncle!"

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel raises a hand without looking up from his map. "I volunteer for cannon maintenance."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly laughs. "Welcome aboard, Uncle! Welcome aboard, Props. Excellent work, Celyn, was it? Props, who is good for hunting and curing meat, do you know?"

<GERM> Kestrel cringes slightly at the piercing sound, then smiles over in Bernard's vague direction. "Come aboard, Uncle! I'm not planning to be the only kidnapee here!"

<TYPES> Distractable Medic Props considers this question. "I may know a few people, Lady Marly."

<GERM> Uncle Bernard glances at Kes, did he hear something about her being kidnapped?

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly makes a mental note to be extra nice to Maiko. "Look into that, as well as medical supplies."

<GERM> Uncle Bernard is also a little put out by the assumption that his direction is vague. What a cheek!

Lance Corporal Celyn turns the grin to face the shocked-looking Bernard. "Kidnapped? Why, if I remember correctly, Kes, you volunteered."

<TYPES> Distractable Medic Props salutes to Marly, "Aye aye, ma'am!" He goes and sits down by Zecarius, nodding to him.

<GERM> Uncle Bernard would also, if he were only able to read grins, point out that he's more perturbed, than shocked.

<Nox> Zecarius blinks from his daze, and looks at Props. He grins and nods. "I see that you've apparently joined this crew."

<TYPES> Distractable Medic Props chuckles, "

<TYPES> Distractable Medic Props glares at a Typo Gremlin, then continues,

<TYPES> Distractable Medic Props . . . decides not to bother and simply nods.

<GERM> Kestrel doubts that first-time robots would know much about the language of grins."Volunteered, then. Have you volunteered too, Uncle?"

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly smiles at Bernard. "Uncle. . . how do you feel about liberated libations?"

<Nox> Zecarius blinks at Props's chuckle and nod, and shrugs. He notices a gremlin, and boots it off the ship, grinning as it splashes into the water below.

<GERM> Uncle Bernard 's face tells a story. A story of pain. Loss. Humour! A friendly dog! More loss. More pain. Realisation dawning. Then a cliffhanger. And finally resolution, "Volunteered? What for?"

<TYPES> Distractable Medic Props watches the Gremlin flounder in the water and swim off, then sighs, "The gremlins have been getting me today. Thanks Zec."

Lance Corporal Celyn stares at Bernard, fascinated at how a simple expression can convey so much."Uh. . . Not entirely sure. Menial labour of some kind, maybe?"

<Nox> Zecarius nods. "You're welcome," he says. Before he can add anything, his watch goes off, causing him to sigh. "I should be off for now. . ."

<GERM> Lady Akitsu glances at the time and sighs. She curtsies politely to all and sundry. "I'm terribly sorry, everyone, but I'm afraid I must run some errands before the Wall comes for me."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly waves farewell to Akitsu. "Thanks in advance for your help!"

<GERM> Uncle Bernard wonders if Kit is going to get crushed by a huge piece of polystyrene. And then flung into a pool for the delectation of the masses?

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari waves to Zec "bye, I've missed you lately!"

<GERM> Uncle Bernard wonders aloud, "I wonder what this lot are up to. No good I'd probably imagine, looking at the way they're dressed." he then looks round, fearful that he's shared that last, aloud.

<Nox> Zecarius nods at Ari. "We should catch up soon," he remarks, before waving to everyone, and jumping off the edge of the ship. A splash follows later.

<GERM> Lady Akitsu makes for the railing. "Tell me when there's been a plan developed. Uncle, Ari, I'll see you at the Hall, alright?" She then leaps overboard and is gone Seems she's been practicing.

<GERM> Kestrel seems horrified. "Menial what? You'd leave a blind woman and an old man to do the hard work, would you?" She puts on her best innocent, injured expression.

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly winks at Bernard. "It's a pirate vacation, of sorts, with a feast at the end."

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari is just butterflies and rainbows floating about, she hardly looks up to much does she

<GERM> Uncle Bernard looks around to try and find a blind woman and old man.

<GERM> Uncle Bernard turns to Kestrel, "You know, I'm buggered if I can spot these silly buggers who are going to do all the work. I've been looking as well."

Lance Corporal Celyn turns Kes around to hear Marly's words. "Of course not. A vacation, she says? I'd imagine that's worth the effort of a little cleaning."

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel folds up his map and stashes it away, folding his hands behind his head.

<GERM> Kestrel quirks an eyebrow at Bernard's words. "I'm just playing on his sympathies," she explains over her shoulder. "Blind woman," pointing to herself, "and elderly gentleman," pointing to him.

<TYPES> Distractable Medic Props decides to head belowdecks to figure out what he had to work with. He hefts his bag of medical supplies and stands, "Anything else, Lady Marly?"

<GERM> Uncle Bernard looks behind himself, "No, still no-one there Kes, say! Are you okay there. . . You've been shaking your head like Stevie Wonder trying to dislodge a flea from his ear.!

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly shakes her head. "Nothing I can think of. Supplies, and perhaps ask Akitsu if she needs help with anything."

Lance Corporal Celyn lowers his head to glance in her ear. "Nope, she's all fine there. Jus' blind, I think."

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari giggles at Bernard

<GERM> Uncle Bernard looks around, "or perhaps David Grey, if that's not too esoteric a point of reference."

<GERM> Kestrel is quite primly ignoring the lot of them, and seemingly attentively listening to Marly.

<TYPES> Distractable Medic Props smiles and salutes, "Aye Aye, Lady Marly!"

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly smiles at Kestrel. "So, what's your talents?"

<GERM> Kestrel starts a little. "Oh - talents? Um. . . making windchimes. And dreamcatchers. Thinking far too much, if the Jackalopes need a philosopher?" A brief chuckle. "I can dust, and scrub."

<GERM> Uncle Bernard can SING and DANCE and DO MAGIC TRICKS. And he's utterly charming. Obviously.

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly comes to another of those pesky command decisions she's so good at. Must be the hat. "Ok, dusting and cleaning duties, and decorations for the feast. Nautical themes."

<GERM> Kestrel seems a little panicked, but hides it as best as she can. "When will the feast be? So there can be time to prepare."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly considers. "Friday, I think. Friday usually works for most people."

<GERM> Uncle Bernard falls asleep, his gentle snores describing a pirate sea shanty, either that or "A gggghhhlor went to ggggh one day to ggggh what he could ggggh." how sweet.

<GERM> Uncle Bernard falls overboard and bobs away, still gently snoring. Each snore sending him further out to sea.

<GERM> Kestrel gives a thoughtful nod. "Sounds good. Right, got to dash now, g'bye." A quick hat-tip to Bernard and Marly, then she grabs Celyn's hand, and steers him back to the rowboat.

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly leans over the side of the ship to watch Bernard float away. Well, at least he's the right side up. . . she hopes.

<MICE> Stonemason Lemm slips aboard, better late then never

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly leans back and sighs before turning around to view the rest of her crew."Oh. Hello, Lemm, welcome aboard."

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari waves to Bernard and Kes and Celyn and she watches them all head off

<MICE> Stonemason Lemm tips her hat "Did the navy take over the Jackalope?"

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly laughs. "Hardly." She sighs, amused. "The Navy's little more than a game, my dear. Just like the shop or the origami or. . . anything else I do. Different hat, different game."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly turns to Ari. "Ari, question. Can you cook?"

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari nodnods "I can cook, it is usually pretty eatable too"

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly okays, softly, to herself. "Can I put it to you to commandeer, kidnap, or borrow all the help you'd need to put the feast on the table with the food we have now?"

<MICE> Stonemason Lemm nods "of course, we are living a game after all, changing the parameters makes it more fun" she leans against the mast

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly applauds Lemm and her sensible philosophy quietly, but with a huge grin.

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari nods "I think I can do that, when is the feast for? Friday? And how much do I cook?"

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly nods. "Friday. Cook as much as you please, get others to do the rest. I'm not sure who in all will be there. The crew, I assume, and quite a few not on the rosters."

<TYPES> Distractable Medic Props returns from belowdecks, a bit shaken. It was a mess down there.

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari nods distracted, mind already bouncing about for thoughts of what to make and who to press into service

<TYPES> Distractable Medic Props 's Kittymorph ears heard mention of cooking. "Er, do we need help cooking? I can cook decently."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly claps her hands. "Yes. There you go, Props, you serve Ari. Supplies and cooking, then. Oh, and spread the word, everyone, to invite others to this feast."

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari grins at Props "gotta make a pirate feast for Friday, you can help!"

<TYPES> Distractable Medic Props nods, "Certainly. I know a few people that can help cook, if they're about." He smiles to Ari.

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari blinks, she is a commanding officer? Oh how fun!

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari nods "okay ask everyone, they can bring stuff or help cook here or anything" the only thing she has thought of making is desserts, she needs to think of real foods soon

<TYPES> Distractable Medic Props chuckles, "I'll finish my bit of cleaning up below decks, and be back in a bit. When that's done, I'll find you and we can discuss dishes to serve?"

<TYPES> Distractable Medic Props grins, "Micha is a great cook, I'll be certain to kidnap her."

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari nods "I should help down there too though" and heads that way

<TYPES> Distractable Medic Props follows Ari.

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari grins "I will kidnap Dave and a few rookies maybe, smart ones who can carry stuff"

<MICE> Stonemason Lemm queries "so what exactly are we doing Friday?"

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly smiles at the pair of them as they leave. "Yay. One more thing I don't have to do. Huzzah for the power of delegation!" They both seem interested in their task, though.

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly turns aaaall her attention on Lemm. "Well, Friday we're going to be celebrating our victory. On thursday, we're going to find the clockwork Kraken. On wednesday, we're cleaning."

<MICE> Stonemason Lemm nods "I will try to be present for all of that, kraken hunting and a pirate party makes cleaning worth it, though I think a party with the crew may undo all the hard work cleaning"

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly laughs. "You're probably right. But we might be able to hold it in port."

<MICE> Stonemason Lemm grins "sound like a plan, Port Foley or the Tavern are always nice, we meet here before Kraken hunting?"

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly shrugs. "I guess so. I left that up to Nathan. It's his beastie, he knows it best."

<MICE> Stonemason Lemm nods "sounds good, but I think I had best run, I will be here Wednesday, so until then Majesty" she tips her hat and off she goes

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly waves, thoughtful. There's a good one. She's always like Lemm. Solid, steady head on her shoulders. She carefully descends the ladder and goes her own way.

The Timepiece: The Chasm

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly wheeeees!

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel grins as the little booth whooshes down the tracks and brakes at the bottom, grinding to a halt, he hops out and offers his hand. "And welcome to the lab."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly takes the hand politely and steps out. "Quite a thrill. Last one I was on had a buzz saw at the end of it."

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel raises an eyebrow. "Buzz saw? That's not very friendly." He releases her hand and upends a crate full of odds and ends, dragging it and a pair of seats over. "Right, box and map."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly grins and sits down. "So, as for planning. Do we know where it is?"

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel points at the river between the Timepiece and Pleasantville. "It likely hasn't gotten much further than this general area, it might have made it to the central lake at the most."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly nods, finger tracing it. "What sort of crew do you want on this?"

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel scratches his chin. "We'll need good swimmers, maybe some people who can sail a small craft." He thinks for a moment.

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel runs a hand through his hair. "And well, hopefully with no scarring memories of tentacles."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly nods. "So, a decent sized, aquatic crew. Kierssa should probably be on it... what do you need for equipment that you don't already have?"

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel taps his foot. "Maybe one or two more breathing apparatuses, I'll need a chain long enough to hook onto the Kraken when we find it, and I suppose I'm going to need a small water craft."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly hmms, examining the size of the crate. "Right. I can possibly get that for you, now. Most of it, at least." She snaps her deck of cards out of her sleeve. "Can you keep a secret?"

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel laughs. "I keep many secrets, Marly, one more won't break my silence." He looks at her cards with naked curiosity.

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly nods. "Excellent, because I don't want this trick going around. It's not reliable." She shuffles the cards and sets the top few out in a grid. "Alright..."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly flips them over. Two of hearts. A picture of Popeye. A blue uno card. A compass. A magnet. A picture of a wolf. "Clear as ever," she says sarcastically, gathering up the cards.

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly squares the deck on the crate. Something shifts, heavy and metallic inside. "Alright, let's look inside."

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel smiles and lifts up the box carefully, "Always interested to see a new trick."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly peeks under the box as it's lifted. "Oh, good. Getting what I need for once. Well, except for the boat." Two scuba kits and a large, heavy chain. A piece of paper flutters out. She picks it up.

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly reads the paper and smiles. "A bill." She folds it up and tucks it away.

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel laughs. "I can only wonder at the cost." He reaches down for the gear and then pauses. "And it's probably best we didn't get the boat in there."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly nods. "Keep wondering, I'll handle it. And we can always find a boat at one of these docks. So, what's the plan? Find it and drag it, or find it and float it?"

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel nods and drops the matter of the bill. "I imagine we float the boat over top of it once we locate it, attach the chain to a winch on the craft, attach the other end to the Kraken,"

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel continues. "Then we should be able to lift it off the floor and ship it back here or to the Jackalope and bring it aboard."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly hmms. "I'm not sure the Jackalope can support it, if it's as heavy as I think. Perhaps bring it into port?"

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel nods. "Yes, probably to the port, we can put it in the shipyard and I can do some more work on it there."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly nods. "Alright. Who are you thinking for crew?"

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel drums his fingers on the outside of his leg. "Me, Kier, maybe Pace for underwater operations, I'd have to see who else has that sort of experience."

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel chews his lower lip. "Ari, Lemm up top perhaps."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly hmms. "Try to get more in on it, too. Searching and so on."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly oohs. "I like Lemm. Steady head."

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel says, "I admit I don't know a great number of people on the crew, Zecarius volunteered, and he's a lackey so I'm sure we can find something for him to do."

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel snaps his fingers. "Oh yes, and that Celyn person, who was with Kestrel."

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel adopts a wry look and raises it as his own. "Bringing Akitsu down around anything with tentacles just seems like tempting fate."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly rotates the deck in her hands. "Get as many involved as you can. Even if it's keeping the boat steady, or getting the port ready for the return."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly snorts. "She'll be more comfortable with other duties, perhaps. We'll see. Get your crew together soon, and start the search. We feast on friday."

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel nods. "I'll get to work as soon as possible."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly tucks her cards away. "Let me know if you need anything else, alright?"

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel grins. "I'll be sure to keep you in mind. You plan on participating in the hunt?"

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly shrugs. "Depends on whether I have other duties to see to, getting the ship in order."

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel nods. "Perfectly fair." He folds his arms and drums his fingers. "I think that's the pirate affairs settled for now then."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly stretches and straightens Gen's hat. "Excellent. Now, I'm going to see about food." She looks around. "Ahm, is there a handy way to get out, or do I have to..." She makes a poof gesture.

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel hmms. "There's a service entrance over here." He walks over to a wall and pulls a panel free. "Straight to the surface."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly walks towards it and steps in, grinning thanks at him. "Be seeing you."

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel gives a little bow after her and closes the panel.

The Timepiece - The Gears

<MICE> Stonemason Lemm stands at the edge of the pool "Damn, you have a swimming pool in here"

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel grins. "Indeedly I do. I got used to having one before the island so I built one here."

<MICE> Stonemason Lemm shakes her head with a grin "A pool, I am jealous"

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa belly slides in, continuing on into the pool.

<MICE> Stonemason Lemm watches Kier slide into the pool, alas she is avoiding water at the moment, though the bigger worry is the fact that she is starting to chip

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel laughs. "Being mad enough to build stuff like this does have it's benefits."

<MICE> Stonemason Lemm looks at the time in the bottom of on of the pools "Oh shit, I have to run for a bit, but so far your house is epic Nate, what is your policy on people dropping in randomly?"

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa resurfaces and shakes his head, grinning at Lemm and Nathan.

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel smiles. "Feel free to stop in any time, I leave the place pretty much open to the public."

<MICE> Stonemason Lemm grins "awesome, I may take advantage of this pool if I every become fleshy again, I miss swimming" and she slips out

<Nox> Zecarius steps in, and looks around quietly. He moves to a wall out of the way as he takes it all in. Very interesting place...

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel waves to Zecarius. "Welcome to my humble abode." He gives a little bow.\

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari follows Zec in "Hello!"

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel nods to Ari. "Wonderful, you made it too!"

<Nox> Zecarius smiles and nods, looking around. "It's very... nice. Very different."

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari nodnods "I wanted to hunt the Kraken!"

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel grins. "And hunt it we shall, hopefully we can get a few more people here, but we'll do what we can with what we get."

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa swims around the pool. He surfaces and waves to the newcommers.

<Nox> Zecarius nods in agreement with Ari, and sits down to wait to see if more people will show up.

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari nodnods "gotta get the pirate crew if we can. Dave can't come though"

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel nods. "Yes that's alright, I'll head into PV and see if I can get ahold of some more people for a reminder."

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari waves to the otter, "you have an otter?"

<Nox> Zecarius notices the otter in the water, but says nothing; odds were that it was a contestant too. That was improbable odds, of course.

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa swims over to the edge. "I suppose you could say that... but, Hi! I'm Kier!"

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari blinks "Oh, hi Kier, I thought you were just Nate's otter"

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa snorts. "Yeah... no."

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel pops back in and brushes himself down. "Well, no sign of anyone else yet, we'll wait a little longer or we can get a start on things?"

<Nox> Zecarius waves in greeting to Kier. "I'm Zecarius, though feel free to call me Zec," he replied, not seeming too surprised. The island had grown on him.

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa smiles. "Nice to meet you Zec!"

<MICE> Stonemason Lemm slips back in, uncertain of how long she will be around "few people down at the Jackalope"

<MICE> Stonemason Lemm recieves a note "seems they won't be coming though"

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari hmms "we could start I guess, dunno who else will come or when"

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel hms and nods. "Right then." He grabs a stool and sits. "So basically all we need to do, is go dredge the river between here and PV, find the Kraken, hook it onto a winch,"

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa pulls himself out of the water, and shakes down. "That we could."

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel continues. "On a small boat I acquired, then we just ship it to Port Foley and put it in the shipyard, easy, right?"

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari nodnods "we are going catch a kraken!"

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa points his finger. "YOU'D LIKE TO THINK SO! BUT YOU'D BE WRONG. Nah, I'm just being contrary."

Lance Corporal Celyn is here, late, reporting for duty, and towing a reluctant, half-asleep Kestrel. He does, however, have the decency to look a little apologetic.

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel waves to Kes and Celyn brightly. "Marvelous, you both made it!"

<MICE> Stonemason Lemm tips her hat to the new arrivals

<Nox> Zecarius nods, before raising a hand. "There's a lot of river between here and there. We going to split up, or just all stick with the boat? Also, what's the danger of encountering it? Violence?"

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa waves.

<GERM> Kestrel mumbles something about caffeine, or the lack thereof, then musters enough wakefulness to free her arm from Cel's hand and throw around a sheepish smile.

<MICE> Stonemason Lemm nods at Zec's words "how operational is it?"

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel nods at Zec's very reasonable questions. "Right, so I'd say we all stick with the boat, it can't have made it far, especially if it travelled northeast."

Lance Corporal Celyn returns the nods and waves on Kes' behalf, then focuses his attention on attentive listening.

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel rubs his chin. "As to dangers, well I did build it, it has got ship hull tearing teeth and ten tentacles that are probably bared clockwork by now."

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari waves to Celyn and Kes "Hello!"

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel scratches his head. "So fairly dangerous if you're incautious, it's heavy and slow though, can't swim at all, just drag itself along the riverbed."

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa frowns. "I was under the impression that it had sunk and wasn't all gnashy teeth and such..."

<Nox> Zecarius blinks. "So... it is operational? There is a potential for violence and combat? I thought it would have rusted and just be a hunk of junk."

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel looks owlishly at Zecarius. "Why'n hell would I build a Kraken that rusted!"

<MICE> Stonemason Lemm weighs her options "any chance you have a wet suit or something? Otherwise I am not much use"

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel grins at Lemm. "Fortunately, a benefactor has provided. We have a variety of different sizes of wetsuits."

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari grins "this is gonna be fun!" gnashy teeth and clockwork tentacles oh my!

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa asks, "Better question, why'n hell would you build a Kraken?" He's teasing of course. He knows the answer is why not? or something like that.

<MICE> Stonemason Lemm nods "excellent"

<Nox> Zecarius winces, and nods. "Touche, touche, I retract my remark."

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel points a finger at Kierssa. "Because it's awesome is why, if you insist on these questions."

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa laughs. "You make a wonderful point."

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari smiles at Zec "don't worry, we are pirates, we can win. Besides it can't swim yet" she has a thought and looks at Nate "how long are the tentacles?"

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel makes a few mental calculations aaaaand. "Varies depending on the tentacle, max range of twenty two feet. Best to just stay well back once you've located it until I can get some equipment in."

<Nox> Zecarius would ask why he would build a kraken that couldn't swim if he built it rustproof, but closes his mouth. Really he just needed a wetsuit, and to go out and help with this.

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel appreciates Zec's capacity to learn. "Right then, right then, I shall get those suits, and is there anyone who wants to stay up on the boat while we track down the Kraken?"

Mister Rawr stumbles in carrying an overloaded backpack that is making clinking noises.

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel waves to Rawr. "Ah, and another arrives!"

<GERM> Kestrel jerks back awake at the clinking noises. "Right, yes. Erm, staying up on the boat sounds good? Not sure I'd trust myself with swimming at the mo'."

Mister Rawr sets the backpack down and scoots it conspiratorially into a corner. He grins, trying to divert attention from it. "Thought this'was gonna' be t'morrah." he mumbles nasally.

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa thinks Nathan forgot to install something crucial to swimming in the Kraken... He waves to Rawr.

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel shakes his head. "No, this was decided that it should be dealt with as quickly as possible. Apologies for any inconvenience.""

Mister Rawr grins and wiggles his fingers jovially in Kier's direction. "Hate t'be leavin' th'party so soon... but sommat calls'n I best not be leavin' it waitin'. 'Freshment's in th'bag fer after the hunt."

Mister Rawr dips a little bow and departs.

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari waves to Rawr happily

<MICE> Stonemason Lemm tips her hat "not a bad group"

Lance Corporal Celyn glances concernedly over to Kes. "Hmm, maybe not even that. Apologies, Nathan, but I should probably make sure she gets to her home in one piece."

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari blinks "oh"

<GERM> Kestrel starts to complain, but hears the firmness in his voice, and begins to realise just how tired she is. "Oh, blast it..."

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel nods at Celyn. "If that's what needs to be done then I have no problem with it." He drums his fingers on his hip. "Right, let's start getting everything setup, on the left for your wetsuits.

Lance Corporal Celyn nods his thanks to Nathaniel, takes Kes by the shoulders, and steers her out of the room.

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa's body is a wet suit, Oh Snap! Otter Power!

<MICE> Stonemason Lemm sets herself to the task of suiting up

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel glances over at Kier. "And you should probably still at least take a re-breather."

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa bites his tongue against a comeback and giggle grabbing a re-breather. "Fersher."

<Nox> Zecarius meanders over to the wetsuits, and manages to pull one on. It was... very snug. But he felt like a spy, wearing a tuxedo under a wetsuit.

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari picks up a suit and looks it over, she is already stuck in an invisisuit

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel pulls on a wetsuit, stretching it around his hat as he puts on goggles as well. "Right, our boat should await us just outside."

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa jumps on Nathan's back and punches the air. "Avast! Tally-ho!"

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel looks over at Ari's perhaps predicament. "Should fit on over the suit perhaps, or you could always just go with a re-breather like Kier."

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel oofs and bends under Kier. "Argh!"

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari pulls it on anyway

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa doesn't know why Nathan's oofing. He's light as a feather... Humph.

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari smiles at Nate as she gets it on "it makes me visible" and, goggles in place, is ready to go

<MICE> Stonemason Lemm takes care to be sure she is fully covered

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel straightens up and carries Kier out with a grumble. "Follow me, everyone, just one click to the northwest."

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa rides on Nathan's back out the door!

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari marches after

<Nox> Zecarius is unfortunately fourth walled. Curse you, fourth wall!

The River - Kraken Hunt

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel carries Kier to the edge of the river and points to a rather grungy looking barge. "There's our boat, people."

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa looks at the boat.

<MICE> Stonemason Lemm follows to the river "looks sturdy"

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa wonders if it's named the Curt Cobain since it's so grungy.

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa curses her spelling!

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa grumbles. And gender confusion.

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel grins over at Lemm. "Well it's a nice precaution to take, I think we can agree."

<MICE> Stonemason Lemm nods "that we can"

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari darts to the rivers edge with a big grin "A grand vessel for our adventure!"

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel trots down to the makeshift dock and stands by the ramp. "all aboard for the Kraken hunt, ladies and gentlemen."

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa hops off Nathan's back and skitters on board the boat.

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari hurries down the dock and hops into the boat

<MICE> Stonemason Lemm slips aboard with a small smile

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel taps his foot. "Did we lose Zec?"

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel sends out some mental feelers. "yep, we lost Zec. Alright then, looks like it's just us!" He climbs up the ramp and and drags up the boarding ramp, kicking off from the shore.

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari spins looking around the ship "he doesn't seem to be here"

<MICE> Stonemason Lemm sighs, "lost a lot of people"

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel turns the boat towards the middle of the river and whistles to himself. "Right, getting this show on the road!"

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa leans of the side of the boat staring down into the water. "This is a different angle..."

<MICE> Stonemason Lemm sits on the ship "so where do we start?"

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel slows the boat to a halt and looks down into the water. "Here looks about a good a place as any." He grins at his remaining crew. "Who's ready to get their feet wet?"

<MICE> Stonemason Lemm pushes up again "lets do this"

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa raises his hand! "Oh, swimming! Adventure!"

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari is peering into the depths looks for Krakens "me!"

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel nods and leans back over the side of the boat, dropping into the water with a splash.

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa dives in after, making hardly a splash.

<MICE> Stonemason Lemm follows the two into the water

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari follows Nate's example, albeit with a bit of flailing

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel paddles in the water, motioning for everyone to split up and search a section of the water before diving under the surface himself.

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa dives down deep, spiraling and searching for a large mechanic squidally monster. Kraaaaken... where aaaaare youuuu?

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari picks a spots and down she goes, just like in the shipwreck

<MICE> Stonemason Lemm treads water, where to start?

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel swims lazily, eyes peering down along the lakebed as bubbles float up from his breather, watching for the telltale gleam of his wayward Kraken.

<MICE> Stonemason Lemm picks her spot, away from the others, any caves to hide in or giant krakens just sitting about?

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari is distracted by collecting a trail of shells along the river bed, pretty shell, pretty shell, pretty shell...

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa thinks she sees something shiny... oh, just a fish.

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel is suddenly attacked by blanketfish. "Whargbrl!" He flails in it's thin embrace, bits of it floating downstream, he gets free and blinks down at the mons-...oh wait, it was just a blanket.

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa chases after the fish anyway; it might know something about a Kraken... right? Fiiiiiishy!

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa wonders if the lake's polluted with blankets now.

<MICE> Stonemason Lemm is curious as to the attempt to sabotage Nate, who left a blanket to catch him, between the blankets, uncooperative fish and distracting shells may a be conspiracy

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa follows the fish toward a large mass of shiny. Ooo...

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel grumbles about pollution levels and lets the blanket drift further downstream

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari eyes are caught by the flash of shiny near Kier

Something long and skinny and gleam-y whips out and snatches the poor fishy from Kierssa's view.

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa stops short. OMGWTFBBQ! He staaaaares.

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari eeeps, her shell collection falling from her hands

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel darts forwards and motions everyone back up towards the boat, pulling a canister and dropping it to the ground, a stream of dye making it's way to the surface.

<MICE> Stonemason Lemm narrows her eyes and looks back towards where the boat was left, they need the winch once this critter is subdued

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa swims swiftly to the surface.

<MICE> Stonemason Lemm follows surfaceward

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel climbs up the rope ladder hanging down into the water and grabs a wrapped bundle, tossing it to the deck and unrolling it to reveal a bundle of boathooks, he offers one to everyone.

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari makes frantically for the surface, somehow its more intimidating in reality

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa takes a boathook.

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari pulls herself aboard and takes a hook "for the fishies!"

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel grins. "there's a little ring at the top of his head, if we can get that we attach it to the chain, and then winch the guy up."

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa nods. "So, dodge all the tentacles and get to his head."

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel nods. "Hook gives you the advantage of quite a bit of extra reach, you're probably the fastest, Kier, so we take the tentacles while you get the hook in there?"

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel kicks the winch chain and sends it to drop down into the water, lowering down towards the kraken.

<MICE> Stonemason Lemm holds her hook and nods, nothing like being the distraction for a ship killer, she grins

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa nods. "Can do, sir!" He dives back into the water.

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel grins and hops overboard with his hook. "Do be careful with poor Cracky." He turns and begins swimming down.

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari dives after, hook held in front of her defensively

<MICE> Stonemason Lemm follows the others, time to catch a kraken at last

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa spirals downward toward the shiny mass with tentacles. He dodges left and right, hook in hand.

<MICE> Stonemason Lemm makes a effort to draw the attention of a tentacle or two away from Kier, not sure if the hook is to secure them or how to go about it she just taunts the beast

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel moves in and jabs at the Krakens tentacles, batting at them for now while he watches for an opening.

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari follows Nate's lead, he must know what he is doing, its his toy, she narrowly misses being grabbed because her eyes keep darting to him

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa darts under a tentacle and over another one, looking for a good way to get close...

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel whips out his hook as the mechanical creature makes a grab at Ari and hooks the tip into a set of gears, there's a whirr as it spins and fwaps right between the creature's eyes.

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel puts on a stern expression behind his mask. "Bad Cracky!"

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel hmms, he's unfortunately now down a hook, and the Kraken is rather put out. But hey, it's down a tentacle at least!

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari smiles gratitude an Nate and resolves to do better, focus returning to the kraken

<MICE> Stonemason Lemm hooks one of the tentacles and manages to maneuver so the rope binds it to another, two immobilized

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa darts through the water, dodging yet another tentacle. He sees an opening and swims toward it.

<MICE> Stonemason Lemm is uncertain, immobilized may be the wrong thought its thrashing quite a bit

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari looks at her hook and Nate, she holds it towards him questioningly

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel smiles and takes the hook, advancing on the Kraken again with a tip of his wetsuit wrapped hat to Ari.

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa swims adroitly through the open spot, nodding to Lemm for semi immobilizing the tentacles. He manages to get near the head...

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari returns to the dropped shells, Nate saved her with the hook, he is better at that so he should have the hook but she can still distract, she takes the shells and uses them as projectiles

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari concludes that it is hard to throw in things water

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel sticks close to the two immobilized-ish tentacles and gives Kier some cover to the sides with his hook.

<MICE> Stonemason Lemm is holding tight, despite being slightly flung around, at the very least she has its attention and so far she is managing to avoid its mouth

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa swishes his tail sharply, projecting himself at the ring on the Kraken's head as fast as he can, linking the hook in the ring, and grabbing the chain in his claws. He attatches the chain to the hook

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel points Lemm and Ari to the surface, Kier should be safe as the Kraken can't reach the top of his head, it was hard enough just making the tentacles mobile.

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa swims around the chain near the Kraken's head where it's safe-ish.

<MICE> Stonemason Lemm releases her hook and swims, the Kraken slashes a tentacle at her but she is not grabbed and makes it to the surface and onto the ship with minimal damage

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari follows, still holding seashells as she surfaces

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel swims over the Kraken, out of it's reach and clambers up the chain, now they just have to hit the winch and problem solved.

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari scrambles aboard

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel heaves himself up onto the deck and offers his hand down to Ari to help her up onto the ship.

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel prods a lag gremlin back into the hold and hurries over to the winch. "Alright, everyone on the crank please."

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari follows orders, she can help with this at least

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel pushes forwards on the crank. "uuuuup we go."

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari pulls the crank, walking backwards and tugging best she can

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel grunts, as they pull up on the ring in the Kraken's head it goes limp, tentacles lowering as they lift it in the water.

<MICE> Stonemason Lemm follows suit

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa stands on the Kraken's head, holding on to the chain as they lift them both up. Oh yes, Kier's a badass.

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari bounces with excitement "We did it! We did it!"

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel straightens up with a grin. "Alright! Now let's get him hauled to port Foley!"

<MICE> Stonemason Lemm nods "lets"

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari hugs Nate, "thank you for savin' me"

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel hugs Ari back. "Bah, it was no trouble and you probably would've been fine either way." *He reaches out and turns the boat. "Now let us be off!" He beckons Kier up.

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa swims around the chain, spiralling to the surface and hopping on deck. "Woo! That was fun."

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari darts to the bow as lookout

The Jackalope

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly settles on the deck with a tray of gently steaming mugs, her eyes watching the horizon for a triumphant return.

<GERM> Accomplice Teh Dave sits cross-legged on the mast, peering about with a spyglass taken from who-knows-where. He's staring the wrong way through it.

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly sips from a mug absently. She frowns down at the still-warm brown liquid. Needs rum.

<GERM> Accomplice Teh Dave sweeps the miles-away deck with the spyglass and waves down to Marly. He calls out "What are you so far away for?" loud enough to be heard from New Pitts.

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly startles. The cocoa in her mug has been drunk enough that none splashes over her hands. "WHY ARE YOU SO HIGH UP?"

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly might be envious that she didn't think of climbing up there first.

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel's victory barge approaches, likely unnoticed in teh confusion on deck.

<GERM> Accomplice Teh Dave calls back. "Because It was there to climb!" He peers out through the spyglass as a sound catches his ear, and he spots the Barge. "BARGE COMING, COUPLE LEAGUES AWAY!"

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly sits up and looks. And frowns. "Dave, you daft river rat, that's not leagues! I may have been a horrid hand at distance as a sheep, but I'm better now!"

<GERM> Accomplice Teh Dave blinks, opens his other eye, pulls down the spyglass, and tilts his head. "Huh. . .that got close fast!" He looks back down. "Oh. . .when did the mast shrink?"

<GERM> Accomplice Teh Dave tosses the spyglass over his shoulder. "Useless thing." The gremlin catches it and runs off with it.

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly sighs and stands up, walking over to the opposite rail to wave at the barge. "AHOY. Victory?"

<MICE> Stonemason Lemm waves to those aboard the Jackalope with a grin "Victory!"

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa waves his arms, clamoring to the bow of the barge. "Victory, indeed!"

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel grins and tosses a salute, gesturing to the taught chains hanging into the water. "Victory, agreed."

<GERM> Accomplice Teh Dave waves to the returning crew. 'Hullo there."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly laughs, gleeful and manic. She tosses a rope over to the barge. "Quick, climb up! You've cocoa to have and a tale to give!"

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel grabs hold of the rope and holds it out. "Ladies and the gender shifted, first."

<GERM> Accomplice Teh Dave's ears perk up. Cocoa? He swings down from the crow's nest from a rope.

<MICE> Stonemason Lemm climbs aboard and strips off her rather tattered wet suit

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa flicks his tongue out at Nathan and scrambles of the rope, batting him in the face with his tail on the way.

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel sputters indignantly and then laughs. "yes, yes, I suppose that was fair."

<MICE> Stonemason Lemm calls back "thanks Nate" she sits heavily on the deck and closes her eyes

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly hurries back to her cocoa and hands mugs around to everyone. "So, report?" She's practically bouncing, eager to hear about it.

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari pulls herself onto the barge, she might have fallen overboard there

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa accepts a mug and sips. "Mmm, well... Nathan's Kraken was a wiley thing. That's fersher."

<MICE> Stonemason Lemm nods in agreement, leaving the tales to the others, she needs a nap, her full report will be reported in the enquirer when it is compiled

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel climbs aboard and sips his cocoa. "Honestly we probably spent more time planning than searching, but it was a mavelous little skirmish, hm, Kier?"

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari follows Nate aboard

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa grins at Nathan. "Oh yes! I was dodging those tentacles like nothing. I'm a super swimmer!"

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly offers Ari a cocoa, too.

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari asks "are there marshmallows?"

<GERM> Accomplice Teh Dave takes his cocoa and settles on a comfortable-looking spot on the deck to listen.

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel sips at his cocoa and puffs himself up into storyteller mode. "Right, so I suppose we should start at the beginning."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly shakes her head sadly. No mallows.

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari shrugs "oh well, cocoa is yummy, thank you Majesty"

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa starts talking since no one else is. "Right, so we got to the river, yeah? And we all jumped in the water, we're swimming around looking for this thing... and it's just cold and dark water..."

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari interjects "and seashells and fishies"

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa nods to Ari. "And blankets."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly perks up, interested in seashells and fishies. Fishies, she knows, are cheats at races.

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari grins and nods

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa continues. "So there we are, all swimming around looking for the Kraken, when Nathan's attacked by a blanketfish. Or what we thought was a blanketfish. He valiantly fought it off and our search..."

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa finishes, "Continued. I then spotted something shiny in the water. It was a fish. I followed it hoping to glean some information off the little thing, but it was snatched out from in front of me!"

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa waves his arms, "There I was, face-to-face with with this giant, clockwork tentacle! We managed to get far enough away and come back at it with hooks then."

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa sips his cocoa, then resumes story telling. "Nathan took out one tentacle after it went after Ari. She started pelting the Kraken with seashells while Lemm took down another two tentacles..."

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa says, "Meanwhile, I dodged in and out of the tentacles and darted over to the head and hooked it! Nathan covered me and then they hauled the thing up with the winch. And here we are, victorious!"

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari blushes, the seashells were not very useful but they were available

<GERM> Accomplice Teh Dave grins and wraps his arms around Ari, chin plopped on her shoulder. "Sounds like a lot of fun."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly claps, serious. "That is definitely worth feasting. Congratulations."

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari reaches her arms back and hugs Dave "It was great, we captured a kraken! I distracted it"

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa grins and drinks her cocoa.

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel grins, back from the 4th wall. "I think all in all it can be called a success." Their losses count at about one boat-hook and a wetsuit, really.

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly nods. "Gen's sent out ransom notices for the feast. We'll celebrate on friday. She'll be pleased to have a kraken, I think."

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari nods her agreement "a fun one too, I still got cooking to do though, for Friday, gotta go do that"

<GERM> Not So Invisible Ari waves to her fellow crewmates and off she goes, she left her wetsuit in a tidy, er pile, on the barge

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel nods at Ari. "See ya round."

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa waves to Ari.

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly sighs and hauls herself to her feet. "Well, I have to go let Gen know how things are going on. Ari, love, cook tomorrow. All of you, take it easy. You've done well."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly waves a goodnight and climbs carefully overboard.

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa waves goodbye to Marly.

<LAID> Ticktockman Nathaniel waves goodnight to Marly and flops onto a barrel, pulling off his hat and setting it in his lap.

<GERM> Accomplice Teh Dave slips out when no one is looking.

<LAID> Ottermorph Kierssa skitters away.

Plotting in the PSK

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly walks in with a Gen in her hat, takes a booth and sits. She removes Gen's hat carefully and sets it--and its passenger-- on the table.

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve leans against her own hat "Ahoy, Marly" she nods.

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly nods hallo, leaning back. "So, just thought you should know. She's still floating.

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve grins widely "I'd hope so. I built 'er t'be crazy-proof"

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve asks "Wha's this I've been 'earin' 'bout a Kraken?"

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly laughs. "I'm certainly that. Crazy, not proof. Nathan and a few others have got you a mechanical kraken. I left you a very nice rug in your cabin."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly sighs. "I've still got to see it for myself, but they dragged it to port. There's a few people, so far, I want to reward for their work, especially for the kraken." She reaches into a pocket.

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve rubs her hands together "OOooh, a rug? Ariental?"

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly places a rectangular piece of paper on the table. One extra strength chain for- "Wrong paper." She grabs it back and pulls out a different one. "Here we go."

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve leans back and asks "Oh, who?"

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly slides the list over to Gen. "More like Mutant. I found this nice weaver, very talented. He wove a rug of the history of the sea."

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve quirks an eyebrow. What constitutes extra-strength chain. More chemicals?

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve reads through the list, nodding and smiling. "Tha's right gaed.. right gaed indeed. " she looks back up at Marly "A history af th' sea? must be a 'uge rug"

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly shrugs. "Heavy enough to carry. It's a very complex weave. Man has eight hands, after all."

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve nods sagely "That'd make a good weaver. I've gat this twelve-armed bloke t'run a stand at Foley, when ets done. Githinji, ee's a butcher"

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve grins as she thinks about him "I found 'im tearin' inta a Panthzer while walkin' t' Ace High"

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly stretches. "Twelve? That's brilliant."

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve nods "He's got a massively lang torso. Like a bug or sommat. S'like. . ten feet tall!"

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly nods. "Has to make room for all those arms somehow. Well, I thought you'd like to know. Do you want to figure out the rewards, or shall I?"

<TYPES> Vacationing Genevieve says "lets do et t'gethar?"

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly nods and leans forward, a finger on the paper. "Now, I was thinking, for her. . ."

<DICE> Pirate Queen Marly) puts her head together with Gen's, and the two plot for several pints.

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