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**Preparing for the Role**

Aces Ari pulls selects herself one of the skin tight numbers, half black, half white, this might work with a few changes

Aces Ari nods happily and looks over her own choice, just needs a few decals and it will do nicely

Aces Ari applauds Dex, she notes her costume needs the legs removed too, bit of work to be done

Aces Ari waves to Kes and darts over to tell her the plan, straight from a very unusual Bernard, well actually a rather normal Bernard but a very unusual man

Ace or Ari sets to searching for a needle and thread, she tentatively asks the old woman who shows no sign of hearing her

Ace or Ari darts out with success, thread trailing behind her needle held high, she stumbles and tumbles down the stairs, sending the needle flying

Ace or Ari tumbles down the stairs, when she comes to a stop she looks fervently for her needle, cant leave it lying about

Ace or Ari eeps when she spots the needle protruding from the head of the rubber duck, that looks painful. It is retrieved and she takes the rest of the stairs much more carefully

Ace or Ari calls over her shoulder as she descends "Sorry Mr. Duck" he shoulda ducked

Ace or Ari spreads out her outfit, snip snip snip, stitch, stitch stitch, its not perfect but it will work

Ace or Ari paints a small ace on the shoulder and dresses herself up

Aces Ari wanders in, weapon, weapon weapon...she knows what she wants but she has to find something that will work

Aces Ari locates a water gun in the piles of doodads, now some soap from the kitchen and she will be ready!

Aces Ari pauses a moments and makes some modifications to the spray nozzle, now it looks more like a bubble wand, maybe it will work

Aces Ari returns with a colorful looking gun

Accomplice Teh Dave waves to Kestrel, then peers at the returning woman, and her gun.

Accomplice Teh Dave waves off Tor, also. Then resumes peering at Aces. "So, who's this ravishing lady here?" He asks no one in particular.

Aces Ari gig- laughs evilly "I am Ace"

Accomplice Teh Dave and Teh exchange glances. Yep, that giggle's familiar. "A pleasure to meet you. I'm The Accomplice." He tips Teh to Ace with a grin.

Aces Ari looks at him with narrowed eyes "and you are villainous?"

Captain Althea reemerges from the sofa, brushing off a few fluff bunnies that were hanging on. It just wouldn't do to have those fuzzballs on when one's out doing evil things.

Aces Ari wonders if the fluff bunnies could be evil minions, she could use some minions, since she isn't a joker like she's supposed to be

Accomplice Teh Dave catches some of the fluff bunnies and sends them back into the couch. "I'm not so much villainous as..." He scratches his chin. "I make it easier for others to be." He grins widely.

Aces Ari nods firmly "good, minions are helpful and accomplices, welcome to the team" she isn't sure its really a team but it makes her sound important this way

Aces Ari puts a hand on her hip and looks over the accomplice from head to toe, a flicker of admiration in her gaze "what do you know about bubble guns?"

Accomplice Teh Dave tilts his head. "Nothing yet. What do you need me to know?" He grins conspiratorially.

Aces Ari lifts her bubble gun and fires, a stream of soapy lemonade comes out "it's gotta be bubbles"

Accomplice Teh Dave sees the problem immediately. "I see the problem...if you want it to be bubbles, you need to make a..." at this point, his speech devolves to a very technical explanation of how bubbles work.

Accomplice Teh Dave concludes with. "But I'm sure I can make something with those specs." He grins, getting to his feet and straightening his tie.

Aces Ari grins at the Accomplice "I would reward you for any work you can do to further my evilness"

Accomplice Teh Dave takes a small bow. "I only ask a small cut, and to remain unnamed." After all, it's normally the unnamed accomplices that get away in the end. He grins. "Shall I get to work then?"

Aces Ari nods "I um consent to your request, let us work!"

Accomplice Teh Dave nods, and leads the way workshopward.

Accomplice Teh Dave pauses on his way to the Workshops to peer at the Art Gallery, but continues on. Fancypants Artiste Ogling later. Superweapon designing now.

Aces Ari returns with an Accomplice, this might be more successful

Accomplice Teh Dave steps into the workshop, and pauses at a bench, to turn back to Ace. "How much range you want on it?"

Aces Ari frowns in thought "doesn't have to be very far if its a good stream of them"

Accomplice Teh Dave nodnods, and rolls out a sheet of bluepaper to get started. First, he draws up some designs, frowning and erasing bits here and there, but it slowly takes shape on the paper.

Aces Ari watches him work, its like art except useable

Accomplice Teh Dave directs Ace to grab him some piping and sheet metal from a bin in the corner, and gets to work disassembling the water gun for parts.

Aces Ari follows orders, even evil must give aid if it means the fruition of a plot\

Aces Ari would warn its loaded with lemony lemonade

Accomplice Teh Dave takes the piping and sets about building the device as laid out in the plans. His tattoo starts spinning as he works, welding, cutting, bending, taking a quick coffee break, more welding, more cuttin

Accomplice Teh Dave finally sets the still-full lemonade-tank into place, next to the pressurized-air tank. He pumps the pressurizer-thing-the-name-of-which-escapes-h im-right-now a few times, to test the air chamber.

Aces Ari's eye's widen at her revamped bubble gun

Accomplice Teh Dave takes a test-shot, sending a stream of lemonade-bubbles flying across the room at a rather large object under a tarp. He nods, then hands the gun over to Ace, demonstrating the mechanics of the gun.

Aces Ari points to the hapless gremlin "test it on him!"

Accomplice Teh Dave nods, and points the gun at the gremlin. He pulls the trigger, sending the thing on a quick chase around the room as it dances out of the way of the bubbles.

Aces Ari takes the gun and hoists it with glee "thank you sir"

Aces Ari hopes that will teach him to sabotage her!

Aces Ari rewards her minion, er accomplice with a lingering kiss

Accomplice Teh Dave chuckles, and takes a small bow. "You're welcome. And now, I must take my leave for the time being. I'm sure we'll meet again soon, though." He grins, and extends his hand.

Accomplice Teh Dave blinks. Right. That lag gremlin shoved out of the way, he returns the kiss, grinning to himself.

Aces Ari pulls away and taps his ring "shame you're married" she winks and darts off giggling

Ace or Ari searches the cupboards and counters, the only soap is entirely unused, she pours some into the bubble gun and heads to the tap, about to turn it on she pauses and glances at the fridge, hmmm

Aces Ari grabs a pitcher of very lemony lemonade and pours it into the bubble gun, acidic and sticky, how evil...and she even used all the lemonade and left the empty pitcher in the fridge!

Chapter Two

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