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This is AceHigh's system of Rule, and this is how it works:

There is a large wheel-of-fortune style wheel in Joker Congress. On each segment of the wheel is a different School of Anarchism. Each morning the wheel is spun to determine AceHigh's exact political beliefs. The Anarchy Options (with brief explanations) are

Anarchism - Total abolition of all hierarchy or rule.

Collectivist Anarchism - All forms of ownership are abolished.

Anarcho-Communism - The Purest Form of a Direct Democracy. Communities make decisions together.

Anarcho-Syndicalism - The wage system and ownership is abolished.

Anarcho-Capitalism - Private companies can replace the few useful functions government has.

Anarcha-Feminism - All struggles for equality are important, but the Equal Sexes struggle is somehow more important.

Green Anarchism - Green, eco-friendly technology is used to create an Anarchist society

Anarcho-Primitivism - Hierachy is caused by civilization. No civilization. No hierarchy. Caveman good!1)

Insurrectionary Anarchism - A peaceful Anarchist society can only be achieved by acts of violence. Go figure.

Anarcho-Pacifism - Fight only in self-defence. Debate's pending on what counts as "self-defence."

The Anarcho-Randomists also employ a bunch of people, each without a function:

King - No power whatsoever, but gets a cool desk in the Joker Congress building.

Presidente - In charge of spinning the Wheel of Anarchy.

Full Metal Lion - Destined to unwittingly bring about the end of the world.

Congressperson - Anyone who breaks into congress gets this job. Lots of yelling and chair-throwing.

Chair - To sit on, of course!

1) The logical conclusion of this system is, of course, CavemanJoe ruling everything. Good thing he already does!
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