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Anti-Gravity Device

A device that defies Gravity.

Methods of Creation

Common Method

There are many ways to implement an anti-gravity device, but the most common involves strapping a slice of buttered toast to the back of a cat1)2). The cat must land on its feet, but the toast has to land buttered side down; therefore, the array simply spins in mid-air.

Other Methods

Due to the inherent improbability of Improbable Island, every microwave has a small chance to spontaneously evolve into an anti-gravity device whenever you try to heat up a metal spork3)4).5).

Current Owners

The only current known owner of an anti-gravity device is Johnny Dangerous, who arrived on the island with the device safely hidden up his bum. Unfortunately, no one knows the full tactical advantage such a device provides, as he uses it solely for party tricks and to lift up women's skirts.

1) Or willing Kittymorph
2) Or unwilling Kittymorph, for the lulz
3) This method isn't recommended, as every microwave has a very large chance to explode when you try to heat up a metal spork.
4) Make sure the spork is metal. Plastic sporks just make your microwave hungry.
5) There are, of course, altrnatives to the metal spork.Each has a different effect. For instance, an aluminum spork will catch on fire while ,obviously, a wooden spork will call forth the evil hordes of bealzebub to reign terror upon the whole of the earth MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! 20% of the time, anyway
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