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The Adventures of Ari (and usually Dave)

Pre Island
Hello, this is all about me, Ari, but less abridged I guess. I grew up Post-EMP on a farm with my family. Before I was grabbed I had been hoping to head off to school and study Ancient Civilizations, was just waiting for acceptance letters. Then I was grabbed and brought here, I was not happy!

Do I Know You?
My upset met with a quick remedy, I forget everything and thought I had always lived here, people kept telling me I was wrong though and that they knew me and stuff. Now being the thoroughly logical kitty that I was I immediatley took this to be true. I met and re-met people and went against Horatio again and forgot and then forgot again. In this time I met Teh and Dave and forgot them and met them and forgot them and then fell in love, its hard to forget after that. He helped me remember before the island and then I stopped forgetting. I tell him it was cause of him but it coulda just been that I adjusted to things. Shhh don't tell him

Avast Me Hearties
Yep, I am a pirate, the cook on the Jackalope to be precise 1). Its fantastic it is! We raid and drink and raid to drink and drink while raiding, just like pirates should! I even have little jolly roger earrings cause I am a pirate!

So the best day to date is when Dave asked me to marry him and we eloped.2) I got him "To have and hold, to build sandcastles with, and pirate alongside." I got carried right up to the chapel and everything, it was grand!

To Be a GERMan
I do not think there is an easy way to describe my clan except that they are my family here, headed by a rather unusual uncle. They adopted me through Dave and gave me a library. I am the ship doctor though I don't think there is a ship, you never know though, there might be one hidden in Dunbernading somewhere 3)

The Castle is a Little Bigger Now
Before we got married me and Dave built a little sandcastle on the beach, I love the beach. When we were told we got houses Dave got us a plot and we set about building a life size version of our little castle, Castle Hendrix. It is not quite the same as the original anymore though, that one had no butterflies after all and the ball pit is certainly an innovation. The doors are always open to any visitors 4)

No Pixie Dust Required
We can fly! We can fly! We can fly! Well technically we fall in a controlled manner but it sure is fun. Now that the CDS is set up at the castle 5) we can parachute into any outpost. Otherwise there is the balloon ride or the butterflies. 6)

The island is so big and there is so much to see, I love adventuring all over the place. So far me and Dave have battled in the Abandoned Waystation, Made out way through the Pachyderm Sanctuary 7), picked berries by the mountains, built a raft, set up a tire swing at the river, explored the beaches and ventured inside the recesses of a couch in Dunbernarding to name a few. Ari was very disappointed to have missed The Battle of the Balloon Dragon.

Other Adventures
Cherriki Ten Visits the Castle
Ari Gets Stuck
An Adventure in Villainy
The Tea Tree

A Year? Really?
I just celebrated one fantasmic year with Dave, his gift to me was magic (and a very cute little plushy pachyderm)

1) also Dave's pirate wench, yep married to a pirate
2) I got to elope, I got to elope!
3) Spoke too soon, there is indeed a ship, I wonder if the skellingtons need doctoring?
4) and there are usually cookies
5) by my super skilled engineery husband
6) though I think that is teleportation
7) word of advice, be kind to elephants
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