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Accomplice Teh Dave carries Ari into the chapel and sets her on her feet in front of Kate. "Erm. . .we're here for." Kate interrupts "Witnesses?" Dave stammers and looks around briefly, frowning.

Citizen Ari stands next to Dave, looking around the chapel

Citizen Ari hums the wedding march, She's getting married. HOORAY

Accomplice Teh Dave hears something in the distance, from outside the chapel. He smiles and turns to Kate. "Just a moment." He pokes his head out the door and grins before returning to Kate and Ari.

Citizen Ari waits with a grin

calliaphone tiptoes into the Chapel and trips over her rifle, sprawling onto her accordion.

Accomplice Teh Dave spots calli and runs over to her, offering a hand to help her up. "Thought I heard you outside. Want to be a Witness?"

Citizen Ari smiles at the lady who just stumbled in, hoping that didn't hurt as much as it appeared to

calliaphone blinks, hauling herself up and dusting down. "Witness? To wh-" she stops, and stares. Close your mouth Callia! She clocks Ari, and Kate, and then she manages to speak."You're marrying?"

Accomplice Teh Dave blushes a bit as he picks up Cordy and holds him out to her. "er. . .yeah. Was kind of a spur-of-the-moment thing. OH!" He turns to indicate Ari. "Ari, this is Calli, calli, this is Ari."

Citizen Ari blushes "Um, hello, nice to meet you Calli"

calliaphone is still Processing this News. . . . . . ok, she's got it. She turns to Ari and beams. "So you're Ari! The mystery lady! She extends a sugary hand, then brushes it off and tries again.

calliaphone says, "S'great to meet you! You gonna look after our Dave, yeh?" she smiles.

Citizen Ari smiles happily and accepts the extended hand "So you are one of the GERMans then?"

Citizen Ari nods "To the best of my ability" she smiles up at Dave

Accomplice Teh Dave grins at Ari. "I'm sure you'll do just fine at it. Have been so far, right?" He gives Ari a hug then turns to the patient Kate. "I think we're ready." Kate nods, then clears her throat.

calliaphone nods "s'right, GERMan, me." she grins. "So, witness, eh?"

Citizen Ari faces Kate with a grin

calliaphone nods. She's ready.

Accomplice Teh Dave realizes he's still holding Cordy and hands him to calli carefully, smiling to her. "Remind me to thank you later." He gives her a hug then returns to Ari and Kate.

Accomplice Teh Dave takes Ari's hand as Kate begins. "Dearly Beloved. We're gathered here today to witness the joining of. . .er . . ." Dave pipes up. "Dave." Kate nods, then turns to Ari. "And, Ari, was it?"

calliaphone: :receives the accordion, reflecting that this is the least she could do for a friend of the highest calibre.

Citizen Ari nods "yes Ari"

Citizen Ari squeezes Dave's hand with a happy grin

Accomplice Teh Dave smiles to Ari as Kate continues. "Right. Dave and Ari, in holy matrimony." Dave fidgets a bit, and Kate gives him a glare. He stops. "This was all rather sudden, so do you have vows?"

Accomplice Teh Dave tilts his head. Vows? OHCRAP! He blinks at Kate, then turns to Ari with a blank look. Clearly, he hadn't thought this far ahead.

Accomplice Teh Dave's attention is grabbed by Kate clearing her throat again. "Right. If you lot don't have vows prepared, we can use the standards. Dave, do you take this woman to be your wife, To have and hold,

Citizen Ari blinks, vows? Um. . . She glances at Dave, he looks as uncertain as she does "I Ari, um take Dave as my husband, in sickness and health and possible maulings by certain tattoo mutants. . ."

Accomplice Teh Dave grins as Ari completely cuts off Kate, who raises an eyebrow at the unorthodox vows.

Citizen Ari was attacked by the lag gremlins again, they really wreck these moments

calliaphone sighs with relief. Looks like Ari's got things sorted. Lucky Dave!

Citizen Ari continues anyway ". . .to have and to hold as long as we both shall live"

Citizen Ari may have skipped some pertinent bits there. . .

Accomplice Teh Dave grins to Ari. "I, Dave, take Ari as my wife. To have and hold, to build sandcastles with, and pirate alongside. In sickness, in health,

calliaphone witnesses, good'n'proper. does she have to, like, memorise all this? eep.

Citizen Ari bites her lip to keep from giggling too loudly, she earns another raised eyebrow from Kate for the effort

Accomplice Teh Dave continues. "For richer, for poorer, as Joker or as Midget, As long as we both shall live. Or even unlive, depending." He smiles at Ari, and Kate nods. "I see you jumped the gun on the ring."

Citizen Ari admires her ring and nods looking at Dave "I didn't really have time to get you a ring. . .This was all so sudden"

Accomplice Teh Dave spots calli's concerned look and smiles, then turns back to Kate. "As much silliness as you two let on, seems you're perfect for each other." She smiles. "I now pronounce you Man and Wife."

Accomplice Teh Dave doesn't even wait for Kate to continue. He pulls Ari into his arms and kisses her deeply. "You may now. . .well fine, don't wait for me." She smiles, though, closing her book.

Citizen Ari returns the kiss with a sigh, and they all lived happily ever after

calliaphone d'awwwws and sniiifffs, dragging her sleeve across her eyes, and then digs into her pocket, pulling out a little metal shiny thing. she presses it into Ari's hand. "here, this any use?"

Citizen Ari breaks the kiss and accepts the object looking it over. A pull ring from an improbability bomb? It'll do. She takes Dave's hand and slips the ring into his finger with a silly grin. "There!"

Accomplice Teh Dave eyes the ring and smiles at calli. "Thanks, again." Kate clears her throat. "Well, if you don't need me anymore, I think I'll head back to sleep." She gives Dave a look and heads off.

Citizen Arisays "Thank you Kate" her gaze is redirected and she continues "And thank you Calli"

calliaphone says "s'a pleasure!" and grins. and Cordy breaks into song, with Fiesta

Citizen Ari yawns slightly, it has been a long and exciting day

Accomplice Teh Dave grins at Cordy and sweeps Ari up into a little dance in time with the music, then sweeps her up in his arms. He grins to Calli. "Thanks for being here for this. It means a lot to me."

calliaphone is hyper. She dances between the pews, whooping a little, as the song switches to Streams of Whiskey.

Citizen Ari twirls around with Dave, they have never danced. She grins widely

calliaphone breaks off from the chorus to beam at Dave and Ari. "glad to help out, mate. go be happy, both of you."

Citizen Ari nods "I am glad to have met you Calli"

calliaphone smiles. "likewise. hope to see you some more from now."

Accomplice Teh Dave smiles to Calli as he wraps an arm around Ari's waist and leans his head on her shoulder. "Time for bed, I think." He scoops her up into his arms and heads out with a wink to calli.

Citizen Ari nods "I am often about, I am sure we will see each other"

Citizen Ari wraps her arms around Dave's neck and is carried out

calliaphone chuckles, and dances around the pews a bit more before finally collapsing in an exhausted heap behind the altar. Cordy quietens down, and soon Callia's snores are faintly audible.

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