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Abundantly Ari paces outside Nik's house, there are people already there, she shouldn't barge in

Abundantly Ari looks out at the view, he sure picked a nice spot, there is a rather nifty looking tree hanging over the cliff just over there too, Ari bounds off to investigate

Abundantly Ari reaches the precariously balanced tree and she spots movement, it's her bird! Her eyes narrow once more and she drops down creeping towards the tree

Abundantly Ari hits a snag when she reaches the bottom of the tree, its hard to scramble up sneakily and she is not good enough for stealthy climbing, she tries anyway, sinking her claws deep in the gnarled wood

Abundantly Ari manages to cling quite nicely to the tree till she lifts a paw to ascend further and promptly falls with a loud thump

Abundantly Ari oofs as she hits the ground and her eyes widen as she sees the bird is about to take flight again, if ever there was a time to scrabble up the tree its now, she darts after the bird and pounces

Abundantly Ari clings tightly to the branch and watches the little yellow bird flit away, it chrips back and she sticks her tongue out at its mockery then mumbles "next time"

Abundantly Ari looks down and realizes the branch she has landed on happens to be hanging out over the cliff, this may not have been the best of ideas..

Abundantly Ari hugs the branch tighter as a gust of wind blows up from the gulf and causes it to sway "think first then act, think first then act" one day she will remember before she is in the tree

Abundantly Ari scoots back a fraction and cracks open an eye that was heretofore scruntched tightly shut, it is quickly slammed shut again when she realizes the little scoot did not get her back over land

Abundantly Ari is relieved that this is a rather sturdy branch as she scoots again. She discovers however that while it is a sturdy branch, she is not a sturdy Ari and she wobbles

Abundantly Ari swallows, well this is a nice branch, fairly comfy, she is sure she could be happy here for quite some time

Abundantly Ari shivers as another gust of wind blows over the branch, she scowls at it for trying to

Abundantly Ari shivers as another gust of wind blows over the branch, she scowls at it for trying to prove her wrong and says aloud in a reprimanding sort of voice voice "cozy"

Abundantly Ari shifts a little, in all honesty this is not very cozy at all, eyes still shut tight she tries another shimmy, okay good, at this rate she will get there in... she looks at where she is on the branch

Abundantly Ari hasn't moved a single noticible amount she sighs and rests her head on the branch "forever"

Abundantly Ari looks towards the house, they are having a visit though and Ari is trespassing again

Abundantly Ari scoots back again, even forever has to pass eventually, as long as she keeps scooting, another quick glance down, and doesn't fall

Abundantly Ari wobbles quite a bit and within seconds she is now hanging with her arms and legs around the branch still only she is upside down, enough is enough, she calls uncertainly "h-help!"

Abundantly Ari tries again louder as another gust comes by "HEEEELLP!"

Ana, Lazarus and Nikolai, sit sociably inside the Den of iNikuity

Abundantly Ari's calls for help filter in from cliffside

Furry Genius Lazarus's ears twitch, and he gets up. "You hear that?"

Furry Genius Lazarus bounds outside.

Sharp Shooter Anadel jumps up, "Scuse me! I'll be right back" He bustles out to the cliff side.

Bad Company Nikolai runs out after the other two.

Furry Genius Lazarus bounds outside, and looks around. "Hello?"

Sharp Shooter Anadel runs past Lazarus, "Ari?!"

Furry Genius Lazarus looks up, and his emerald eyes widen. "Holy fuck!" he throws his pack down, and pulls out a long length of rope.

Abundantly Ari is clinging to her branch of the tree rather tightly and can't wave so she calls "hello"

Bad Company Nikolai looks out into the tree and chuckles a little "Ari, what on earth are you doing?

Abundantly Ari looks at Ana uncertainly with a weak smile "I got a little stuck"

Abundantly Ari turns her smile to Nik "Hi Nik, I came to visit. . ."

Furry Genius Lazarus clutches the rope in his teeth, and climbs up the tree.

Bad Company Nikolai stretches his wings and laughs softly "Hang on..

Sharp Shooter Anadel smiles up at the girl, Silly girl, how did you get up there?"

Furry Genius Lazarus sees Niko has wings, and immediately feels dumb.

Abundantly Ari nodnods "I am!"

Furry Genius Lazarus clings to the tree.

Bad Company Nikolai pats Laz on the shoulder and nuzzles his cheek "I got her..

Furry Genius Lazarus nods, and offers the rope.

Abundantly Ari looks at the stranger who knew her name "I sorta climbed"

Furry Genius Lazarus uncertainly climbs back down, and meows up at Ari comfortingly.

Accomplice Teh Dave's voice can be heard, low at first, rising in pitch and volume at an astounding rate from the south, a single, yelled "YAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA." It also sounds like he's laughing.

Furry Genius Lazarus starts, eyes going wide. Things are getting crazy..

Accomplice Teh Dave can briefly be seen, and still heard, as he flails wildly on his trajectory. He makes a rather deep Dave-shaped hole in the cliff face a good 20 feet down from the tree.

Sharp Shooter Anadel nods at her, his eyes going to Nik, his wings outstretched. He covers up a small sigh with a cough and turns back to Ari, watching her safe descent.

Furry Genius Lazarus stares, eyes as wide as golfballs.

Furry Genius Lazarus looks up at Nik. "I..ah..I'm gonna go back inside because that was really too weird for me." He determinedly goes back inside.

Abundantly Ari holds tight to Nik, she can't fly, or even climb so she isn't letting go!

Sharp Shooter Anadel looks down over the side of the cliff, "Dave?"

Bad Company Nikolai stares at the Dave shaped hole and sighs, flapping his wings and drifting out to perch lightly on Ari's branch, holding a hand out to her "Well, come on, let's get you on the ground..

Bad Company Nikolai kicks a lag gremlin and hauls Ari to safety before diving over the cliff and circling back to Dave "Oi! You alive in there?

Accomplice Teh Dave's head pops out of a gopher hole a couple yards north of the tree, with a rather confused-looking gopher atop. It chitters at him, and he attempts to apologize.

Abundantly Ari takes Nik's hand and is hauled to safety, "thank you Nik" she hurries to the cliff face and peers down

Abundantly Ari turns and giggles, Dave is okay so she hops up again to hug Nik tightly "Thank you!"

Accomplice Teh Dave is clearly having communication issues, as he doesn't speak gopher, and the gopher doesn't seem to understand English. Eventually, he gives up and starts trying to get his arms free

Sharp Shooter Anadel chuckles at the pair and heads back to the house, glad that they are okay.

Bad Company Nikolai smiels down at Dave and chuckles "When you get loose, why don't you two come in and have a drink..

Bad Company Nikolai follows Andrew and Laz back to the cabin, still chuckling to himself..

Accomplice Teh Dave finally manages to free his arms, still under verbal chittering assault from the put-upon gopher. Dave keeps muttering apologies as he hauls himself out of the now rather enlarged gopher hole.

Abundantly Ari darts over to Dave "Hi!"

Accomplice Teh Dave blinks, then reaches back into the hole before the gopher can get back. He roots around for a bit, and finally withdraws a rather disgruntled-looking fedora. He brushes it off and sets it jauntily.

Accomplice Teh Dave grins to Ari and catches her in a big hug, as the gopher chitters and waves its fist threateningly before diving back into its hole. "Hallo love. Long time no see." He grins and kisses her.

Abundantly Ari returns the kiss and grins at him "I missed you! Did you see? I got to fly!"

Accomplice Teh Dave smiles. "I was flying myself. Silly Titan flicked me off his shoulder. Did Nik carry you? I think he said we should come in for drinks." He tugs on her hand, towards the house.

Abundantly Ari nodnods "He saved me" and is tugged along grinning

Furry Genius Lazarus wanders back in restlessly.

Furry Genius Lazarus curls up on one of the panthzer fur rugs, sighing.

Bad Company Nikolai pads back in and pounces Laz "Hi there

Sharp Shooter Anadel wanders back in behind Lazarus. "They are okay"

Furry Genius Lazarus is pounced! "Hiiiiii yourself."

Sharp Shooter Anadel nudges a lag gremlin.

Furry Genius Lazarus nuzzles Niko.

Bad Company Nikolai nuzzles back softly and cuddles up beside Laz "I should've known Dave would show up..

Sharp Shooter Anadel, without thinking about it, chuckles, "Well of course. He is Ari's husband."

Furry Genius Lazarus nuzzles back. "That guy is like a cartoon."

Accomplice Teh Dave tugs Ari along into the room, still talking. "and we played baseball in NewHome with grenades. I think Kai won but I had to go."

Abundantly Ari nodnods "Kai can beat anyone

Furry Genius Lazarus stiffles a sigh in Niko's neck.

Sharp Shooter Anadel grins as the couple enters, waving to them both, "Hello you two"

Accomplice Teh Dave grins about. "Hallo Nik, Lazarus...erm..." He points at Ana, tilting his head.

Abundantly Ari looks at Nikolai "who are my other rescuers?"

Furry Genius Lazarus looks at Niko. "I think I'm gonna head to the Bordello. See you later, Niko."

Furry Genius Lazarus slinks out.

Abundantly Ari smiles "thank you for the rope Lazarus"

Abundantly Ari tilts her head "should we go?"

Accomplice Teh Dave blinks about. "I was told drinks."

Sharp Shooter Anadel shakes his head, "No, you are okay. The name's An- Andrew. Pleased to meet you."

Sharp Shooter Anadel looks at their walled host, "Uhm I am sure he'll be up and at 'em in a moment. I myself, am going to have to go take a nap for a bit."

Bad Company Nikolai grins and chuckles "Drinks indeed, what would you like..well..everyone really? Who's thirsty?

Sharp Shooter Anadel smiles at Nik, "I am going to impose and borrow your guest room, Nikki." He saunters off to the room.

Accomplice Teh Dave peers after "Andrew" curiously. "Why do I smell a Rat?" He scritches an ear, and Teh seems to snicker. He turns to Nik with a grin. "I'll have a whiskey sour, if you have it."

Abundantly Ari saysnice to meet you Andrew" and whispers to Dave "I think we killed the party"

Abundantly Ari turns back to Nik "do you know how to make a Kiss from D?"

Bad Company Nikolai shakes his head at Ari as he makes Dave's Whisky Sour "I'm afraid I don't. .

Bad Company Nikolai blinks "Wait. . did he just call me Nikki?

Accomplice Teh Dave nods at Nik. "Yes he did." He flicks an ear, and Teh shrugs its feather.

Bad Company Nikolai hmmms and stares at the door to the guest room..wait.."How the hell did he know I had a guest room?!

Abundantly Ari tilts her head "you don't know him then?"

Bad Company Nikolai frowns as he passes Dave his drink, almost growling "I know him, but he seems to know me far better than he should..

Accomplice Teh Dave smirks into his drink. "Maybe he should know you as well as he does."

Abundantly Ari drops onto one of the comfy sofas

Accomplice Teh Dave sits on Ari's lap, sipping his drink. He cuddles into her arms with a smile.

Bad Company Nikolai ponders the situation and nods a bit "You were right Dave, I smell a rat too. . .

Abundantly Ari looks at Nik "You know, you make a very good cowboy"

Bad Company Nikolai grins at Ari and purrs "Why thank you, I rather like it. . oh crap. . .I have to go for a bit. . can I get you guys anything before I go?

Accomplice Teh Dave sighs, knocking back the remainder of his drink. "It seems the party's dying. Or at least going to sleep."

Abundantly Ari shakes her head "I am okay Nikolai"

Bad Company Nikolai smiles and nods a little "Yeah, we'll have an official one soon though.

Bad Company Nikolai hugs you both and chuckles "And Ari? Stay out of trees over cliffs. . .

Accomplice Teh Dave returns the hug with a grin. "I'll teach her to get out of them better." He winks at Ari.

Bad Company Nikolai slips off to take care of business. "Take care you two!"

Abundantly Ari blushes and mumbles "it was the birds fault"

Abundantly Ari peers after Nik, "he's like a romance hero guy"

Accomplice Teh Dave scritches an ear as he nuzzles into Ari. "Whatcha mean?"

Abundantly Ari points "he saves people and he is a cowboy and handsome and everything, just like in a book"

Accomplice Teh Dave chuckles. "Ah. What am I then?" He grins and tickles at Ari.

Abundantly Ari giggles helplessly "y-you are the villain!" cause he is tickling her of course

Accomplice Teh Dave laughs and swaps Teh for Ari's hat. He winks at her, gives her a kiss. "Then you'll have to chase, if you're a heroic type yourself." He winks again, and darts off.

Abundantly Ari grins and rolls to her feet tugging Teh down so he sits firmly and warning him to hold on, she has to catch her hero!

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