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Arkadia <QQQ>

Arkadia is the Third reincarnation of the "CAMPA's" will on the island since the PILOT. The present iteration woke up after years long slumber from within the petrified remnants of its previous version, known as Gizmo. Proud Member of <QQQ> for 12 years. Arkadia is the Third reincarnation of the Self-Conscious and persistent will called "CAMPA", present on the island since the PILOT [Around 12 years ago from present day].

Her present iteration woke up after years long slumber from within the petrified remnants of its previous version [Known as Gizmo on Season One, and previously Carmine on the Pilot].

Gizmo ended up Frozen solid because of an unlucky roll of her highly improbable d12 dice [the most improbable of them all] when trying to decide if she would take beer and waffles with dulce de leche as breakfast for the third day in a row. The extremely high hatted joker "Gizmo" stood still and absent minded for years at the halls of the Quack Manor 1) . Long after her Kittybike ran free and the stone dust of cc404 mountaintop started sticking to her skin because of the high improbability gravity she accumulated after long years at the island, she was mistook as a statue by the new recruits of her clan <QQQ> who carried her back to the Main Clans Halls where she was installed as a reminder to new recruits about the dangers of improbability [and also, thanks of the particular way her hand end up frozen, she was widely used as a beer bottle opener].

After long years lost on the improbability realm CAMPA's will manifested again as a rookie contestant.

Resembling her previous iterations, [1,75 mts - Redhead - Brown eyes - Wide shoulders and hips, thin waist - Totally flat on both sides - Very toned up but not too muscular - Skin full of cuts.] She emerged from inside the statue, born anew! Startling many of the rubber ducklings and sentient beanbags present on the halls. It's said that the sentient algae of the tubs squeaked merrily when it recognized her [after all it's hard to forget when a fit and cheerful redhead takes a bath with you, a beer in one hand and a glass of wine in the other!]

At first she was sad that some of her old friends and Clan mates are no longer around the island, but after getting to know new recruits and old mates that now became leaders she straps her weapon to her back, and heads right on to the island to be on adventures! Slowly starting to explore the old places left behind by the clan. Decided to recover her loyal kittybike, get back all her tattoos and jewelry and the biggest hat there's to be! . Proud Member of <QQQ> for 12 years. JOIN <QQQ> Feel Free to distract her for a scene.

1) Two clicks SW from CC404
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