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Dan's Questin' Emporium

Tired of boring old Island life? Want to feel like the knights and wizards of days gone by? Sadly, that's not what this is for. Sorry. Go somewhere else. But it could be what this is! If you're already a knight or a wizard. Otherwise this is just offering you a the ability to go on epic quests. That's good enough, yeah? Swing by town and find Arodang if that's your cup of tea. Or coffee. Whichever you prefer. For he is the proprietor of Dan's Questin' Emporium, a special services business built for the adventurous like you! Dan offers three kinds of quests at varying levels of difficulty: Fetch/Kill 1), Arena Battle, or a good old Dungeon Crawl. Each quest offers a reward of tokens, which can be used to trade for prizes after the games are over.


Fetch or Kill quests2) are simple. Go out into the Jungle and kill x number of monsters of a specified type, or collect y number of items from x monsters. Easy. Just like Jungling, right?3)

Arena Battle

Arena Battles aren't that complicated either. Dan brings you to the Arena and the Frank Thomas Honest Lodge4). Once the adventurer is ready, Dan uses his affinity with sand to summon creatures for battle, scores of minions or one large monstrous creature, and you fight until one side wins over.

Dungeon Crawl

Who doesn't love a good old whack-some-baddies dungeon crawl? Thanks to a deal cut with Sneaky, Dan's gained access to the Bandit Beach and the ability to bring small groups of players to play. Interested adventurers should bring three or so friends with them, Dan will guide the efforts in controlling the battleground.


Because that's what it's all about, right? The rewards for completing one of Dan's quests is a token; hand crafted stone with a serpentine insignia flowing through both sides, these are turned in for prizes. Prizes are as follows:

  • Dice
  • Small jewelry
  • Miniatures
  • Small statues
  • Have a suggestion? Ask about it!

The prizes can be made out of bone, hand worked stone, improbability-worked stone, or improbability-worked glass. Infusing improbability costs extra tokens, working the energy towards a specific task costs double that.

1) Also known as "Bloody Hell I Have To Kill Another 20 Rats"
2) Also known as "Fetcheth Me the Asses of Twenty Bear"
3) Wait a minute. Dan... questing... this seems oddly familiar.
4) Yeah, he built a battle pit in his back yard.
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