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Here are all the artists on Improbable Island who can draw you a nice avatar!

CMJ sez: Please use your Island character names, not email addresses! We don't just want this to be a big list of every artist on the internet - we're looking for Islanders specifically. If you've got a friend or family member who does avatars, have them sign up for an Island account or something. And add a link to your portfolio/gallery/public repository, and prices.

The list is in no particular order other than chronological. This page is a living document and if you would like to be added, but don't know how to add yourself, contact Szara Kryik, or Jon Titania, or Quinn 1)

Character/Alias Information Link Comments/Notes
Ender Deviant Art Profile Taking requests until I figure out what kind of style I like. Contact via distract or Deviant Art. bio
Fish Deviant Art Profile Takes commissions and some requests, contact via Distraction or email/Skype (in bio)
Flaxin Deviant Art Profile Does commissions. Contact via distract (bio)
Sage Wanderer Deviant Art Profile Does commissions, contact via DeviantArt or Distraction Bio
Outmen Deviant Art Profile Does lineart, takes donations but no currently worked-out price list
Kew Deviant Art Profile Sometimes does commissions, though on her own time. No charge, but tips appreciated and adored.
Skye or Todd Deviant Art Profile Takes commissions; does not charge.
Shi Commissions page paid commissions, prices are on the website - distract me if you have any questions, I'm on most evenings.
Akitsu Old Art. Style has changed slightly. I also have art here in the Enquirer, if you'd like to look! Sketches are free, Commissions are available.
Omega Style 1Style 2 Best artist Alive.2) Tied with one other for best artist Alive. 3)
Nadyanilo/Dancer/Adeline DA Gallery Prices and details on acceptions as of now Nice Link to Something Important
Devorah's Husband, Shane Website, Island Mish example Mish Example #2 shanekirshenblatt@rogers.com or distract Devorah
Ebenezer Deviant Art Profile Doing commissions! Send me a Distraction if you're interested. :)
Luna Deviant Art Profile Open to Commissions and taking requests! Send a distract or gtalk me at WhiteAngelaPH@gmail.com!
Dirk Vanderhuge Deviant Art Profile 3D model commissions and the occasional intriguing request. Send a distract or reach me on gtalk at reactoraxeman@gmail.com
Aer/Amon Optyk http://soundcloud.com/fourmylemusic/ If your dwelling/character lacks that auditory OMPH-PAH!, let me know! I do audio design, music production, and recording engineering to your satisfaction!
Clarinetina Deviant Art Profile My website Commissions! What else? Check the links and send me a distraction.
Katie Troublefield DA profile Commission FormSend Me A Distraction or a note on deviant art! Bust portraits are $10 for lineart, $15 for B&W, $20 for color!(some NSFW content)
Wish Deviant Art Profile Taking commissions! Contact through DeviantArt or Distractions for pricing.
Lester Roquefort Deviant Art Profile I don't do much in terms of characters, certaintly not better than the above. I do "objects" and maybe maps for the time being.
Winter Deviant Art Profile My Art Blog (Tumblr) I take commissions; just look through my tumblr since that's sort of my strange, most up-to-date portfolio and send me a distraction if you're interested! I can tailor my style per request.
Dust Deviant Art Profile
Kuroko DA profile Not art, but THINGS! Sewing is an art form, right? I do commissions. Price varies a lot, depending on size and complexity
Zachery/Zolen Deviant Art Profile Accepting requests and art trades, not doing commissions at this time! Contact me on DA or Distract Zachery.
Cherriki Ten Tumblr Commision Page Accepting commissions! There is a journal on my DA, but if you want to distract me, that works too!
Jon Titania Here's some of the pictures I've edited for my own personal fun or for other people.I edit pictures you already have, I don't charge because this is mostly for practice and fun. I do re-colorings, texturing and other things, distract me with an image link and a challenge and I'll try my best (or just give me a picture and tell me to run with it)(I also can draw, but not very well and only in traditional media)I can also do some creation to a point if you give me a base idea, I can design Tattoos and Tee-shirts and such.
Cirice Deviant Art Profile I work on my commissions until I know you'll like it. All of them are completely original, authentic work by yours truly. Distract me! Price always negotiable.
Arnlitin Example. Only have one example but distract me if you're interested! Free; I accept tips and reserve right to decline.
Captain Svess http://captainsvess.deviantart.com/ I charge nothing, but tips are appreciated (in the form of SPs). Might do a little color in special places but mostly black and white pencil drawings. Won't be very good because this is to help me learn. Distract me if you're ever interested!
The twins DA Commission page Beautifully unique style from an upcoming artist. I do reasonably priced commissions, starting at just $5! Distract me! Now also doing animated avatars~!
Roxy Tumblr art blog! Contact me via Skype4), or just Distract me, and we'll talk pricing. I usually prefer SP payments, so you support the Island, too!
Della Deviant Art Profile I do digital commissions! I mostly do busts but I can do full-body drawings as well. Distract me or note me on dA!
Kae Tumblr Commission Page Always open for commissions! Contact on Tumblr (asks or IMs are okay) or via Distraction
Zackary http://zkassai.deviantart.com/ Contact me through DA or Distract Zackary! Thanks <3
Shai Some examples Distract me on the Island! Commissions range from $1-$5.
Photographer DA Commission page Distract me! Commission pricing starting at $7, based on what you want.
Eliza http://fairydusteverywhere.deviantart.com/ I don't do commissions or any paid work! But I do do requests to do what I call "fan art," either as a piece of writing (I do poems, song lyrics, sometimes fan fiction or bios, etc.) or drawing(sketches, mostly coloured digitally after being drawn on paper; there's a method to the madness, I swear!). Please note that I do this for practice only. My DA -- FairyDustEveryWhere -- is there to give reference to some of my work. Distracting my main account on II is best or messaging me on Hangouts at GamingAndWriting@gmail.com where I can be reached usually at any time. Questions are also welcome!
Mr Pachuco placeholder placeholder
Character/Alias Portfolio/Etc Comments/Notes



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4) Skype name: Iwanna chan
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