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Unfortunately, this contestant may not be on the island anymore! Feel free to read what they left behind, but bear in mind you may not get to use this information.

From: Lee Barton
To: David Miller, Noriko Yamada, Patrick Morton
As you've probably heard (or seen for yourselves), Ary's on Improbable Island. As I can't find a single account of someone returning from the show, I think we can safely disband this PhD committee. And though she seems to have abandoned her attempts to come back, I'd like to keep you on tap in case she does make it home.

I've heard that there's a department betting pool about her chances on the show. Though there's probably no way to avoid that sort of thing, I hope you're all betting on her survival. We've trained her and worked with her out in the field; you should know how well she adapts. And she's had chances out there we can only dream of - did you see the moment when she held a tiny dinosaur?

She's continuing to explore and discover things even out there. We should all be proud of her.


P.S. Patrick, since you're apparently in charge of the pool, I have two cigs that say she won't bother to get a helmet before seeking out the Drive.

Looks promising, but I can't seem to contact her. Who's next on the list? - Ed

Curriculum Vitae

Ary L. Cooper
New Austin, Texas


Ph.D. Candidate, Paleontology, University of New Austin
Concentration: Vertebrate Paleontology
Dissertation: Just the Bones, Ma'am: Adapting 19th and 20th Century Techniques for Modern Use

M.S., Earth Science, Templeton University, 2080
Concentration: Geology

B.S., Geology, Odin College, 2077
Minor: Biology


Archaeologist, Montana Green Dig, Livingston, Montana, 2082

Field Technician, Aleru Site, Nomad, Arizona, 2081

Field Technician, Bernard Site, Ankara, Turkey, 2080

Teaching Assistant, Templeton University, 2079
Courses: Earth History

Field Technician, Helwan Excavation, Maasara, Egypt, 2078


Cooper, Ary (2083). The Incomplete Skull at Montana Green. New Journal of Science, 97-102.

Awards and Honors:

Maria Jenkins Scholar, 2080
Robert Byrd Award, 2073-2077

Skills and Qualifications:

Working Knowledge of Latin, Greek, and Egyptian Hieroglyphics

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