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In Kittania:

2010-08-21 13:48:02: The Once-Wiise Ashtu and The Wiicked sAshtu are bickering as they enter Sheila's.
2010-08-21 14:06:01: The Wiicked sAshtu and The Once-Wiise Ashtu exit Sheila'a with shiny new weapons. But still arguing. They both stop to pet Crazy Audrey's kittens.
2010-08-21 14:09:48: The Once-Wiise Ashtu is saying, "Look, Sis, this is just something I've got to do. You know that. So why do you keep trying to foul me up?"
2010-08-21 14:12:06: Blue and Nekomimi walk into the settlement and stop to watch the. . . twins?
2010-08-21 14:14:11: The Wiicked sAshtu : says, "Because you're wrong, you dimwit! I've been here long enough to realize you can't take her out - she's just egging you on because it makes for a good show!"
2010-08-21 14:16:30: The Wiicked sAshtu says, "Verb's been telling you that for ages - everybody's been telling you that - but you just keep listening to your handful of cronies, and it's gonna get you killed!"
2010-08-21 14:21:09: The Once-Wiise Ashtu snorts. "How do you know? How does anyone know? Have you ever seen this so-called 'Network'? Has anybody? Other than The Watcher? No, Sis, she's only what she appears to be."
2010-08-21 14:27:05: Blue and Nekomimi blue raises a hand.
2010-08-21 14:27:43: The Once-Wiise Ashtu continues, "A demonical despot who needs to be taken down, for the good of our fellow islanders - with her out of the way, we'll actually be able to get rid of that damned Machine permanently!"
2010-08-21 14:29:10: Blue and Nekomimi blue puts her hand down, that answered the question.
2010-08-21 14:36:08: The Wiicked sAshtu glares at the two - women? - apparently trying to interrupt them. "Who are you and what do you want? This is a private argument!"
2010-08-21 14:37:19: Blue and Nekomimi look around to make sure the lady means them, "Who? Us? Sorry we were just trying to figure out what you were fighting over."
2010-08-21 14:37:59: The Once-Wiise Ashtu groans. "Aw, Sis, come on - it's bad enough you're always coming down on me - why do have to be rude to everyone?"
2010-08-21 14:46:39: Blue and Nekomimi: You're the fellow with the protest signs, yes?
2010-08-21 14:48:45: The Wiicked sAshtu says "RUDE? You're calling me rude? You lied to that Count Sessine guy and half of the Island just to get him taken down by the Drive? And you call ME rude?" She turns and flounces out the gate.
2010-08-21 14:52:44: The Once-Wiise Ashtu sighs and turns to the two women. "Yeah. That's me." He sighs again and follows his little twin sister out the south gate.
2010-08-21 15:00:18: Blue and Nekomimi watch the twins go.

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