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On the Failboat:

2010-10-17 21:44:16: The Once-Wiise Ashtu shakes off a Failor and climbs onto the failboat under his own power. "This is rapidly becoming quite annoying."
2010-10-17 22:09:51: The Once-Wiise Ashtu pulls a cup of coffee from under his hat, doctors it with a couple of marshmallows from the Cocoa Booth, and settles down against the rail to wait it out.
2010-10-17 23:11:04: The Watcher's office door opens, and The Wiicked sAshtu walks out. She turns and waves to someone inside. "Seeya later!" The door closes quietly.
2010-10-17 23:17:08: The Wiicked sAshtu looks around and sees her brother sitting against the rail, snoring gently. She walks over and peeks under his hat. "Wakey, wakey, Brother dweeb - I mean dear." She also pokes him in the ribs.
2010-10-17 23:21:00: The Once-Wiise Ashtu half opens one eye and looks at his sister. "Whaddya want, Sis? Can't I even get some rest on the Failboat without you bothering me?"
2010-10-17 23:23:38: The Wiicked sAshtu giggles. "Of course not. I've just been talking to The Watcher, and she thinks our current troubles will go away if we sacrifice a geek, and I volunteered you!"
2010-10-17 23:25:21: The Once-Wiise Ashtu sighs, and pulls his hat back down over his eyes. "Tell me about it later. I'm busy."
2010-10-17 23:31:36: The Wiicked sAshtu looks at her brother thoughtfully. She steps over to the Cocoa Booth, grabs an empty mug, leans over the rail and fills it with water, steps back over to her brother, and pours it down his back.
2010-10-17 23:37:04: The Once-Wiise Ashtu jumps up and yells. "HEY! What'd you do that for?"
2010-10-17 23:41:00: The Wiicked sAshtu smiles sweetly and points out towards the horizon. "I just wanted to point out the FailWhale to you."
2010-10-17 23:45:37: The Once-Wiise Ashtu peers over the rail. "The WHAT?!?"
2010-10-17 23:50:48: The Wiicked sAshtu giggles again. "Reverb's FailWhale. See?" She points again - - http://tinyurl.com/failwhal
2010-10-17 23:53:13: The Once-Wiise Ashtu groans and slumps back down against the rail, muttering to himself.
2010-10-17 23:57:50: The Once-Wiise Ashtu pulls his hat back down over his eyes, still muttering. "Sis, with you, Reverb and The Watcher around, we don't need any flippin' monsters. Now bugger off and let me sleep!"
2010-10-18 00:01:57: The Wiicked sAshtu chuckles one last time. Mission accomplished. She curls up on the deck next to her brother and starts snoring softly.

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