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As a part of the Ex Libris storyline, the Three Musketeers came to Improbable Island via an improbable printing press named Dada. Little did they know that the Island boasted swordsmen who had heard of their prowess, and were willing to fight!

(2h28m) <DICE> Librarian Skidge drops down from her treehouse, looking deeply, deeply satisfied. A few minutes later, three men in French Musketeer garb descend. One at a time. Trying to look as surreptitious as possible.
(2h27m) <ROGUE> Civilian Escemfer shakes her head at Ebenezer. "Nothing about them." She notices Skidge and some musketeers exiting the treehouse, and wonders if they've been having sex.
(2h26m) <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe quickly decides not to ask what Skidge was doing, and instead says to Josh, "that little puppy transfers an itty bit of my abilities to you. it lets you change your shape for two hours."
(2h26m) <DICE> Librarian Skidge , were she able to read minds, would absolutely adore Escemfer. Even more than she already does. Which is quite a fair bit of adoration. And really, "dueling" is the term that proper minds use.
(2h26m) <SWEET> Contestant Giuseppe Lorenzo flashes Skidge his wedding ring.
(2h26m) <ROGUE> Civilian Ebenezer looks around to see Skidge and three strange-looking men. "Oh no. Not more book-people, do you think?"
(2h25m) <Hope> Contestant Kuroiten lazily waves to Skidge. . .then starts upright on seeing the three men following Skidge. "Porthos? Athos? Aramie?" he asks incredulously, his furbles pipping in confusion.
(2h25m) Rookie Amerithe returns. "I have killed some stuff! Did I miss anything good?"
(2h24m) <DICE> Librarian Skidge trots over, trying to supress the infinite amount of smugness she's currently got going. "Indeed they are." The Musketeers are speaking rapid back-and-forth French.
(2h23m) <DICE> Librarian Skidge scroffles Giuseppe's fur. "Good on you, barkeep." She appears to be enjoying her single status. Rather too much. Porthos starts singing something in French that sounds lewd and, in fact, is.
(2h23m) <ROGUE> Civilian Escemfer reconsiders the musketeers, but doesn't change her initial opinion. "Oh, are they? I guess they might be." Skidge really loves books, doesn't she?
(2h22m) <SWEET> Contestant Giuseppe Lorenzo hisses playfully at the Musketeers.
(2h22m) <Hope> Contestant Kuroiten chuckles to himself. "Seems you've been a bit busy. . .sparring?" There's a gleam in his eye as he says this, as well as a small grin at the corner of his mouth.
(2h21m) <ROGUE> Civilian Ebenezer gives Escemfer a look. "Well of course they are! Look at them. They're muskateers or something, aren't they?"
(2h21m) <DICE> Librarian Skidge stretches. "All for one, one for all. . .you know how it goes." Oh, like you'd turn it down. Don't lie. You wouldn't. They're gallant, after all.
(2h19m) <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe chuckles, "you ever think about settling down Skidge? Finding one guy in particular you're fond of?"
(2h19m) <ROGUE> Civilian Escemfer nods in agreement. She is examining the fine stature of one of the Frenchmen.
(2h18m) <ROGUE> Contestant Ree-chan isn't up to keeping up with everything going on today, perhaps tomorrow will be better, she goes off to sleep after waving to people.
(2h18m) <Hope> Contestant Kuroiten chuckles again, idly commenting on the state of affairs in French.
(2h18m) <DICE> Librarian Skidge deadpans, "They handle their rapiers quite well in a duel." Porthos brandishes his actual rapier at Giuseppe, shouting something. The other two restrain him. Aramis seems quite embarrassed.
(2h18m) <SWEET> Contestant Giuseppe Lorenzo extends his hand. "Giuseppe Lorenzo, bartender, musician, and slight pyromaniac."
(2h17m) <ROGUE> Civilian Ebenezer sputters for a moment, gawping at Skidge. "What? What are you implying?" His eyes widen to see Esc appraising the men. Oh, wonderful!
(2h17m) <DICE> Librarian Skidge headtilts. "One. . .guy. . . . . . ." She seems to vaguely recall the concept. The Musketeers stare at Kurioten, trying to work out whether he's said anything they can get offended at.
(2h16m) <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe smiles and streaches, "well, a while back, I spent a short time as a zombie, you see. And while in that state I, rather unfortunately, picked up a case of improbable maggots. . ."
(2h15m) <SWEET> Contestant Giuseppe Lorenzo looks at Skidge "Why did Porthos pull his blade on me?"
(2h15m) <Hope> Contestant Kuroiten said something only partially offensive. . .an accurate commentary on the state of affairs, to be sure. In any case, he grins roguishly at the three.
(2h15m) <DICE> Librarian Skidge shrugs. "He pulls his blade on everyone. They all do. He probably thought by fighting you, he'd get something to brag about."
(2h15m) <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe shudders, "the little buggers had a mind of their own and would manipulate my body to keep themselves safe. I.E. splitting me in half if it looked like I would be hit, or somthing."
(2h14m) <ROGUE> Civilian Escemfer notices that the conversation has turned to maggots, and goes to visit the musketeers. "Hello," she says pleasantly.
(2h14m) <Hope> Count de Reynard Joshua extends a hand to Giuseppe, offering a quick intro without losing any respectful honor , to allow Xane tell his story "Joshua, Count of the Fox, Musician, Magician,Momentary Monster Masher."
(2h14m) <SWEET> Contestant Giuseppe Lorenzo smirks. "Aw yes, that 'I killed the dragon!' shtick."
(2h13m) <DICE> Librarian Skidge groans. "Must you?" She gets up off the stool. "You know their honor stands steady against anyone who insults the crown. . ." She begins pulling on Porthos and Athos, who are getting angry.
(2h13m) <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe fiddles with a glass and continues, "I named them Xenomorphic Maggots, Xeno meaning "other", and Morphic meaning "changing". I thought it was appropriate."
(2h13m) <ROGUE> Civilian Ebenezer sneers at the thought of Xane's maggots and shudders slightly. To Lorenzo, he says, "How do you know that one was Porthos? He could have been any one of the three. They all look . . .French."
(2h12m) <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe places the glass down, and letting Geiger roam the bar looking for stray beads and sweets. "when I became a midget soon after, I thought I'd be rid of the things, but not quite."
(2h12m) <DICE> Cadye Willfan wanders in and sees lots and lots of people. This is why she looks for the dragon at night!
(2h12m) <ROGUE> Civilian Ebenezer watches after Escemfer and slaps himself in the forehead. There she goes.
(2h12m) <SWEET> Contestant Giuseppe Lorenzo shrugs. "I read the book."
(2h12m) <Hope> Count de Reynard Joshua takes a drink and another puff of his cigarette listening contently, whilst still keeping his sabre ready for a foolish musketeer
(2h11m) <DICE> Cadye Willfan would duck out, but she has to smile at Skidge, Eben, GL, Esemfer. . . losing track, she bows and steps in.
(2h11m) <DICE> Librarian Skidge points to the drunk one. "Porthos." The handsome one. "Aramis." The one who's brooding. "Athos."
(2h11m) <Hope> Contestant Kuroiten shrugs. "The crown isn't what's at stake here, methinks," he comments, his archaic mode of speech getting a bit more noticeable.
(2h11m) <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe looks thoughtful, "the maggots themselves were gone, but their effects were not. They obviously couldnt manipulate my body like when I was a corpse, but I could move my muscle mass around."
(2h10m) <DICE> Cadye Willfan adds a c when no-one's looking, then carefully approaches Skidge and bows deeply to her three friends. "Cadye Willfan. Honored to make your acquaintance?"
(2h9m) <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe smile, remembering a certian escapade with his, then, girlfriend Duskrunner. "This allowed me to become very strong, at the cost of other parts of my body. not perfect, but neat."
(2h9m) <ROGUE> Civilian Escemfer decides that the musketeers aren't very friendly, and returns to her spot by the pond. Probably trying to escape Xane's maggot tales.
(2h9m) <DICE> Librarian Skidge narrows her eyes. " 's blood!" says Athos. "I think the gentleman means to insult us, Aramis!" "Faith! I think you might be right!" In French, of course.
(2h8m) <SWEET> Contestant Giuseppe Lorenzo jokes with Skidge, "I bet 'slaying the dragon' would get them big bragging rights, huh?"
(2h8m) <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe frowns, "however, I became a mutant soon after a midget. For a while I thought I'd be stuck as a nasty freak of nature, and trust me I was revolting, but then I remembered my abilities."
(2h8m) <Hope> Count de Reynard Joshua Looks to Giuesspe, "I was actually refering to the inhabitants of the jungle. . .did not realize you were part dragon, my sincerest apologies."
(2h8m) <DICE> Cadye Willfan peeks up at Aramis, looking alarmed. "Messieur?"
(2h7m) <Hope> Contestant Kuroiten grins. "Whether 'twas an insult or no is your own affair, gentlemen. What was said is said." The fingers on his right hand twitch as though in anticipation.
(2h7m) <DICE> Librarian Skidge is delighted. Cadye! Perfect! "Cadye, you're polite! Meet Aramis, Porthos and Athos, the Three Musketeers." She introduces them. The distraction works. They all turn and bow.
(2h7m) <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe smiles, "as a mutant, my body was much more flexable and allowed me to attain the form you see before you. I could manipulate my body perfectly, without the limits of the maggots or a normal body."
(2h6m) <SWEET> Contestant Giuseppe Lorenzo addresses Joshua, "No offence taken."
(2h5m) <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe looks thoughtful, "I suppose I'm not really a mutant any more, more somthing in between. A Xenomorph is the only word for it really."
(2h5m) <DICE> Cadye Willfan smiles and looks down, flushing, the very picture of a restrained young lady. She offers a respectful bow. "My lords, it is an honor."
(2h5m) <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe leans back, producing an Imp-Cola of his own to sip on, "and there you have it! Thats my story told and done. Happy ending so far, really."
(2h4m) <DICE> Librarian Skidge slides over to Kuroiten. "Really? REALLY? I haven't had a date in hedgehogs only know how long, and you're going to start a fight with them?"
(2h3m) <DICE> Cadye Willfan , blushing madly, offers her hands to the gentlemen, wondering if one or two of them would be so kind as to escort her to the pond, where she has a bench she favors.
(2h3m) <ROGUE> Civilian Ebenezer is getting very confused in the midst of all this chaos! He thinks that maybe Escemfer had the right idea when she retreated to the pond. He hesitates and follows after her.
(2h2m) <DICE> Librarian Skidge reflects that it's rather easy to start a fight with them, but that's neither here nor there. They seem delighted with Cadye and start scoffling for the honor of who should kiss her hand.
(2h2m) <Hope> Contestant Kuroiten smiles apologetically at Skidge. "Sorry, Skidge. . .but this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity here. Their swordsmanship is the stuff of legends. . .and I would test my blade against them."
(2h1m) <DICE> Cadye Willfan looks at Skidge imploringly, overwhelmed, as a proper young lady must be. Nonetheless, the four of them get it sorted and begin a gradual motion pond-wards.
(2h1m) <ROGUE> Civilian Escemfer waves politely at Ebenezer.
(2h1m) <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe shrugs, "well, thats how long it's lasted for everyone so far, but until everyone on earth drinks it, I cant be postive how long it lasts."
(2h) <ROGUE> Civilian Ebenezer awkwardly joins Escemfer and announces, "It was getting too busy over there, that's all."
(1h59m) <DICE> Librarian Skidge has already tested her blade against them. And quite an experience it was. Once-in-a-lifetime, indeed. She sighs. "But. . .but. . .Awwww, c'mon."
(1h59m) <ROGUE> Civilian Escemfer nods. "Yeah, it's quieter over here." And gives him a sudden kiss.
(1h59m) <DICE> Cadye Willfan is gesturing avidlty to the pond and speaking quietly to Athos, while Porthos opines and Aramis looks amused.
(1h57m) <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe silently notices the kiss and smiles. took long enough, dammit!
(1h56m) <DICE> Librarian Skidge sees the kiss. "!!!!!!!!!" she says. Eloquently. "!!!!!!!??!!!!!!! !!!!!!"
(1h55m) <SWEET> Contestant Giuseppe Lorenzo walks up to each Musketeer, proffering a hand.
(1h55m) <ROGUE> Civilian Ebenezer is kissed suddenly before he can reply! He makes a surprised "rrm" noise.
(1h55m) <Hope> Contestant Kuroiten chuckles quietly. "No swordsman worth his blade would pass up such an opportunity." Then, before Skidge can protest further, he murmurs, "And thus the Narrator called his blade from a story."
(1h54m) <ROGUE> Civilian Escemfer seems to find this noise amusing, because she laughs and leans back from him, as if nothing romantical happened at all.
(1h54m) <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe inwardly wonders which sword Kuro will pick...perhaps Excalibur, althoug he may choose somthing more creative. . .
(1h54m) <DICE> Librarian Skidge sighs. This happens with all of her dates. Well. At least she got to have her afternoon.
(1h53m) <ROGUE> Civilian Ebenezer is wearing a stunned expression with wide eyes. "Oh!" he says because he's not sure what else to say. He frowns at Escemfer's laugh.
(1h52m) <ROGUE> Civilian Escemfer says, "What? Are you offended again?"
(1h51m) <ROGUE> Civilian Ebenezer replies at once, "What's so funny?"
(1h51m) <Hope> Contestant Kuroiten grasps the air in front of him, and a glow of silver extends from his clasped hand. It spits in three: one traces the blade, the second, an elaborate wire guard, the third, the knuckle-bow.
(1h51m) <ROGUE> Civilian Escemfer continues, "I suppose you're usually offended, though."
(1h49m) <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe smiles, it's not Excalibur, but he's not sure which it is. . .he'll have to wait, he supposes. It also looks like the drink is kicking in, now's the fun part!
(1h49m) <DICE> Cadye Willfan blinks and looks around as Athos narrows his eyes, seeing Kuroiten summon a blade. Aramis steps between her and the grounds.
(1h48m) <Hope> Contestant Kuroiten flicks the blade, and the silver glow surrounding it flickers away as a round pommel forms just below the bottom of his palm. He hangs the sword on the strip of cloth that serves him as a belt.
(1h47m) <ROGUE> Civilian Ebenezer grabs Escemfer and gives her a kiss! That's how offended he is!
(1h47m) <Hope> Contestant Kuroiten smiles at the Musketeers. "I've my blade, should any of you wish to test my mettle and my metal." Somehow, it looks almost natural for the Narrator to have a blade hanging at his side.
(1h47m) <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe nods, then silently shushes Giuseppe. He has a passion for legendary weapons of all kind, and he doubts Kuro would use some common rapier. He may be wrong, but if it is from a book, he wants to know.
(1h46m) <ROGUE> Civilian Escemfer hmm!s with wide eyes.
(1h46m) <DICE> Librarian Skidge winces. Athos turns to the others. "'twould be dishonorable for all three to set upon one at once. Shall I have the honor of taking from this worthy gentleman his life?"
(1h45m) <Hope> Contestant Kuroiten rests his left hand on the pommel of his sheathed sword, a habit he seems to have developed. From the look of it, it doesn't seem to fit the description of any storied blades. . .
(1h44m) <DICE> Librarian Skidge frowns. Hey. Sounds like her. "Aramis," Porthos says, "I believe you had the honor of dispatching the last of the Cardinal's men earlier. . . .ah, yesterday, before we met. . ." "Yes."
(1h42m) <ROGUE> Civilian Ebenezer breaks that kiss at once and stares at Escemfer with a horrified expression. "Erm. . ." he scrambles to his feet and turns around in place, looking for an exit!
(1h42m) <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe snaps his fingers, too bad. he was hoping it was one rapier in particular. ahh well. he turns to Joshua, his arm an arm again, and says, "would you like some suggestions? I have some experience."
(1h42m) <DICE> Librarian Skidge doesn't blush. "Well, you have to give us a chance to catch up, then!" "' 's blood, I believe you are right, Porthos! But which of you shall then take the turn?"
(1h42m) <ROGUE> Civilian Escemfer frowns. She's not that horrific, is she?
(1h41m) <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe would say, were he there, its more that Eben is easily embarassed. and not to take it personally. too bad he's over by the bar, not the pond.
(1h40m) <Hope> Contestant Kuroiten waits patiently for the three to sort things out. His stance unconsciously shifts to an en guarde, despite his blade remaining sheathed. "Might want to get off my shoulders," he warns his herd.
(1h39m) <DICE> Librarian Skidge turns her attention to the double-E's. Awww. "Porthos, you are good for this most worthy opponent, but I believe I shall have the honor today." "And why is that, Athos?"
(1h38m) <DICE> Librarian Skidge 's attention is now equally split. "Because I find this most worthy gentleman curious, and believe that were I not to fight him to the death, we would find much to discuss." "Oh, very well."
(1h37m) <ROGUE> Civilian Escemfer continues frowning and points toward the way out.
(1h37m) <DICE> Librarian Skidge interrupts. "Ahm. Not to the death," she says in careful, yet awkward, French. "What? Not to the death? But where is the honor in that?" "It is a contest of skill, sir."
(1h37m) <ROGUE> Returning Contestant Neeip wonders just what the hell the Frenchmen are saying. . . and why are they drawing swords? oh dear. . .
(1h36m) <Hope> Contestant Kuroiten watches as all the furbles hop to safety. . .save one. "Steely. . .you sure you want to be there?" The alpha furble nods before generating a layer of ice over his small metal body.
(1h36m) <DICE> Librarian Skidge lowers her voice. "Were you to kill this gentleman, my honor would be in question," she explains, hoping that nobody will scoff too loudly at the concept of her honor.
(1h35m) <DICE> Cadye Willfan winces and withdraws slightly behind Porthos, giving up her attempts at distraction for the moment. She casts one longing glance at the pond.
(1h34m) <Hope> Contestant Kuroiten chuckles. "Suit yourself." His expression changes quite rapidly when Steely points at one of the musketeers and chirps something. "Are. . .are you serious?!" The furble nods in affirmation.
(1h34m) <DICE> Librarian Skidge sighs in relief as Athos nods, not questioning the idea at all. "Very well, my lady," and draws with nary a flourish. "En garde, my noble friend, and may the best man win!"
(1h32m) <Hope> Contestant Kuroiten shakes his head. "No. Absolutely not. It'd be an uneven match." Steely chirps in annoyance. "Yes, in your favor! I'm sure they wouldn't know how to react to you in the first place!"
(1h31m) <DICE> Cadye Willfan blinks at Kuro, trying to work out what kind of sword he is wielding. Athos lowers his sword - to quarte, oddly enough - and smiles just a hair at the Narrator.
(1h30m) <ROGUE> Civilian Ebenezer winces and announces, "Goodnight, everyone!" He hurries out of the common ground at once!
(1h29m) <DICE> Cadye Willfan waves sadly after Eben.
(1h29m) <Hope> Contestant Kuroiten sighs and turns to face Athos. "My apologies," he says. "My comrade was giving me difficulties." He draws his blade and, in the non-lethal nature of the contest, tips his blade with a cork.
(1h28m) Athos (as played by Cadye) blinks, then sighs. He turns to Porthos, who tosses him a cork.
(1h27m) <Hope> Contestant Kuroiten exhales and raises his blade in a traditional en guarde position, the line of his rapier aimed just below Athos's sternum. His free hand is planted firmly at his hip. "Shall we?"
(1h26m) Rookie Athos tips his blade and turns to face Kuroiten once again. The tip flicks up, then down, in a barely-visible salute. "En garde!"
(1h25m) <DICE> Librarian Skidge cheerfully decides to make the best of it, grabs a bottle of something, tosses it to Porthos, then pulls both remaining Musketeers over to the bar, where the three settle down to watch.
(1h25m) Rookie Athos takes position, once again in quarte.
(1h23m) <Hope> Contestant Kuroiten smiles before twirling his blade upwards into his salute and sinking back into an en guarde position, his left foot stepping out to form a solid three-point stance.
(1h23m) Rookie Athos waits like the master rapierist he is, watching Kuro's blade and hand, unmoving.
(1h20m) <ROGUE> Civilian Escemfer smirks. "I know. What are those little squirrel things I keep seeing people with?" she says, not wanting to linger on slights today.
(1h19m) <ROGUE> Civilian Escemfer shakes her head at the offer of a drink. "No thanks, I liked my apple enough."
(1h19m) The standoff at the beginning is a crucial component of rapier matches - Porthos and Aramis are enthralled. No-one else quite knows why they are both just standing there.
(1h19m) <Hope> Contestant Kuroiten also watches, the tip of his blade sitting unwavering. He slides a step to the left to see how the Musketeer will react.
(1h19m) <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe smiles and helps her up, heading for the bar. "those are Furbles, wonderful little creatures. Intelligent, friendly, and wonderful companions. But I'd ask Kuro when he finishes, he's the expert."
(1h18m) <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe says, heading behind, "well, at least sit down and watch the show. It'll take your mind off things, alright?"
(1h17m) <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe sighs. "behind the bar". damn gremlins.
(1h17m) <ROGUE> Civilian Escemfer follows along. "Is that him, fighting the French guy?"
(1h16m) Rookie Athos switches, finally, to sixte, and extends a feint towards Kuroiten's feet; he holds it, then withdraws, feet very still.
(1h16m) <DICE> Librarian Skidge 's got Porthos and Aramis. Wouldn't be honorable, three-on-one. Uneven match. They wouldn't do it.
(1h16m) <ROGUE> Civilian Escemfer sits down agreeably to watch the duel, which is not spelled 'dool' or 'deul', as the gremlins want her to think.
(1h16m) Rookie Tobias perches on the limb of a tree <What's going on? How did I get here?> the voice isn't exactly heard, not through the ears. Instead it sounds in the minds of those present.
(1h15m) <SWEET> Contestant Giuseppe Lorenzo offers Porthos and Aramis each a cigar.
(1h14m) Rookie Athos flashes forward in a half-lunge, beats against Kuroiten's weak, and pulls back into en garde. Testing reflexes, seeing if the Narrator will follow.
(1h14m) <ROGUE> Civilian Escemfer ohs and looks around at the Furbles. She doesn't think she's sitting on one. . . She waves at Skidge and offers her a smile.
(1h13m) <DICE> Librarian Skidge takes both the cigars. Porthos and Aramis look shocked. "Not a habit you want to be starting, gentlemen," she says, cutting off the end of one with a single expert movement and lighting up.
(1h13m) <ROGUE> Returning Contestant Neeip twitches and wakes with a start at the pervasive words. Who the 'ell?
(1h12m) <Hope> Contestant Kuroiten lets his own blade sweep out, tapping the blade off-point and away from his center before returning to rest en guarde. The ring of metal on metal hangs in the air a moment.
(1h12m) <DICE> Librarian Skidge scootches over to Excemfer and gives her a pat. "D'ya wanna talk about it."
(1h11m) <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe notices the character from a children's book series and offers him a wave before returning his attention to the fight.
(1h11m) <ROGUE> Civilian Escemfer shakes her head at Skidge. "I like your French guys," she says instead.
(1h11m) <ROGUE> Returning Contestant Neeip turns at the ring. "Glad I woke up. . ."
(1h10m) Rookie Tobias is extremely confused. He sees the three musketeers <Are those. . .?>
(1h9m) <DICE> Librarian Skidge adds, thoughtfully, "Would you like to borrow Porthos. I'm sure he'd be willing." Porthos, for his part, is heartily enjoying his alcohol, and is now showing off his baldric to anyone curious.
(1h9m) Rookie Athos recovers and indirects, moving his blade a bit further left than it was before. A pause, then a quick ballestra forward and a beat against the top of Kuroiten's guard before he backs and recovers.
(1h9m) <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe blurs and is suddenly in the tree by the rookie. "yes and they're dueling so shush!" he blurs once more and is again behind the bar, chuckleing a little.
(1h9m) <ROGUE> Returning Contestant Neeip twitches again at the words in his head. Errr, hi? Yeah, they're the Three Musketeers.
(1h7m) <ROGUE> Civilian Escemfer smiles. "Ah, no thanks. I don't speak French." She wouldn't want to get into some sort of confusion with an armed man. "What happened to their book?"
(1h4m) <DICE> Librarian Skidge shrugs. "Suit yourself. Their book's up at the treehouse. D'Artangan now wanders around all by his lonesome and is killed by page 57. Rest of it's blank."
(1h3m) <ROGUE> Civilian Escemfer leans on the bar. "That sounds kind of boring," she says consideringly.
(1h2m) <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe hears Skidge's statement and asks her, "Uh. . .isn't that kind of a bad thing? Or are they going back in later? Or is it only that copy effected? Jeez, confusing stuff. . ."
(1h2m) <DICE> Librarian Skidge perks. "Oh, I think I may have worked something out about getting them back in. Need to ask the presses."
(1h2m) Rookie Athos finds Kuroiten skilled, and fast. Many others have been. Enough testing.
(1h1m) <Hope> Contestant Kuroiten advances into the ballestra, sweeping his blade in a semicircular parry. As Athos backs away, the Narrator follows, keeping the distance between them constant.
(1h1m) <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe nods, "I should think so. you dont seem the sort to ruin classic literature."
(1h1m) Rookie Athos advance-lunges and takes Kuroiten's blade, pressing upward as he drives for a shoulder touch.
(1h) Rookie Tobias flies down next to Neeip and morphs to the boy he once was. It isn't a pretty sight to watch. "What's going on" unfazed by Neeip's appearance. He had seen much weirder aliens in his time.
(1h) Rookie Athos drops into a passata-sotto, leaving Kuroiten's blade free and straightening the blade upward for his sternum.
(1h) <DICE> Librarian Skidge smiles. "Well. There might be a bit more bawdy singing in their book once they get back." She made damn sure of it. And Porthos had been making up new lyrics last night.
(59m36s) <ROGUE> Civilian Escemfer is amused by Skidge's assertion. Maybe she'll have to read that copy. . .
(59m12s) <ROGUE> Returning Contestant Neeip doesn't bat an eye as the bird changes. "A duel, apparently Kuro wants to test his skill."
(57m27s) <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe smiles, not talking his eyes off the fighters, "Perhaps after this. I want to watch though, this is a match of a lifetime. Character Vs. Narrator. Quite rare."
(56m53s) Rookie Tobias whispers, "No, I meant 'what's going on' as in what's going on with this place in general? Where am I? How'd I wind up here? I was in my territory one second and here the next."
(55m57s) <ROGUE> Civilian Escemfer looks at the weird bird boy. "I think it's another book person," she says to nobody in particular. She has no idea what kind of book he's from, though.
(55m40s) <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe inwardly wonders about all of the book characters recently. First the Musketeers, then the Hawk from that morphing series, what next?
(54m42s) <Hope> Contestant Kuroiten whips his body around Athos's blade, the tip whistling past his shoulder as he brings his blade into a quarte and renews contact between their blades.
(52m10s) Rookie Athos engages Kuroiten's blade, circling once as he retreats a step and straightens, then binds high, forcing Kuroiten's arm to a high sixte.
(51m43s) <Hope> Contestant Kuroiten drops his blade downwards, bringing his opponent's rapier groundwards with it.
(50m55s) Rookie Athos's arm is forced downward in quarte. He follows, then disengages, riposting high.
(49m11s) Rookie Athos beats his bell guard down suddenly, trying to catch Kuro's weak as his tips rises for the heart.
(48m42s) <Hope> Contestant Kuroiten then breaks contact with Athos's blade and sweeps his blade off to the swordsman's left with a deft, if small, circular parry.
(47m43s) Rookie Athos crosses back and re-enters en garde, smiling with real pleasure now.
(47m33s) <ROGUE> Civilian Escemfer wonders how long this fight can go on. . . Not that she's bored, but sooner or later one of the men must slip up or get tired. . .
(46m26s) <Hope> Contestant Kuroiten does something risky: with a spin that places his blade in neuvieme, he disengages from Athos's attack and finds himself facing the musketeer's left side, their blades at right angles.
(46m23s) <SWEET> Contestant Giuseppe Lorenzo lands on the bartop quietly, watching the swordplay with intrigue.
(45m30s) Rookie Tobias will wait at least until the end of the duel before trying to figure things out again. No one seems willing to help while it's going on. Besides, who else back home can claim to have seen this.
(44m54s) Rookie Athos drops immediately, almost to one knee, slashing down in Septime. The men end up corps-a-corps, both tips wedged downward.
(43m27s) Rookie Athos smiles up at Kuroiten and tries to glide upward. Angle's poor.
(43m9s) <Hope> Count de Reynard Joshua bows politely to Skidge and Escemfer taking Escmefer, shakes Xane's hand. "It's been a wonderful time, I'll see you around again very soon." and walks out with a certain bounce in his step.
(42m12s) <DICE> Librarian Skidge isn't sure who to cheer for. She's enjoying herself immensely, though. "End it, Athos!" "Do him the honor of disarming him!" Well. At least her companions have no issues regarding loyalty.
(41m31s) <Hope> Contestant Kuroiten smiles pleasantly over the crossed blades before, snake-like, he weaves to his left and thrusts for Athos's torso, overbalancing to add distance and power to his attack.
(41m5s) Rookie Athos smiles toothily and forces backward and upward against Kuroiten's blade. His rapier is almost invisible as he flicks while retreating to Kuro's left shoulder.
(40m51s) <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe and the Furbles cheer for Kuro in a mixture of "yeah!"s chirps and clicks.
(40m25s) <ROGUE> Civilian Escemfer isn't sure if Joshua took her along or not, but if she gets a choice, she's staying right here. This show is interesting.
(40m10s) Rookie Athos aborts the flick and derobes. His turn for risky - a fleche at his off-balance opponent.
(38m38s) <ROGUE> Civilian Escemfer hopes Athos is derobing in the 'shedding of clothes' way, because that would be neat!
(38m15s) Aramis raises an eyebrow, hissing. Interesting indeed!
(37m33s) <Hope> Contestant Kuroiten extends his left arm back, straightening his body and pulling his shoulder out of harm's way as he flicks the tip of his rapier over Athos's head and at his own exposed left shoulder.
(35m57s) Rookie Athos moves fast enough to avoid the flick. Passe and spin, and he's facing Kuroiten from the other side - in octave, strangely.
(30m13s) <Hope> Contestant Kuroiten lands in a crouch and, in a desperate attempt to remain covered, switches hands and rotates on the spot, staying low and sweeping Athos's blade high.
(28m45s) Rookie Athos sees his chance and redoubles - a quick engage-disengage, then a lunge! His blade is aimed directly for Kuroiten's chest, and Kuroiten pulls a fast upward parry just in time. . .
(27m56s) Rookie Athos forces his bell down, tip up, and his momentum carries him forward into Kuroiten as the Narrator's blade is forced down. . .
(26m56s) Porthos hoots! "Risky! Get him, cease your toying!"
(26m47s) Rookie Athos shouts "ARGH!"
(26m20s) <Hope> Contestant Kuroiten grimaces as the cork tip grazes his sternum. . .but smiles when he feels his own snag on the musketeer's flesh at the same time.
(25m19s) Rookie Athos smiles, his tip lodged against the Narrator's chest. . . and then looks down. His opponent's tip is pressed firmly into his thigh. He looks up to meet Kuroiten's eyes, then steps back.
(24m32s) Rookie Athos looks like he is on the edge of bursting into laughter, but he turns to Skidge, raising an eyebrow. Is the lady satisfied?
(24m23s) <DICE> Librarian Skidge cheers. "Oh, well done!" "Well played, sir!" "An honorable end!"
(23m37s) <DICE> Librarian Skidge 's been satisfied for hours now. Of course, now there's been swordplay. She cocks an eyebrow herself.
(23m28s) <ROGUE> Civilian Escemfer applaudes loudly. "Good match!"
(23m19s) Rookie Athos does laugh aloud, now, and strides to Kuroiten, offering a hand.
(23m9s) <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe claps, aplauding the show, immediately before passing out. Apparently he was more tired than he thought. All of the furbles scurried out of the way on time, but Geiger chose to climb onto Xane's back.
(22m33s) <SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe and settles there for a nap. Were he still awake, he would wish everyone good night and farewell.
(22m28s) <ROGUE> Returning Contestant Neeip smiles and applauds, impressed by the fight. Masters indeed!
(22m26s) <Hope> Contestant Kuroiten stands from the crouch he was in and raises his blade in a salute. "It was my honor to cross steel with you, messieur," he says before whipping his blade down to his right and bowing.
(22m6s) <DICE> Librarian Skidge can wait. The other two also join in on the congratulations. Handclasps all around.
(21m19s) Rookie Athos acknowledges the bow, but grabs the Narrator's hand to shake, then pulls the man into a rough hug. "Well done, sir, well done!"
(21m5s) <Hope> Contestant Kuroiten takes the outstretched hand with a smile and a firm handshake. Steely, who had been sitting atop the Narrator's shoulder the entire time, pipes in relief. Too many close calls.
(20m6s) <Hope> Contestant Kuroiten exhales in surprise at the hug, but returns it all the same. His furble sniffs at Athos, chirping under his breath to himself.
(18m37s) Rookie Athos demands, "Come drink, come drink with us!"
(17m21s) <Hope> Contestant Kuroiten smiles and sheathes his sword in his belt. "The pleasure would be mine, sir." On the way over to the bar, he produces the bottomless jug of root beer he discovered.

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