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Staffed by the charming and extremely efficient Elessa, the Bank of Improbable offers reliable access to travelers' finances. This is the place to go to deposit requisition1) for safekeeping, withdraw req, take out a loan2)3) or transfer req to less fortunate contestants4). Deposits earn interest at the start of each day, with a minimum of 1% and a maximum of 5%. If you're really really rich, the bank won't give interest. Like the Lodge, the Bank has an outpost in each major city, and all of them are identical, down to the same jet black marble counter tops mined from a quarry near the central lake.

1) Also called 'req' by experienced contestants who are too darned lazy to say the full word.
2) Which was a very handy option, since buying armor and weapons can be expensive, or as they say in the colonies, pricey, or spendy.
3) not anymore, nope
4) Because of rampant fraud on the Island, the amount of req that can be transferred during any one day or to any one player is significantly limited. Wouldn't you rather take them to dinner instead?
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