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A Page for the Clan of Brave and Silly Explorers! More to come!

What Is a Brave and Silly Explorer you ask? It doesn't take much more then the willingness to get up each and every day, look life it its ugly mug and tell it to shove off as you make it through the day, smiling all the way. We Brave and Silly Explorers have a zest for life that you won't find anywhere else on the Island; we make you look at us and wonder just what was in our coffee to make us so gung-ho about everything before we look back and answer we haven't even made coffee yet.

Clan Buff Statues:
Attack Multiplier:Not Active 150 Cigs to Activate
Defense Multiplier: Not Active 150 Cigs to Activate
HP Drain: Not Active 150 Cigs to Activate
Damage Reflection: (Level 2) 2% 75 Cigs to Upgrade to Level 2
Regeneration: (Level 5) 0.25 HP/Level 175 Cigs to Upgrade to Level 6
Duration: (Level 6) 30 Rounds 120 Cigs to Upgrade to Level 7
Current Membership: 21Total DK's: 113
Founder: Moxie!DK: 4
Leader: McDerp!DK: 8
Officer: WideningEarth!DK: 33
Officer: Jun Slater!DK: 9
Officer: Zane!DK: 7
Officer: Twitski!DK: 2
Officer: BaseBot!DK: 1
Member: Marie Lafie!DK: 17
Member: Mad Sadie!DK: 13
Member: Mr.Deltoid!DK:6
Member: Muzzle!DK: 6
Member: Talfidael!DK: 4
Member: Zackary!DK: 3
Member: Len! DK: 3
Member: Tobias!DK: 2
Member: Kieren!DK: 1
Member: Casie! DK: 0
Member: Chubs!DK:0
Member: Lucky! DK: 0
Member: Deathroseleon! DK: 0
Member: Silvermoon!Dk: 0
Moxie: The founder who's great idea lead to the creation of BASE. A fun loving and free spirit, Moxie was never one to turn down a little adventure.
WideningEarth: The second person to join BASE.
McDerp: Was the third person to join BASE, after he disbanded MDMA. Quickly becoming an Officer as the clan grew, where with the help of Shtim, Twitski and Moxie, they built what is Now BASE-Base. Moxie, needing someone to make clan decisions in her absence promoted McDerp to Leader, as she saw that he seemed right for the job. He also established the Welcoming prize for new members and the prize each member receives for bringing home a drive kill.1)2)
Shtim: Was the fourth person to join BASE, he also helped build the majority of the clan's base. He was a one of a kind person who sadly lost his battle with cancer and was forced to lay down his arms to join his brothers in the halls of Valhalla. "Ol Sneaky Bastard" Shtim will never be forgotten, the bravest of explorers. May his journey never end.
Marie Lafie:
Mad Sadie: She's a fun-loving kittymorph who enjoys cooking for others. She can usually be found in NewHome, cooking and annoying Zane.3)
Casie:Used to be a civil engineer before coming to the island. Seems fun loving and spirited.
Zane: Zane is a normal wol- ok, fine, he's a werewolf. He spends most of his time as a wolf, though. He was sent to the Island to track down and kill Sadie. ...Something went horribly wrong and they're married now.
BaseBot: Was recruited by McDerp when she answered a want ad. Serving six years in the military before coming to the Island, She seem's to have a leg up on her fellow rookies. Currently serving as secretary for the clan when not wandering around collecting cigarettes.
Chubs: Was a waitress before coming to the island. Has an appreciation for good food. Spunky!
Len: Before coming to the island, Len spent most of his free time watching anime, and reading manga and owned a successful family restaurant. Was lured into the clan with food4)
Jun Slater:
Kieren: Was a clockwork tinkerer and a soldier before the island. spends his days learning more about the world of technology around him.5) signed up on his own. through a classified ad.
1) Prize is Nicotine Gum
2) Number varies as prices vary
3) Don't let her near a barbecue
4) Who could resist?
5) And through the yars his expertise has branched out to other fields.
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