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The most powerful of all the playable races, the Batman1) is the antithesis of the Joker and becomes available when a contestant becomes so infused with Improbability that they Improbably wrap right around to probability. As such, the Batman has no real super powers.

This race becomes available to contestants upon their hundredth DriveKill if they have used every item, defeated every monster, and killed the Improbability Drive in every one of its hiding places.

In addition to decent stat buffs, the Batman has access to unique equipment, the ultimate reward for the dedicated player. This equipment includes:

Note: Playing as the (God-Damn) Batman will cause all Joker contestants in an Outpost to become murderously enraged and go into automatic attack mode, causing them to engage the Batman contestant in PvP rounds. Therefore, contestants playing as the Batman race should not enter AceHigh, the home city of the Joker population, unless they are healthy, well-armed, and ready for a fight2).

1) No copyright infringement is intended. This page is meant for humorous purposes only. Please don't sue us.
2) Or Tor, Hajen, or Agrajag *edit needed to confirm on name.*
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