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The Battle for NewHome

Wherein several battle to the death with vicious 1) 2) 3) weaponry!

The scene begins:

A Nekkid Rookie strolls into NewHome.

Sir Ordan nods his head, looking at the Rookie. "Ah, another man to join the fray, ready to fight the battles of Improbable Island and to protect its glorious cities. Welcome!" He hides a smirk

A Nekkid Rookie blinks at Ordan "I have no idea what you are on about, but Hi."

Gun Totin' Quinn is safely hidden atop Joe's Diner, having gotten many an eyeroll when Joe saw her climbing up there earlier. She got her sights trained on... oooh a Nekkid Rookie! Perfect. Locked on target... Bwoof. A foam dart flies with precision, right at the rook.

A Nekkid Rookie flails at he is struck between the eyes with a foam dart. "Gah!" He dives to the ground.

Gun Totin' Quinn also shoots one at Ordan for good measure. Perfectly harmless and all in good fun.

A Nekkid Rookie belly crawls for cover, god he hopes there is some cover around here...

Sir Ordan laughs HARD. "Welcome to NewHome boy!" He looks up at Quinn, right as the shot hits him in the armor, knocking him off his bench.

Sir Ordan yells out to the Rookie. "Scramble! Hit the dirt! Return fire!" He hides behind his bench, a rush of adrenaline hitting as he starts to throw random objects. Half eaten cheese burger, a soda can, a rock.

Gun Totin' Quinn peeks over the roof, grinning. Ordan, for his overacting, gets another dart to the chest.

Sir Ordan has the soda can he was holding shot out of his hand. He screams out SOMETHING in Scottish that doesn't sound like a nice word and ducks behind a bench and trash can.

A Nekkid Rookie scrambles for Sheila's 'borrows' a bag of cats, and is promptly overwhelmed by them when be begins to attempt to wield them "Aghh! Oww!"

Gun Totin' Quinn moves a little and fires off another dart. She's having hard time not laughing.

Sir Ordan looks at him. "Dammit rookie get your ranks in control! We need to perform a blitz maneuver! You go left, stay low, I'll go right. Cats go middle. We don't stop till we're on the roof!"

The wolfed Artist Dragon walks into newhome, stretching.

A Nekkid Rookie flails about to the left. 'His' cats swarm Dragon as he charges forward, yelling something, shaking one fist, and covering his male-bits with the other.He's probably not charging in the right direction, either

Sir Ordan goes right. "Covering fire!" He begins to throw random debris as he goes, scrambling for the wall

Gun Totin' Quinn grins as another person enters! They are promptly met with a foam dart instead of a hello. And a swarm of cats apparently. She makes a running leap to hide on Sheila's roof instead.

The wolfed Artist Dragon does a fancy parkour move to avoid the cats, but is hit with a foam dart. Which is now stuck on his chest. and he seems to not notice it.

A Nekkid Rookie's cats rampage at random. And he thuds into the bank. Oops.

Sir Ordan blinks. "Regroup! Hit the roof and follow her!" He scrambles, after a few moments, onto the rooftop. He groans as he watches his "army" disassemble themselves

A Nekkid Rookie picks himself up, and tries to hit the nearest roof, the bank, with some pebbles.

Sir Ordan curses in Scottish some more. "Ya daft man CLIMB ONTO THE ROOF!" He tries to make the jump after Quin, barely making it as he grabs the side, pulling himself up and scrambling onto the roof of Shack o Shiny.

A Nekkid Rookie mutters darkly, and scales the bank, arriving at the top he blinks around in bewilderment.

Gun Totin' Quinn grins and sticks out her tongue as she drops into an alley, taking cover there.

Sir Ordan looks around, looking over the rooftop and into the alleys below. After another few moments he points. "Over there! She's making a run fer it!" He jumps down, landing like a bag of lead bricks, five hundred pounds of armored muscle, onto the ground

A Nekkid Rookie flails and runs after! His drop into the alleyway is softened by bags of trash, and he flails around to stand.

The wolfed Artist Dragon pokes the dart, pulling it out of his fur. A game eh. He likes that. He jumps up on a roof, looking down into the alley the foam shooter went.

Sir Ordan is on her like, well, a five hundred pound guy in metal armor....he charges her, trying to grab the gun.

Gun Totin' Quinn fires off a few more darts at anyone near her before dashing to a new hiding place!

Sir Ordan holds up his arm in front of his face, actually making things worse at the bullet hits the arm guarding, knocking himself in the nose. He slides a foot and then slips backwards onto the ground, like a cartoon character stepping on a bannana peel

A Nekkid Rookie is hit by several foam darts, one in a sensitive spot, and falls to the ground with a groan.

Gun Totin' Quinn is laughing her ass off inside because the darts don't really hit with any force at all.

Sir Ordan shakes himself off and rubs his partially broken nose, now with a bit of a nasally sound in his voice. "Regroup! Grab the trashcan lids, form a wall!" He grabs three trash can lids and holds them out in front of himself

Sir Ordan gestures for rookie to do the same and stand behind him, forming a phalanx. An ancient maneuver, used for defense, great battles, and sticky darts

A Nekkid Rookie rolls to his feet, limping oddly, and grabs a lid. He's holding it rather low, though. After a moment he grabs another and holds it in front of his face. Blind? Yes. Shielded.. Maybe?

Sir Ordan rolls his eyes. "Get behind me and hold them in front of ME, it'll form a wall and we can move forward"

Johanna stumbles back in from the Jungle, a blood soaked chain saw held in one hand, dragging behind her. She heads towards the fountain and wonders if dipping into the water will ruin it.

Gun Totin' Quinn sneaks out of sight during this, taking unseen to the rooftops again and pelting the pair from above with harmless darts!

A Nekkid Rookie hnngggs, and stands behind Ordan. His arms aren't that long to he has to bend over a bit to hold the lids out, and he is nekkid, so this looks awkward.

A Nekkid Rookie cries out, "Aghh!" He drops the lids and sprints out of the alleyway.

Sir Ordan walks out into the street. A five hundred pound armored knight in armor, holding up three trashcan lids, with a A Nekkid Rookie behind him, holding up to more in front of him...he looks around for quin, just in time to get pelted in the face several time

The wolfed Artist Dragon laughs as he watches the dun battle. He also glances at Johanna.

Sir Ordan falls to the ground again with a clatter. He scrambles up, running after Rookie. "Er, yeah, retreat! RETREAT!"

Royal Xeno Consort Clue prowls into NewHome.

Johanna shrugs and thinks better of it. No point in leaving all that in the fountain. She sits down on the edge and props the chainsaw against it below her. She watches the few contestants as they dart around, wondering what's going on.

Sir Ordan walks back slowly into the main area with all the people, trying to catch his breath, covered in foamed darts...

A Nekkid Rookie is sprinting pell-mell for the jungle, but skids to a halt, stops, and stares at Clue "What the HELL!?" He turns and sprints back the other way screaming.

Sir Ordan looks at Johanna, shaking his head as he breaths in deeply. "Don't ask..."

Gun Totin' Quinn grins and starts to shoot at Clue. He played dead before. That was fun...!

Royal Xeno Consort Clue twitches as the dart hits him, then notices what it was, and throws himself to the ground, rolling around and squealing in 'pain'.

Sir Ordan blinks. "Ya coward! Ya only retreat to regroup and regain your strength! This ain't over, get back ere!"

Gun Totin' Quinn must be pleased with this, because she fires a few more darts before finding another target. Dragon again.

Johanna turns towards the squealing, and opens her eyes wide. What is that...thing? She thought the monsters had to stay out there...

A Nekkid Rookie is lost to terror as he runs squarely into a bench, flipping over it and ending up belly-up on the ground, dazed and confused.

Sir Ordan sighs. "Damn rookies, can't keep there cool in the midst of deadly combat"

Royal Xeno Consort Clue is hit by several more! <Bleargh!> He stops rolling, sticking all his limbs straight up in the air.

Gun Totin' Quinn calls down, "He's a rookie.. what did you expect?" She flat out laughs at Clue's antics, now sitting above eBoys, rifle next to her and legs hanging over the side.

Sir Ordan hadn't noticed her before and turns around. "Shit! Reform the ranks!" He looks over at rookie, grabbing him and pulling him out from under the bench

A Nekkid Rookie is dragged along, and clambers up Ordan to a stand.

The wolfed Artist Dragon looks around, and sees Quinn. so that's where the darts comes from.

Sir Ordan nods to him. "Good man! I've got an idea, but you ain't gonna like it. So that's why I ain't gonna ask ya!" He picks up Rookie and charges Quinn, holding A Nekkid Rookie up as a human shield, partially covering himself.

Gun Totin' Quinn keeps on laughing, pointing her index finger at Ordan, thumb up, pretending to shoot a gun, "Bang!"

A Nekkid Rookie screams and covers his manhood.

Sir Ordan takes that as an act of hostilities. He gets within twenty feet of Quinn and throws A Nekkid Rookie like a javelin at her.

A Nekkid Rookie screams and flies.

Gun Totin' Quinn acks, prepping to catch the poor guy. THUD! She's bowled over by the impact and the rookie probably gets a face full of.. oh wait, this is NewHome.

Royal Xeno Consort Clue twitches, he's probably snickering inside.

Sir Ordan yells up to him as he climbs up. "Ya make a better projectile than ah soldier, boy!" He hops onto the roof.

A Nekkid Rookie squirms and flails. And bubbles (what..?).

Gun Totin' Quinn pats the poor rookie on the head, grinning."Welcome to Improbable Island... Need some pants?"

A Nekkid Rookie gasps for breath, rolling off of Quinn and staring at her in a daze "I. Sorry.. You.. Wait.. What.. Darts and pebbles and.." He blinks "I am so confused... Did someone say pants?" Guess where his hand is.

Sir Ordan looks at Rookie. "Are you conspirin' with the enemy?"

Gun Totin' Quinn snickers, "Aww... you don't trust little ol' me?"

Royal Xeno Consort Clue rolls to his feet, and prowls up behind Quinn...

Sir Ordan smiles. "Not as far as I can throw ya"

A Nekkid Rookie looks to Ordan in confusion "Whaa-..." He turns back to Qui- OHMYGOD it's THAT THING again! He faints.

Gun Totin' Quinn keeps on grinning, "Mornin' Clue. How've you been?" she pats the rifle next to her as she addresses her friend.

Sir Ordan shakes his head. "Ya might as well surrender Quinn. There's two of us and Rookie. I bet he makes a pretty good bludgeoning weapon too"

Royal Xeno Consort Clue grins <Well enough, an interesting way to start the day. I'm really going to have to find something to fight back with, you've two kills on me now!>

Gun Totin' Quinn giggles, "I got it from Alice. Maybe check with her. She's got a rocket launcher. You should see how far those foam balls fly!" She's pretty sure that Clue's on her side here, but she blinks up innocently at Ordan, "Surrender? What for?"

Sir Ordan blinks. "Cause..you're outnumbered...and surrounded...."

A Nekkid Rookie is unconscious.

Sir Ordan looks at Rookie. He was actually more helpful unconscious than he was awake.

Royal Xeno Consort Clue settles down next to Quinn <Sorry, I've got to side with my Clan Founder here!>

Sir Ordan blinks. Dangit! A double cross. "Oh....ok.......in that case......SNEAK ATTACK!" He grabs rookie and starts swinging him like a nunchuck

A Nekkid Rookie is a nekkid nunchuck. SWEET. Not by his perspective though. Good thing he's still out of it.

The wolfed Artist Dragon pulls out a 50.caliber sniper from his hat. So that's where he put it. no wonder you never see it around anymore. And right now, its loaded with foam bullets. He is joining the fun.

Gun Totin' Quinn narrows her eyes a little and shimmies down from the roof, her rifle back in hand.

Royal Xeno Consort Clue snickers, wrapping his tail around the A Nekkid Rookie and lifting him into the air.

Sir Ordan looks at the monster...thing. 'Alright, I know how to use this A Nekkid Rookie...just back down now"

A Nekkid Rookie is encased in Xeno tail. And not dead. How improbable. Also useless to Ordan.

Sir Ordan blinks. "Um....er......RETREAT! COVERING FIRE!" He begins to throw random debris, jump down off the roof with a clatter.

The wolfed Artist Dragon hides on a random roof, putting in a foam magazine so that he don't have to reload. Then aims at Quinn's chest. He even puts on a red laser sight to make sure the place he aims is visible. And fires. FOAM BULLETS AWAY!

Royal Xeno Consort Clue chuckles, a strange hissing bubbling sound, sets A Nekkid Rookie down and prowls down the roof after Quinn.

Sir Ordan looks up. He was being pursued! "Dangit, retreat!" He throws a couple more soda bottles, a paper bag, and what MIGHT have been a rock as he runs out the gate.

A Nekkid Rookie blinks awake, shivers at the Xeno backside and gets up, he runs towards the nearest sane looking thing he- oh god Dragon has a gun too!

Royal Xeno Consort Clue blinks, and prowls out of NewHome.

Ms. Santa Twin Morphs Mints run in, all giggles and smiles " We did it~!"

Sir Ordan is hiding outside the gate, a rock in hand, over his shoulder and ready to throw. He grabs the twins and covers there mouths. He is crouched outside of the front gate. "Shhh shh sh...."

Gun Totin' Quinn grins, reloading her rifle and turning on Dragon, "Well hello there..."

Ms. Santa Twin Morphs Mint eeps softly and gets grabbed, staying quiet now. The kitten looks at Ordan silently..well as silently as jinglycat can. "We beat the drive.."

Sir Ordan gives a few "Shhh sh sh...they have foam guns...."

A Nekkid Rookie is startled by a white dove landing on his shoulder, he flails about and falls off the roof.

Sir Ordan blinks. "I really hope Gollia didn't do that on purpose..." He keeps his voice low, rock still in hand. Ordan is covered by a dozen or two white, sticky darts, a few on his face and jutting out his forehead.

Ms. Santa Twin Morphs Mint blinks "foam...guns?"

The wolfed Artist Dragon aims at Quinn's chest again. The red dot from the laser sight clearly showing the target. No sound came when he pulled the trigger, and the foam bullet flew fast through the air.

Gun Totin' Quinn wonders when the foam darts became sticky, but just blames Improbability. She jumps back as she's shot, firing at Dragon in return and dashing for the cover of a tree.

Ms. Santa Twin Morphs Mint cant help but giggles and poke at the darts.

Camo Guerillia Ordan sneaks through the gate as quietly as possible, trying to avoid the fire fight. He heads to A Nekkid Rookie quietly...or at least as quietly as a 500 pound metal clad man can...ninja!

Gun Totin' Quinn eeps as the bullets penetrate the leaves and pelt her. She looks for thicker cover, moving lower in the tree before firing again.

Ms. Santa Twin Morphs Mint giggles and suddenly cover him in a bush~! Spearmint nods and makes a random flower 'plosion on the left wall, trying to be distracting

The wolfed Artist Dragon flies to the right to avoid the darts, circling her while firing the foam bullets.

Camo Guerillia Ordan blinks as he is all of a sudden a walking bush. The five hundred pound armor clad bush makes his way to his fallen and totally NOT abandoned comrade. He gets to him, picking him up and pulling him into the bush.

Gun Totin' Quinn flees the cover of the tree, laying down a light cover fire as she dashes for a bench!

The wolfed Artist Dragon lands in the tree folding his wings taking cover as Quinn goes for a bench. He aims, pointing at where he thinks Quinn's chest will be when she has taken cover.

A Nekkid Rookie flails from where he is, and charges randomly.

Ms. Santa Twin Morphs Mint guggles a bit, loving when she thinks fast...but..was that...easier somehow? Spearmint (the kitty) tries to be a stealthy ninja and go over to help...but jingles her own theme music as she goes.

Gun Totin' Quinn is hit yet again as she ducks, this time clutching at her heart and falling back. No one should notice the finger still on the trigger, right?

Camo Guerillia Ordan, the five hundred pound armor clad bush, runs after the nekkid flailing rookie, trying to pull him into the depths.

The wolfed Artist Dragon jumps off the tree, landing and then doing a very brief victory dance, before heading over to Quinn. Aiming the sniper on her chest, ready to fire the shot of foamy death. totally harmless.

A Nekkid Rookie tumbles into Dragon.

Camo Guerillia Ordan, who was right behind him, also barrels into the fray, still in his 6'8' bush disguise

The wolfed Artist Dragon falls backwards from being tumbled into!

Gun Totin' Quinn doesn't move, except for breathing. Once he's close enough, she hears the rookie bumble into him, grins and pelts them all with darts, laughing.

Camo Guerillia Ordan falls down on the ground, "dead".

The wolfed Artist Dragon is covered by the rookie, taking no darts. He instantly aims for Quinn's chest and fires his last foam bullet.

Ms. Santa Twin Morphs Mint giggles a little more, waiting for her chance to strike!

A Nekkid Rookie is covered with darts, and flails on Dragon.

Camo Guerillia Ordan holds up a hand weakly. "Rose...bud..." before his hand falls back down again to his side (clad in dark green bush).

The wolfed Artist Dragon managed to fire before getting flailed at!

Gun Totin' Quinn acks, taking the last bullet right on the heart, the foam bouncing off harmlessly as she falls back 'dead'.

The wolfed Artist Dragon jumps up, landing next to Quinn.....and shuffles for 5 seconds, before helping her up.

Camo Guerillia Ordan made the biggest mistake anyone could ever do. Getting involved in a foam dart battle between a female joker and a dragon morph while trying to rescue a downed, Nekkid Rookie comrade from a giant monster in the Middle of NewHome. Happens every day...

A Nekkid Rookie is dragged along with Dragon's jump, and flails about on the ground.

Gun Totin' Quinn laughs as she helped up, "Good show, there, good show... That was just as fun as playing with Alice!"

The wolfed Artist Dragon smiles. "I try my best" He said, putting the sniper back into his cowboy hat.....wait....what? how did he.....what?

Ms. Santa Twin Morphs Mint eyes go wide, and she runs to ordan, twitching, "KHAAANNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~

Gun Totin' Quinn jumps at the yell, then slaps her knee with a grin, laughing even harder, "Gods, I've missed NewHome..."

Camo Guerillia Ordan blinks, the little green slots in the bush following his movements. He sits up, rustling, looking at the twins.

The wolfed Artist Dragon stretches. "Best way to avoid boredom. Have a fun not deadly battle to the death."

Gun Totin' Quinn says "I highly agree. It might not have been the best entrance for the rookie, but I think he enjoyed it. In the end. Maybe..." She blinks at the rookie, "Are you alright?"

Ms. Santa Twin Morphs Mint blinks and then both tackle hug him, " Ordan~! Sorry, i didn't know who was shooting, so Khan was the first name that came to my head.

Camo Guerillia Ordan continues to blink, still in the bush."Who is Khan?" He grabs the bush and rips it off, revealing him in his normal, shining armor

A Nekkid Rookie is laying on the ground, perfectly still. Whether he is operating off of If I Can't See Them They Can't See Me, or if he is just hoping they won't notice him is unsure.

The wolfed Artist Dragon gasps, pointing at the A Nekkid Rookie."Hurry Quinn! Give him Mouth to Mouth!" He says with a desperate voice, half expecting getting his ass kicked for saying it.

Ms. Santa Twin Morphs Mint blinks, "Um.. I don't.. remember.."

Gun Totin' Quinn pats the poor rookies head, "Oh he's fine. Just a bit overwhelmed."

A Nekkid Rookie realizes that they know he is there. He belly crawls away.

The wolfed Artist Dragon pouts. He was hoping she would take him seriously...

The wolfed Artist Dragon unfolds his wings,flaps with them and flies off into the sky.

Gun Totin' Quinn lets him head off, grinning to herself, and ducks into the Clan Halls.

1) Deadly those NERF guns!
2) We mean 'foam dart firing'
3) Curse you copyrights!!
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