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Oh, what's that you say? You met Beeker in game and you wanted to know his story?

Well, why didn't you ask him? Silly.

Beeker is tawny brown, with green eyes. He has a mane, like a lion, with a few beaded braids.

His fur is sleek because he keeps it meticulously brushed.

Beeker is often redolent of cooked meat and spices.

Most of the time he has an open, friendly expression.

Things Beeker is wearing: precious little, let me tell you.

  • A bandolier. Pinned onto the bandolier are a soda-can tab and his clan badge.
  • A backpack. Attached to the backpack is a little bag in which he keeps his shiny things.
  • A lavender ribbon, tied onto his tail.
  • A glass octahedron, with a little eyelet set in the top so it will fit on a string around his neck. It's hollow. Inside, there is what appears to be to be a night sky.
  • A straw boater, with a hatband striped in lavender and orange.
  • A gold wedding band, with a braided design running around it.

The shiny things are normally hidden away in the bag; but, if he should take them out to display them, they include, in addition to the things attached to his bandolier:

  • a paper pirate hat, a little crumpled
  • a joker coin
  • a copper cog
  • a bag of glitter
  • a dodecagon-shaped shard of glass
  • a hairpin
  • three carvings of obsidian: snowflake, knife, and fish
  • a piece of amethyst
  • a blue rose fashioned from paua shell
  • a broken chunk of geode, with crystals inside
  • a tooth-shaped piece of stone. It's a gargoyle's tooth, though this may not be obvious unless he tells you where he got it.
  • a purplish pebble with white streaks in it
  • a glass marble, sparkly, yellow, with green stripes that fade to brass halfway along their length
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