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Beltaine: The spring festival

Location: The Swamp

The scene

Clansman SinkOrSwim hurries back and forth, prepping the fires, sorting the food and the booze out, and generally fettling.
The Torchbearer appears on the porch.
Clansman SinkOrSwim wanders out of the living room to see the looming red-robed figure. "You're early" He says.
The Torchbearer nods, silently.
Kestrel is possibly early. She never did get the hang of these different sleeping patterns. She also has her hands firmly clamped over her ears, ignoring the low rumbles of nearby Titans.
Kestrel is also attempting to hide, behind the front door, because she has the vague feeling that she's interrupted something secret.
Clansman SinkOrSwim looks over at Kes. "Ah, you're early too. Brilliant. Can you just keep an eye on the place while I nip up to IC for some provisions?"
The Torchbearer turns, slowly, regarding Kes from under his hood. The robe moves slowly, inclined as in a small bow.
Kestrel looks a little flustered, and returns the bow to the Torchbearer, before replicating the gesture towards Sink. "Of course. No secret passageways or pet crocodiles I'll need worry about?"
Clansman SinkOrSwim thinks between the hiding Kes and the silent robed bloke with the torch, the place is probably safe. He grabs his jacket and runs out onto the beach, hoping to avoid any bloody titans.
Clansman SinkOrSwim waves behind him as he goes "NO! And the only dangerous stuff is safely locked away!"
Kestrel is left with just the silent robed person for company, and she very much doubts that he'll want to be engaged in conversation. She remains silent, studying the ceiling.
The Torchbearer regards Kes. As his face is covered, you cannot see whether he is smiling or not. He places his torch carefully down in a convenient holder and takes a seat in one of the rocking chairs.
Kestrel is being regarded, she can tell. "Nice place, this," she mumbles, before clearing her throat self-consciously.
The Torchbearer nods.
Clansman SinkOrSwim wanders back in, and deposits the food for the night on the table. None of it's good for you, but that's Beltaine for you. He looks over at Kes, grinning. "Did you get a word out of him, then?"
Kestrel shakes her head, smile a little exasperated. "No, nothing at all. Is that, ah, normal for him?"
Clansman SinkOrSwim shrugs. "I dunno, I've no idea who he is. He not a friend of yours?"
Kestrel pauses, glancing back to the silent person. "I did have a mute friend, at some point, but I don't think this is him. So. . . you didn't invite him?"
The Torchbearer turns his hood to face SinkOrSwim. The expression underneath could be anything from perplexity to amusement. Who knows?
Clansman SinkOrSwim shakes his head and looks perplexed himself. "No, he just appeared. It's a good costume though, whoever he is. Where's yours Kes?"
Clansman SinkOrSwim looks back, a little more closely, and realises Kes IS in costume. Doh. . .
Kestrel glances down at herself, sheepish. "Um, here? I really didn't have the foggiest what to wear." Well, she thought it looked vaguely druidic, at least.
Clansman SinkOrSwim mutters an apology. He's not been paying too much attention to anything recently. "Talking of which, I just need to go sort mine out. Back in 2 secs. You two behave yourselves, alright?"
Kestrel sincerely doubts that their mute friend will cause much trouble. Nonetheless, she keeps a close eye on him, metaphorically, while she re-ties her jacket.
The Torchbearer turns back towards Kes, the hood shaking as if he's finding something amusing.
Kestrel grins over to him as she finishes. "Just one word?" she pleads. "Just the one, and I promise not to tell anyone else."
The Torchbearer raises a hand, placing it to where his lips probably are. The hood is shaken from side to side, and he taps his wrist with two fingers, as if to say "later"
Kestrel fights back the urge to treat this as a game of charades, and merely nods. She fidgets with her fingers a little, then kneels down where she is, watching the entrance.
Clansman SinkOrSwim strides back along the beach, Black Watch kilt swinging freely. He jumps up the two steps to the porch and grins. "And in this season's best fashion tips, the Highlander look. . ."
The Torchbearer turns his hood to regard SinkOrSwim, looking him up and down. The hood commences shaking in mirth again, though still no sound escapes.
Kestrel blinks a few times, mildly surprised. "Hmm. Nice colour, actually, but. . . I have to ask what you've done with your skin."
Clansman SinkOrSwim raises an eyebrow. "It's woad, m'dear. My skin is underneath it. I'm not a Joker remember? I can't do things with my skin. . ."
Kestrel waves a hand dismissively. "Neither can I, without tattoos. Although woad sounds a heck of a lot less painful than that." She throws a sideways glance to the shaking hood.
Clansman SinkOrSwim grins. "I'm never quite sure what people can and can't do. Or what he's finding so funny. . ."
Kestrel grins ruefully. "Possibly our costumes?" she suggests. "You've probably done your research, but I just grabbed the first things I found that looked almost right."
Clansman SinkOrSwim smiles. "You look fine. I had gear like this back home, so it's not so much costume as old clothes"
Kestrel slides her eyes back to the Torchbearer. "Our accents, then? Can you do a decent Irish one?" She can't help but wonder why he would dress up like this 'back home', but leaves that query for now.
Clansman SinkOrSwim chuckles, and sings quietly "Ta an dorachadas ag teacht anuas. Tar abhaile liom a gra."
Kestrel tries her best not to look sulky, and mostly manages, grin spreading. "You'll have to do the talking for the both of us, then. Like a ventriloquist, maybe."
Son of Zimmer & TreacleMoon pulls to halt outside of the Swamp.
Clansman SinkOrSwim grins. "It's an old song from back home. I don't speak much Eirse, a little Gaelic, no Bretagne or Normand, a tiny bit of Cymraig, but a lot of Cumbrian English. All Celtic in their own way"
Clansman SinkOrSwim sees a cloud of smoke, dust and skidding tyres that marks the arrival of SNUV. He smiles at the hyperactive buggy. Long time no see.
Kestrel looks at worriedly at the sound from outside. "That's an impressive collection," she comments absently. "Best I can do is one word in Welsh and a few scraps of Japanese."
Clansman SinkOrSwim shrugs "They're just scraps. I speak English and German and scraps of a few other bits"
Son of Zimmer & TreacleMoon blinks its headlamps, anyone with a Boy Scout in their history would know it's morse code, "MRBRND trppd by titarse. Cannt come. Verdispoint Versad" The creature hisses on its own hydraulics
Son of Zimmer & TreacleMoon seems to have its attention taken up by the flickering embers flying into the night, and he bounces, leaps, lands and bounces again in trying to catch one in his radiator. . .
Kestrel worries about what on earth is wrong with that poor. . . that poor. . .. Her mind stops scanning for a word to describe it. Kes, oddly enough, has had no boy scout training.
Clansman SinkOrSwim grins slightly sadly at SNUV. "Shame, but thanks for letting me know."

The Neid-Fires

The Torchbearer stands, as if now must be the time. He pick up his torch and walks to the two piles of wood and circles each, anticlockwise, three times. On the third pass, he touches the torch to the pile,
The flames spring forth, the Neid-fires are lit, and Beltaine begins.
The Torchbearer takes his lit torch and walks towards the house.
Clansman SinkOrSwim stands, nodding to The Torchbearer and walks to the Woodshed door. He removes a small key from his pocket and opens the lock, allowing the robed figure inside.
Kestrel quickly scrambles to her feet, not wanting to be the only one sitting. She watches them both uncertainly, but remains silent as she observes.
His Mad Madness MadMad enters the swamp, dressed in an extremely dark green and black druid cape. His face has been blackened, his gloves are black and his staff is. . . black.
His Mad Madness MadMad s in fact almost indiscernable from the swamp background!
The Torchbearer steps across the porch to the Woodshed

Something in the Woodshed
Back to the Porch

His Mad Madness MadMad bids the attendees a polite "hello" with a deep dark voice. . .
Kestrel goes to tip her hat to MadMad, but ends up pulling the hood over her face, instead. She quickly shifts it back into position, watching the door to the Woodshed closely.
Clansman SinkOrSwim turns, and bows to MadMad. "Squire. Many thanks for coming. Welcome to the humble Swamp."
The Torchbearer disappears momentarily, and then the sounds of hissing steam and boiling brew begin to be heard. He returns to the porch, steps to a corner and stands, silent, waiting for his next duty.
His Mad Madness MadMad nods to Kestrel, bows to SinkOrSwim and answers "I'm very grateful for the invitation. . ."
Clansman SinkOrSwim nods to the red-robed stranger, and pokes his head round the Woodshed door. Ah. Perfect. . .
Clansman SinkOrSwim turns back to MadMad. "It seems many have been delayed by the onslaught of a couple of Titans. In the mean time, help yourself to food and drink. The special will be a short while, though."
Clansman SinkOrSwim pours himself a large mug of mead, hacks a chunk of pork off the hog roast, and gestures to everyone else to do the same should they so desire. No standing on ceremony here!
His Mad Madness MadMad "I heard the titan pass, but I was far enough not to be troubled by it. And my curiosity being dark, I'll wait for the special!
Kestrel sidles over to the table, and examines the various foodstuffs with obvious curiosity. Kagero settles the problem of deciding for her by blowing a large patch of ash onto one of the tattie scones.
Clansman SinkOrSwim grins at MadMad. "An excellent choice, sir. Please feel free to mooch around and investigate. I'll try and sort some appropriate music for the evening."
Clansman SinkOrSwim pads to the living room, to retrieve the Wireless and try and convince it to play something right for once.
Kestrel shuffles the scone-like thing over to her left hand, then offers her right to the kittymorph. "Kestrel, Kes for short, terminally confused and pleased to meet you, sir."
Clansman SinkOrSwim pads back, the old wooden crystal set under his arm. He places it down and clicks a dial round a couple of notches. Quiet static hisses from the aging speaker, then a strain of Celtic music
. . .Comhla rium / A tha thu an drasd / Mo shuilean duinte, mo chuimhne dan / Nam sheasamh a' coimhead / ach cnoc is gach traigh / Is an siol a dh'fhag thu ann a 'fas. . .
His Mad Madness MadMad politely accepts Kes' hand, pulls it up and slightly bows to gallantly kiss it. "Nice to meet you, Kes. Most call me Mad and I'm as hat as a mad. . ."
Red Man Teh Dave bounces in, dropping a huge burlap sack bursting with stone outside the door, and carrying a single stone inside. He grins about to everyone. "Hullo folks."
Clansman SinkOrSwim spots a Red Man approaching, and wanders over to give said Red Man a large hug. "Hello kid. Good of you to make it." he beams.
Red Man Teh Dave has, admittedly, based his costume on a vaguely loose understanding of the idea, read quickly from a book found in a library, that could have been wrong.
Kestrel was expecting a mere handshake, but isn't planning to complain. "Well," She says, taking her hand back. "Sanity is overrated, Mad, so count yourself lucky!"
Red Man Teh Dave grins, and returns the hug after dropping the stone by the fire. "Sorry I'm late, I remembered to bring the requested stone for my seat." And a few more for the extension.
His Mad Madness MadMad 's gaellic is insufficient to understand what is being sung, but he vaguely recognizes Runrig's apple chant. . .
Kestrel waves a greeting to a very embarassed-looking Dave. It takes her a few moments to recognise that colour as dyed fur.
Red Man Teh Dave grins widely to Kes, and slips over to offer a hug. He'd promise not to pick any pockets, but alas, he can't tonight. "Good to see you, Kes."
Kestrel accepts the hug, doubling it with one of her own. "Good to see you too, Dave." Luckily, she's chosen a pocket-less and completely impractical dress for this occasion.
Clansman SinkOrSwim nods to MadMad. "An ubhal as airde. The highest apple." He notes the hugs pile of boulders, now strewn near the fire. "Thanks Dave. You haven't, by any chance, been woodworking around here?"
His Mad Madness MadMad grins back at Kestrel, murmuring something about insanity being normal, the world being abnormal and good old galantry and chivalrous politeness being unexpected.
Red Man Teh Dave 's hands return empty, except for a mug of mead and a plate of meats, which seem to have been drawn from Kestrel's jacket. He sips at the mead happily. "Hrmm. . .s'good."
Red Man Teh Dave shakes his head at Sink. "Unfortunately no. Most of my deforestation is over, surprisingly enough, by the AIB tree fortress." He grins at the mild irony.
His Mad Madness MadMad nods to Teh Dave, and utters a spell under his breath that will guarantee a very nasty though hilarious surprise to any pickpockets trying to pick his pockets.
Kestrel helps herself to a piece of meat from Dave's plate, starting on it with a slight lack of table manners. "Gallantry and chivalry? Unexpected, but not forgotten, thank goodness."
Clansman SinkOrSwim looks perplexed. "Someone finished an entire room. I'd felled the timber, but I came back down from the Halls to an entire new room. I'd like to thank whoever it was!!"
Red Man Teh Dave 's hands are, for the moment, full, so alas, he won't be able to find out the results of the spell. He inclines his head to MadMad. "Don't believe we've met. I'm Dave, a Red Man for the evening."
Clansman SinkOrSwim chuckles at the suggestions "Chivalry is not dead. It's just fat, lazy, and sleeping it off somewhere warm."
Red Man Teh Dave munches on a bit of mutton, tilting his head at Sink. "I think I saw him in a hammock on the beach, other day."
His Mad Madness MadMad We may or may not have met, Dave. My memory is just too dark and insane to remember it corectly or incorrectly!
Kestrel grins wryly over to Sink. "And who can blame him? There's a fine line between 'chivalry' and sexism, anyway - it can be frustrating at times."
The Torchbearer moves, slowly, from the corner. He walks to the table, cuts a hunk of rib beef, and returns to his post. The ribs slowly disappear inside the hood, without the normal accompanying sounds.
His Mad Madness MadMad "Galantry and chivalry are old - almost as forgotten as the druidic arts themselves. But whom am I to complain about modern vices?
Red Man Teh Dave could complain about vices all day, but those mostly the cheap ones found in the Bingo Hall workshops. How he manages to break so many he'll never find out.
His Mad Madness MadMad makes a small chant and floats in a sitting position against a tree. "I can extend the spell to a large bench if anyone else wants a seat. . ."
His Mad Madness MadMad "Dave, I've heard many times about those bingo halls, but I haven't had the opportunity to visit them. Would you mind telling me where they can be found?
Kestrel chuckles, declining the offer with a polite headshake. She would try something similar herself, but it would most likely go completely and utterly wrong for her.
His Mad Madness MadMad blows the correct "floating bench" spell as a bubble in the air, and directs it discreetly to Keses left ear.
Kestrel feels something very odd near her left ear, but stays perfectly still, curiosity overriding her mild annoyance.
Red Man Teh Dave downs his mead and pokes at the bubble offhandedly, grinning at MadMad. "North of IC. Bring a map." It won't help.
Clansman SinkOrSwim grins at MadMad "1 klick north of IC. You can't miss it. It spans timezones."
Kestrel offers, "It spans world, as well. Last I checked, we had some kind of portal filled with hoodies. Great fun to tease, the poor things."
The wireless crackles again, a new tune . . .Our thrissles flourish'd fresh and fair, And bonie bloom'd our roses; But Whigs cam like a frost in June, An wither'd a our posies. . .
His Mad Madness MadMad "To think I'm in IC every day to rent building equipment. . . I should have a look to further study human vice. That's exactly why there is a Dark Room in The PartyZone!
Clansman SinkOrSwim raises an eyebrow. "Awa' Whigs awa' ? Hmm. . ."
Son of Zimmer & TreacleMoon doesn't hold with all of these songs, but he sees some people he's never seen before, he thunders over and thrusts his enormous bumper-head into the lap of MadMad.
Son of Zimmer & TreacleMoon blinks up at MadMad, and his brakes whine, there's a hiss from his hydraulics as he nuzzles in.
Clansman SinkOrSwim watches SNUV in amusement. He's a fondness for the big lunatic machine. And it's obviously taken a shine tae the Mad 'yin.
His Mad Madness MadMad is surprised with Son's unexpected gift. He carefully takes it between his hands, blows on it, presses it together, whispers to it and opens his hands to reveal a small swarm of dragonflies!
Red Man Teh Dave grins at SNUV and leans over to pat his side mirror happily. "Hullo there, haven't seen you since Yuletime."
Son of Zimmer & TreacleMoon notices Sink! WHY! He hadn't RECOGNISED him dressed as a WOMAN. He canters over, knocking over tea sets, guitars and a framed picture of Mantovani, OOPS! He nudges Sink-lady with his head-bumper!
Kestrel glances up from the Thing at Dave's words, making connections quickly in her mind. She reaches over, and gives it a fond pat on an acceptable-seeming area.
His Mad Madness MadMad whispers a green chant to SNUV's ear which will make his exhaust fumes much more ecologically acceptable.
Son of Zimmer & TreacleMoon now sees Dave, and he begins to canter impressively around the room, getting under everyone's feet. A fine job for a three tonne vehicle, there's a high pitched whine from his jet engines.
Clansman SinkOrSwim pats SNUV happily on the bonnet. "Noo then wain, wha's y'on? Ye's fettled reet there, see you'se. Right enough."
Son of Zimmer & TreacleMoon bumps into Dave, trying to get him to play. His headlamps flicker morse code, "PLAYWIMEMRDAVEPLAYWIMEMRDAVE." How can you possibly not? Snuv wonders why green gas is emanating from. . .
Son of Zimmer & TreacleMoon 's exhaust-sphincter. For some reason, SNUV begins to feel lethargic, as though he hasn't quite the same fuel-air mixture coursing through his fuel lines, and there's a groaning noise coming out.
Red Man Teh Dave blinkblinks at SNUV, and dances around the smoke, trying to keep his rapidly dwinding plate of meat out of the stuff. "You alright there, SNUV? What's wrong?"
The Torchbearer steps forward, and nods to SinkOrSwim, then towards the door. He picks up a glass jug, drains its contents into where a mouth should be, if there is one under the robe, and steps toward the Woodshed
Son of Zimmer & TreacleMoon blinks weakly at Dave, his poor headlamps, they're as dull as an episode of CSI New York. There's barely a couple of candlepower being burned, less, perhaps. WWWWWwaaaaoooohhhhsssss.
Kestrel coughs a little at the sudden green gas, or possibly smoke, and sidesteps to save herself from the worst of it. She watches anxiously, now, gathering that the others are quite fond of it.
Clansman SinkOrSwim notes the movement of the red-robed stranger and follows.
His Mad Madness MadMad starts to sway back and forth, trying to call the fairies to appear at this gathering. However the outcome is unsure as he has seen wherewolves appear too when trying to summon fairies!
Red Man Teh Dave would note that the werewolf just went into the Wood Shed.

More wood for the fires, my neighbours

His Mad Madness MadMad fades away as he is being summoned to witness something quite intelligent. But do know that he will reappear!
Clansman SinkOrSwim appears out of the Woodshed. Is that sufficient? He's carrying a jug of red liquid, and smiling.
Red Man Teh Dave peers at the liquid curiously, setting the now empty plate aside, and alighting on the railing, tail twitching.
Kestrel flicks worried eyes over to the jug, now. Either it's a new and improved fuel for Snuvvy here, or they'll be expected to drink it.
Red Man Teh Dave hopes it's both.
The Torchbearer follows behind SinkOrSwim, but turns and walks into the house, headed for the kitchen.
Kestrel gives the side of her head a gentle bonk, then turns her her attention back to the goings on here.
Red Man Teh Dave 's eyes follow The Torchbearer, then return to Sink. He leans over to Kes. "Any idea what's going on? I've never celebrated Beltane before. . ."
Clansman SinkOrSwim thinks Kes shouldn't be bonking her head in public. That could be construed as a bit rude
Kestrel whispers back, "Neither've I. I'm just hoping they don't expect any sacrifices at all. I'm rather fond of my fingers, thank you very much."
The Torchbearer returns from the house and places two objects on the table. One, a quaich. Two, a funnel.
Earth Mage Paul Lo pokes in. And Freezes. So many meat bags.
Red Man Teh Dave nodnods. "And I've no one available I wouldn't miss. . ." He waves his tail at Paul, and eyes the cup and funnel warily, almost feeling like he's back in college. . .
Son of Zimmer & TreacleMoon groans from the corner, well, it's not SNUV so much as one of his fuel pipes.
Jokerbot g_rock thinks Kes can bonk her head wherever she wants. Also, he arrives, new tattoos shimmering in the evening light "Slainte Chugat!"
Red Man Teh Dave crouches on the porch railing percariously, still peering at the Quaich, Funnel, and Liquid curiously. His tail waves at G and Dex.
Earth Mage Paul Lo scratches one of his own ears. He searches for princesses.
Kestrel thinks that Sink should keep his dirty comments to himself. And flying pigs would be somewhat nice, too. She throws a wave to Paul and G, smiling.
Yellow Jacket Spandex lands in the ear of one certain Earth Mage. Tells him where fertile maidens lay.
Earth Mage Paul Lo mumbles about a certain Miskatonic book that seemed amusing, them remembers the place. Where is Sink?
Son of Zimmer & TreacleMoon shuts himself down, until that foul green fuel decomposes a bit further, and turns itself into pure alcohol. His headlamps blink once in greeting and then - a flicker of diodes, and sleep
Jokerbot g_rock waves vaguely to all assembled, then specifically to Kes, then Paul, then Dave, then Snuv
Clansman SinkOrSwim is right here, what's Paul playing at? He grins around, welcoming the newcomers, and makes ready with the quaich
Earth Mage Paul Lo wants fertile lands and maidens separately. His ears rubs a little bean.
Earth Mage Paul Lo notices that the friendly furman changed clothes. That's good.
Red Man Teh Dave changed clothes too. Er. . .he took a bath in cherry juice. And isn't wearing his coat.
Nuncle Tor NaGoth pops in through a convenient window, "Is something wrong with SNUV? I thought I heard a moaning fuel line?"
Clansman SinkOrSwim doesn't care if his maidens are infertile, it saves ending up with any pups running around. "Evening all. Please, pull up a rock/pew/person to sit on, pass the quaich, and help yourself to food"
Red Man Teh Dave waves to the Nuncle, shrugging. "Think he's had some bad fuel, sounds like."
Kestrel also waves to Tor, and repeats the motion tentatively to what could possibly be a bee, still watching the jug as she does so.
Yellow Jacket Spandex is a six feet length of bean in leather with a sharp blade held near to her abdomen. "whats'it Little Brother? Seeking flowers?"
Earth Mage Paul Lo is confused, now. Less than usual.
Nuncle Tor NaGoth examines the dozing GEBOB critically, then peers into his fuel tank with an articulated penlight, "Aha!"
Earth Mage Paul Lo replies softly with, "Not for now, but I do have found a Little princess. Hello, dear."
Earth Mage Paul Lo noticed that Tor was on the clan register. That was not an error, then; good thing it's not Midget Tor.
Jokerbot g_rock grins and plops down on the edge of the porch, not far from Sink and what appears to be drinking apparatus "Man' thanks t'ye, sirrah. Whot's te be eten 'roun' 'ere?"
Clansman SinkOrSwim pours the new brew into the quaich, raises the cup two-handed to his lips, and closes his eyes. He takes a slow sip, and mutters words of meaning.
Earth Mage Paul Lo liked the meat, but's it's not easy to appreciate your meal when it doesn't stop swearing.
Nuncle Tor NaGoth fishes in the pockets of his tweed coat until he comes up with a tin flask of something blue. He shakes the flask. . . takes a small taste, then nods and dumps it into SNUV's tank.
Kestrel pulls herself up a handy patch of air, which she perches on, attention caught between the main crowd of people and the mysterious jug of red liquid.
Red Man Teh Dave peers at the cup, and holds his hands out curiously. He'll bite.
Nuncle Tor NaGoth remarks, "That should help break down that nasty green stuff. I do hope I got the dosage right. . . not quite sure what too much Blue might do. . ."
Jokerbot g_rock is interruptastic! He waits patiently for Sink to finish the ceremonies.
Clansman SinkOrSwim sighs "When fu'st I cem unto this land, an't roads lay bare afore me, and the miles and miles o' eagle-feather wind blew thru the singin' valley, if I'd seen then we're we are noo, wid my path. . ."
Nuncle Tor NaGoth shrugs, and turns his attention to the jug as well, "Wot's all this?" he asks, curiously.
Clansman SinkOrSwim ". . . ha' been a straight 'un, intae the heart o' the nameless wild, tae live an sleep, not lonely, but alone." He opens his eyes, passes the cup to Dave, and grins.
Yellow Jacket Spandex flys-by Tor. Hrmmm, she thinks, and nicks the blue. She's built for it, you see.
Red Man Teh Dave is curious, himself. He's patiently waiting for his turn at the cup. Although he might be leaning a bit too far over the railing. His tail, thankfully, is wrapped around it for balance.
Red Man Teh Dave takes the cup and raises it. "Er. . .L'chaim." And takes a draught.
Clansman SinkOrSwim nods back. "Slainte!"
Red Man Teh Dave passes the cup back to Sink for a refill. He'd wipe some spilled brew from his chin, but you'd hardly be able to tell.
Clansman SinkOrSwim pours more, grinning
Nuncle Tor NaGoth is distracted by a buzzing from his pocket. He curses silently and vanishes.
White Warrior Woman Ari darts in at a run "I made it!"
Red Man Teh Dave is once again amid the meats on the table, grinning and picking at this or that, handing out mead to the other revelers. He might be starting to get into his role here. Trickster, eh?
Earth Mage Paul Lo has some good honey candies in his pockets. . .
Jokerbot g_rock holds his hand out to Dave for the cup when he's done
Red Man Teh Dave realizes he's holding the quaich in his tail, and deposits it in G's hands with a nod, then a mug of mead in Ari's hands, and a kiss. "Hullo beautiful."
Clansman SinkOrSwim is contemplating the new brew. A sweetness, in amongst the smoke. A touch of heather, a hint of cinnamon, and a definite warmth. Beltaine Brewed. It's good.
Kestrel offers a silent nod to Ari, but is watching closely, not wanting to make any mistakes when it comes to her.
Yellow Jacket Spandex dives in and around Dave, tickling, waggling and hovering. She kisses his nose.
His Mad Madness MadMad shimmers back into existence - hoping he's in time for the special, and greets apologetically a "hello again" before resuming his floating seat. . .
Earth Mage Paul Lo stares. At the brew.
Clansman SinkOrSwim grins at Paul. "Good to see you, Mage. It's been a while."
Jokerbot g_rock takes a slug from the quaitch and passes it to Madmad "Tis a guid brew, an' nae m'stakin!"
Red Man Teh Dave laughs at the tickling, and pokes Dex back.
Earth Mage Paul Lo nods at Sink. "And less so that I saw you, but it's still good to see you."
Yellow Jacket Spandex is wondering why everyone is all up the extra-vowels. She sits on g and whispers with sharp-sworded-abdomen, "whatsit?"
Red Man Teh Dave thinks it's an accent thing. He's not prone to accents, though.
White Warrior Woman Ari waves to Kestrel "Hi! You look pretty, I like your dress"
Clansman SinkOrSwim nods back. He looks to the Jokerbot next. "A new tartan, G? Clan GERM? I couldnae find a sample, so I'm stuck wi' my old regimental Black Watch. The still's comin' on a tonne though."
Kestrel grins sheepishly over to Ari. "Thank you! Didn't have the foggiest what to wear, but this seemed okay enough. I love your outfit, too."
Red Man Teh Dave makes a mental note to swap tartans around later. And sporrans. Should be wonderful fun.
Jokerbot g_rock grins at Dex, poking one of her antennae with one finger "It's gettin' intae char'cter, aye? Ef yoor guine ta party, ye may as will dae't righ, aye?""
His Mad Madness MadMad gratefully takes a sip from the brew, and instructs the cup to float to Ari. . .
Clansman SinkOrSwim laughs, voice as thick as a Glasgae ned "Aye hen, yi's goat tae git it reet, aye?"
Red Man Teh Dave looks around for the Goat. If Damnit's around, means less meat for the living, he thinks.
Red Man Teh Dave shoos the Italics gremlin out, resisting the urge to get it drunk first.
White Warrior Woman Ari looks down "It's just a sheet but I didn't know what else to use and its white and I like it" she smiles brightly "I am part of the May Queen's entourage"
Ebenezer wanders in. There is an Escemfer on his shoulders.
White Warrior Woman Ari catches a floating cup and peers at it then shrugs and tries the contents
Earth Mage Paul Lo doesn't know any May Queen. Nor why honey makes such a good bear bait.
Kestrel looks mainly blank at her words, but smiles nonetheless, with a cheery wave over to Ebenezer and Escemfer. She really should have researched this more.
Clansman SinkOrSwim looks at Paul, as if he can mindread "Ye dinnae want hunny fer baitin' bears? A rottweiler's loads be'er"
Lively Escemfer waves to Kestrel, looking around with interest. "This is a cool party," she says to Ebenezer.
Jokerbot g_rock smiles broadly at Sink. He drops the accent, a piss-poor imitation as it is. "That tartan's all I could find on short notice. Old shop blanket, to be honest. The ink's all original, though."
Red Man Teh Dave grins, gives His consort a quick kiss, then bounces over to greet Ebenezer and Esc with a hug each.
His Mad Madness MadMad snaps his fingers and a myriad of marsh fires appear, dancing between all the guests' heads. . .
White Warrior Woman Ari admires the kilted fellows
Earth Mage Paul Lo shrugs at Sink's drawling. "But bear roasted on honey tastes so good."
White Warrior Woman Ari is kissed by one of the roguish red men, gasp!
Ebenezer enghs! Stiffly, he says, "Hello, Dave."
Clansman SinkOrSwim looks at G. "It's a damn good effort, mate." Shit, his accent slipped too. He stands, and bows to Eb and Esc. "Welcome to Beltaine, both. Come join, take a seat and help yourselves"
Lively Escemfer beams. "Hi, Dave! What's this party for?"
Red Man Teh Dave grins up at Esc. "Beltane. It's. . .erm. . .a festival. . .of. . .er. . ." He shrugs. He honestly doesn't know, but drinking was promised.
His Mad Madness MadMad bows a respectful greeting to Ebenezer and Escelfer.
Kestrel considers the cup in Ari's hands for a moment, and the fact that no-one seems to have dropped dead from it yet, and reaches her hands out to accept it from her.
White Warrior Woman Ari wonders what she is drinking
Jokerbot g_rock grins "I brought a gift." he spreads hawthorne branches across the front of the steps, to ward off evil
White Warrior Woman Ari hands the cup to Kestrel
His Mad Madness MadMad quickly strangles a typo gremlin and mutters an apology to Escemfer!
Earth Mage Paul Lo leaves a wrapped honey candy on Eben's head.
Kestrel still seems more cautious than anything else, but takes a decent sized sip, and considers the drink for a moment before offering it to Paul.
Lively Escemfer bows to MadMad, leaning on Ebenezer's head. "That sounds fun!" She doesn't know what Beltane is, but festivals are fun!
Ebenezer ohs at Paul Lo. "Thanks ver-very much." He offers the candy to Escemfer immediately.
Clansman SinkOrSwim grins at Escemfer "Esc, today, or roughly around about now, is Beltaine, the Celtic spring festival of fire. The Neid-fires are for cleansing. The quaich is a draught of the year to come."
Clansman SinkOrSwim hopes that explanation suffices!
Red Man Teh Dave pats Kestrel on the back genially, and acquires more drink for himself. He leans over to Sink. "Oh, erm, by the way, what's Beltane?"
Red Man Teh Dave clearly was a moment too late in his question, and peers at the fires curiously.
Clansman SinkOrSwim thinks Dave should have been paying attention a minute ago. . .
Jokerbot g_rock continues to lay the hawthorn branches on the path from the woodshed to the porch, in the absence of a well to protect
Earth Mage Paul Lo wonders where he could find an Old Berk for the party.
Lively Escemfer sucks on the honey candy happily and listens to Sink's explanation. "Oh, that's neat!" Festivals? Fire? What's not to like?
Ebenezer squints confusedly at Sink. "What-what's a quaich?"
Red Man Teh Dave thinks the Old Berk is still stuck in a Titan, last he knew.
Yellow Jacket Spandex lifts off G and lands next to Eben and Esc, "H'lo you two. So. . .mmm." She leans on him and peers at Esc. "What do you wish for the year to come?"
Kestrel nudges the quaich with a little more force towards Paul's hands, wanting to get her own free to help herself to some more edibles.
Clansman SinkOrSwim nods to Eben, and gestures at the two-handled cup/bowl which is being passed around, filled with the new Beltaine brew from the still. "It's a traditional communal drinking vessel, Eben."
Clansman SinkOrSwim would nod to Dave and Paul, could he read minds. The Old Berk got hammered into limbo by a Titan.
Lively Escemfer nibbles one claw thoughtfully. "Hmm. . . Can I wish for fun?"
Ebenezer ohs at Sink's explanation. He understands. "Well, I hope no-nobody minds if I pass," he mumbles. Alcoholic and a communal vessel? How could he possibly be expected to taste?
Red Man Teh Dave takes the Quaich from Kestrel and holds it up to Eben, grinning widely. "Come, it's traditional."
Ebenezer looks to Dex. He pulls a face, considering. "Erm. I don't know yet," he says. It's a Big Question.
Clansman SinkOrSwim smiles. "Not at all. If you're passing on alcohol entirely, I have some elderflower cordial if you like?" He looks over at Esc "Wish for what you like!"
Earth Mage Paul Lo wanted to try some Titan delicacy himself.
Ebenezer erms at Dave! "Well, ah. Erm. I'd rath-rather not, thank you." He attempts to respectfully decline.
Lively Escemfer nods decidedly. "I wish for fun! And cuddles."
Yellow Jacket Spandex involuntarily reaches and grabs Eb's hand as she answers, "No rules, Esc." She pauses. "Shit! Was that my Wish then?"
Ebenezer has little idea of what an elderflower is, but he nods to Sink to accept.
Red Man Teh Dave grins widely. "S'alright." He'll figure out something later. He holds the cup up towards Esc, head tilted.
Yellow Jacket Spandex always ends up in Situations without thinking first!
Clansman SinkOrSwim pads to the kitchen to fetch. He'll not taunt anyone tonight, not even his favourite accountant.
Jokerbot g_rock grabs a mug of mead and a handful of roast meat and grins around generally in between bites'n'sips
His Mad Madness MadMad points out to Ebenezer that the alcohol is strong enough to kill most - if not all - residual germs left from passing the quaich between people. . .
Lively Escemfer cheerfully takes the cup, holding it with both hands, and has a swig of brew. "Try some, Eb!"
Clansman SinkOrSwim pads back out, handing a very clean glass full of clear, ever-so-slightly tinged liquid to Ebenezer. "Elder cordial, another symbol of spring. And it's non-alc. Slainte."
Red Man Teh Dave has found the conduit by which to induce mischief to Eben. He grins to her and bounces off to go get more food and mead.
Ebenezer enghs and mumbles, "Care-careful, Esc!" He is not sure if her Midgetty stature will help or hinder her ability to imbibe alcohol. On one hand, she is smaller. On the other, well fook! Midget!
Lively Escemfer holds the cup out for anyone to take, looking around at all the friends. "We aren't dressed up," she says.
Yellow Jacket Spandex stops at the top of the steps. "whatsit, G?" she points at the branches.

The game

Clansman SinkOrSwim grins. "A story, perhaps. G, Paul, can I borrow the pair of you?"
Ebenezer accepts the glass from Sink with a little nod of the head. "Thanks very much." He takes a small, testing sip from his glass of spring-symbolism.
Earth Mage Paul Lo shrugs. He supposes he has this time.
Ebenezer answers Esc. "Oh. Erm. No. We-we aren't." He frowns slightly.
Jokerbot g_rock points to the branches "Hawthorn, Dex. Keeps away those who mean you harm. Now they can't steal our spring dew!" dew. . .booze. . .same thing.
Earth Mage Paul Lo wouldn't want to seem all haughty, would he? Not without that good old dark ruby fluid in a wine glass.
Jokerbot g_rock nods and follows Sink, awaiting direction.
Lady Akitsu steps in and raps gently against the doorframe. "Knock knock! May I come in?"
Merlin appears down the beach. She bounds over, her harp case slung on her back. "Made it. . . Hallo!" she calls.
Yellow Jacket Spandex asks, "What's our spring do?" She's thinking, it springs.
Earth Mage Paul Lo waves at the two Ladies that appeared.
Clansman SinkOrSwim grins, and reaches under the porch. two folding chairs and a small table, green baize topped. He motions G and Paul to a chair each. "I'm sure at least one of you two Jokers has a deck on you?"
White Warrior Woman Ari shakes off the wall's interference
Lady Akitsu smiles gently.
White Warrior Woman Ari waves to Merlin happily
Clansman SinkOrSwim smiles at Mer and Kit, stepping over from his stage direction to hug them both. "Hello! Glad you could make it both of you."
His Mad Madness MadMad wonders if all the Sabbats and the lesser Sabbats will be celebrated here. . .
Kestrel waves over, smiling, to Merlin and Kit. Then she glances curiously to where the three men are standing.
Jokerbot g_rock grins and takes a seat, shuffling his steel cards "Our spring do produce that." he points Dex to the quaitch
Lively Escemfer nuzzles her nose down into Eben's hair and whispers, "I think we should be dressed up."
Merlin grins at Sink. "Thank you for having us."
Jokerbot g_rock waves to Merlin and Kit with one hand while shuffling with the other
Earth Mage Paul Lo 's arm dwells inside his tophat, then reappears, empty-handed; not in the vicinity.
Red Man Teh Dave waves his tail to the new arrivals, and presses mugs of mead into their hands with a grin. "Welcome to the party."
His Mad Madness MadMad bows politely to Merlin and Akitsu.
Yellow Jacket Spandex pokes at the branches with her boot while twisting to wave over her shoulder at Mer and Kit, "H'lo lovelies!" She frowns at G, who's talking nonsense!
Clansman SinkOrSwim grins back at Mer, and takes his place back by the table. The tableau is complete, the man of metal and the Earth Mage opposite each other, the storyteller aside.
Carpen Tyr looks around. "I heard something about fire and drinking?" A potent (and potentially dangerous) combination.
Ebenezer erms at Escemfer and whispers back, "How? In-in what? We have-haven't got anything with us?"
Merlin smiles at everyone before looking down at the mug Dave's given her. "Well. . . I..Thank you Dave." she peers at it for a moment, before taking a sip.
Red Man Teh Dave perches lightly on Ari's shoulder to watch the story, holding a plate full of meats and scones to share.
Jokerbot g_rock slides his cards to the middle for Paul to cut. One game, one deck.
Yellow Jacket Spandex hears a Tyr and leaps. "Spring! You!"
Lady Akitsu giggles, twirling about to show off her costume. She's dressed as the Celtic goddess Morgana. Somehow, it doesn't quite fit her sunny mood. "What do you think? Does it look alright on me, Dexy?"
Red Man Teh Dave turns his grin to Merlin, and nods cheerily. "You're welcome." Then waves to Tyr. "Is Binjali coming as well?"
Earth Mage Paul Lo was going to cut the deck, but supposes that doing so would be ungentlemanly. He cuts the cards.
Clansman SinkOrSwim begins the tale. "Well, the wicked King of Clubs awoke; it was to his Queen he turned. His lips were laughin' as they spoke; his eyes like bullets burned. . ."
Carpen Tyr has been Dexed! "Augh! Ah, Fall? Hi!"
Kestrel waves a greeting to Tyr, eyes fixed on the game, sipping absentmindedly from a bottle of something-or-other.
White Warrior Woman Ari picks at a scone and gives Dave a quick peck, even though she isn't sure she is supposed to, she listens
Red Man Teh Dave quiets and munches happily on what could be a leg of mutton, tail draping over Ari's shoulder.
Lively Escemfer waves to Tyr and turns to listen to the story.
Clansman SinkOrSwim motions to the tableau set out " "The sun's upon a gamblin' day." His Queen smiled low and blissfully. "Let's make some wretched fool to pay." Plain it was she did agree. . .."
Earth Mage Paul Lo has no idea how could buckets burn, except with much heat.
His Mad Madness MadMad sends a bubble of greeting to Tyr, the fabulous Carpen!
Yellow Jacket Spandex winks at Kit in response.
Ebenezer watches the storyteller. Quietly, he edges closer to Dave and the food in tiny side-steps.
Clansman SinkOrSwim at 'wretched fool', motions towards Paul. With his other hand he indicates to G to start dealing.
Jokerbot g_rock deals the first round of cards, a real hard look in his eye
Red Man Teh Dave holds the plate slightly out as he notices an encroaching accountant.
Carpen Tyr shakes his head at Dave. He hasn't seen her today.
Clansman SinkOrSwim nods "So he sent his deuce down into diamond, his four to heart, and his trey to spade
White Warrior Woman Ari tugs on the tail with a little grin
Clansman SinkOrSwim grins "They voted Club the day's commander, gave him an army, face, and number - All but the outlaw Jack of Diamonds and the aces in the sky."
Earth Mage Paul Lo blinks hard. His ears wander for support.
Red Man Teh Dave eeps slightly, and bats at Ari's cheek with the cherry-scented tail.
Lively Escemfer can't quite follow the story. She hops down and scampers quietly to Dex.
Clansman SinkOrSwim pauses a moment, then continues "He give his sevens first instruction- "Spirit me a game of stud" - stakes unscarred by limitation, 'tween a man named Gold and a man named Mudd"
Ebenezer nods at Sink and mumbles quietly to Esc, "Very clever." He takes two things from Dave's plate and passes the smaller food item up to Esc. He nods a thank you to the Red Man.
Kitten trots onto the bonfire-strewn beach, coming to a halt as she scans the crowd. She chews her lip nervously and steeples her fingers. A few people she knew would have been nice.
Ebenezer has lost his Escemfer. He sits straight down.
Jokerbot g_rock hovers a hand over the first cards dealt, eyes squinted at Paul
Kestrel waves furiously to Kitten, recognising that expression well. She pats the air beside her, and takes in the whole food table with a sweeping gesture.
Clansman SinkOrSwim grins "Club filled Gold with greedy vapors 'till his long green eyes did glow. Mudd was left with the sighs and trembles, watchin' his hard earned money go. . ."
Red Man Teh Dave leaves the plate hanging in midair, becoming a blur as he runs to the porch for a flagon, and pushes it into Kitten's hands, before pushing her gently into the crowd.
Merlin and her mug of mead wander over to sit next to Eben. She smiles at him before turning her attention back to the tale.
Clansman SinkOrSwim nods and smiles to Kitten, continuing. "Flushes fell on Gold like water, tens they paired and paired again, But the Aces only flew through heaven and the Diamond Jack called no man friend. . ."
Jokerbot g_rock mimes chuckling, sweeping req coins to himself triumphantly, eyes glowing as asked.
Red Man Teh Dave grins at Her. "Welcome to the party. Enjoy the story." Then he's back on Ari's shoulder, picking the plate out of the air again, and selecting a scone for himself.
Kitten catches sight of Kes, a friendly face, and hastens over to her. Noticing the story in progress, she offers a smile in greeting.
Earth Mage Paul Lo stares blankly at G. Oh. He sighs.
Red Man Teh Dave has long since lost the thread of the story, but no matter, it's all in the telling, really. He washes the scone down with some more of the brew.
Lady Akitsu takes a seat nearby and watches the game intently, pulling back the hood of her cloak. Holy HELL her hair's red now! That's a bit much. . .
White Warrior Woman Ari watches her Red Man with a little smile
Kitten offers a smile to the Storyteller and another to Dave, mouthing a silent 'Thank you' to him as she takes a seat on the sand.
Clansman SinkOrSwim chuckles "The Diamond Queen saw Mudd's ordeal and began to think of her long lost son. She fell to her knees with a mother's mercy, and prayed to the angels, every one.".
Ebenezer nods a silent hello to Merlin. Adjusting his spectacles, he looks back to the storyteller and interpretive mimes.
Kestrel realises that offering someone a patch of air isn't very useful, and rolls over a small log for her to sit on. "Great to see you here," she murmurs, smiling.
Lively Escemfer reaches, up up, at Dex, whispering, "I want to dress up too."
Jokerbot g_rock continues dealing cards and tossing in reqs silently, grinning like a buffoon every time he glances at his hand
Red Man Teh Dave takes the communal cup and refills it, now perches on Kit's shoulder just as light as on Ari's, and holds the cup down to her with a grin.
Earth Mage Paul Lo didn't have his chorus prepared. A shame. He gazes at the women.
Clansman SinkOrSwim watches Paul's expression "The Diamond Queen, she prayed and prayed, 'til the Diamond Angel filled Mudd's hole, and the wicked King of Clubs himself fell face down in front of Gold."
A small figure of green twigs with a candle's flame for a head dances in through a mouse-hole.
Kitten quite prefers this. Less sand in her dress, and all. She scoots onto the log and returns the smile gratefully, brushing her hair back "Great to see you, too. Ana sent out invites, and, well. . ."
White Warrior Woman Ari wanders over to sit with Eben and Merlin
Clansman SinkOrSwim waits for fortunes to play out. "Now three kings come to Club's command, but the aces from the sky did ride: 3 kings up on the streets of Gold, 3 fireballs on the Muddy side"
Kitten , naturally, whispered that last.
Earth Mage Paul Lo doesn't want Mudd's hole filled.
Jokerbot g_rock grins even broader, nearly shaking with barely concealed avarice
Twiggy starts to juggle motes of dancing light
Ebenezer , munching a scone, nods a brief hello to Ari.
Merlin grins at Ari, and takes another sip from her mug .
Earth Mage Paul Lo produces a trio of little balls and reaches the nearest light. Three fireballs!
Red Man Teh Dave leaves the cup by Akitsu, and returns to Ari, sitting behind her, arms wrapped around her waist, chin resting on her shoulder.
Kestrel grins, whispering, "They're not too bad, or too scary, if you trust at least one person here. Be glad you missed that red-robed fella who was here earlier!" And is possibly here still.
Earth Mage Paul Lo juggles, making small circles and ovals and squares.
Yellow Jacket Spandex turns her head ear-wards to Esc, and giggles. "me too. we have a room of costumes wanna come over?"
Clansman SinkOrSwim drops a single card onto the table "The Club Queen heard her husband's call, and Lord, that Queen of Diamond's joy, when the Outlaw in the heavenly hall turned out to be her wanderin' boy. . ."
Robotic Snake Anadel slithers into the swamp just in time to hear her name. She flicks her tail in greeting to those gathered.
Lady Akitsu blinks and glances at the cup curiously. She lifts it up and examines it, then looks to Dave, confused. "Nyah? What's this?"
Twiggy's motes turn to golden crowns to represent the three kings.
Lively Escemfer nods! "Yes!" Costumes!
Red Man Teh Dave grins and mimes drinking from the cup. "Festival Brew, good stuff." Nods sagely, then waves at Ana.
Clansman SinkOrSwim gestures toward Paul "So Mudd, he checked" Towards G "And Gold bet all"
White Warrior Woman Ari grins back at Merlin and says a quiet hello
Clansman SinkOrSwim gestures once more towards Paul "Mudd he raised, and Gold did call. . ."
Kitten nods understandingly and replies in the same tone. "I-I hope not. Oh, er, red-robed? I think I've heard of him. He planned all this, didn't he?"
Jokerbot g_rock throws in a pile of reqs, three Kings visible in his hand to the onlookers
Jon Bishop slowly steps into sight, holding out a bundle of grasses and shrubs in one hand. A cow follows behind, in high hopes.
Earth Mage Paul Lo 's nose twitches. Checked? His gaze wanders to the cards.
Kestrel waves a greeting to the serpentine robot. "Hmm. I'm really not sure. Apparently he just turned up, never said a word."
Twiggy tosses one crown to Paul, and one to Dave. The third crown he keeps for himself, as he dances back out the mouse hole.
Earth Mage Paul Lo raised, whatever it means.
Clansman SinkOrSwim grins at Paul's hand, and at G's. "But the smile just melted off Gold's face. . ." He pushes the centre card towards the Mage, turning it ". . .as Mudd turned over that Diamond Ace. . ."
Red Man Teh Dave catches a crown, and peers at it curiously. He sets it on his brow, tilted at an angle, wondering if he's supposed to have a part to play in the play.
Kitten grimaces. "That's a bit. . . Disconcerting," she admits, still quietly.
Robotic Snake Anadel slithers over to the vaguely druidic Kes and coils on herself, "Hello Kessstrel."
Earth Mage Paul Lo plays yo-yo with one of the balls in fire, almost reaching the bothersome Gold.
White Warrior Woman Ari waves to Bishop and tilts her head at the crowns that were handed out, how nifty
Jokerbot g_rock 's greedy grin slides off his face, glacially slow and determined. He throws down his cards and storms off, tipping his chair in the process
Lady Akitsu arches a brow and sniffs the concoction experimentally. She pulls a face and delicate sets it down again. "I think I'll pass, thank you."
Kestrel doesn't yet notice Jon in the crowd, her attention divided between the play, Kitten and the snake. "Hello, Ana. Great to see that you could make it!"
Yellow Jacket Spandex has an idea! "Esc, you be Aphrodite. She's just always naked and standing in a clamshell."
Merlin looks over to see a Bishop and Cow coming up the beach. She grins and bounds over to him. "Hallo!" she says quietly.
Lady Akitsu blinks, then stands and goes after G. "Wait. . .!"
Lively Escemfer claps her hands! This is a great idea! "I don't have a clam, though," she says. But the naked part, well, that's no trouble!
Clansman SinkOrSwim gestures at the table "So this is what this story's told: You feel like Mud? You'll end up Gold. If you feel like lost, you'll end up found. So amigo, lay them raises down." He finishes, laughs, and takes a bow
Red Man Teh Dave blinks at Kit, and laughs, collecting the cup to offer it to Ana and Kitten, the sweet drink sloshing within.
Earth Mage Paul Lo swallows the yo-yo fireball and let the other two turn to dust. "Not bad, matey."
Robotic Snake Anadel nods her head, "Wanted to come and check things out. Can't stay for long though"
Kestrel applauds, because that seems just about appropriate at this time.
Jokerbot g_rock comes back to the table and bows alongside Sink with a grin
Jon Bishop is closer now. "Hi! Uhm. Are cows this theme?"
Earth Mage Paul Lo only understood about a fifth, though.
Red Man Teh Dave 's tail waves in silent applause to Sink's story. His hands still occupied with the cup.
Clansman SinkOrSwim grins at the Mage. "I thought you'd like winning. . ."
Kitten looks at the cup. Last encounter she had with strange drinks, one of them had tentacle eggs in it. She hesitantly reaches out, not wanting to be rude.
Ebenezer has finished his food just in time to clap politely at the end of the story!
Carpen Tyr applauds wildly, sneaking away from Dex and heading for Eb.
Lively Escemfer claps for the story!
Robotic Snake Anadel looks at Dave and the cup curiously. She moves towards him, "Whassssat?"
Yellow Jacket Spandex suddenly stands up and pushes her way to the table. A cheat? A King? Something slips out of her yellow sleeve and drops on the table. "Wrong! Four kings beats three Aces."
White Warrior Woman Ari hops to her feet and heads for the Red Man "I like your crown, very dashing"
Kitten applauds the story heartily as she watches Sink take his bow.
Red Man Teh Dave grins, and his tail points to the large jug of fesival brew. "Festival Brew. 'sgood stuff."
Kestrel claps even more, with a slightly regretful nod to Ana. "That's a shame, but it's good that you could come, even if only for a short while."
Jokerbot g_rock will gladly explain as much as he understands to anyone who's confused. For now, though, he grabs a mug of mead and raises it to the victorious Mudd
Merlin shakes her head. "No, No dear. It's Beltane. But, we can bless the cows tonight. Give them luck." she pats the interrupting cow on the head. It tries to munch on her sleeve.
Robotic Snake Anadel nods and takes a cup. "Thank you"
Lively Escemfer squirms out of her dress and finds some flowers to put in her hair. There! Now she is dressed up. . . or down, as the case may be.
Kitten smiles a bit. "Ookay."
Red Man Teh Dave notes that it's just one cup, a fancy two-handled affair, for the brew.
Earth Mage Paul Lo nods at Gold, who still won in a way.
Kitten was under the impression there was only one cup? She might be wrong.
Ebenezer looks up to notice Tyr approaching. "Oh, hello." He will be horrified when he notices Escemfer's "costume."
Lady Akitsu suddenly TACKLEPOUNCES G! Cuddlecuddlecuddle. . .Wait, was there a kiss snuck in?
Lively Escemfer pads back over to her husband and climbs onto his lap.
Jon Bishop scratches his head. "Beltane. Exactly. Cows wear bells sometimes. It works."
Red Man Teh Dave leaves the cup for the maidens, and wraps his tail around a nearby leg. "Why thank you, my dear."
Carpen Tyr grins. "Hello, sir! How are you?"
Earth Mage Paul Lo giggles as he sees Eben's face.
Clansman SinkOrSwim loves how much confusion one story can cause. It's a nice moral though. He grabs the quaich himself, a wee blessing and a wee dram.
Merlin stares at Bishop. "Well. . . thats. . . " she smiles. "Right, dear. Bells. yes. "
Robotic Snake Anadel sips a little, sucking the drink up through her hollow fangs before offering it to Kitten.
Red Man Teh Dave turns his grin on Bish. "Ah, the digger has arrived. Evenin' Bish." When did Dave start playing host here? Oh, another flagon of mead, this one deposited in Bish's hands.
Jokerbot g_rock chucklefalls 'neath Kit "Well, Hi there! Long time no se!"
Yellow Jacket Spandex turns the cards over, and over. Four Kings. Royal flush. Hrmmm. She picks them up and pats them into her left hand neatly. Taptap. Five Aces. Six Kings. Double Fullhouses.
White Warrior Woman Ari gives Dave a quick kiss and filtches the crown darting off with it, she sits with it on in the corner and yawns, she needs a little nap it seems
Kitten accepts the drink from Ana, lifting it to her lips and taking a small sip of the brew before, clutching both handles carefully, she slides back toward Dave and presents him with the chalice.
White Warrior Woman Ari drifts off thinking of enchantments
Clansman SinkOrSwim gently removes the cards from Dex's hand, takes one at random and taps her gently on the nose with it. He turns it over and grins. A Joker, what did you expect?
Robotic Snake Anadel slithers over to a spot beside Ari just as she is walled.


Ebenezer sucks in a squeaking gasp! "Es-Escemfer! Where's your dress?" he hisses in a loud whisper. In his surprise, he forgets to answer poor Tyr.
Jon Bishop is very good at being theme appropriate! He now has a flagon in his hand. "Oh, hi Dave. What the?" Alcohol already? "Awesome! Thanks."
His Mad Madness MadMad bids bows to the assembled company. "I'm saddened to depart this splendid lesser sabbath, but I have other duties to attend to. I wish you all a merry Gaul Galan Mai "
Lively Escemfer elbows Ebenezer. "Shh! I'm dressed up for the party."
Red Man Teh Dave 's ears perk up, and his head whirls around to tilt at Eben, and he laughs. "Ah, already getting in the spirit of things, are we Esc?" He bows low, and bounces over to the food to collect more.
Carpen Tyr backs away slowly. He knows what's coming and could probably have the impending argument himself. With sockpuppets.
Earth Mage Paul Lo leaves a box of toothpicks beside the appetizers table, as his contribution.
Ebenezer enghs! He argues with Esc, "You-you're not dressed at all!"
Red Man Teh Dave pauses, and raises an eyebrow at MadMad. "Ghezunteit to you as well." He grins, then continues foodward.
His Mad Madness MadMad And I hope I'll see you all again on the Samradh celebration!
Yellow Jacket Spandex takes it between her fingers and flicks it. FfWWP as it cuts neatly into the wooden shack wall.
Red Man Teh Dave collects some food, then sneaks over to make sure Ari's alright.
Clansman SinkOrSwim bows to MadMad. "Thanks for coming, sir"
Lively Escemfer folds her arms. "Dex said so." That probably makes it a worse idea.
His Mad Madness MadMad murmers a silent spell, and he slowly fades away between the trees and the bushes. . .
Kitten sighs softly, and instead places the chalice on the food table.
Red Man Teh Dave blinks as he sees a small shower of red, and looks between Dex and the house behind him, then rubs the newly shaved spot on his head.
Yellow Jacket Spandex jumps up the steps and pulls out the card. "All hearts, for Venus." She smiles at Esc and throws it again, right into Ebenezer's pocket.
Earth Mage Paul Lo goes to retrieve the flung card and set it into a neat pile. G's stuff.
Red Man Teh Dave would apologize to Kitten for ignoring her, but he simply missed the action. Not his cup to begin with. It'd be the Host's.
Merlin waves farewell to Mad Mad before pulling a bit of rope from her satchel and tying it round the cow's neck. "Come on you," she tugs the cow over to the porch.
Ebenezer immediately turns his expression of shock and disapproval on Dex! "Did-did-did-did she?"
Jon Bishop states to Merlin, "The cows have been getting fatter, we could eat them pretty soon."
Yellow Jacket Spandex winks at Dave. He reads cards, you see.
Jokerbot g_rock squirms out from beneath Kit, chuckling aftershockily and bows to the host "I'm wiped, Sink. Thanks for the lovely evening."
Lady Akitsu nyaos and nuzzles G happily, then morphs into her kitten self! Isn't she just the cutest?
Merlin looks back to Bishop, eyes widening. "SHHH!" she covers the cow's ears with her hands. "Don't say that out loud!"
Ebenezer has some sort of card in his pocket. "Engh!" That was an unexpectedly good toss!
Red Man Teh Dave leans on Dex's shoulder, clearing his throat. "You got a nice haircut throw, you know."
Clansman SinkOrSwim laughs and looks around at the crowd, and begins hosting once more. He walks to the Wooshed to refill the brew jug, uncorks more mead, adn carves more meat away from the roasts.
Earth Mage Paul Lo quickly follows G's example, nodding at Sink.
Clansman SinkOrSwim truns to G, and hugs him briefly. "Cheers mate. Thanks for coming."
Earth Mage Paul Lo hops away before having the chance of being hugged.
Lively Escemfer huffs, exasperated, and gets up to go find a drink.
Kitten would assure him that it was alright. She snags a scone, nibbling on the corner of the pastry before reseating herself on the log.
Red Man Teh Dave wonders, briefly and aloud, where the Music For Dancing is.
Clansman SinkOrSwim even turns to hug Paul. "And yourself, Mage. Thanks for coming"
Clansman SinkOrSwim was just too late. Damn!
Jokerbot g_rock picks up the kittyKit and scritches her gently, walking over to Dex. He picks up the cards and sets down Kit next to a bowl of warm. . .something probably alcoholic.
Yellow Jacket Spandex looks up at G. "Sorry. I tried. Four aces. hrmmm."
Jokerbot g_rock Kisses Dex between the antennae "Goodnight, thanks for the help getting ready."
Jon Bishop holds up his hands. "What? It can't hear me." He takes a few steps towards Ebenezer, "How'd you manage that?"
Jokerbot g_rock winks "And the attempted help. There's only so many kings around."
Lively Escemfer hops up onto the table and sits down to partake of mead. She won't hop back down with that big flagon in her small hands, that would be a recipe for disaster.
Ebenezer gets to his feet, careful not to spill his (completely non-alcoholic) beverage. He sneaks over to where Escemfer left her dress. He stoops to collect it and attempts to stuff it into his pocket.
Celtic Melusine Aryame enters a little hesitantly and smiles a little as she recognizes some of those present. She still waves shyly.
Ebenezer jumps and tries to hide what he's doing from Bishop. "Oh! Erm! Hello! What?"
Clansman SinkOrSwim watches the two fries, still burning brightly on the beach. Legend says you can cleanse the winter's woes by walking between them. He turns back to the party and takes a chunk of meat.
Jokerbot g_rock thinks for a moment, and seems to decide that wasn't enough. He dips Dex and snogs her thoroughly before straightening and heading out
Merlin just shakes her head, before tying the cow up next to the porch. "Stay." she tells it firmly, before heading over to the fires to stare into the embers.
Clansman SinkOrSwim wonders who set alight to two fries. He lit two fires earlier, but they're bigger and hotter.
Lively Escemfer gives a loud wolf-whistle for G and Dex!
Carpen Tyr thinks that if Esc's dress is small enough to fit in Eb's pocket, then nakedness is probably not much of a difference.
Jon Bishop likely wouldn't care either way. "Hi! I mean..how'd you get her to. . .in front of everyone?"
Kestrel has been entranced by the fires for a very long time. So long, in fact, that her head has dropped to her lap and her breathing slowed.
Yellow Jacket Spandex huhs. She'll have to wear this jacket more often!
Kitten offers a faint smile to Aryame.
Clansman SinkOrSwim wanders up behind Merlin. "They used to drive the cattle, and the men, between the fires to cleanse them of winter's sickness, y'know."
Ebenezer 's pocket is probably not quite big enough to stuff that little dress into. He stands straighter, ears going red. In reply to Bishop, he sputters, "I-I-I did-didn't! She! Erm? I didn't!"
Celtic Melusine Aryame smiles back to Kitten and ducks her head in a polite bow. She smiles and slithers between the two fires.
Celtic Melusine Aryame eyes a piece of unexpected fourth wall and sits leisurely in the sand for it to leave her alone. Hopefully they'll still be celebrating when she is freed of the annoyance.
Jon Bishop blanks a moment. "That happened without you asking at all?!" A short grumble afterwards. "You. . . Lucky. . . Nevermind"
Merlin looks back at Sink. "That's why we brought Isabelle." She nods in the cows direction.
Lively Escemfer watches Eb and Bishop, steadily draining her flagon.
Ebenezer isn't quite sure how to react. He glances over to Esc, then looks between Tyr and Bishop. Ahrrm hrrm. He decides to say, "Oh. Erm. Yes. Erm. Very lucky, yes. Well, don-don't act so surprised!"
Yellow Jacket Spandex snorts with laughter. "Bish? You can get naked too without asking anyone, if you like."
Ebenezer grimaces at Dex's suggestion and croaks, "No, please don't."
Merlin whips around. "NO HE WON"T!"
Clansman SinkOrSwim looks at Merlin, mock-puzzled. "Really? I thought she was your guest. I thought you'd have pushed Bishop through by now." The corners of his mouth twitch a little.
Yellow Jacket Spandex tilts her flagon, just to keep up with Esc. Emptied, she DONKs it on the table. "'nother, Miss Aphrodite?"
Jon Bishop considers this. "It is kind of hot out.."
Lively Escemfer nods! "Yep." She needs it just to deal with Eben. Oh, what a handful that man is.
Merlin turns back to Sink. "Good idea." she marches over to Bishop. "Come on, Get going. Through the fires with you."
Ebenezer edges closer to Merlin. Somehow, it seems like it would be safe over there. Must be the shouting.
Yellow Jacket Spandex wipes her lips with her jacket sleeve, wondering idly who Mer's yelling at. She refills Esc's and her own vessels with something blue.
Jon Bishop frowns. "What? Fire? I have to go through fire?! No, that's fine. I will stay here."
Ebenezer hears something about fire and changes course. He edges towards Tyr instead.
Lively Escemfer eyes the blue with interest! She eyes the gremlins with annoyance. "What's this stuff?" she asks, shortly before drinking it.
Clansman SinkOrSwim laughs, and walks 'twixt the flames himself. He stands a moment, feeling the heat off the twin fires, savouring it, then steps forwards to walk a circle, anticlockwise, around the pair.
Merlin shakes her head at Bishop. "Suit yourself." she unties Isabelle from the porch and walks her to the fire, following the pattern Sink made.
Carpen Tyr watches Esc drink something blue with trepidation. The last time someone drank something blue, he had to carry her home.
Lady Akitsu pricks up an ear. Naked? She can do that. . . She concentrates and transforms back. Ta da! Naked Kit!
Kitten chews on her lip for a moment before deciding to make her exit. She gives a departing wave and scampers off across the sands.
Lady Akitsu trots over and GLOMPS Dex, cuddling her happily.
Yellow Jacket Spandex hides her grin behind the rim of her flagon as she focuses on Bishop. warm Spring. Hot-headed Merlin's words. The Fires. Her own heated stare. He'll surely be feeling too hot now.
Jon Bishop rubs his head. "Oh, uhm. I'm better than a fucking fire! I can do it!"
Clansman SinkOrSwim waves at the departing Kitten, then watches Merlin lead her cow round the fires.
Merlin sings quietly to the cow as she leads her around the fires. The cow, of course, manages to interrupt every stanza. It keeps her distracted from the fire, however, and they make it round.
Ebenezer finds himself at Tyr's side. He is decidedly not looking around at people doing things. "Erm. Ver-very. . . inter-teresting party, isn't it?"
Lively Escemfer 's blue beverage is gone. She goes for more, munching a scone along the way.
Carpen Tyr nods. "It's good to be among friends. That's a very complacent cow."
Red Man Teh Dave bounces up from where he was standing, and looks around at the confusion. Man, he doesn't even need to be awake to do his job.

Let the music begin

Clansman SinkOrSwim smiles at Mer and Isabelle. "Would you sing for everyone, Merlin?"
Jon Bishop mumbles to himself, and begins stepping between the fires. "Ow. Ow. Hot. Hot. Ow."
Yellow Jacket Spandex 's lips are blue but she's very very warm. She leans back liquidly to watch Esc from upsidedown. "detourned, this."
Red Man Teh Dave sidles up to another festively-attired partygoer, and nudges her with his tail. "Where'd the drinks go?"
Ebenezer asks Tyr. "Erm. Ever been to a-to a thing like this?" He winces at his own question.
Red Man Teh Dave peers at Dex's lips curiously. "Whatcha drinkin?"
Lively Escemfer is bewildered. "Innit," she agrees.
Merlin looks up at Sink. "Oh.. Yes, I could, if you'd like" she ties Isabelle up once more and sits down by the porch, pulling out her harp. "Anything in particular?"
Red Man Teh Dave grins mischievously, and leans back to call out to Merlin, upside-downedly. "Freebird!"
Clansman SinkOrSwim shrugs, smiling. "What you like"
Carpen Tyr shakes his head. "A Beltane party? Nope! But there's a first time for everything." He leans back. Song!
Jon Bishop circles around the fire, stepping away. "Okay, wasn't too bad. . ."
Ebenezer scratches the back of his head and answers Tyr in a mumble, "Me either." Song? He glances Merlinward.
Red Man Teh Dave wants to hear a 27-minute harp solo in the style of Lynyrd Skynyrd.
Merlin smirks at Dave. "No." she sets her hands to the harp and strings out a lilting introduction, letting the music flicker freely around the swamp.
Yellow Jacket Spandex answers Dave by showing him her giant mug of stuff. It seems to be making her more clear, the more she drinks.
Red Man Teh Dave borrows the mug and takes a healthy swig. "Hrm. . .tasty."
Merlin 's voice rises and follows the music, "When I was young, as I once was, and dreams and death more distant then. . . I would not split my soul in two and keep half in the world of men."
Lively Escemfer is running out of drink already. She nudges Dex and holds out her flagon for moar, please.
Merlin continues, "So half of me would stay at home, and strive for Faery all in vain, while all the while my soul would stroll, up narrow path, down crooked glen"
Merlin 's hands move swiftly on the harp. "And there would meet a faery lad, and smile and bow with kisses three. . . he'd pluck wild eagles from the air, and nail me to a lighting tree."
Red Man Teh Dave sways from a tree by his tail, peering at his Tongue curiously.
Merlin continues to play, weaving the tale of the maiden captured by her faery lover who stole her heart, sliced it into ribbons and strung a violin. And he played on her her heart a song. . .
Yellow Jacket Spandex lines up Esc's, her own and a few extra flagons on the table and tops them with drink. Literally. Only the top portions are filled, the lower halves of the mugs remain Suggestible.
Red Man Teh Dave reaches over and grabs a flagon of mead. He stares at it a moment, hanging upside-down from his tail, and attempts to drink.
Merlin 's fingers fly faster, imitating the cursed song of the fiddle. A song that causes those to hear it to dance, and dance until the world's ending.
Yellow Jacket Spandex nudges Esc with her flagon. "as you like it, missus."
Lady Akitsu giggles and grabs up Dexy's hands in her, leading her into a dance!
Red Man Teh Dave manages to drink a healthy portion of the mead, only spilling a few mouthfuls below him.
Merlin sings, "but I am young no longer now, for sixty years my heart's been gone. . . to play it's dreadful music there, beyond the islands of the sun."
Jon Bishop grumbles. The heat didn't go away. He tries to ignore it and listen.
Clansman SinkOrSwim listens intently to the music, and seeing Dex spiking the rest of the drink, takes his flask from his pocket and sips his own. He spins to the harp's tune, fast and free.
Merlin I watch with envious eyes and mind, the single souled, who dare not feel. . . the wind the blows beyond the moon, who do not hear the faery reel.
Lively Escemfer gladly drinks her stuff, humming. She's just a bit on the muzzy side.
Red Man Teh Dave reaches up to untie his tail, and tumbles to the ground spectacularly, rolling to Eben's feet. He grins up at the man. "Oh, hullo there."
Merlin grins at the dancers, playing on. "If you don't hear the Faery Reel, they will not pause to steal your breath. . . when I was young, I was a fool. So wrap me up in dreams and death.
Merlin 's voice quiets, but the song plays on for the dancers a while longer, spiraling into the air and causing the fires to snap and flare.
Ebenezer jumps and peers down at the sudden Dave. "Erm! Hello. What-what have you been drinking?" He glances towards Esc, concerned.
Yellow Jacket Spandex stumbles out of her chair, wraps her arms around Kit's waist and lets her lead, laughing. Over her shoulder she fires one last hot idea at Bish
Red Man Teh Dave tilts his head curiously. "Just the mead, and the New Brew." Ignore the tongue. He slips to his feet, and sweeps out onto the dancefloor, imitating a jig rather poorly.
Clansman SinkOrSwim applauds Merlin, slowing his spin back to a stop and a couple of turns the other way
Lively Escemfer slips down from the table and bounces over to Dave for a slightly-muzzy dance.
Jon Bishop rubs his head. "Ah, uhm." Just focus on the song.
Red Man Teh Dave laughs, and pulls Esc into his dance, picking her up and swinging her about as the mood takes him.
Ebenezer sneaks to the table to sniff Esc's abandoned drinking glass. He sneers and peers after her.
Merlin smiles at Sink, her hands still flitting over the harp strings. She changes to a proper reel, for Dancing. A grin in Bishop's direction.
Lively Escemfer laughs delightedly. What fun there is to be had at a party!
Jon Bishop sweats. Then a glance to Merlin. Yes, dance the heat away. That will work. He goes into a small jig, or, what he thinks is one, anyway.
White Warrior Woman Ari head falls forward and the crown she was wearing falls off, she stirs and wakes up rubbing her eyes
Clansman SinkOrSwim whoops and whirls to the reel. Were he a caller, there would be some Strip the Willow being called now, but sadly he isn't. He satisfies himself with a dance of formless steps and shapeless jigging
Red Man Teh Dave laughs and waves Esc at Ari, grinning widely.
Ebenezer takes a seat. Maybe he can wait out all the dancing. It can't go on forever, after all.
Jon Bishop frowns. The jigging is doing nothing for the heat. He removes his jacket.
Clansman SinkOrSwim would say Ebenezer could be very, very wrong on that one. . .
White Warrior Woman Ari giggles and waves to Dave, she wanders over to Eben "wanna dance?"
Lively Escemfer dances and is danced. She could keep this up all night! Maybe some more blue stuff would help. . .
Ebenezer grimaces and looks away from Bishop, concerned that more nudity is about to occur. At Ari's approach, he sits straighter. "Erm! I don't-don't know that dance," he says. A fine excuse!
Lady Akitsu really shouldn't be dancing so enthusiastically with her state of undress, but it's just so much fun! She twirls and dips about the room with Dexy, giggling all the while.
Red Man Teh Dave laughs at Eben's excuse, and twirls Esc around as he dances with her, looking about for Dex and her Drink.
Yellow Jacket Spandex releases Kit and climbs up onto the tables, boot-stomping loudly and shaking it. She upends her mug and skirts around dishes, arms a-stretched and throat rawring for some electric guitar.
White Warrior Woman Ari nods and sits by him "oh, okay"
Merlin 's music swirls round the dancers, but especially Eben, whispering of joy and beauty and excitement.
Ebenezer enghs! He scoots his chair a little bit away from the table and the roaring Dex. Apologetic, he mumbles to Ari, "Erm. May-maybe I could try, just a bit. If you insist."
White Warrior Woman Ari watches Eben out of the corner of her eye, maybe she could kidnap him onto the dance floor?
Lively Escemfer cheers for Dex, laughing and grinning fit to burst. She's getting a bit dizzy and lightheaded now.
Lady Akitsu blinks and laughs at Dexy's antics, clapping along in delight to Merlin's melody.
Jon Bishop steps over to the table, picking up a flagon and dumping the mead on himself, in a foolish hope that it acts as a coolant.
White Warrior Woman Ari frins and hops up grabbing Eben's hand and pulling him to the dance floor "I do!"
Red Man Teh Dave sets Esc down with a grin, and throws himself Dexward, shoulder out.
Clansman SinkOrSwim spins over to the porch and into the living room, and returns with his mandolin. He sits, watching Merlin's fingers and trying to figure the rhythm, then joins in.
Ebenezer doesn't put up any protest, but goes along with Ari. Perhaps he finds this music oddly enticing. "Well, al-alright," he says, as if she's twisting his arm.
White Warrior Woman Ari shakes her head at a gremlin
Merlin 's grin widens at the arrival of Sink and the mandolin.
Lively Escemfer sits right down, delightfully out of breath. She watches the dancing legs around her in a happy, muzzy way.
White Warrior Woman Ari smiles brightly at Eben and starts to dance, "its too fun to not dance!"
Yellow Jacket Spandex stomps her boots louder. drums the drums bass kick stomp. KNOCKS into Dave, bounces into Esc, scuffles Eb's hair. "up, up here, Kit." Stompstomp "MORE RAWR"
KK Victoria trundles in. This is new. All these people weren't here the last. . . Week that he passed this beach. Huh. Things have changed, apparently.
Ebenezer is no dancer. His attempts are mainly composed of lots of spinning and whirling and hopping about in great circles. He's under the impression that most everyone is too drunk to notice anyhow.
Clansman SinkOrSwim attempts to keep pace with Merlin. He's sure she upped the playing a notch as he sat down. He concentrates hard, picking a harmony to the melody and the reel spins and whirls across the beaches.
Red Man Teh Dave bounces around the tables, somehow managing to, unlike Dex, manage to avoid knocking anything over. He grins over at Kai. "Oi, welcome to the party!" And bounces over, double-handled cup in hand.
Red Man Teh Dave offers some of the New Brew to the Newcomer, as he's done for everyone.
Lady Akitsu blinks looks over her shoulder. . . And spots Mssr. Victoria! She gives a shriek and bounds behind Dexy, covering herself.
White Warrior Woman Ari thinks the spinning and twirling are the best bits of dancing, thats all she usually does. See she's doing it now. . .
Clansman SinkOrSwim nods to Kai. It would be a bow, if he weren't hunched over a mandolin, picking for his life's worth.
KK Victoria looks at this drink, raising an eyebrow. "What is?" He asks, sniffing it.
Merlin 's eyes sparkle with mischief as she leads the music round and about. No sense doing things the easy way. give them something to dance to!
Ebenezer enquires during a whirl, "Erm. Are you wear-wearing a bedsheet?" This may be one of those questions Ebenezer does not really want to know the answer to.
Lively Escemfer spots Kai! "Hi, KK!" she calls. He may not be able to see her with this vast difference in heights.
Red Man Teh Dave grins. "It's the New Brew for Beltane. S'good stuff."
Yellow Jacket Spandex catches sight of the giant dude with the giant guns at the moshpit! She THROWS herself at him, shoulder first "UZI!" She hipchecks him once-twice before jumping back up on the tables.
KK Victoria repeats carefully. "New Brew for Beltane." That doesn't indicate in the slightest what it is. Then again, it could be rat poison and it'd have little to no effect on him.
KK Victoria is the equivalent of metal wall to throw oneself at. He doesn't even seem to register the hipchecks, either. Instead, he downs the New Brew and takes a moment to consider the flavor.
Red Man Teh Dave is, to be fair, completely unsure as to what's in the stuff. But it's good. He brightens, grinning again. "Oh, I have a tophat and a pineapple somewhere I think are yours."
Lady Akitsu blinks and arches a brow, ducking behind the bar counter. Must not allow herself to be seen! At least, not by fellow Vets.
White Warrior Woman Ari glances down at herself missing a step in doing so "yep, its all I could find, I don't have any dresses and it was white" she grins "it worked pretty good too, it hasn't fallen off or anything"

A sing-song and a scrap

Clansman SinkOrSwim laughs and looks over at Merlin. He's panting with the effort, but he shouts to her "Faster! More! I have words"
KK Victoria raises an eyebrow. "Oh?" He asks, intrigued.
Red Man Teh Dave nodnods, and reaches into his. . .oh, wait, lab coat's at home. He shrugs a bit. "Somewhere. White hat, found it by the Statue in IC. Might have been yours."
Jon Bishop grumbles. A stupid idea. Now he is sticky, too.
Merlin nods to Sink, as her fingers dance madly across the strings.
calliaphone staggers up to the porch, wearing a disgusting tie-dye top, and tripping over her raggedy, too-long jeans.
KK Victoria casts a furtive look about. "Was likely not." He responds. Rule #107 of Pineapple hatting - No one must know. And if they do, DENY THE HELL OUT OF IT.
Red Man Teh Dave gestures around, pointing. "Food, drink, entertainment." then blinks. "Wait. . .why am I playing host? This is Sink's party." He peers at Sink, then goes to retrieve the crown dropped earlier.
Clansman SinkOrSwim stands, panting and picking and sings "Up and run awa', Hawley, up and run awa'! The filabegs are comin' doon tae gie your lugs a claw. . ."
calliaphone sees KK, and halts, uncertainly. she attempts invisibility.
Red Man Teh Dave sets the fire-crown back on his head at a tilted angle, then bounces over to retrieve more food, tail thwapping Ari as he dances around her and Eben.
Ebenezer eases the whirl into a bit of a less-enthusiastic one. He wouldn't want Ari to have a wardrobe malfunction, after all. "Oh! Erm. Very nice," he says, obliged.
Clansman SinkOrSwim 's eyes sparkle ". . .Young Charlie's face at Dunipace has gi'ed your mou' a thraw, Hawley Blasting sight for bastard wight, the worst that e'er he saw!"
Red Man Teh Dave grins to Calli, and slides a plate of meats and scones to her as he munches on his own. "Howdy. Feeling better?"
Jon Bishop moves back into a jig. The heat is mostly gone, anyway.
Ebenezer wonders if he can give Ari away to Dave. He's not really sure how to pull off such a smooth move. He looks desperately to Dave for help.
Red Man Teh Dave waves a scone at Eben, grinning.
Clansman SinkOrSwim shouts the chorus line "Hielan' Geordie's at your tail, wi' Drummond, Perth and a'!!"
KK Victoria looks about, a slight smile on his face. He picks out the faces of the crowd that he knows well, and his smile broadens.
calliaphone nods, sticking close to Dave and applying herself to the foods. "quite a bit." she says.
Ebenezer holds Ari's hand out to Dave and announces, "Trade!" One scone for one dance partner? Fair?
White Warrior Woman Ari smiles brightly at Eben "thank you, I am supposed to be a member of the May Queen's court" she dances enthusiastically, the toga seems to be staying put quite well
Merlin shouts the chorus along with Sink, before her concentration returns to the harp playing.
calliaphone grins at Ari, admiring the toga.
Clansman SinkOrSwim laughs, nods to Merlin to speed up again. "Ere ye saw the bonnets blue, doon frae the Torwood draw, a wisp in need did ye bestead - perhaps you needed twa!.."
KK Victoria accepts the trade, taking Ebenezer's hand. "Yes. Will lead." He states, dragging him back towards the crowd of dancers.
Lively Escemfer gets to her feet, feeling fortified by her break in activity, and scampers over to the monolithic Victoria.
White Warrior Woman Ari is being traded for a scone! Gasp! They better be really tasty scones
Clansman SinkOrSwim tells the tale "General Hurst that battle busk that prime o' warriors a', Hawley, Whip and spur he thrust afar as fast as he could ga' "
Lively Escemfer misses him by a moment! Darn. She snaps, foiled again.
Ebenezer enghs! He has been hijacked! He stumbles along.
calliaphone hears familiar voices singing. she looks up and blinks. Wow. Sink in a Skirt! That's kinda made her day.
White Warrior Woman Ari giggles at Eben and Kai and waves to Calli
KK Victoria doesn't actually know the kind of dance that he should be doing, but Foxtrot can be done anywhere. It's like the blue blazer and khaki of dancing. Rave? Foxtrot. Wedding? Foxtrot. Funeral? Foxtrot.
Clansman SinkOrSwim spins, still picking "Heilan' Geordie's at yer tail, wi' Drummond Perth an' a' - up an' run awa', run awa'. . ."
Lady Akitsu finds her cloak from earlier and wraps it about her hastily, slipping on the hood as well. She dashes to Dexy and kneels. "Are you okay?"
White Warrior Woman Ari wonders what she was traded, she doesn't think she has anything but she checks her hands anyway, maybe this is like the giraffe incident?
Red Man Teh Dave wraps an arm around Ari and gives her a kiss, watching Kai and Eben with a laugh.
Carpen Tyr watches the partner exchange, then steps up to Esc. "May I have this dance?"
White Warrior Woman Ari kisses Dave, maybe she was traded a Dave? She is happy with that and pulls him into a dance
Jon Bishop lifts up a hand to Callia mid-spin.
Ebenezer 's ears and face have become quite red in a mix of exhaustion and embarrassment. He tries desperately to stay on his feet, but when he stumbles, Kai is perfectly capable of dragging him along.
Red Man Teh Dave is dance-pulled! He leaves the plate with calli, and whirls around with Ari amidst the other dancers.
Lively Escemfer grins up at Tyr. "Alright!"
calliaphone waves to Ari as she dances away with Dave. and then to Bishop as he spins. She'd launch a hug attack, but she's not quite firing on all cylinders. so she sits down instead on the porch step.
Merlin looks up at Sink and Sings out, "I hae but just ae word to say and ye maun hear it a', We came to charge wi' sword and targe and nae to hunt ava',..
calliaphone finds she has another plate of food. this has worked out rather well. she proceeds to clean it up.
Carpen Tyr grins and sweeps her into a whirl. "It's been a while!"
KK Victoria is also perfectly capable of lifting Ebenezer off of his feet and simply dancing with him a foot off of the ground. It's really a simple fix to the whole 'Exhaustion' problem.
Ebenezer now knows how tiny little Esc felt with Dave whirling her around a while ago. "Angh!"
Merlin dances the music round and round. "When we came down aboun the town and saw nae faes at a', We couldna half believe the truth that ye had left us a'!
Lively Escemfer asks, "Do you think we can get another Dancing badge?"
White Warrior Woman Ari looks at Calli and then at Dave with a grin and a question in her eyes
Red Man Teh Dave tilts his head, and nods at the question. He'll ask after the dance. For now, a twirl, a dip, and a kiss, then back to our regularly scheduled prancing.
Clansman SinkOrSwim grins a wide, crazy grin. "Heilan' Geordie's at yer tail, wi' Drummond, Perth an' a' - up an' run awa', run awa'. . ."
Celtic Melusine Aryame wakes from her fourth wall coma and looks around, noting new people and waving again.
Carpen Tyr hmms. "Well, we've got Speed Ballroom Dancing, right? Think we could sell this as Celebration Dancing, or some such? He glances at their clanmates. "I'd say they definitely deserve one."
White Warrior Woman Ari dances
KK Victoria is actually a very good dancer, obviously trained. If only he had a cooperative partner, it wouldn't look so awkward. The dangling legs and the swinging around just make it look. . . Off. . .
Yellow Jacket Spandex is leaning sleepily against the Swamp wall. She gives a 'dont mind me just going to nap here' thumbs up to Kit.
Lively Escemfer decides, "A Dancing With GERMS badge!"
Jon Bishop has not gotten free food yet! It is one of the greatest joys in life, after all. He takes particular interest in the stovies. "What the?"
Clansman SinkOrSwim stand silhouetted by fire "Nae man bedeen believed his e'en till your brave back he saw, Hawley. Bastard brat o' foreign cat had neither pluck nor paw. . ."
Ebenezer thrashes. "I'm quite-quite ready to stop dancing now!" he informs his dance partner/kidnapper.
Jon Bishop holds it out to calliaphone. "What is this?"
Clansman SinkOrSwim looks at the crowds, mercenaries a' "We didna ken, but ye were men wha fight for foreign law. Hey, fill your wame wi' brose at hame, it fits ye best of a' !"
KK Victoria is a very good restraint to a thrashing kidnapee. Vice grip and imposing size make for good manacles. Of course, Kai is soon done anyway. An uncooperative dance partner just ruins the fun.
calliaphone backs away from Bishop. "i dunno, is it a Man Goe?" she looks alarmed. she has Man Goes in her fruit-basket. Mister Quandle said so. she thinks they might be dangerous.
KK Victoria drops Ebenezer back to his feet. "You terrible dance partner." He accuses. Ebenezer was constantly fighting the lead! Well, he was fighting everything, but most importantly the lead!
Merlin shouts above the music at Bishop. "Just eat it!"
calliaphone spies a sleepy Spandex leaning on the wall. she grins and waves.
Ebenezer stumbles awkwardly when his shoes touch the floor again. "Engh!" He mumbles, very fast, "You're a fine dan-dancer, goodbye." He scuttles away from the dancers, falling into the nearest chair
Red Man Teh Dave laughs and stumbles a bit, perhaps a bit of drink catching up with him finally.
Merlin returns her attention to the song, "The very frown o' Hielan' loon, it gart ye drop the jaw, Happ'd the face of a' disgrace and sickened Southron maw,
Lady Akitsu sighs and simply shakes her head. "Oh, alright. I'm sure that must've hurt, though."
Celtic Melusine Aryame perks a little at the mention of Mangoes. She looks at Callia curiously.
Jon Bishop squints at it. He is a man, but he does not want to go. "Uh. No."
White Warrior Woman Ari waves to the unknown girl with the serpentine tail as she spins
Jon Bishop is yelled at. "Fine, geez. . ."
Merlin watches the fire flicker as she sings, "The very gleam o' Hielan' flame it puts you in a thaw, Gae back and kiss your Daddy's miss, you're nane but cowards a'!
calliaphone sees a lizard-lady looking at her. she grins back. "h'llo" she says, and offers an apple from her basket.
Celtic Melusine Aryame smiles shyly at the young woman dancing with Mr. Dave and waves back. She watches the dancers with a small smile on her face.
Carpen Tyr comes to a rest near Kai, and winks at Esc. "Care to switch partners?"
Ebenezer sucks in deep breaths and loosens his collar and necktie in an attempt to cool down. Rest. Glorious rest!
Clansman SinkOrSwim sees the tune soar and swirl "Up and scour awa', Hawley! up and scour awa'! The Hielan' dirk is at your doup and that's the Hielan' law! Heilan' Geordie's at yer tail, wi' Drummond, Perth an' a'.."
Red Man Teh Dave waves to Rya with a grin, slowly winding down his dance in that direction.
White Warrior Woman Ari stumbles to a halt and kisses Dave "thank you for the dance Mr. Red Man"
Celtic Melusine Aryame turns back to Calliaphone and slithers over carefully, not wanting to fall, "Oh yes please! I do so love apples!"
Clansman SinkOrSwim yells "Had you but stayed wi' ladies maid, an hour and maybe twa, Your bacon bouk and bastard snout, ye might have saved them a'!"
Red Man Teh Dave smiles and returns the kiss. "The pleasure is mine, Lady."
calliaphone hands the apple over, glancing back in the fruit basket. she's starting to run out of stuff except for those Man Goes now. and she still hasn't found anyone who knows what they do.
KK Victoria nods, gesturing at Ebenezer. "He is terrible dance." He warns, then stands up and offers his hand out to Escemfer.
Lively Escemfer beams at everyone and everything. "I think I need another drink!" she decides.
Clansman SinkOrSwim snaps to attention, fingers fighting their way over the mandolin strings, as Merlins do over the harp. The battle tune weaves and runs, and slows, and Sink. . . finally. . . stops.
Lively Escemfer can put that drink off a while longer. A dance with KK? How could she refuse? She reaches for the hand, on tip-toes.
Merlin 's hands still the strings, and she grins up at Sink. "Bravo!"
Ebenezer sneers in protest to Kai, even though he knows fully well how terrible he is at dancing.
Jon Bishop considers dancing again. He tries the stomping thing that Merlin showed him.
White Warrior Woman Ari giggles and slips away to Eben "and thank you too"
Ebenezer ohs at Ari. He wheezes a "You're wel-wel-wel-welcome."
Celtic Melusine Aryame peaks at the mangoes in Callia's basket and looks at the apple. She asks shyly, "I do love apples but could I have a mango instead?"
KK Victoria decides that due to Escemfer's difference in height, it would be appropriate to simply pick her up to not have to crouch down to dance with her.
White Warrior Woman Ari waves and darts off, she sadly has something urgent to see too, she grins at her host, this was great fun
Clansman SinkOrSwim bows to his fellow Clan Leader and musician grinning and panting. ~"And to you, ma'am!"
Celtic Melusine Aryame realizes belatedly that Mr. Dave waved to her and she waves back with a smile.
Jon Bishop does not have a partner! He pulls his shovel from his back. A suitable dance partner.
calliaphone blinks. "you want one of those?" she looks doubtful. "i mean . . . if you're sure . . . jus' help yourself." and she watches curiously to see what happens next.
Merlin laughs at Sink. "You need to build up your stamina, lad."
calliaphone applauds the musicians. that was quite a tune!
Lively Escemfer feels tall! She beams and enjoys the dancing from her new vantage point.
Red Man Teh Dave raises an eyebrow at Bish, and nudges Aryame with a grin, pointing Bishopward. "Looks like he could use a dance partner, if you're interested."
Celtic Melusine Aryame places the apple back in and takes a mango, rolling it between her palms and testing the ripeness. She looks up at Callia with a smile and notices the curious gaze,"Have you tried one before?"
calliaphone shakes her head. "is it a vegetable? i thought it might be an improb bomb." she is still eyeing it with suspicion.
Celtic Melusine Aryame looks at Dave and turns a pale shade of lavender, "Oh, I don't know, I haven't danced since I was a little girl and never with a serpents body."
Red Man Teh Dave is already peering at the mango, sniffing at it. "Oooh, where'd you get the mango?"
KK Victoria dances about in a much gentler pace, making up for his picking up Esc by a little bit more impressive footwork - to count for the both of them. He was much rougher with Ebenezer.Much rougher.
Jon Bishop hears Dave's comment. He is right. Where is Jon's manners? He holds the shovel out to Callia and Aryame. "The shovel is available. It dances good."
Ebenezer rubs at what might be a bruised arm.
calliaphone says, "it was a present! i found it in my natterspace." she means the whole basket, not just the mango.
Lively Escemfer can dance too, even if she's being held! It's all in the shoulders.
Celtic Melusine Aryame smiles and pulls a small paring knife out of her bandolier that she filched from cookie. She slowly begins to peel it. "No, its a fruit. I have just tried it recently but they are yummy!"
calliaphone ducks as the shovel is waved in her direction.
Lady Akitsu sighs and sits beside Dex, arms crossed as she watches.
Red Man Teh Dave catches the shovel and pulls its wielder into an upbeat two-step number, perhaps to keep him from throwing the shovel around.
Clansman SinkOrSwim hopes it's not the old Evil Mango from Merlin's fridge. . .
Merlin hopes so too. That mango liked to bite. She starts to wrap up her harp.
calliaphone does not think Hairless would harvest evil Man Goes from anybody's fridge. she watches Aryame. "a fruit?" she sounds immensely relieved.
Red Man Teh Dave blinks as he realizes he's dancing with Jon to no music. He shrugs and continues.
calliaphone giggles at Dave and Bishop. they're better dancers than . . . hrmm. perhaps best not finish that sentence.
Clansman SinkOrSwim hears a slow drip-drip-drip close to him. He looks around the beach and the porch, but can't see any leaking liquid. Then he looks down and realises the fingertips of his left hand are bleeding.
Jon Bishop finds an extreme difference between throwing and holding out, but perhaps the meat has skewed that opinion. This is better. Jon, Dave, and a shovel. A three man dance-off!
KK Victoria is also dancing without music. Not like it particularly matters, it's all in the shoulders after all.
calliaphone looks at Sink's hand, and says, "eep." quietly.
KK Victoria would deny the failing in that logic. Just like that pineapple and hat that he has never seen nor heard of. He was dead at the time. Dead and on vacation.
Red Man Teh Dave collapses in a corner, snoring to himself.
Celtic Melusine Aryame smiles as she finishes peeling the fruit and starts cutting off small slices. She eats one, to show that it isn't harmful and offers a piece to her, "Here, try some."
Merlin stands, slinging the harp over her shoulder. She looks over at Sink, about to thank him when she notices his hand. "Oh dear. Last time we play that song together. Sorry about that."
Clansman SinkOrSwim waves at the source of the 'eep' with his non-bleeding hand, grins, and pads off to the bathroom to clean the bleeding one up.
calliaphone is growing tired again. she's still needing to sleep more than she stays awake.
Jon Bishop stares downward at the collapsed Dave. "Huh." And with that, he's dancing again.
Ebenezer appears to have fallen asleep in his chair, slumped over the table. His cheek is smashed against the tabletop and the spectacles on his face are skewed.
Lively Escemfer hums cheerfully. "You can drop me off here!" she says as they near the table. One more drink, for the road.
KK Victoria does so, though it's much more of a careful setting down than the 'plunk' that Ebenezer received.
Clansman SinkOrSwim grins at Merlin "Nah. we should play that, and others, more often m'dear."
calliaphone gets up and heads off to find a convenient shrubbery to sleep in, leaving Aryame with the Man Goe and two apples. "enjoy" she says, as she waves goodnight.
Merlin waves goodnight to everyone, flits over to give Bishop a kiss, before heading off down the beach singing softly to herself. "True Thomas lay on huntlie bank. . .."the song fades.
Lively Escemfer beams up at him. "Thanks! You're a pretty good dancer."
calliaphone spies something as she rounds the corner of the house. she stops dead. is that . . . her cart?
Merlin would like that very much. She misses playing music with others. . .
Jon Bishop kisses back, then pauses, realizing that no one else is dancing anymore. "Oh."
Clansman SinkOrSwim wanders off to the bathroom, then maybe his bed!
calliaphone advances slowly towards the cart, thinkthinking as best she can through the tiredness. as she reaches it, she gives up on the thinking.
Celtic Melusine Aryame smiles and waves to the interestin woman with the fruit basket, "Thank you very much!"
calliaphone climbs into the cart. ohmyword it's good to be home. curling up around her accordion, she falls asleep.
Lady Akitsu glances around and sighs. Seems the party's over. She stands and gathers up the rest of her clothes.
KK Victoria smiles, then starts lumbering off.
Lady Akitsu curtsies as best she can in only a cloak, "Thank you very much for inviting me. I had a wonderful time," then slings a sleeping Dex over her shoulder with one arm and starts off for the Hall.
Celtic Melusine Aryame glances around. "Ah I suppose the night is over. . ." But she is happy. She has a mango.
Jon Bishop looks around. Now that's it's slightly more clear, he digs a small hole for good measure.
Lively Escemfer collects a flagon of drink and sits down, taking her time in finishing this one off. She's finally winding down.
Jon Bishop yells from the hole, "How is that?"
Ebenezer snrks in his sleep. If he were awake, he would certainly be stopping his wife from consuming more beverages.
Kitten slips back in and sits down by a bonfire, warming herself from the crisp air. She closes her eyes, noticing the night's earlier festivities having died down.
Lively Escemfer totters over to her husband, comfortably muzzy, and considers him for a long moment. Then she sighs and drums on his knee.
Ebenezer mmns and opens one eye before sitting up and straightening his spectacles. One of his muttonchops is now blue. "Mngh? Where-where. . .?" Where's the party? It's gone!
Lively Escemfer tells him. "Time to go, innit. Where's my dress?"
Jon Bishop climbs out of the hole, and makes his way out. Merlin did not see him make this one. She cannot taint it with those foolish signs.
Ebenezer rubs his face and mumbles a reply, "It's in my-my pocket." Most of the dress is hanging out of his pocket, in fact.
Lively Escemfer locates her dress and tugs it out of hiding. Unsteadily, she worms into it and does the buttons, some of them in the wrong holes.
Ebenezer checks to make sure that none of his pocket-treasures escaped along with Esc's dress. He looks over his shoulder, frowning at Bishop's unmarked hole. "Dangerous," he thinks.
Celtic Melusine Aryame nears a bonfire, smiling as the warm glow warms her chilly body, "Ah that's nice."
Ebenezer decides that it needs a makeshift sign to warn people! He takes some note paper and a pen from his pocket and writes in neat copperplate
Lively Escemfer is already wandering off. Goodnight, friends!
Ebenezer enghs! He cannot let his drunken wife get far without him! He quickly locates a serviceable stick and stabs it into the ground near the hole. He pokes holes in the paper to thread the stick in.
Ebenezer , now convinced that the area is safe, hurries off after his wife. "Escemfer, wait!" And he is gone.
Celtic Melusine Aryame slithers off, carefully avoiding the hole.
Red Man Teh Dave awakens slowly, looks around, and starts heading off. He's interrupted by the hole, which he falls into with a muffled AHH!!"
Red Man Teh Dave pulls himself out of the hole slowly, shakes his head, and heads off. He'll have to bring a proper housewarming present later.

Much, much later

Attack Of The 50ft Wicker Bernard shouts down from atop his huge wicker-man-contraption, "IT'S ONLY ME! BLOODY TITANS. I'VE JUST HAD TO TAKE A NUMBER OF THEM DOWN. BEING THAT I'M PILOTING ONE. HAVE I MISSED ANYTHI. . . OH."
Attack Of The 50ft Wicker Bernard THUDS away in his wicker contraption, from within't thanks to the rather-good public address system, you can hear UB muttering, "Bloody Titans, they're a flippin' menace, someone should have words"
Kestrel scrambles to her feet, narrowly avoids tripping over the hem of her dress, then actually does as she turns to leave. She gives a muffled curse, gathering up her skirts.
Kestrel feels incredibly uncomfortable without her weapons - maybe she should have brought them anyway. She sighs, casts one last glance around the area, then leaves.

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