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Unfortunately, this contestant may not be on the island anymore! Feel free to read what they left behind, but bear in mind you may not get to use this information.

Berym - it's unsure if this is his real name or not, but it's what he answers to - has the air of someone trying to look at and understand everything around him. When not in a conversation with someone or doing something in particular, he'll often be seen looking about intently, as if trying to understand.

Physically he's about six foot and three inches tall. He's heavily built, with broad shoulders, broad chest, broad mind... broad everything, really. He has grey eyes and kind of blonde-gold-ginger hair that plainly defies easy description. He's not handsome, with his strong nose and sensual lips, but he has something of a classic appeal to his looks and an easy-going charm that helps. He sports a neatly trimmed Van Dyke beard and closely cut sideburns that come down near his jawline.

Berym claims to be from Sydney, Australia and has mentioned that he used to run a second hand bookshop, one that largely dealt with old and antique books. He's noted for stating a complete lack of ability with maths and numbers, but has an apparently deep grasp of language and literature. He seems to have a knack for thinking laterally, outside the norm, and has come up with unexpectedly interesting suggestions and solutions to matters at hand.

He's something of an oddity; while he's finding it difficult to adjust, the greater oddities - talking, giant centipedes, people turning into mannequins and back again - don't shock him. Surprise or interest him certainly, but he simply fails to run screaming from them; perhaps his curiousity gets the better of him?

He's wearing fairly ordinary clothing - a pair of green trousers, a white, long sleeved and collared shirt and has a brown vest with polished brass buttons over top. His feet are clad in heavy black, boots that don't have shoelaces and over his clothing he wears a Driza-Bone - a type of tough, waterproofed leather long coat common in Australia. Sheathed across his back is a broad-fuller longsword that, when swung through the air, makes a sound awfully like "snickersnack".

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