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Big Shug

2010 - Requiescat in pace.1)2)

Shug's attitude to the Island

Shug liked the Island. He liked to encounter and play with new people. Shug's interactions were usually short and apparently innocuous - but Shug had a long memory remembered the mean from the innocent, the kind from the careless, the spiteful from the amusing. Shug liked nothing more than a mutually amusing episode - if it was at his own expense, so be it.

Shug's Attitude to Race


As a human, Shug was a bit of a friend of Dorothy.

When non-human, he viewed them as mostly harmless. To be encouraged where possible, educated where feasible, and kicked in the bollox when not looking.


Shug was never a Kittymorph. The mention of the word got his blood pressure up. He viewed Kittymorphs as pointless, but never realised his dream to set up a spaying centre on the Island. Why the dislike? "Bunch o Pre-teen, deep-kissing, 'Ooh looky, I'm nekkid, giggle giggle' fookin wazzocks."


Shug raced through his Zombie DK. He didn't have many adventures, as he was still in his pre-clan loner period. Shug had nothing against Zombies. A lot of people he liked are dead.


Ahh - the essence of Shug. Get him a French Maid outfit and a pair of high heels and Shug was up for a party. It was as a midget he decided to try "Clan" - and was hoovered into QQQ. A week or so under talkydoor's wing, and Shug knew he was home. Also around this point, Shug met and became quickly besotted with Kestrel. Being a midget, he couldn't actually say any of this out loud. This apparently made no difference, and Shug had no idea everyone knew how he felt. Kestrel was one of Shug's favourite islanders.


Shug had one run as a Mutant, primarily to put into words his feelings for Kestrel. This was not a pretty episode in Shug's life. It resulted in him hurting the feelings and almost losing the friendship of Kitten, who had been a source of enormous help and encouragement to him.


Adopted this form once to support ByteKing, a clannie, in the construction of a Bordello. Personality desperately unsuited to this form, a slow run was the last thing Shug wanted - but hey.


Shug had little opinion of Jokers. With the odd exception they spent their time having opinions of themselves. Shug fell foul of a rigged game with Akogi, in which there was no win / lose - just "consequence" - but happily he views leopard print armour, glowing pink eyes (3) and a raging lust for other men to be a "win".

Shug's attitude to Individuals

Shug had particular fun with:


his love interest on the island. A companion of Cassidy.


Involved in some of Shug's mostly early forays in the Island.


No midget could've asked for a more considerate rejection. She held in MOST of the laughter most of the time.


A lovely artist, Shug adopted Kitten as his Muse during the Kestrel Incident.

SugarHi Unicorn

Another inhabitant of the island who must have felt vaguely uncomfortable in Shug's company. Shug's best intentions either worked splendidly, or induced nausea.

Sparkles McFee

Sparks was Shug's first introduction to post-Paprika changes. A firm friendship sprang up as a result of some friendly - but very blunt - teasing.


His clan matron, talky encouraged Shug to blossom with guidance, kind words and the odd spanking.

Honorable Mentions

Unfairlady, Ebenezer, Micha, One. Shug knows who you all are, and counted you friends. Except for you, One. You were a wazzock. But an interesting wazzock.

1) In english: Rest in Piece
2) In other words: This guy is dead, not here. Nothing to see here.
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