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Black is the pit where my heart once lurked
Black is the pupil of my one working eye
Black is the stubbed toenail that sprouts from my left ear.
Black is the gunge that seeps from the festering hole in my torso.
BLACK are the teeth within that festering hole,
how I long for a toothbrush that will reach

Black is the colour of my soul,
the colour of my mind,
the colour of my heavily-altered T-shirt,
the colour of my PAIN! Black are the sightless,
staring eyes that cover my knees and my penis.

My penis!
Oh, cruel and sadistic fate!
My instrument of love,
my rod of passion,
studded with the black gems that drive women screaming and urinating into the night!
The eyes, the eyes!
They do not see,
they can not look in love and wonder upon a newborn babe or a majestic waterfall!
But if you cut me, do I not bleed?
If you poke my penis-eyes, do they not blink as one in soundless anguish?

By the Council mutant in Pleasantville

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