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Unfortunately, this contestant may not be on the island anymore! Feel free to read what they left behind, but bear in mind you may not get to use this information.

A Short (or not so short) Biography of the contestant BloodThrone:


Twice in his life BloodThrone felt insecure,frightened and hesitant all at the same time: Once when he was born all naked and the second one when he was involuntarily thrown off a plane only to regain his senses -all naked again- in an island of pure madness! To be truthfull,Bloodthrone does not remember the first time,he only remembers being told about it by others who...he cannot really remember.He cannot remember who they were or anything else for the matter,as if his memory got almost erased or woken up like that time with a huge weird hangover after partying all night with folks from the psychopharmacology research department.Amnesia-causing events tend to be memorable,only at this time his memory does not seem to come back so swiftly. What he CAN remember,or rather THINKS he remembers is that previously he was into Life Sciences such as biology and used to work in some kind of lab in a place that propably was a university, a big school of shorts.BloodThrone also remembers hot summers and beautiful beaches and a rather peculiar language that few seem to understand and has the strong feeling that he is Mediterranean,whatever that could mean! Due to that he expresses himself with lots of "Ahhh"s and "Oohh"s along with vocalizing feelings and flailing his hands around when he speaks, sometimes putting the patience of others through a test and risking being considered by other "not that tough of a guy".

Skills and Weirdness:

He finds himself at ease with medikits and technological gadgets of all shorts as if he was working with them for quite some time at the expense of his social skills.He also has a knack for collecting biological and chemical samples of whatever he finds in his path,a preoccupation that will surely get him into trouble if he tries it on Kittymorphs or Zombies! Instictively, BloodThrone seems to know his way around plants and how to tamper with energy drinks found on the island to gain a bit more stamina by addition of ingredients he collects from the Jungle.While finding his skills useful in general, its rather...impropable that he could survive solely based on them so he has been trying to practice his fighting skills which leave alot to be desired -better not leave that to fate,counting on the impropability prevalent on the island eh?-.One could say he is good at running away or throwing dirt at an enemy's face, signs that propably his only fighting skills were developed as a coping mechanism for bullies.BloodThrone has a natural distaste for cameras,thinking they invade privacy and that they are likely to catch him in embarrasing moments for all the world to see.While scared a bit of impropability,given that science is based on propability and predictability,he has also a natural curiosity towards chaos,weirdness and the impropable , a thing that led him into science in the first place trying to find explanations for the inexplicable.

Appearence and general demeanor:

If he could find a mirror around to look at himself, he would see he is quite tall for a human -although he doubts with all he has seen here so far that he is one-,with dark blond hair, greenish eyes and slightly darker skin than one could expect from his fair hair and light colored eyes.He tends to leave himself slightly unshaven,be it from lazyness or a stylistic choice its for you to decide.BloodThrone tends to dress simply,avoiding drawing to much attention, in simple rugged jeans,a leather jacket and a t-shirt always ensuring though that his garments have LOTS of pockets for samples,knick-knacks and things that could come handy and MUST BE COLLECTED, which also ensures that if you mug him you will find lots of garbage on him.One of his rather characteristic stances is rubbing or scratching his scruffy chin facial hair, a move adding to his general uncertainty and hesitation of the place he has found himself to be on.Sometimes exuberant about others and sometimes a bit afraid of them and their different nature, he is like a mixture of sedatives and uppers : unpredictable,hilarious and... in serious need of defibrilation if he happens to step on the wrong man's (mutant's, robot's,kittyform's,Bob's) toes.Enjoy him in moderation!

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