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Blues music

A strange musical genre, believed to have been razed from existance in the late 21st century by the unpopular International Music laws, which outlawed any musical expression of sadness, discontent, melancholy or other seemingly 'negative' emotions.

'The Blues' was a popular 19th and 20th century style of music, which grew from spiritual music, gospel, work songs, field hollers, shouts and chants, and rhymed simple narrative ballads. Blues also shows African influences, and the musical style progressed to influence later American and Western popular music, including jazz, rhythm and blues, bluegrass and rock and roll music. Contemporary Americana/Blues tracks also integrate elements of folk, country and 'roots' music.

More contemporary blues-style songs are often heard on the Island, usually played by SinkOrSwim in quiet locations, including the Common Ground, Veterans Club and the Raven Inn.

For reference, see the following artists;
Muddy Waters; John Lee Hooker; Albert King; William Elliot Whitmore; The Yardbirds; Lightnin' Slim; Sonny Kenner; Chuck Berry; Eric Clapton; Jeffrey Foucault.

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