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In which coffee is summoned, the gender of an animal discussed, and a friend made.

Continuation from Shanghaied in Shambletown!

Exterior; New Home.

Civilian Anomaly Stratic walks back into Newhome. "Glad to be back."

Rookie Ark The Jr finishes off the cookie, but it seems that something else is lacking. So Ark extends his right index finger and bends it ever so slightly. Out of the air, a stream of espresso drips into a newly appeared ceramic cup.

Buddleia grins all around, and waves to the new guy too, before her attention is caught by Sudden Coffee, too. "Wuh? Wow, how'd you do that?" She squints at him, "You're not a Joker, surely."

Rookie Ark The Jr takes a sip of his fresh coffee. "It's some secret skill I learned from a secret sect. I'm not that great at that really."

A Cow ambles in, seemingly looking for something - or someone. He looks around at the contestants. "Mooooooooo." Maybe he's looking for someone who speaks bovine?

Buddleia shrugs and grins again. It's no use getting too puzzled about things here. "Cool skill. You might like to meet Lloyd, if he ever wakes up - guy brews an awesome cup of coffee." She then procedes to stare at a sudden cow. "Uh, hello?"

Rookie Ark The Jr spots a cow over yonder, "Just what I need!"

Rookie Ark The Jr attempts speaking in bovine to "Ask for a cup of milk." However, since Ark has never spoke in bovine before, it comes out as "I am a witty Sailor monkey."

Jellybean Viola looks at the cow with only confusion. "Is. . . Is it a contestant?"

Rookie Ark The Jr says, "Er. . . Anyone have a English to bovine dictionary?"

Civilian Anomaly Stratic hears mooing and walks over to it's source. "Breathren!"

Jellybean Viola frowns at Ark. "They. . . They have those?"

A Cow raises an eyebrow at Ark. . . this person does not speak his language. "Mmmmooo?" He looks at Anomaly. "Mmmmmooooooooo."

Rookie Ark The Jr ponders for a moment. "I think they do. Actually, I'm not really sure if the divine secrets of the bovine language have been completely unlocked. It's always been a mystery to me."

Buddleia shrugs. "Could be. The guards let it into town." She listens to the moooooing; it's all equally unintelligable to her. Another shrug. "And, maybe, goodness knows what might turn up on the Island."

Rookie Ark The Jr looks over at the cow with great concentration and mutters under his breath, "If I could get a cup of milk from that cow, then I could finally reach Airista level 2. . ."

Civilian Anomaly Stratic's eyes widen. "How rude of me. I'm very sorry." Anomaly bows. "My name is Anomaly Stratic, and yours?"

Silcatra quirks an eyebrow at the rookie wanting a cup of milk. "That's a bull, kid. They don't work like that, you know."

Contestant June approaches the cow slowly. "Mooooooooooo."

Rookie Ark The Jr inspects the cow closer. Sure enough, it is a bull. "Never mind then. . . I guess my training can wait another day then."

A Cow peers at Anomaly. Betcha didn't know cows could peer, huh? "Mmmmnnnaaammmme?

Buddleia watches the procedings in amusement. She waves hello to everyone she's missed, almost scattering cookies from the bag in her hand.

Civilian Anomaly Stratic nods. "Yes. It is something that identifies you from others in the heard. Did you have one before comming here?

A Cow doesn't really understand the question. He's never really thought about names before that weird little cat told him to find help. "Mmmmnnnooooooo. . ."

Civilian Anomaly Stratic says, "Aww. Everything needs a name to an extent. How about we just call you cow? Especially since I haven't seen any other breathern here, okay?"

A Cow mulls the idea over for a bit. . . ok. "Mmmmmkaaay. . ."

Civilian Anomaly Stratic says, "I guess that just means all that is left is a welcoming!" Anomaly bows with his arms out wide. "Welcome to NewHome! Ignore the song."

A Cow blinks. He's been on the island for a while. "Mmmoooooo." And with that nugget of wisdom, he lays down and chews. Chews what? Bugger all.

Civilian Con Seannery mutters "you shaid it, cow."

Civilian Anomaly Stratic smiles. " Well all the better I guess. I'll be going now." Anomaly bows and walks to the jungle.

A Cow watches the strange young man exit and lays his head down. He stops chewing and soon falls asleep.

Next up: Of Cows, Outlaws, and Translating Toasters

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