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This is a clip-on ear stud. Fancy isn't it? I mean, it belongs to one of our greatest rivals, but still, fancy.

The Burn The World Organization was formed at an undisclosed location by a shadowy cabal of Jokers who just wanted to watch the world burn. After much discussion1), the terrorists2) contestants3) terrorists in attendance agreed to form the band of merry maniacs 4) that became known as Burn The World, or BTW. Soon they were joined by other like-minded5) spirits.

It was decided early on that the primary focus for the group would be the outpost which seems to be in perpetual need - Cyber City 404. If the city in the cold hard north east was beyond the grasp of do-gooders, the next outpost where Assistance Is Required, would be the target of BTW's attention.

At time of writing, to our knowledge, Cyber City is pretty threatened, but we aren't going to stop there; we need to do better. We need you!

So there you have it. That's who we are and what we do in our spare time. If you need to call in the team, just give a holler. We'll hear you.

Want to join up and get yourself some sexy evil lovin'? All you've got to do is pass the stringent test by answering 'yes' to all of the following:

Are you willing and able to fight contestants?

Have you DK'd?

Can you destroy walls?

Are you willing to aid Titans?

And finally, the most difficult part of the entry test is a mile-long gauntlet filled with traps, spikes, and explosions.

Suspected members:

  • Szara Kryik.
  • Full Metal Loin
  • Gerald
  • CavemanJoe
  • Aer

You can find Burn The World's manifesto on the page about the BTW Board.

The arch-nemisis of the BTW organization is the OST.

1) and rocket fuel posing as tequila
2) Ed note: That is a political opinion. They are not terrorists
3) BTW note: Yes we are.
4) Not to be confused with Maniaks
5) evil?
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