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Clan: Building Ultimately Irrelevant Little Dwellings (BUILD)

BUILDers are tough folk, strong and strong-willed.

BUILDers are kind folk, the ones that'll lend a helping hand.

BUILDers are magnanimous folk, generous sometimes to a fault.

BUILDers are reliable folk, the ones that'll always have your back.

Building Ultimately Irrelevant Little Dwellings is a clan for good people that like to work with their hands. Interested in place construction, wall reinforcement, or outpost protection? Love to craft and invent? Maybe you prefer building less tangible things like friendships and relationships? Then BUILD is the clan for you!

If you're new the Island, there's a way to stake claims on parcels of land to build your own Place. You can find more details by clicking the link! By joining BUILD, you'll be joining a community of experienced Place builders who can help guide you through the process, and even assist! Of course, the Island is full of generous and helpful people, and their contributions should not be taken for granted, either. Anyone already in a clan and wishing to be part of the BUILD team can join LABOR, below! And finally, even if you're not sure building is for you, BUILD accepts anyone with an inclination towards creativity and a passion for bringing their ideas to life!


  1. Trowa, Founder
  2. Miss Anne, Member
  3. Jenkins, Member
  4. Rowa, Member
  5. Serena, clan receptionist. (NPC)

Previous Members


BUILD's main offices are located at coordinates (6,11) just one south and two west of Improbable Central. Here you will find rooms and work areas belonging to every member in the clan. Well...you will at some point. At least there's a working bathroom.1)

Honorary Members: Lucky Arseholes Building Others' Rooms (LABOR)

Friends of the clan! These lucky arseholes2) have joined the LABOR pool and are officially recognized by BUILD as awesome, reliable people! A group of talented Islanders that can be called upon for massive projects, brain-storming sessions, or even just swinging parties, LABORers are some of the best non-BUILDers around!


  • Mango
  • Lysanne
  • Outmen
  • Marika
1) Out of Order
2) lucky lucky, they're so lucky!
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