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The greatest activity one can participate in. Very popular with the politicians and the lawyers.1)2)3)4)5)6)7)8)

1) Have you brought this up because you're feeling a little sore with your 'chosen' career path? Because if you have, there's ways and means to have your grievances heard, and it's to fill in form Gr1.3A and submit the yellow carbon copy to your line manager, and the pink copy to personnel. You retain the white copy for your records.
2) Don't forget about subclause 12B.1.2.3!
3) Don't worry about the subclauses, no one ever notices them...
4) The subclauses are where they hide the really important parts of the forms.
5) like how you shouldn't wear white shoes after labor day?
7) That's right.
8) says the subclause, that's who!
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