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Goes by Byte or BK to her friends.

Past History:

Byte was a season one contestant named HodgePodge. She woke up on the Island after the start of Season two not knowing how she got there and as a man. Her Pre-Island history was a real blur as well, but now some of Byte's past history is starting to come back to her, as are many skills she had forgotten.

Extended Background: It was almost too beautiful to just lie there, but HodgePodge didn't care. She languished on the beach watching the Soctopus playing in the waves and the Spiderkitties building a mock replica of the watcher out of sand. Hmmm, actually a good likeness, Hodge laughed to herself as she felt herself dozing off... "Hard to believe this is home now" was her last thought as her eyes closed.

Hodge wasn't quite sure what awoke her, but she had a hard time opening sand-encrusted eyes and she was shivering in the night air. Her eyes finally cleaned out, she glanced around making sure she was protected and then took stock of equipment. It was gone... her force-field generator, riot-gun, everything... she felt tears welling up until she realized she could see her SKIN.. it was a pale-pasty white!

Her beautiful fur and tail were gone! and what was this between her legs... like any good kittymorph she loved having something between her legs as often as possible, but permanently was almost more than she could bear.

"It has to be a trick of the Improbability Drive" Hodge thought to herself. She felt so weak and naked... then she noticed someone walking up the beach. It was The Watcher.

She looked around herself, and in short order her piercing blue eyes locked on to Hodges. She walked over to her, shaking her head.

She leaned over Hodge, stared at her for a moment, and sighed. Her first words came in a Southern British accent:

"I don't really have time for this, you know. So who do we have here. A new contestant?" she smiled in her predatory way.

Hodge suddenly realized it she told The Watcher the truth, she'd try and wipe her memory, like so often before.

"I...I'm ByteKing" Hodge stammered in an unusually deep and resonant voice.

As The Watcher began her spiel on 'skronks' and such, Hodge couldn't help but smile a little as well. `5"This might just be interesting" `7she thought to herself. She'd learned a lot being different races here on the Island and with her retained memories, she'd have her battle gear and fur back in no time.

As far as the other small item of business. When the time was right she'd heard there was a way to correct that as well.

When The Watcher finished, Hodge grinned fiercely and walked through the gate at NewHome. "Ha, NewHome" she thought as walked naked and proud through the crowded square... `5"Not for long"

Journal Entry 1: I have passed my first hurdle. I had my first Drive Kill today and I retain all my memories from before. Most interesting. I wonder how many times I have been through the same process in my previous life. Also, I am now back to being myself, as a Kittymorph, so the second hurdle is over as well... working on the third. All for now.

Journal Entry 2: Third hurdle over. Dr. Paprika did a fine job. This was certainly one of my more interesting challenges while on this island. So good to be myself again, though I will probably try other races sometimes, since I can now retain my memories...

Journal Entry 3: OK, just found out about a new probability. Something that might help with gaining a little more control over what happens to me with all this IMprobability leaking everywhere... Jokermorphs! A way to be myself and have some control over the improbability on the island. Need to find more information, but what a payout if its true.

Journal Entry 4: Thanks to Comrade Lukas, I know have a few names to look for... Kassil, Rosin, Lady akitsu, and Cheshire cat. I will have to seek them out to find out more about the Jokermorph form. On a lighter note, I have decided to open a Bordello. I hope I can find some similar minded folks to help with it, as it will be quite the undertaking... I've got big plans for it.

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