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Subject 1 Case Files

1) Name: Cage Oukami (Oh-kami)

Current Species: Human Kittymorph Mutation Human Mutation Joker

Status: ACTIVE

Age: 24(?)

Height: 6' 2"

Weight: 210 lbs

Eye colors: Silver/Amber

Distinguishing Body Markings: Distinctive scars across face, chin, and documented left shoulder tattoo.


Director Blackwell's Audio Logs

Additional: There's something strange about that saxophone.. Did anyone see the state of that room when he was finished practicing?

Additional: Ok, who is this guy. Why can no one tell me when this guy got to the island? I know we keep track of everyone who comes to this island! I'm not going to say it again. Get me the dossier on this guy.

Additional: It's that damned saxophone of his. Where the hell did he find that thing? We lost two guys because of that last incident. ...And where did he receive that training? [A sigh is heard, accompanied by the sound of stubble scraping against skin] This isn't some Average Joe we're talking about, here. But we knew that. We knew that when he started attracting so much attention. Well, from the beginning, actually. But.. This guy is dangerous, Jim. ..I know. We're going to have to.

Additional: Damn. Damn, damn, damn! It happened again. He got three of our guys this time. One of them we had to identify with a DNA test.. [thud of glass on table] If it keeps up like this.. Doesn't he have any family or anything like that?

Additional: So that's the reason we lost track of him. He's a cat now. Oh, pardon me. A kittymorph. I refuse to capitalize those disgusting creatures. ..I know this is an official log, damnit! Does it look like I care?

Director Falken's Audio Logs

Entry One: [Although background noise can be heard, there is a long pause before the speaking begins. The speaker clears her throat before beginning.] I have taken over for Mr. Blackwell. The recklessness and incompetence displayed by Mr. Blackwell has made him unsuitable for continued service to this project. His assistant, Mr. Taub, will still be working with us. I am Director Felicia Falken, and I will be in charge of this project from this point. I have kept all notations made by Mr. Blackwell for the sake of reference. Edit: Due to the drastic change of state in the subject, all notations made by the late Mr. Blackwell have been removed due to irrelevance.

Entry Two: [A pause is heard before the speaking begins.] I will soon be making a file containing all of the voice logs concerning the subject. Until then, the individual logs will remain attached to the personal file of the subject. We have increased the surveillance at the outpost of Kitannia and the surrounding areas. We are beginning to see a trend in the subject's travels and destinations, as well as the individuals the subject interacts with.

Entry Three: [A long pause before the speaking begins.] It seems.. We have underestimated the subject. In a recent confrontation with The Drive, the subject was.. almost unrecognizably mutated. It was by sheer luck that we managed to find him again. It will suffice to say that he is more dangerous than he has ever been in the past, and now poses an actual threat to us. We lost eight of the twelve agents sent to destroy the subject, and two of the four survivors were in critical condition with multiple lacerations.

Entry Four: Although Subject 1 continues to elude us, we now have Subject 2 in our employment. She is currently being trained by Operator Heath Morin, who will be her partner for all future missions. After initial resistance, Subject 2 was convinced to accept Subject 1's old contract. We will continue to moniter Subject 2 closely, in case she attempts to default.

Entry Five: I am happy to report that Subject 2's first mission was a success. After minimal training, Subject 2 was able to surpass her expectations on mission accomplishment. We released her back on to the mainland until her next assignment. Until that time, she will be monitored via tracking device and island-based cameras.

Entry Six: I am happy to report that Subject 2's latest mission was a success. Her assigned target was Subject 1. Despite the fact that they were previously acquainted, Subject 2 showed no hesitation in eliminating Subject 1. Now that we don't have to worry about such destructive disruptions anymore, we can freely continue to expand on Improbably Island.

Entry Seven: [A long pause is heard before the speaker begins.] It seems that we, for once, underestimated Subject 1. A recent scout was sent to the island to confirm a rumor that Subject 1 is still alive. It has been confirmed that he is living, albiet in a human form. He is unpredictable now, as he has control over the parasite inside of his body. The search and destroy missions will continue until confirmation of his death. It is also to be noted that shortly after Subject 1's supposed death, Subject 2 disappeared entirely. It is to be assumed that she is in a different form as well, and deadly.

Entry Eight: We finally got him. We finally found Subject 1. It took us a long time to confirm it, but it's definitely him. He seems quite comfortable with his new life, and we're using it to our advantage this time. I've ceased all foot patrols in the area. We can't blow this one. Instead, I've sent [DATA EXPUNGED]. The plan is for [DATA EXPUNGED]. That will be the end of our troubles.. No more having to worry about the Afkari corporation, or the Old Gal Syndicate, or the Grell Consortium trying to get their hands on him. It's just him, and us now. In other news, I will be accompanying an arms shipment to an unspecified site on the island to reinforce the defenses of existing personnel there.

Entry Nine: Subject 1 continues to elude our attempts to eliminate him. He has survived numerous assassination attempts, including utilizing Silencer Hollister Merak, and using Mr. Castoral. Both now seem to be allied with the subject, and are classified as rogue agents [See attached addendum.]. While at first we were extremely surprised, we now see that Subject 1's power has grown to an undeniable level. He is able to utilize his symbiont with great skill, even using it to regenerate from trauma that would otherwise outright kill, well, any living organism. [A sigh is heard, followed by the tapping of a stack of papers.] It has also come to our attention that Subject 1 is now what is known as a Joker on the island. However, I refuse to give this up. We've sacrificed too much for this cause.

  • Addendum: Silencer Hollister Merak and Mr. Arclinus Castoral are marked as rogue agents, and are to be eliminated on sight. Transportation of rogue agents is considered too costly and dangerous. Extreme prejudice is to be utilized upon engagement. -Director Eliason

Entry Ten: Three days ago, one of our sites discovered an energy source on the island that doesn't match any recorded or known energy signatures used by any corporation, or even the Drive. When the unit dispatched to investigate the site failed to return, we launched a larger, more prepared investigation. What we found appeared to be a gate of some sort. Some of our Silencers seemed to be drawn to this gate, and were successfully restrained only after incapacitation. We will set up a site around this gate to secure it, then research will proceed. We may be on to something here..

Entry Eleven: [The speaker's voice contains an element of barely concealed excitement that slips into her speech at times.] This is a phenomenal find. We decided to send an expeditionary team through the gate. What we found was.. Well, we found an entirely new world. I couldn't believe it either, perhaps it was a trick that the island was playing on us. Perhaps we were hallucinating. That is, until, Director Eliason arrived. We are dubbing this new world Vehail, and have already established several outposts and a site in this new world. The energy signatures in Vehail are like nothing we have ever seen. It seems to share the same improbable energy as the island, but it is obvious that Vehail is nowhere on Earth. Research teams are being deployed as we speak to research these energy signatures and strange mineral deposits that our expeditionary team has found. This is a major step in a direction none of us could have anticipated.. Though one thing is odd. There are traces and sites of civilization, but there is no trace of indigenous people. I will post as regularly as I can on our findings in Vehail.

Director Eliason's Audio Logs

Entry 1: [The speaker clears his throat before he begins speaking.] I am temporarily taking over this project for Director Falken as she makes her rounds to our training camps. My name is Director Grant Eliason. Let me get straight to business with this report. At approximately 1700, a Raider class helicopter outfitted with a squad of our agents and one Fenrir mech were dispatched on a search and destroy mission on the subject. At approximately 1900, the agents came in contact with the subject, and one other individual, which we will be referring to as Subject 2 from this point on. Attached is a video log recorded by helmet-mounted cameras and a mech mounted camera.

[CUT TO VIDEO FEED] The video focuses on a clearing below the helicopter, and Subject 1 and 2 are observed. Dirt kicks up around them as the door gunner opens fire. The subjects move into the tree line and disappear from view. The agent wearing the helmet camera stands up inside of the helicopter and deploys the fast rappel rope. He looks down at his hands to confirm his gloves are worn, and he mounts the rope. The agents land in the clearing and immediately establish a firing line. An agent nearby calls for heavy support at grid 202165 and the camera looks up, focusing on the helicopter as it flies away. The camera switches to a low-light setting as the sun sets and the whine of night vision and thermal goggles can be heard.

"..Think I hear something, stay alert. Switch to thermal optics."
"Roger. Switching to thermal."

Suddenly, a high pitched scream is heard from the left as a line of flames spit from the treeline. The camera falls back as the agent avoids the fire, and the jungle becomes an inferno. The agent looks around at his squad and makes a few hand signals. The agent he motions to nods in aknowledgement, and begins to set semtex charges. The squad retreats to a safe distance, and the agent wearing the camera holds out a detonator. He detonates the charges, and the machine gunner of the squad lays down fire into the exploding jungle. The agent looks to his right and makes a startled noise as Subject 2 appears in the middle of the formation. An agent is immediately decapitated and Subject 2 turns to the camera. There is a flurry of blurred motions and the camera falls, aimed at the sky. It begins to move, shakily, and intestines and dismembered body parts are observed before the camera turns to its side. A sideways view of Subject 1 sending a flailing agent flying into the night sky with his arm tentacles is recorded before the camera is crushed.

The view cuts to the Mech mounted camera as the machine bursts out of the jungle and opens fire with its railguns. Subject 1 is hit with the first volley and disappears from view. Suddenly, Subject 2's face appears, filling the entire lens. She begins tearing into the mech and the mech pilot begins to rampage his mech through the jungle. For the next 10 seconds, the mech flails around, trying to rid itself of Subject 2. As the mech re enters the clearing, Subject 2 is observed leaping from the mech and into the clearing, where she is hit multiple times by small arms fire. The video feed captures the helicopter flying back overhead before a flying tree log impacts the main rotors, causing it to crash and explode. The resulting explosion kills all remaining ground agents. The video cuts to a helmet mounted cam as the mech pilot picks up a Cerberus Class anti-material rifle. He takes aim at Subject 1 and fires, impacting it in the back. Subject 1 turns, and the pilot fires again, destroying Subject 1's knee. Subject 2 is then seen to surge towards the camera. The pilot flings himself out of the way and draws his knife. He attempts to stab Subject 2, but the knife merely deflects off of Subject 2's skin, which is noted to have a distinctive metallic sheen. The final moments on video are of Subject 2's snarling face, then the camera lens is covered in gore as the pilot is torn in two. [VIDEO FEED END]

As you can see, this is cause for some alarm. The appropriate changes have been made, and training is currently being adapted to accomodate these changes in the tactical situation. Director Falken herself is overseeing these changes. Future squads will be equipped with [DATA EXPUNGED] to deal with the new threat of Subject 2. Patrols will not increase in frequency, however, as that may turn out to be a needless waste of personnel.

Entry 2: [A shifting sound is heard as the microphone is adjusted to the speaker.] It seems I have made the first mistake of my career. I authorized a search and destroy mission on Subject 1 without overwhelming force. Allow me to back up for a moment. A few weeks after Subject 1's 'confirmed' kill, I decided to access the Network's surveillance matrix. What I found disturbed me. It was Subject 1, but in a form that had not been previously seen, at least not since he was employed with us. This of course caused me great distress. It means that Director Falken had also failed in eliminating Subject 1. So, in an attempt to rescue her reputation, I authorized a mission of my own. I selected a team, and chose the Vanguard Iskander to lead it. He was one of our most capable. The results of the attack are only speculation, as we have only audio logs leading up to it that shall not be released yet. All we know is, all of our forces were eliminated, including Iskander. Three more helicopters were sent as reinforcement, outfitted with three fire teams of agents, two mechs, and five operatives each. It seems unlikely that they were destroyed, but that is what we must assume. There were no traces or evidence that the reinforces had even made it to the scene, except for a large, conical swath that had been cut into the landscape pointing in the direction our forces had departed from. [A deep sigh is heard.] That is all for now. Falken's reputation is safe, but now I am under scrutiny. I will update my logs with any subsequent findings or events.

Entry 3: [The speaker clears his throat before beginning] After a useful bit of information was disclosed to us, we came to the understanding that Arclinus Corneau Castoral, CEO of several corporations, including a front of the Afkari Corporation, is in a relationship with Subject 1. Naturally we had to take advantage of this fact. After a successful raid of Mister Castoral's base of operations on the island, he is now in our custody. Our Truth Cell is handling him as we speak. So far we have gained little useful information, as Mister Castoral is proving hard to crack. The signs are showing, though, he will not last much longer. After we have found all we need from him, he will be released back to the island. Until then, though, he shall remain in our custody.

Entry 4: Using Mr. Castoral to eliminate Cage ended in failure. Perhaps the man is stronger than we anticipated.. Whatever the case, this recent failure will not inhibit us. Due to a recent find on the island, we now may have a way of permanently defeating Cage, and preventing the irreplaceable technologies within him from falling in the hands of our competition. Yesterday, Director Falken extended an invitation for me to check out a site that would 'astound me.' What I found.. What I found did astound me. We have discovered a gate to an entirely new world. When I arrived, construction had already been completed on several outposts and a site. I have not tested transmission from within this new world, as I have been traveling to and from there to transmit findings. There seems to be no negative effects of using the gate to travel, and we have already set up an unassuming site dedicated to securing the gate and concealing it from the curiosities of the contestants and islanders.

Silencer Hollister Merak's Audio Logs

Entry 1: I have successfully made it to the island as a contestant. I'm on my own from this point, with the ability of occasional updates at best. ..Wish me luck. I know this is all for the best, in the end.

Operator Morin's Audio Logs

Entry 1: Hello, I am Operator Heath Morin. I have recieved special permissions from Director Falken and Director Eliason to travel to the island and apprehend both Subjects 1 and 2. I made an adequate plea that both Subjects 1 and 2 are worth more to us dead than alive. I am to return them to Site 404 for study, interrogation, and research. I believe that if we were to study both the organic and inorganic compounds of the Subjects, we can further advance our technologies. As I record this, I am in a cruiser headed to the island. Due to the ship's advanced technology and classified nature, I cannot disclose the name. Once I arrive on the island, I will seek out the Subjects, apprehend them, and return them to Site 404.

Entry 2: After a brief battle with Subjects 1 and 2, I have detained both. They have been transferred to Site 404. I was wise to not underestimate either of their abilities. Using Subject 1's extreme weight against him, I chose a beach to stage the fight. Counting on Subject 2's natural tendency to manipulate electricity, I brought our expiremental compound. It is a modified form of gelatin, and extremely potent. Using strategically placed explosives, I accounted for both Subjects' natural agility and used them to halt mobility. I will now begin the second phase of my assignment.

Entry 3: Subject 2 provided resistance to initial questioning. However, with some convincing, she began to cooperate. It appears she was created by improbability. She was created on the island. No parents, no memories of childhood. She is also resistant to sickness, and does not appear to age. She is a very fortunate discovery. I will now move to phase three of my assignment.

Entry 4: After a series of unexpected events, Subject 1 and 2 escaped. After causing much damage through the facility, there was a showdown in the hangar bay. Subject 1 managed to escape, but I successfully recaptured Subject 2. She proved to be cooperative after some convincing. I have disclosed our mission statement to her, and extended the planned offer for her to take Subject 1's original mission. However, another series of unexpected events occured. Subject 1 returned with the aid of an unkown individual. This individual will be known as Entity X. Special precautions will be taken when encountering Entity X from this point on. I will draft procedures for encountering and engaging Entity x later. After a brief encounter which I narrowly escaped intact, Subject 1, 2, and Entity X escaped. Site 404 was destroyed in the process. I am moving to the backup site, and continuing with my assignment.

Entry 5: Today, with the aid of vanguard escort, I approached Subject 2 on the topic of her signing a contract with us. However, even though she was cooperative, my pilot shot Subject 2 with a modified stasis rifle, effectively disabled her. She was transported to Site 18 via Raider class helicopter. There, Subject 2 was given the terms of the contract. [A long pause is heard before the speaker resumes.] I can't pretend anymore. They.. They forced Subject 2, Mia, into working for us. Placed a semtex collar around her neck. They'll kill her if she doesn't perform. [A sigh is heard.] I have been tasked with training Mia for future missions, where she will be my partner.

Entry 6: Mia has extremely impressive natural ability. Not only is she intelligent, but she is able to adapt very quickly to any situation. After having never picked up a rifle, I gave her a very brief demonstration on how to use it. After giving her a simple lesson on trigger control and breath control, she consistently hit center of target from 500 meters away with a Cerberus Class Anti Material Rifle. Afterwards, I took her on her first mission. She executed the target flawlessly, but was extremely upset by the situation. 2) As promised, I allowed her to stay on the island as I returned to Site 18. As much as I hate to say it, I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Entry 7: In a recent attempt to gain Mia's freedom, I approached Director Falken on the subject of removing Mia's Obedience Collar. The Director agreed, on the condition of a successful mission. Once we accepted the mission, I was given the details about the target: Subject 1. The veteran vanguard Ezekiel accompanied us to confirm target elimination. However, once we arrived at the scene, we were attacked by Subject 1 and two unidentified contestants. After a battle in which all parties including the helicopter pilot was involved, Subject 1 was.. Eliminated. I will continue my entries, as I'm sure more will develop in the aftermath of this mission.

Entry 8: It seems that both Cage and Mia have changed forms. I didn't want to say anything at first, because I wasn't sure. I couldn't be too careful. But now I am certain that Cage is indeed alive. In fact, Director Eliason ordered a search and destroy mission on Cage a little over a week ago. I was there to witness the battle. Cage, of course, was followed into battle by his friends. He has always been able to be surrounded by friends or comrades, all his life. Anyway, the battle went as I thought it would. Except for the arrival of the Afkari Corporation troops. That was unexpected. What was expected was that the Vanguard known as Iskander was chosen to lead our agents and pilots on the mission. Regrettably to some, all Organization forces that were tasked on the mission were eliminated, including Iskander. It was a bit of justice for Cage that Iskander should fall at his hands. After the initial battle, Cage disappeared by means yet unknown to me. His friends remained, however. It was then that three more completely outfitted Raiders appeared. What happened next is beyond my comprehension. One of his friends, a Kittymorph, completely annihilated all three helicopters, and much of the scenery with a weapon I've never seen before.. It was like he summoned a vortex into nothingness, and weaponized it. After tending to the various wounds of the survivors, I made haste to disappear. Can't be too careful. And if you're reading this, neither can you. The Network and The Organization's link is undeniable now.

2) God bless her, she absolutely hates the thought of killing. Especially people. And they're forcing her to do it under threat of death. I don't know how long she'll be able to hold out..
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