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Cake Or Death

Or "Another Poem About Cake or Death"
By Full Metal Lion

'Twas, once, the Joke of Cake or Death
Offered you a certain choice
And all the other Jokes took Death
'Til one man raised his voice

"Cod!" he said, for that's the name
Of the Cake-dealing Joke
"All of them are taking Death,
Except one senseful bloke!"

"And we are simply running out!
We're running out of Death!
I would've cooked us up some more,
Had I known it'd go like Meth!"

But Cod just smiled, foxily,
And tapped his head with glee.
"I know what must be done," he said,
"So don't you yell at me."

And Cod, he stared frosting cakes
In such a clever way.
That slices could be spliced in
And Death could last all day!

"Hip-hip-hurrah!" the crowd did cheer
For they like one thing more
Than Death, and that is Chance,
Which, to this day, they adore.

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