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Improbable Central

Paste-pot calliaphone catches a glimpse of her master again, striding purposefully into town. she says "eep" and attempts to hide behind her cart.

Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave peers at Calli, then at the approaching Master, and exchanges glances with Teh. He leans over to raise a questioning eyebrow at calli.

Paste-pot calliaphone 's master hmphhs. and looks meaningfully about. callia tries to look like a wheel. or . . . a blade of grass! yes, she can totally pull that one off.

Molotov Spandex instinctively finds herself tense and in fighting pose, ready to snatch her Tanto.

Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave peers at the Master. "Oi, who ya lookin' for?" He grins widely, slightly beyond the scope of his face.

Paste-pot calliaphone 's master frowns at Spandex, and pulls out a clip-board. She checks it. "And you are. . .?"

Molotov Spandex says through gritted teeth, "dex, and you know who I am. . . Kouska."

Paste-pot calliaphone 's master nods, still checking the clip-board absently. ". . .Dex, Dex. That's Spandex isn't it. Well, you're in luck, you're not on my list today. And nor," she turns to Dave, "are you."

Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave shakes his head and hops off the cart, ambling over to Kouska with a half-grin. "Oi, Kouska, not sure who you're looking for." A blatant lie. "but Us two are the only ones in the 'post."

Paste-pot calliaphone whimpers. Kouska's ears twitch in her direction. "Calliaphone, on the other hand . . . has been avoiding us. Again."

Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave 's hat scuttles off his head and heads for the cart. It surreptitiously displays a Sign1) at Calli, directing her to hide in the cart. Under a blanket.

Molotov Spandex 's masters keep bitchin' at her about Discipline and lack of respect for Authority. Speaking of. . . "Yo, kittykins, go back to yer little fitness centre and leave us alone, yeh?"

Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave reaches up to pat Kouska on the shoulder. "If we see her, we'll let her know you're looking for her, deal?" He raises an eyebrow at the KittyMorph. Not-quite-threateningly.

Paste-pot calliaphone sees the sign and reads the symbols in once glance. she blinkblinks. Kouska, meanwhile, bares her teeth at Spandex. just slightly.

Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave 's masters generally dread when he shows up, half-asleep and nearly unconscious. Because he tends to still beat them up.

Paste-pot calliaphone takes advantage of Kouska's distraction to follow Teh's advice, pronto. she hops into the cart and under a blanket in one move. oh she's good when it comes to hiding.

Paste-pot calliaphone 's masters do a good line in Disappointed Looks.

Molotov Spandex 's hands slide behind her back and reach one of KK's black throwing knives. She's learned more from him in two lessons than months from these hodads.

Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave glances at his wrist. "Damn, looks like I gotta run." He saunters over to the cart, stretching and yawning.

Paste-pot calliaphone 's master glances over at the cart - did she just see something? But Spandex's movement has her attention now. Her eyes glint.

Molotov Spandex leans forward as if bowing and in a blur overhands a knife FWPfwpFWP THUNK Its sticks in the ground between the toes of the kittymorph.

Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave hops into the Driver's seat of the cart, and refamiliarizes himself with the controls. He disengages the parking brake, and reverses back away from eBoy's.

Kouska jumps back, eyes flicking from knife, to thrower. She glints again, but backs up another pace. "Alright, no need to - HEY, where're you going with that cart?"

Molotov Spandex is then quite suddenly right next to Kouska, foot on the outside of Kousaka's and bending her knee forward to buckle her leg while pushing her upper body over. Kousaka thuds onto the ground.

Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave leans over the steering to grin down at Kouska. "Goin' home, of course. I'll see you in a little while." He gives a grin that shows this as a promise, not a threat, and starts pedaling out east.

Molotov Spandex 's tanto is pointed at Kouska's chest. "Let's say your schedule is flexible today, shall we?" she says, smiling politely.

Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave ruminates that it might be a threat as well, considering, but he shrugs to himself and gives a quick wave to Dex. "See ya around. Feel free to stop by Hendrix if you want."

Kouska grunts. But doesn't struggle. She knows when she's outmatched. "I said you weren't on my list. Why don't you go look for Will, if you feel in need of practise?"

Molotov Spandex sneers, while offering her a hand up, "That scrawny tart? pfft." She is actually due to practice with Kai tomorrow, which does mean a week after of trying to not act completely shit-kicked.

Kouska accepts the hand. She gives Dex an appraising look. "I see the attitude's still in good shape." and then, without rancour, she adds. "The fighting skills also. You'll do."

Molotov Spandex chuckles and bends forward to pick up her knife. She heads north for a good meal and sleep. Kai will, indeed, push her limits if it is anything like last lesson.

Kouska leans down to pick up her clip-board. She dusts herself off. "As for . . .flexible schedules. I don't know. . ." but she heads out to find someone other truant to harrass.

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